Microsoft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Microsoft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-7329
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-882-8080
Fax Number: 1-425-706-7329
Customer Service Number: 1-800-642-7676
Microsoft was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They started with the computer programing language, Basic, then MSDOS to Windows.
Now Microsoft is still producing Windows Software for PC’s and they are involved in the internet with Bing and IE. Microsoft’s corporate office address and phone number are listed below:
Microsoft Corporate

  • It would be greatly appreciated if you and your army would stop killing my e-mail with your unsolicited junk mail with no way to unsubscribe. I don't understand how you get away with this,i've never liked your company and don't see that changing in the future

  • King of Prussia Pa Microsoft Store will not help to turn on my core isolation feature so that others my hack my computer

  • Why does MS have a "Catch 22" on accounts—-my account is LOCKED but the phone I have in my account can NOT recieve text but I have to put in my cell phone to recieve text so I can unlock my account—-the CATCH 22

    ms help was of NO help at all even after spending over FIVE hours on the phone on Friday, Monday, Tues, and . over 5 hours—–ms needs to hire some IT personal that can correct problems just about logging in to account—–my account is STILL locked!!!!

  • Your recent update ruined my Outlook. After close to 20 hours on the phone over days and days, two Office technicians made the problem more complicated. I was told to ask for a level 2 technician but have been refused. I am at my wits end. I need to speak to someone at the management level in support to find out if the dead end I've reached is really a dead end and that I have to give up using Microsoft after over 30 years. I'm 74 years old, not as quick as I used to be and need some real help. From the number of comments above, I do not expect to get any help, but if it is possible please contact me on my email. If your only answer is to send me to the Office support group, forget it. They're the ones who've messed my situation word and refused to pass me onto a level 2 technician. The oourtesy I was taught says to say thanks, so I do quite grudgingly.

  • Your recent update ruined my Outlook. After close to 20 hours on the phone over days and days, two Office technicians made the problem more complicated. I was told to ask for a level 2 technician but have been refused. I am at my wits end. I need to speak to someone at the management level in support to find out if the dead end I've reached is really a dead end and that I have to give up using Microsoft after over 30 years. I'm 74 years old, not as quick as I used to be and need some real help. From the number of comments above, I do not expect to get any help, but if it is possible please contact me on my email. If your only answer is to send me to the Office support group, forget it. They're the ones who've messed my situation word and refused to pass me onto a level 2 technician. The oourtesy I was taught says to say thanks, so I do quite grudgingly.

  • Love your Windows products but have a question not necessarily a Windows issue…if you know, how can anyone permanently get rid of teamviewer. I get foreign people (or groups) trying to break into my computer via teamviewer.

  • Just heard that "Microsoft commits $50 million to apply AI to the problem of global climate change."
    Damn it must be nice to spend that much money on a FALSE PROBLEM!!! Someone has been listening TOO, TOO MUCH TO ALBERT GORE and his fantasies!
    What a shame you can spend it on homeless Veterans you crud!!!!!

  • We purchased a Mixed Reality set and PC from Best Buy for Christmas. Everyone was excited and we tried downloading the software and could not get it to download. On Dec 27th we took it back to Best Buy. They were sold out of the PC, and they spent a lot of time trying all of the same things we tried and could not get it to download either. The headset was able to work on another PC, the exact model and specs as ours. They told us we needed to call Microsoft to get it fixed. We call on the 27th, and the technician we got was great. He logged into our PC and tried all kinds of things. He agreed that the PC should be fine and said he needed to upgrade our situation to a level 2 technician. We were told that we would get a call within 24 hours. A specific time was set up for 9 am on the 28th…and we received that call. The technician we spoke to this time immediately told us they couldn't help us because it was Mixed Reality and would need to upgrade to a level 3 technician. She told us that someone would call us within 24 to 48 hours. She set a timeframe from 9 am to noon for the call within that timeframe. On the 29th we stayed home in that timeframe, but received no phone call. There was a local hockey tournament going on and we missed games on both the 29th and 30th waiting for this call…and never got one. So I called at noon on the 30th (yesterday). We were told an email had been sent to us…and low and behold it had…at 3:31 pm on Friday the 29th, AFTER their stated hours of Monday to Friday from 7:30 I think to 3:30. So now I have to wait until Jan 2, 2018 for any help. So we called and asked to speak to someone. I can't tell you how many times we were told that we had an email that we needed to respond to. We were TOLD we would get a phone call. NOT AN EMAIL. After a lengthy discussion, the technician we were talking to went to talk to his supervisor. He came back and told us if we sent an email to and put srx1409626462id in the subject line with a description of what has happened we would get a call back immediately. So we waited and did not receive a phone call, but we did receive an email that said that this was an unmonitored email address. So we called again. And this time after a lengthy description of my problem, the technician went to speak to a supervisor. They came back (Sayem) and said that we would get a phone call back within 30 minutes, so we hung up and never received a call. Soooo, we called back and immediately requested that they put us through to a supervisor. This supervisor (James) said that they would put us through to someone who could help us and then patched us through. The technician that answered, asked if she could put us on hold and told me to stay on the line. I did, but our connection was immediately cut off. So I had to call again. And this time the original technician that I got kept telling me that we needed to respond to that original email. We told him we wanted to speak to a supervisor, and were hung up on I think. So once again I called back. I explained EVERYTHING AGAIN, and got put through to a supervisor (Jay I think). I was then told that I would definitely get a call back on the 30th. They couldn't give me a time (it was after 4:30 at this point…I had been trying to speak to someone for some help for 4 and a half hours). I NEVER RECEIVED THAT CALL. So, I think what I am going to do is take these back to Best Buy and buy a Sony PlayStation and VR set. This has been an unbelievable experience. I am also going to put this email out there on facebook and any other social media site I can think of, I am disgusted at the level of customer service I have received. I have bought my last PC. For home or business. I do have a Mac at home already, I love it and when I have needed help I get it. Some of the names I spoke to were Marvin, James, Sayem, Jay.

    Dave Norris


  • I am sick if trying to sync probs and Microsoft techs asking for my credit card # every time I try to get a problem solved that you caused ! I will go with another company if necessary. James R. Davis

  • I'm just your everyday normal user on my personal laptop. Recently, I was forced to install Windows 10 updates and for whatever reason, it didn't cleanly finish. Result: I could boot up to my desktop with icons, but then everything froze, rendering it useless. I took it to Best Buy for repair. I had the option of paying $150 for a break/fix repair, or $200 for a 1 year support pkg with Webroot Antivirus. It turns out they had to wipe out my hard drive so I paid $200 to have my PC wiped clean. Of course I don't back up my computer, like most people I'm sure. So I paid $200 to have an unwanted Win 10 upgrade and a clean slate PC. What the hell? That's total crap.

  • I believe that all of you are a bit misguided about what this site is all about. It is simply contact information for companies. This site is not owned by or affiliated with Microsoft, so your complaints on this page aren't going to be read by them. If you click on the "About Us" tab, you will see what this site is about. If you type in a specific company name in the Search Box, it will give a link to that company's contact page if this site has indexed their contact information.

  • Twice in the last 3 months I have been contacted by:
    Technician Name: Amy Walker/Chris ??: 1-309-791-4140
    Helpline: 1-866-217-2721 Oliver Extension: Steve @Ext. 2010
    The 1st time (3/18/2017) I paid them $650 (via Green Money)for ??Microsoft Proprietary Software to protect my single computer with a verbal guarantee that would take care of everything for X-years. Monday, 5/15/2017 I was contacted again by this group and advised that my computer was infected an would need additional software to remove this threat. Thus, I paid and additional $100(via iTunes Card X2T7GWGT4RGV2NLX)for more protection. QUESTION: Is this a legitimate Microsoft organization? All 3 individuals I talked (worked) with spoke with a distinct an East India accent and were very hard to understand.

  • have a computer with Microsoft can not get them to answer me just had computer 5 months and does not work and still they will not help want to love to get on and do some thing with new computer come on Microsoft help

  • Are you planning to bring back Outlook Express, it is sorely neededand I would like to know why you phased it out?

  • Someone with a foreign accent called me yesterday to say my Microsoft License has expired? What!!!??? Never heard such a thing. MA

  • We spent a whole afternoon at an Apple store trying to get our Ipads and Iphones communicating with or Dell Computer — They couldn't help us. We then walked into our Microsoft store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta and met Tenisha. She went to work and shortly solved our problem. Thanks Tensha!

  • Why is it that nothing Microsoft makes works right. The most basic functions just stop working in the middle of a task. Everything these people makes is complete crap. These people are responsible for more lost productivity then anything else on the planet. I'm thinking about putting together a class action suit.

  • Warning !!!!! Please Be Prepared to Learn a Mothers Questions, Wants, Thoughts, And Opinions! 🙂 ALSO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LAUGH AT ANY OF THIS! 2/6/2017 at 3:54 pm
    1. I want more human contact with my computer/ Cortana. like I want to ask Cortana a question and have her answer it with out sending me to the internet. 2. I want to learn more about my computer and how to everything it Is capable of doing. 3. how do I earn more rewards? 4. how do I sync my family and friends b-days to my computer from Facebook to remind me? 5. how do I get Cortana to stop sending me to the internet and respond to me in her own way. 6. I want to learn how to work Cortana to help her learn more about me and my likes and dislikes. Also again talk to me on more of a personal level. 7. I also would like to set up the same with Cortana on my phone! 🙂 Please and thanks. If you have any idea of how to help me please let me know. My phone is 4022149332. P.S. I have often thought about making a phone call for help with all these things, but that can be very difficult! and I also have thought about Hiring someone to come teach me, but like my self and many others I do not have that kind of money when your a mother of 2 baby's, bills, and low income! Then I also thought well maybe I can take it to Best Buy and have them help me. But who has time for that!? When you have 2 kids under the age of 3 and not in school or go to daycare. If I even did attempt to load my kids in the car, pack the diaper bag, the computer, drinks & snacks, or anything else that I might think of that could try to keep them quiet and occupied. Most likely it just would not work or even if it did, It would not last long!!! Just going in to a store with all the cool things that light up and make noise not to mention all those pretty cool things they could brake. I could try to keep them in a stroller or cart but I would get no peace and would not be able to concentrate cuz they would freak out, scream, or try to kill them self's or each other trying to get out from were they are placed. I'm sure you herd the saying the terrible 2 and horrible 3's? ITS TRUE!!!! let me tell you. So what I'm trying to say here is this computer is support to make life easier LOL, But between trying to learn and teach Cortana and your computer, not knowing what the hell your doing with your own damn $600.00 computer and my Beautiful wonderful kids that are just being kids. Its a pain in the butt LOL HELP PLEASE!!!! Thanks Sara Bailey

  • I am very disappointed in the Chat so called customer service I had today Tues Dec 27th,2016. The representative was rud & insulting. There seems to be noone to offer a complaint to regarding my very negative experience. I asked for a supervisor/management person and was refused by the 2nd rep I spoke with named Nicole (in Europe). She indicated she would escalate my issue and after providing her with some details, name , phone # and email, I get an email from her. WOW…..l nobodys listening. I specifically asked several time to speak -w- a supervisor , complaint department , corporate management and was denied. I have never had such POOOOR customer service from any company. I will keep trying to be heard , if not Microsoft…. other avenues will have to do. I am sure I am not the only one who has received NON CUSTOMER SERVICE from this company.

  • I am being denied my First Amendment Rights to free speech. MSN refuses to allow my comments to articles on the MSN home page because I do not belong to that trash site FACEBOOK. I cannot sign in using my Disqus acct or any other account. I am restricted from commenting to articles because I do not have membership in FACEbook!!!!!

  • I am very disappointed with Microsoft and hot it handled my account being blocked. It was blocked on 8/21/16 and I have filled out 3 forms to unblock my account. The 2 forms were returned with not enough information. I gave all the information from my Hotmail account which I have had for over 6 years. The 3rd form has been going on 5 days with no response. I am an independent distributor and had my web page and business cards printed with this email. So I have decided to delete the account and I will not use Microsoft again for anything.

  • Hi I am trying to contact the Microsoft corporationcompany, I received a letter from the corporation that I won 2nd prize in the company sweepstakes in the amount of 2000000.00 pounds, I reply and was told to send some information, I sent it and have not heard from the company. Can I get a clarification on the winnings, you can reply at the email this was send from, thank you

  • So I sent my Xbox one off to get repaired and they voided the warranty cuz of "external tampering". I got the console back with no controller or power pack. I call Xbox support and get the run around. They say 10 working days I should get the accessories. 2 months later still no accessories. So I have a console only 2 months old with no accessories collecting dust. Microsoft has horrible customer support and response. I will never purchase anything from Microsoft again. I will stick to PlayStation.

  • Why do we have to talk to people in India instead of America? They are hard to understand and often I had to ask them to repeat themselves. So the telephone call lasted longer than it should have. How about setting up something in America?

  • [this is the message I received when I went on line for assistance] No information for ("I'm running Vista and when I try to download and install Free Windows 10 I am led around from one page to another never achieving my download & install. I now have an account. I have been working on this for 3 hours please send me an email with the needed information of how to download and install , I thank you in advance for your assistance.") Will someone at your company please send me the information I requested?

  • tell me why you are PUSHING me to have windows 10. Turn on PC and it was downloading, DON'T LIKE IT SO WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE IT, I COYCOT IT for me.

  • As a 70 year old Senior, it is very frustrating when Microsoft keeps trying to push windows ten on us. I downloaded Windows ten three times and removed it three times. I was not able to use my magnification on Zinio reader. Seems like Microsoft is catering to the younger crowd. Pay attention Bill Gates.

  • I was forced to install windows 10 on my computer, it messed up my computer and I called support to fix it , they removed program and then I was unable to access internet, called back and I spoke with at least 8 different tech people and no one could restore my internet. 8 idiots and I had to Pay someone else to resolve the problem that took 10 minutes to repair after being on the phone 7 hours.. They created the problem and I had to pay someone to fix it. lol


  • i have recently gone to windows 10 and I am getting REALLY frustrated with the problems. When I am in an app it blinks back to the first screen before you can do anything else. The text in my frontier email account is so small & I might add this page is also too small for me to read it without squinting. Also why do you not allow for doing several things at one clip instead of one thing at a time.

  • Dear Micro-Soft, will you please bring back the customer service and all other services to the United States or at least have a support division here in the U.S.. I have for 3 days been trying to get my wife's computer problems resolved with Window's 10 (which by the way is a nightmare so far). I've been in contact with service people all from India which I understand is where all support goes through and I've had the hardest time understanding the man/woman on the other end of the line, this communication gap is a bummer and makes it difficult to understand them 3/4s of the time. This company was started in the States you would think you would keep some support/service departments in this country also to make it a little more convenient for your U.S. Customers. As of right now, I've been on the phone trying to find my order that was suppose to be here and again communication gaps are causing me 45 minutes of phone frustration and not finding my confirmation number or the part that was suppose to be in my hands today. Bring back some of these components of your company to this country. Thanks.

  • Dear Microsoft stop putting pop ups for your microsoft windows 10 on my computer. They are annoying to say the least. I DON'T WANT IT SO PLEASE STOP SHOVING it DOWN MY THROAT. If I choose to get it I will. I don't want to have to "HIDE AD " when I get to my home page. I know friends that have tried and they all say " It SUCKS " I want to stay with windows 7. I am seriously thinking about changing to MAC.

  • Terrible service from Microsoft Canada. Head office in Mississauga Ontario refused to identify the CEO of the company. It took nearly an hour with a tech support line to even get a Canadian address of the head office.

    CEO is Janet Kennedy, an American woman from I believe North Carolina. Apparently they could not find a Canadian woman to do the job…

  • I am disgusted with "Tech Support" . When you call you get bounces around phone number with a waiting time up to 2 hours. Then some of the people you get really do not understand English. ( my bad for not speaking Hindi)

    Then when I have called, like yesterday) I spent 5 hours being told that I had no problem when I did ask them to follow my key strokes when I could show the problem, they would not do it, just saying that there was no problem.

    I then set up an account with Google and asked for all contacts to be imported from Outlook , Only one (out of app 100) was moved over.

    Then the original problem was fixed. today, app 16 hours after I worked with tech support.

    But now, my account has been frozen because of "unusual activity)

    " They have asked for me to verify the account which (as presented on my screen) involves going around in circles asking for passwords and signing in every task I try on the site. There is no explanation as to why. Nobody will say anything, and I can reach anyone who knows what to do.

    I finally called the customer complaint dept at MSFT headquarters. They said that I have to mail a letter and that they would look into it.
    I strongly recommend staying away from Outlook since their service is at best incomplete and seems to create still further problems.

    Then I have to spend $150 to have some out side party help . It makes me wonder if the tech support people have relatives with such companies, where the real money can be made. Unlikely, but one has to wonder why they do business this way.

  • Now I have had it! After taking 14 hours to get Live Mail recovered and working it is not receiving mail again. I log into and there are 47 email waiting.

    I am going to see my attorney this afternoon to see what my options are to get Microsoft to fix my computer. I Will look into having him fill out the FTC complaint forms. Meanwhile I will be sending about 6,000 emails to Microsoft employees, business partners, contractors, and government agencies.

    I have had enough of sitting around the house all day waiting for a call or be here while a technician plays around with my computer. It has been over 4 months and Microsoft can’t figure out how to keep the Windows 10 virus off my computer.

    I can’t believe there is not one person at Microsoft that can fix a computer.

    If my computer is not fixed by Friday afternoon I might be on my way to becoming wealthy without buying a lotto ticket.

    Dirk Howard
    2119 N Woodruff
    Mesa, AZ 85207

  • Hello I would like to receive a free Xbox one console I watch the video on youtube and it seems you guys might have some slightly damaged Xbox one console that I can have please. I would like to receive one you can email me at my name is Brandon Lloyd and Im trying to receive one for my son for a Christmas gift

  • yes microsoft you still have not contacted me about the lawsuit for 800 million dollars are you scared of me to just send a email i wont bite i am your friend i just want justice thats all you think just because its been so long 8 yrs it is going away its not i found out since i have brain damage i can still sue you because i was not fit to stand trail at the time of the limits of time i still have a case against you because now i can stand up in court and defend myself and i will ask for a billion if you piss me off and dont contact me soon i will settle with you out of court if you wish but it has to be enough for me to be happy microisnum1

  • microsoft do you think i am going to forget about what you did to me jeff hayes how you called me and asked me if i was looking at bomb sites do you know what that did to my mind when i had not been asleep for 3 months no food for 3 months all i did is drink coffee and you call yourself a caring company you did not care what kind of damage you was doin to my mind i was having headaches everyday iwas throwing up everyday my acid reflux was doing a number on me because of you and the fbi and pc world and net zero was all in on it pc world put a terroist program on my computer i have proof net zero changed everything on my computer also they changed my ip address and my boot up to selective so they could abuse me you think just because i have brain damage because of all of you you can beat me in court but you wont be able to win because i have witnesses i have all the evidence you can either settle are pay my attorneys 800 million dollars they dont want to settle i do want to settle and not drag your name through the mud i dont want people to lose there jobs because of me and they will lose there jobs when the info i have on you gets out all the reading of data on your company who you rushed out your computers com dcom and cobra that not all i no about there are 35 different things i can tell people that will put a hurt on your company rep you are lucky i have not told facebook and twitter i will settle for 400 million without my attorneys and 800 million with them that is what they want so play your cards right and you might get away with paying less than 800 million dollars your true friend microisnum1

  • microsoft i have not forgot what you did to me 8 yrs ago i still have the evidence and i still have the witnesses 800 million dollars are settle with just me are you can go to court with my attorneys which will eat you for lunch in court they are the best i got new attorneys that have the best rep in the world i will sign a contract with you that says i want tell anybody what you did to me are i can go facebook twitter contact nasa contact nsa cia homeland and all the news station you will be in deep and i will have my revenge

  • hello microsoft this is jeff hayes 800 million is what you owe me are settle i have another law firm cochran law firm they told me that i have a very good case that i cant lose you will lose microsoft i have witnesses i have the evidence i got you by the balls your stock will go in the hole when all the news stations get the scoop that we are going to court i am giving a interview to all of them you are screwed

  • yes microsoft 800 million dollars i have new attorneys now i got rid of the others i signed a contract and these attorneys dont play around they said to tell you that you are going to lose with what i got witnesses the wonderful evidence and i got a team of attorneys not just 1 i got you by the balls Microsoft you have abused me for the last time i told you to settle but you though he aint going to do nothing WRONG

  • not long from now i will be standing in front of a judge and telling him the story of micro soft and how i was going to win 800 million dollars tell the truth and it hurts micro rep o well to bad i got the evidence i have witnesses i have all the cards

  • From the looks of the long list of emails above, you tend not to respond to any of them. I only want to say that Windows 10 is overrated by Microsoft. I personally think that Windows 8 is much more superior and user friendly. Sure you have added more "apps" and buttons to push, but the fact remains that Windows 8 is much easier and less cumbersome that Windows 10. It is particularly difficult for the layman to go into the " programed operating bowels" and correct inherent "canned program" start=up glitches What you have created is "total information overload".

  • I have been trying to get my computer to get restored back to Windows 7 for the last 2 1/2 weeks now. I don't like windows 10 it is crap and all it had done is destroy my whole computer. If I don't get my windows 7 without cost I will press charges with the FCC for fraud, as well the BBB and every other company I can find to put charges against Microsoft. Your running a bait and switch game that was outlawed before I was born. You give us Windows 10 for free and then charge us to get our windows 7 back. You program has destroyed my wifi, sound, graphic card just to name a few and also blew up my computer with over 850 errors on it. I don't know what country your in but in the USA it is a crime what you are doing and have done!!!!! Also if you force me to keep Windows 10 I will go to every news company there is around the world and let them know what a con you are running. You know full well that the minute Windows 10 was installed that Windows 7 was deleted with no way to get it back no matter what disk, or restore or anything. I will not pay for what you have done to my computer, you broke it and I want it fixed back to the way it was Windows 7!!!!!

  • I have contacted MS Corp. office in W. Virginia today,8/10/2015, I complained about those idiot telemarketers that think women are less than intelligent, and fear someone who threatens with cancelation of all services to their computers if they don't turn them on when they tell them to do so.

    I am satisfied with the live person who answered the phone and did not put me on hold, transfer me to another phone, or connected me to a recorded response line. This perso0n was an angel. She spoke to me as an adult, knowledgeable person. After I had explained the reason for my call she thanked me and complimented me for calling to lodge the complaint. She also explained that the situation is not new, and that Microsoft is doing all they can to eliminate this unacceptable and annoying problem. I am so glad I was relieved to know that something was being done at a corporate level. Please feel free to lodge ANY grievance to MS and expect to get a reasonable answer.

  • I have been receiving calls from unlisted numbers, private numbers that do not show on the caller ID. The caller(s) are saying they are from Microsoft customer support, however, considering that Microsoft is a billion dollar corporation I cannot believe that customer service would be calling from an unpublished phone number and when I get the calls there is always static on the line, as if the caller is calling from a tunnel, car or echo as if they are in a bathroom. I cannot understand the caller(s) first, because of the heavy accent and second because of a poor connection. I am extremely concerned that these callers are trying to get control over my computer or are trying to get me to give them some sort of password to get control over my computer. The real crazy part is that I rarely use my laptop and usually use my work computer which is encrypted. I don't shop on line, I don't use twitter, and when I finally check my personal emails there are usually 50 plus message that I have not responded to because I have not read my messages for a week or so. The callers say that they are getting red and yellow signals from my computer and that my computer has been hacked already. Again if I am not using the computer everyday where are these red and yellow signals coming from? I called Microsoft Corporate office to find out and have not had a response yet. I am getting these calls sometimes twice a day or 3-5 times in a week. Is this a scam?

  • I tried to get my computer fixed, I was told I needed a credit card. I got a return call stating the cards didn't go through, I gave them another card. I was told they needed cash cause that card didn't go through. I told them I was giving them any cash. I hung up. What the hell kind if company charges unauthorized phone call and false charges. I will be reporting this to the BBB.

    • you need to report this to the BBB and the federal authorities as well. ms is getting away with way too much period. I have had nothing but trouble with my dell computer and wont have another. I started getting calls over a year or so ago from people with Asian accents, all of them. they said they were looking at my computer and they were from Microsoft and I had been hacked and they could fix my computer. I still had supposed ms protection here and I also had mccaffe who said there were no computer probs. everytime these same people call, my computer ends up so bad I cannot use it and I have to play with it for hours before I get it back. the last time did it for me. a huge white screen came across my computer while using it perfectly and it said I had a major issue. this came from ms, supposedly, and it said I would not be able to use my computer until I called the number showing. right on, I could do nothing, could not move anything or x anything out or close. just nothing. this computer was held hostage here and I am angry. they even said watch us, I can move your curser wherever I want and they ended up doing that. then went into a spill about buying what they called antihack protection with $100 and $200 levels. I could barely understand them with their accents, they were so bad and I got angry and told them hell no. one says I will put you on with my boss, I didn't ask for anyone really. he said I will walk you thru the steps to get your computer working. I did do that and it put my computer back. what I think is Microsoft has people working for them and they are creating purposely these probs on millions of people across the world and making money from the ones that are desperate to have the use of their computer. this should be investigated by the united states government, no doubt. these people working for ms have all of your info at their reach and they know it. we need everyone to start sending in e-mails or letters to your state or federal gov and complain about what is happening. it is no wonder that people from other countries can hack this nation so easy. good post and I hope you do report this to as many people as you think will listen, even your states attorney general. encourage others to do the same.

  • Between 1 Apr 2015 thru 24 Apr 2015, I have been trying to resolve an issue with your tech support to correct the "Not connected to the Internet". During the hours of conversations, I was persuaded to purchase $149.00 of tech support and to buy Win 8.1. The original issue has not been resolved and wondering why do you accept my money? Once we started to try and correct this problem, I started receiving calls from "MS tech repair asking if I needed further assistance".
    Sounded "fishy" so I asked for their IP address and they hung-up. I have had at least 5 of these calls. What concerns me, is how did they find out about my computer problems and my phone number? Does the Federal Government need to be informed for actions or can MS handle this internally?

    A very angry and disappointed customer that will spread the word.

  • Cant remember the receptionist name but Stephanie(me)would just like to thank her for all her help in the recovery process for my account.

  • Microsoft PLEASE stop with the automatic updates! Every time you do this, it changes settings in my computer and I have a lot of problems. This latest update changed my computer to not recognize my router and I had to have a tech guide me through how to change it back so I could get on the internet. STOP it, already!!!!! If I need an update, first please tell me why and I will tell you whether or not to do it. DO NOT just update automatically!!!

  • I ordered a Surface Pro 3, keyboard and sleeve. When my package arrived the Pro was not in the box. I called customer service and they stated their records showed it shipped. I explained it was not in the box. After much ado, they said they would call me back within 4 hours. They didn't! I called them back and now it has been changed to 48 hours. I took the box to the post office to be weighed and the weight is exactly what it would be for the keyboard and the sleeve. Rip off artists!!!!!

  • I am pist! got a new computer for Christmas and set it up to find I now have Window 8.1. WOW needless to say when I turned it on all these pop ups, ads ect came up. Trying to get them off and for the FIRST time using this It downloaded, malware, virus's , spyware ect. YES I AM PIST! no where on your site to get help unless I pay for the BS that was put on my computer by YOUR program. I had to add 2 other programs to get this under control and still my computer is running slow for a new one. I think you guys should give me the program to clean this up and protect my computer after your program caused this mess! I have done everything since to stop the pop up's and they still keep coming.. Give me a break and now I hear your coming out with a Windows 10? NO THANKS if it is anything like this!

  • have the new 8.
    Really ??!!!
    want to print:
    just a selection of page—how
    just a particular page–how
    How could you release this???????

  • Hi Microsoft,
    My name is kerri and I am emailing from Australia
    Have just purchased windows 8 and although it is different, I am starting to like it. I have always been a support of Microsoft, but unfortunately I might go elsewhere next time .
    Why do customer support people ask you for 169.00 for full support for a year, don"t I get that for free after purchasing your product. My computer is 3 days old and I had trouble setting up my emails and anti virus, so rang support, the gentleman was pleasant, and told me I could have full support for 169.00….What the???? He then told me he could not help me install my Anti virus, because a few things needed fixing on my computer??? My computer is 3 days old, he did tell me he could fix it if I paid 169.00, sorry but that is not good customer support, very upset.
    I then ring total defence to see if they can help me re install my anti virus program, he did install it for me, but again I was told if I paid 169.00, I would receive full support for 1 year. I have just paid 600.00 for a tower, and you guys want more money.
    This reflects on Microsoft, so when I ring again for support am I going to be asked for more money???
    The funny thing is I paid for support in the end price of my computer.
    I just don't want to be asked for money every time I ring support with a problem.
    Please reply.

    • these guys are too big to care. Don't lose sleep. Just don't purchase any more of their stuff. Ive had similar experience with tech support, like waiting for call back from level 2 support teams….no dice. I feel for you. They just want you money and wont even answer this board.

  • I will be publishing my comment at least once a day and I don't care who knows I am. If I can't have my problem solved, I will get back at you any way I know how. Stop ripping people off. If anyone have any questions about my experience, call me anytime.
    Christopher Kim 714-501-3115

  • I bought my RT from Fry's electronics last July. I was told it will do everything my laptop can do and the Office program is same as the ones I buy separately. I was too busy at that time to try it out. And when I did, service department told me I just needed to update my programs. Well, after my 30 days was up, I found out the truth. Not only any of it wasn't true, I can't even download Google Chrome. Is Microsoft so scared of Google that I can't even use Chrome? I need to do a PowerPoint presentation in which I need to link Youtube video to it. But RT can't even do that. I have ended up with a $400 paperweight. I can do a little word processing but it can'teven keep up with my typing. It's a piece of junk. I can't find any useful apps neither. The ones that are available in Ipad is no where to be found on RT. I am so furious, I am going to make sure none of my friends and family ever buys any product from Microsoft again. I know it's not much to Microsoft but you can be sure your company just lost over $50,000 on my words alone. I am also going to make sure every review sites will hear my experience. I will be on YouTube, Yelp, etc. All I heard from Microsoft is 'why didn't you bring it back tot us within 30 days?' My answerto you is why couldn't you tell me the truth and train your distributer better? I will make it my mission to make sure no one buys another Microsoft product again. To show you I am not kidding, here's my name and number: Christopher Kim (714) 501-3115.

  • i just called microsoft because my windows 8.1pro was acting up bad and went to reinstall it, found out that thru the reinstall feature that i was missing files. i looked on the site and looked into my orders and walla! nothing, soooo i called support, i upgraded from windows7 to windows 8 then free upgrade to 8.1 then when i could not play dvd's i upgraded to 8.1 pro, well all this was done thru the digital download site. after talking to several people on the phone, one i could not understand well, other was rude and did not know what to do so just past me on to sales, well i already bought the program so was transfered to a david somewhere else and he told me i had to buy the disk and then they could help me. WHAT!!!!! i already bought the programs and updates and i blew up! Of course this typing im doing will obviously be ignored and not read. Oh and i am on the phone with them now and been on for 1 hour and 39 minutes, 15 of it has been waiting for a supervisor which i was told there was none in today. there is always a supervisor on a shift. i admit i was rude to the guy and i appologize but when told to buy the program again that hit the straw. i will be calling corporate and getting results because i am not getting results with support. i am not buying the program again and thats final.

  • I received a popup every day about Slim Cleaner, which advertises itself as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. I believed that a Microsoft Partner had fully been reviewed so I registered for the product and paid 49.87 for the service. Then I was sent to a "technician/sales person" who logged into my computer and did a "security check". The results of his review was "DIRE WARNING" that computer was in danger and that the only way to fix it was to pay an additional 19.00 per month plus one time fee of $250.00 . After talking a while he went down to a one time fee of $100.00. I thought Slim Cleaner was suppose to do all the fixings. If not what is the program good for. After getting of my computer, I attempted to open Slim Cleaner by clicking on the Icon that was placed on my computer by a Microsoft update, and the program would not open.I did open the file by going into the computer index. I believe that Slim Cleaner is a rip-off, and if I had some way to cancel my $49.87 I would . MDC

  • "" Stinks!!! Avoid it ~ ~ ~ I wish to register a formal complaint concerning my recently locked-out “” e-mail account.

    I have been using the account for a reasonably long time without difficulty. Then, for some reason, I had been getting notices to verify the last digits of my phone number before signing in. This continued for a while until just recently whereby I was given notice that my account was locked out due to “suspicious activity”. I was to fill out a so-called “security form” and return it for verification.

    First, I was never told by what method this “suspicious activity” triggered the lock-out. What differentiated one sign-in from another? I use the e-mail several times a day and out of nowhere I am locked out of my own account for no reason. No one can give me any description of why the “suspicion” occurred initially.

    I filled in the form: Name, address, city, state, zip, age, and sent it in. Rejected. “Not enough information”. I did notice that the form requests e-mail addresses and the titles of recently sent e-mails. I must say that the e-mail addresses are none of your business. The subjects of my e-mails are none of your business. And certainly, the contents of my e-mails are none of your business.

    Although, I did send in one e-mail address and one subject line in another “security” form. Rejected. “Not enough information”.

    So, I sent in a trouble report to customer support and they stated that until I sent in “enough information” (meaning lots of e-mail addresses and lots of e-mail subject lines) they were going to keep my account locked “for my own security”.

    Again, my e-mail contacts are kept secret FOR MY OWN SECURITY. They are none of your business. The subjects are my business, not yours. The contents are my business, not yours.

    You talk about “security” but then you want me to divulge information to people I don’t even know!!! And the e-mail addresses belong to folks who would be irate if I shared the addresses!! The people would certainly not want any information shared with the staff at “”.

    But supposing I did list 30 e-mail addresses (fake) and 30 e-mail subject lines (fake)… how would you know if I were making them up?? The only way you could possibly tell if they were real or not is if you had a data base of all the e-mail addresses I had been using and a data base of the e-mails I had been sending so you could compare them, one against the other!!! There’s no other way to verify them.

    Basically, you could state that you are invading my privacy “to protect my security”!! There is no other way you could possibly know if I am giving you correct information on that so-called “security form” unless you have that data base of stored personal e-mail information already, for all the “” users.

    Instead of worrying about someone hacking into my account, as you suggest, I need to concern myself about the support people snooping into my e-mails, keeping the information on file for future reference!!

    I refused to fill out the “security form”. I told support to delete the account as I’ve obtained another e-mail service which I am now using. It is no loss to me to discard “”. I’ve notified all my contacts, re-signed my newsletters. You’re nothing but a headache and not the least bit secure if I, the user, can’t even get into his own account with less hassle.

    Your idiotic “security” procedures include texting. I don’t have a smart phone. I have a cell that I use for outgoing only. It is off most of the time and I don’t text. The number isn’t even listed on the screen. Our home phone number is listed on the screen but when I check that as a call-back nothing happens. I don’t get a code to enter on the screen. So, I get nowhere anyway. Your recovery procedures are lousy. I’m disappointed I even got “” initially. Waste of time. ~ ~ ~


    Greetings one and all:
    It is my privilege to contact you in what is probably most uncertain times in, if not some, all of your lives. I ascribe to the philosophy which perceives all of life's challenges as opportunities to overcome them. Layoffs are one of life's challenges many have faced and triumphed-and so can you!


    Carl Warren,

  • Why is Microsoft unable to create a SP4 for Microsoft Windows XP?

    Why does the HAL interface not allow me to use my XP equipment on WIN/7?

  • Hello Microsoft,

    You made an error in the address book on Windows 7 Home Premium, when you did not put an ALL choice at the top. I send a daily Bible lesson to 62 people around the world.
    I have to click on all 62 names daily!

    I have 69 names in my address book. It would be MUCH easier to erase the seven I do not send to, if I could click on ALL!!

    Is there anyway to now include an ALL button?


    Roland L. Joles

  • Hi. I received calls from numbers 1 8454699827 and 1 7166899717 saying that they detected somebody was using my Windows ID and email and asking me to enter to my Computer and start entering numbers. I was not sure and asked to send me an email, call me after or put me in contact with the Offices of Windows in my City but they refused. Is this really Client Service or a trick?

  • X box 360, cracked my black ops 2 game. I want to know what Microsoft are goin to do about this fault with there x box 360, i have researched many complaints regarding the same problem and ibwill not be letting this go. Microsoft is a large well developed coperate company and needs to solve these common problems which are been brought up to ye day after day……

  • I'm of the old school with childhood during the great depression. Schools in my era taught the 3 r's and you graduated with a education not like todays public schools who send out functional illiterates. Well back to this email, my first computer was with win 95 which worked somewhat and then my next machine was win 98 that work fairly well. The Me came out and it was a disaster. Finally XP and service pack 2 was out and it was a wonderful program. I understand that 75% of all the worlds machines run XP.
    My computer died and I purchased a new machine and it came with win7. The Salesman told me when I ask about win 8 and he said you don't want that. Then I ask about Office 2013 and he said that I wouldn't be happy with that. So taking his advice the machine I purchased has an Intel I7 4 core processor, 250 Gig solid state hard drive with a on 1t secondary, 16 gig ram, Asus mother board. This machine is a speed demon.
    As I said it came with Win 7 and Outlook 11. Now this is where I find the outlook a complete disaster. I have to keep going and finding a pull down menu that will let me open my emails. I tried to send an email and it disappeared into cyber space. It is sad that they have to dump all of these options in the pull downs which just clutters the program and I don't see where it will sell more programs when people try to use It and tell their friends that it is junk. Outlook 8 or 9 were relative simple to use and consistent. I haven't used Word enough to determine how it will perform.
    I have decided that the programing geniuses other than trying to make something that can be advertised to generate more sales should develop an XP 7 keeping it simple and easy. The average person doesn't care about all the fancy stuff and don't want it getting in the way. Other wise they will have to take college computer courses just to write a simple letter or email.
    I don't know Boolean Algebra, bi-nary codes, programing just to use my machine. Its the old saying keep simple stupid. Those who need to know will learn or find what they need.
    The bottom line is stay away from Outlook 11. When Outlook Express was available I use it just for my personal mail because it was very easy to use and Hotmail for general emails.
    Its time Microsoft gets their head out of the rear and clean up their programing. This program glitz is just to bolster sales from a company who is struggling with their OS programs and producing crap.

  • I've have had the worst year of computing nightmare ever since my wonderful Windows 7 computer suddenly died and couldn't be repaired. I had to buy a Windows 8 computer. The look of those Metro tiles is so ugly and I hate how they work.The charms are the worst computer annoyance I've ever encountered. I am boycotting any service that the Metro Tiles try to take me to, as best I can. What happened to the Internet being about choice? I refuse to have Microsoft try to force me to use their services.

    I learned how to make my horrible Windows 8 into a desktop, so I could use it. I even disabled the charms. Then the 8.1 update arrived, so I tried it. It ruined my computer. I had to revert my computer back to Windows 8 to run many of my programs. Three times I had to wipe everything off of it to fix it and then re-install hours and hours of programs.

    In less than a year my new Windows 8 computer stopped working and it is being repaired under the warranty. Meanwhile, I needed a computer, so I bought a new Windows 8.1. Right out of the box, it wouldn't update. I spent hours trying to fix it and more hours on the phone with Microsoft tech support. It updates, now, but all I think is what will go wrong next? Who wants to spend more hours putting on programs when in a few months it will more than do something else and the only fix is to remove everything and then re-install?

    When my poor Windows 8 computer comes back from repairs I am going to return this Windows 8.1 one. Thank goodness we get so many days to try these frightfully awful products. There is no way I'm having 2 useless computers that stop me from doing everything that I once enjoyed about computing, only to force me to fiddle endlessly with them, all because Microsoft thinks I need to learn Metro. Don't I get any choice?

    I feel like I'm using this Windows 8.1 in a not as moral as I'd like way because I am taking it back, but I'm waiting until my other one is repaired. But what about Microsoft using me? In the past we had at least 3 years before system changes. In months of getting Windows 8 there was the headache of the Windows 8.1 "upgrade". Now, I'm reading that there could be an 8.2 "upgrade" and then, of course we will have to buy 9. I can't trust this company any more. It seems all they want is $$$$$$$.

    I found I still had a copy of Windows 7 and after the warranty on my Windows 8 is up I'll take it to my geek and go back to 7. Not all of us want the newest, flashy, gadgets, or technology. I'm just trying to mostly write on my computer. I've lost countless hours of productivity this past year thanks to Windows 8 and 8.1. I'll use my horrible Windows 8, probably turned Windows 7, until it dies and then I will have saved enough for an Apple. I stuck with Microsoft from XP through to Vista. I got a free upgrade to Windows 7 because nobody would buy Vista computers and that was the only way they could sell them. Windows 7 was fantastic. 8.1 is only more of the same offensive idiocy.

    It's sad because I like my computer manufacturer. They have great service. Too bad they are linked to Microsoft. It will probably bankrupt them because Microsoft will be learning a lesson about greed, which is- There comes a time when people won't take any more corporate manipulation. Reading all I have about Windows 8/8.1 on the web this time has come. If I have no more choice, Microsoft, I still can vote with my $ and stop supporting you.

  • Not liking Windows at all. Got an automatic update and from then on was unable to use ANY drop down screen. Uninstalled update and drop downs were mine to use again. Then I couldn't print anything, ended up buying a new printer, Turns out it was after an update! Just had another update, couldn't get emails and search engine was changed to Bing, which wouldn't work at all. Used my cell phone to try to get an answer. Seems many others are having the same issues. This is clearly a product with issues. Contacting someone is also a problem. 5/30/2014

  • How can I reset my Hotmail password if Microsoft's automated system thinks I haven't put in enough information to prove it is me. Now they have locked me out from providing more info because I have attempted to many times today. How can I get an actual human to talk to?

  • I will not ever buy a Microsoft oproduct ever again. I have used Hotmail for years until they convert it to outlook cant use Hotmail any longer. microjunk is out of my computer for good. switching to Linux. jim a.s system or

  • Thanks Microsoft.Your choice to stop XP updates will cause an extreme hardship for those on fixed incomes(elderly and disabled)that have perfectly running computers that do not have the RAM to upgrade.
    For this group of people to upgrade, it will create an added cost in an already difficult economy.
    I hope those on fixed incomes refuse to do so.We will speak with our money and remember your product in never purchased.Just rented.

    • > We will speak with our money

      But apparently you don't have much money to begin with, which makes your voice very small.

  • I downloaded 8.1 and what a big mistake!. I own an HP laptop and it did not work. Called HP and they referred me to Microsoft technical support.They did not want to take ownership of my problem and said it was HP. I then had to go to a third party to get my laptop fixed The headache I went through taking off all my important doc off then paying $80 to re-install Windows is not fair. I am going to fight you to get my $80 back for your mistake. Get ready, I am coming! I am not giving up until I get my money back Mr. Gates. I may also ask for a few free goodies while I'm at it.
    XNew Yorker Now living in Northern California.

  • got some new stuff for you 0001-endles new if thens buts copy rights send express Monday love you-
    john phillip abston arrive express mail copy rights mic ect. new number 423 304 8953

  • I have been getting call after call from some person who's name (he says) is Paul from San Diego representing Windows and wanting to get into my computer to make safety checks. Am I being fooled or is this on the up & up? He has a very distinctive East Indian accent.

    • We have received the exact same call twice over the last two days – did you ever get an answer to this question? This guy had an Indian accent but said he was from the UK or London.

    • I had the same thing happen to me,Except, I did have "Jack Richard" also had an Indian accent fix the errors on my windows 8. I needed to talk with him ,but the # he left me is wrong. Now, I am very upset.He made a password for my Pal Pal account and never gave it to me. how can I contact him



  • windows8 sucks i can't do the things i was able to do on windows7 start page is dum for a pc without touch you have two types of desktops witch one is not really a desktop dum you have no drivers that support things i was able to do before and all around bad programming a pc is not a cell phone look back and things that ppl loved keep things that ppl use add things that ppl want and need put on things that you have to pay for do not belong on a pc they just take up space ppl wast speed and reliable, your windows defender, media, spyware protection, download manager,virus protection ,registry cleaner , firewall, no one wants to pay for them make them free. drivers and readers like adobe,java,shockwave,and other popular ones should already be on the pc, a person should be able to play and view any music,video,movie,game,pic,chat via webcam and keybaord look up things that are rallavent to what they want to find not what you think they are looking for just becouse they have the same words in thear that's waht ppl really want from there pc, i could tell you more but you need me there to help you fix it.

  • i have a 2003 toshiba satellite designed for microsoft windows xp. give me my windows xp back. for everyday that you dont give it back youll pay me x2 everyday the amount its 129.00 bucks. tomarrow it will be 258.00. the next day will keep doubling eachday. you STOLD my belongings. now your trying to sell me windows7 for 129.00? what kind of BS is this? as you can see my money will add up very fast.dont laugh the jokes in your hand!!!!!

  • youve had more time than you needed to give back the xp. it didnt take you no time to steal it. so do you think ripping me off is or was wise? dont laugh the jokes in your hand!!!!!

  • I would like my Hotmail account back. I HATE the OUTLOOK program it has morphed into. It took FOREVER just to find someplace to complain. Did Hotmail work too well? I understood it, I could use it, I had finally figured out how to do things with it like attach stuff. I am also planning on sending snail mail to complain. I don't understand what a lot of comments on this site have to do with a legitimate complaint against microsoft. I am a simple analog person. I have to use this technology stuff to keep up with my girl scout troop. I think that Microsoft has forgotten about the analog people who don't know and don't care what a gif or a meme or whatever is called. It took me three days just to figure out where to put the heading for the email for god's sake. Hotmail used to just tell me where it was. Give it back. Just please, give back my Hotmail, exactly the way it was. OUTLOOK IS CRAP and if I could find some other thing that could get email for free I would dump outlook. You need more things for people who were dragged into this computer age screaming, kicking and spitting. I am sorry to be a Luddite, but frankly that's who I am and I am not your only customer that feels like technology is going way to fast. Remember your customers, selling sand at the seashore only earns you money for so long. Right now, you have the market for the digitally inclined, now please help the rest of us, the confused, befuddled, totally mystified analog people.

  • microsoft is pure garbage with all their products, i'm boycotting them until i die.they suck with their stinking attitudes and their overseas really sucks. don't by microsoft products. all their windows o/s systems are junk. i'm using linux now but it's different.

  • I don't know what kind of idiots you have working in your new product division but whoever came up with the Windows 8 idea needs to seek psychiatric help. This is the most un-user friendly and stupid program I have ever used. It is so annoying that when I want to go to settings it takes me at least 5 times trying before it will pop out but if I am just moving my mouse to scroll down a page the stupid thing comes out every 2 seconds. Changing screens by going to a corner is stupid and then you click on one and there is no way to close it down unless you click on the other screen, go to the corner and make the first screen pop up then click close. There is a lot more about Windows 8 I could tell you sucks but I'm sure you have heard it from thousands of other users already. Even if you don't listen or care.

  • There is a flaw in Microsoft Windows 8. When I am online with my bank and I want to search Yosemite, It takes me back to my banking page then to Yosemite. When I leave Yosemite to go to Yahoo, it takes me back to Yosemite then to Yahoo.

    Whatever page I was viewing before, it flashes it before moving on. If someone gets on my computer and I have just left my banking and they push airplanes. It will flash my banking for 2 seconds then move to airplanes.

    There should be not flashing of the old pages. It's a flaw.. Careful what you leave for others to see.

  • I am sorry so many of you are having issues with Microsoft, a company I have dealt with almost since its inception. My experience yesterday in particular has been quite different. In spite of a lot of security software and actually decent security habits, I was hacked. Lee, the Microsoft agent I contacted could not have been more helpful or more knowledgeable. After almost six hours of work, I am "hack free" with improved security as well. I run Microsoft on multiple devices including a Surface RT, which has received mediocre reviews but to me is a great little device that does not replace a full laptop but does the jobs I need with ease and efficiency. My only complaint is they forgot to send me the survey so I could directly compliment my service technician.

  • I'm so pissed with Micosoft yesterday I had a Microsoft Tech. do a remote repair on my Computer and he uninstalled several of my securty progams that I paid money for…. Bottom Line he totally crashed my Computer….. I wished MS had english speaking Techs………

    • well said here anonymous. I have the same issues here. you cannot understand the techs and they know it. fact is I have heard them laughing in the background more than once. Microsoft needs to be investigated over these things happening. there are too many and too often and they have the upper hand because they can control your computer. I have had the same thing happen many times, I even recognize the same male voices at the other end . I have hung up until I am sick of them. kind of feel like they are helping to create the problems that many americans are having with their computers so they can 'fix' them or learn more. past time for the federal to step in and do something here. I plan on contacting my representative or one that has similar issues about it. it cant hurt . the security of America is in danger right now and when you allow thousands of employees from any company to be able to take over anyone's computer, you have a huge issue here. sorry about your issues here, but I know how you feel. is there anyone other than Microsoft that we can deal with concerning our computers.

  • i am very very very upset and emotion from Microsoft store in Scottsdale, Az that they refused to provide an interpreter for deaf and they have class to learn about window 8, etc I am deaf and I cant hear what they said help me please please thank you or 480 535 6796 thank you

  • What ever possessed me to think that [anything] I say here, or anywhere else as far as that goes, is going to spark concern in even the smallest area of Microsoft, is just bizarre.
    Here are some facts that prevail even though Microsoft will both declare and believe differently.
    1. Bilking profits from people, like purposely integrating problems so you can sell a solution, will eventually throw you out of business.
    a. Eight Operating Systems. Even when you had operating systems that worked well you junked them so you could sell new software. Mac would not even be an issue if you had not done this. I guess a steady profit is just not as good as leaps in profit, even if you have to walk on people's heads to get it.
    b. Updates. Whatever accusation is made here can be plausibly denied, because Microsoft can rely on the fact that most folks do not know what Microsoft is talking about, when Microsoft actually bothers to explain anything.
    2. Snooping has [only] a temporary benefit.
    a. Microsoft and all of us, know what this is about. Isn't it interesting, that you the user could not possibly know or be able to figure out what you want, so Microsoft has to spy and tell you.
    3. Making yourself unavailable so complaints are at a minimum will eventually harm your progress.
    a. The outcome of this is always controlled disintegration.

    This stuff has nothing to do with my insight and it has nothing to do with Microsoft's necessity. This is common fact and there is no innocent ignorance. There is no such thing as a 'thin line' between intense marketing and theft. The motivation behind the process should be honest. Microsoft is a thief and a liar. I am sick of this business of pushing the envelope and staying inside the legal limits.
    Microsoft is falling down, falling down, falling down…..(sing along) because the above is true and it does not matter if every single human on the planet says otherwise. Truth does not depend on opinion. It has always amused me to see folks say "truth is relative" when they speak of marketing and economics, but then operate in a completely different universe in everyday life. "I need to call somebody to see if jumping in front of a 60 MPH Semi will hurt me." Success or failure in "The Market" and "The Economy" can be proved scientifically, and has been thousands of times. I can do this and so can anyone else. That is if you actually know the difference between pieces of paper and real wealth. If you do not, perhaps you work for Microsoft.

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    USD) for this month of 2013 Lottery promotion which is organized by YAHOO& MSN LOTTERY INC &

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    Thank you and accept my hearty congratulations once again!

    I think you should know about this. Although I wish it were true I think it smells.

  • I have been a loyal Microsoft customer for over 20 yrs now and I have had it with your overseas personnel speaking to me via "Canned answers", namely prewritten answers to statements and questions. Today your representative from overseas called me to ask if my problem with IE 10 is resolved. I stated NO, the program wasn't fully installed and that the icon for IE failed to load and that I was working off of the file icon instead. The rep tells me to go to system restore to fix the problem, is he out of his mind? You only go to that program when there is a major issue with your CPU. IE 10 tends to be slow or freeze more often then the previous one. I stated that and he tells me to system restore, is this how your company treats customers here in the States? How about this all follow up phone calls should be placed by Americans who SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH. At this point in time I feel that I should go out and buy a MAC and give this CPU away.

  • Sunday, 10 March, 2013 3:11pm est call back in 12 minutes from microsoft for tech support for windows moviemaker

    recd call back 400pm just two mins hangup or lost call not able to reconnect stupid microsoft no good bad corporation business will like to see Apple products forget microsoft mmmmmmmm
    no help from them at all……………………

  • WARNING !!
    TRIAL NR 3 – because my first one isn't published.

    I just tried to publish about a phonecall this morning from an aziatic woman. She said she called from the 'Windows Headquarters, California'.
    How did she get my number, in Holland?
    She wanted to warn me for 'lots of errors in my computer', how did she know?
    I asked her if this is a trick or is it serious, I really want to know, 'No, this is selious' (chinese?)
    She asked me to put on y computer, to typ the windows key + r, then to typ something in the box.
    I still didn't trust her so I asked her to mail me about this, then she hung up.

    I don't want to spend my time on this and get in trouble.
    Anybody who read this: Dont't get into this!

    Greeting and good luck from Holland

  • Hey guys, i'm begining to become rather frustrated with microsoft lately. I almost bought a PS3 today because my xbox crapped out again, but i didn't. I still want to support Microsoft, but now i have to recover my gamertag onto my new system and can't because something's wrong with my microsoft profiles "credentials"?? This is ridiculous, i've always used the same password and email, and when i go to the website that xbox is telling me to go to the website won't even appear. I also just bought a 3 month xbox live card fo 24.95 that i'm sure i wont be able to use now because of this problem. if this is not fixed within a few days I WILL TRADE IN MY XBOX FOR A PLAYSTATION3. Thus probably making me a Sony supporter.

  • I received a call from a person identifying himself as Sam Warner working for Microsoft. He advised me that Microsoft had notice that my computer had been hacked and they needed to check the status and make appropriate changes to protect me. I was very suspicious of this caller who had a "East Indian" accent and he advised me he was calling from Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. I prceeded to Google the headquarters and confirmed the return number given by this Sam Warner was infact from the Washington area. I was being told he needed to check my computer as soon as possible to prevent further damage. I hungup and tried the return number to check it out and there was no answer when I finally picked up his "blocked call" again. Frustrated and unable to get ahold of my computer teck for advice, I relented and proceeded to go to my computer programs to confirm he new some code number for my program purchased. He advised me that Microsoft Spam Protection expires several months after purchase and I said I have owned this PC since June of 2010 so why now. He advised me now was when they got notice of "hacking" and checked from "Malaysia." I finally relented and allowed him LogMein to my computer and paid $137.99 for one year Micrsoft Protection. Finally I reached my tech and he said "hoax, what did you do(implying stupid!)." He found my Spyware Doctor Protection was missing on my computer and he updated. I proceeded to cancel my bank debit card and no charge had been made to Western Union yet (it was Friday). What a mess and I feel pretty stupid. Anyone else get this call recently?????? I haven't been able to reach a Microsoft rep that would confirm or decline validity. Thought this might serve as a NOTICE TO ALL.

    • WARNING !!
      TRIAL NR 4 – because my first one isn't published, so I try by 'reply'.

      I just tried to publish about a phonecall this morning from an aziatic woman. She said she called from the 'Windows Headquarters, California'.
      How did she get my number, in Holland?
      She wanted to warn me for 'lots of errors in my computer', how did she know?
      I asked her if this is a trick or is it serious, I really want to know, 'No, this is selious' (chinese?)
      She asked me to put on y computer, to typ the windows key + r, then to typ something in the box.
      I still didn't trust her so I asked her to mail me about this, then she hung up.

      I don't want to spend my time on this and get in trouble.
      Anybody who read this: Dont't get into this!

      Greeting and good luck from Holland

    • I am in the US and I have just received that call from people with an Indian accent( phone number id registered unknown)and I asked this lady why Microsoft doesn't make it public and I actually did not have MS I had a MAC. She told me told "Idiot enjoy, your computer will crash" I don't think anyone from MS would use that laguage. And why is noone from MS worried about this and let peple know what is happening? I have read a numbner of post of people from 2012 saying the same thing about these calls.

    • I just received a call this morning that my comp will crash by Hacker. He asked me to press CTRL + Window symbol key button in my Laptop and will see some prompt to read. I had several Comp with win 7, Win 8, XP and Vista. He had no idea what OS I had but knew I had Laptop and my address in Vancouver, Canada.
      By his accent and name Alex De Costa, figured out he is from Goa, India as I am also Fiji born Indian. My Laptop was giving problem to start so he will call me in 5 mins. The phone display says Unknown Caller and the number he gave was 1-202 446-2086. I tried to call, no answer. I checked MS headquarters REDMOND, Washington area code and he was mistaken with Washington, DC area code number 202. My brother had a call from India too and he paid around $137 per year and they took control of his comp and cleaned it up and it is running fine, I don't want to take such a Risk. I do get scam calls from Spain, Africa, Montreal, Jamaica, etc. saying I won millions of US dollars by promotional pick numbers, asking me to go and pay processing fees to Western Union. I usually pretend that I will get money from my account and will send it to you. Give him excuses for not getting it now, Make them run for few days and prolong their call, kept them waiting while making my tea, etc. In the end they get mad at me for playing games Ha! Ha!. So please be careful with these scammers.


  • I'm guessing you people are either trolls with a grudge against the company or just idiots. I can't find any evidence whatsoever or Microsoft having any involvement with the Casey Anthoney case.

  • I have a little, well rather big problem with Microsoft. They are allowing these little so-called companies such as Certkiller,Testking and a few others sell study guides to the public with a guarantee that you will pass an exam given at a Prometric testing site. Once you purchase the materials and study for days then go to take the exam, you get to the testing site and get in there to take the exam and nothing you have studied is on the exam. Called Prometric and of course they point the finger at Microsoft…call Microsoft and they point the finger at Prometric. I call this a big SCAM…these are exams that are costing the public hundreds of dollars in order to comply with DOD 8570 guidelines in order to work for the Government. I feel Microsoft should step up and offer study materials as this SCAM is costing people good paying jobs and causing some to be pulled from their positions simply because they cannot pass these exams. Come on Bill Gates…I thought you were smarter than this…that you wouldn't stand for some piss ass internet SCAM artist to impinge on your fortune. Well its being done on a daily basis. Something maybe you should have your company look into.

  • Warning! If you make a purchase from Microsoft store [] you may Never get your product.

    From Experience I made a purchase [Windows8 3copys] waited two weeks no word
    So I contacted them they told me UPS had it and I should contact them.
    Did so, UPS said they [Microsoft] had not released anything for my location. And I should contact them.
    This went on and on.
    Back to Microsoft Store they say its UPS Fault Back to UPS they Say its Microsoft Fault
    This has been going on for App. Two to Three weeks Still don’t have any solution.

    If you call Microsoft you will get a person from ?????????????? You can’t understand him and he cannot understand you. FUN

  • Good Morning;
    We just got a phone call from "Windows" saying they want to plug into our computer because of a virus going around. We are not so sure about this and they also said the computer can shut down on us. We want to know do you have representatives making these phone calls?