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Mimi’s Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Mimi’s Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2201 Merit Drive, Suite 750
Dallas TX 75251 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-926-6636
Fax: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-926-6636
Website: Mimi’s Cafe

  • A friend just posted this on facebook. Location Ocala rt 200. Saturday September 12,2015. Ocala Civic Theater has once again out done itself. Mary Poppins was just super! Dinner at Mimi's was such a disaster they wound up giving the 8 of us our dinners and drinks free. 40 minutes after taking our orders our very snotty waitress tells us half the entrees ordered were not available. No rolls they were out of house wines we are talking about 5:30pm on Saturday. Finally got a new waitress our food reordered again. 2 1/2 hours….Won't go back any time soon, free meal or not. Just too many bad experiences there time after time.

  • would like to make a comment about the hostess Maria she is a very polite and caring person she made me feel comfortable in my sitting. just a compliment

  • On July 23, 2015 a friend and I went to lunch at the Glendale, AZ MiMi's. We were seated immediately, but after that it was all downhill. It started with the server bringing the wrong beverages. Then the meals came and salad dressing was incorrect, muffin was not what was ordered. Another server brought the meals and promised to change dressing and muffin and never came back. We had been there for over an hour and a half and finally finished and asked for check. Another 15 min. and no one came back to get money. We started to leave and she ran over and I said we were in a big hurry. I have gone there many times and the food and service has always been great and this was a nightmare. The check # was 1834 and table 116/1. A group of us go out to eat every month and MiMi's was our next choice before this fiasco. We are still planning on going and hopefully this will be a better experience and we'll keep going to MiMi's.

  • My last 2 visits to Mimi's Cafe in Loveland, CO and recently in Tucson,AZ has caused me to reconsider ever visiting a Mimi's again especially if I want an adult beverage with my meal. Your adult beverage delivery needs an examination and possibly some coaching. It is not the drink, it is the amount of time one has to wait to get it. For example, my April 12, 2015 visit to Mimi's on South Wilmont Road in Tucson with my daughter it took 15 minutes to get our drinks? Why? I asked for a glass of Vodka with Olives and after searching for my disappeared waiter I discovered the problem was, and I quote from the staff behind the bar that "they had to locate some olives". Meanwhile my daughter and I had to wait for our drinks, no contact with server, no water, nothing to nibble on while we were waiting. Something tells me you are trending downward and it will be some time before we revisit either of these locations and probably other locations.

  • Mimi's Café is one of our favorite restaurants. We don't have one where we live and so look forward to eating at the Rancho Mirage restaurant when we visit during the winter months. Normally we would have great service and food, but in the past two months, something has gone wrong. Don't know if they lost their manager or have new rules in place, but they were out of their famous quiche & buttermilk spice muffins at only 4:30 pm. We decided to try again and the foyer was busy with people waiting. At the same time, there were many empty tables. The hostess told us that it would be around 20 minutes to 1/2 hour wait as they were short of waitress's. We left and a group of 6 others left at the same time. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AS YOUR REPUTATION IS GOING DOWN HILL FAST. There are no other Mimi's in this area to eat in. We have not gone back to this particular location. Whatever changes are happening, you are loosing your loyal customers. This letter is written out of concern and caring for what used to be a very nice place to eat.

  • What happened to the Mimi's Cafe located in Glen Allen, VA? We went there last weekend and it was boarded up, even though it is located in a very busy and desirable location.

  • We were absolutely shocked this evening when we went to the Mimi's in Visalia, CA. and found that it had closed. We were devastated. We live about 43 miles away from Visalia in Porterville and we regularly eat every time we come to Visalia at Mimi's. A friend recently asked which restaurant we would like to go to and she said you can even choose an out of town restaurant and we chose Mimi's. She said she regularly takes her Mom out to dinner at Mimi's. We were so disappointed this evening. I still can not get over the shock of seeing our favorite restaurant closed. What were you thinking when you closed the Visalia Restaurant? You sure weren't thinking about your loyal customers.

  • To whom it may concern : My husband and I retired to Williamsburg Virginia from Southern California . We have often wondered why no Mimi s here ??? early on… maybe Williamsburg could not support one… but at this point in time and in the right location… were thinking it might… please do the market studies needed to see if Williamsburg is now worthy of a Mimi s … I know we are not alone in these thoughts… so one can only hope :O) Thank you… lorri

  • I have long been a fan of MIMI'S. But since the new owners have taken over, they have ruined an otherwise delightful place for casual dining. No longer do they serve breakfast items all day, the famous Mimi's chopped cobb is abysmal. Even the once special French Onion soup has lost pretty much all of its cheese and therefore all of its appeal. Change is sometimes good; NOT in this case. I will no longer be frequenting Mimi's

  • I would like to see the Fresh and Fit menu items again. I am on weight watchers and the new menu doesn't have choices for me.

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