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MINI USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact MINI USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BMW of North America
300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-307-4000
Fax Number: 1-201-307-0880
Customer Service: 1-866-275-6464

  • I just bought my 2014 Mini in June and have had nothing but problems with the tires and warning lights, they go on when there is no problem

    • I suggest you get it working and sell it or lease it for something else to get away from the upside down loan. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get rid of mine. It went downhill very fast with no warning and no end in sight. I actually asked a Mini race guy what I should do and he suggested I buy a Toyota. I'm extremely disheartened by the whole thing. And its unfortunate to say but I also wouldn't take the mechanics word for anything. Go to a shop you trust that gives free diagnostics before paying those guys $200 for something that isn't actually broken.

  • Issue a full recall BMW/MINI for the faulty timing chains and stand by the junk you sell. Corporate con artists, that's all you are.

  • Third e-mail re this complaint and no response.
    Bluetooth is very dangerous in my 2014 Mini. Cannot initiate outgoing calls by voice or other means without playing with with the dial system on the dash or with phone. In order to initiate outgoing call one must, or should, get off the road, dial number and when connected can then return to road. Not only is this distracting but very dangerous. What can be done to rectify with out spending a great deal of money for a new Bluetooth?

    • I owned a Benz & a MINI. I've to be honest that the MINI customer svc is SUCKS. This include their phone automated system where representative never care to take into serious. They couldn't even get their phone system problem fix, the problem has been exist for over 3 months. You won't have such problem with Benz!!! Reputation does matter to MB!

  • 34,605 mi 2010 CooperS…timing chain replacement $1,900….
    29,457 heat shield, clogged ports etc, 2 weeks after warrant expired $982.
    Contacted Mini customer service..Received a phone call from" Cameron"
    He left a message for me to call.. Just made my 4th attempt to contact
    "Cameron" Some customer service!!

  • Im 140 miles away from a mini service center with a timing chain or belt issue. Called mini headquarters because I cant afford the toe expence. I was told to borrow a toe truck to get the car to the service center. And borrow a car to get to work. So really I didnt need to buy a mini, just borrow one. Mini sould put this in all other cars owners manuals, because we will not need to buy any more minis, when we can borrow a car from a neighor. This will be one of minis new sales pitches, dont buy a mini, borrow your buddys car. And you will not have to borrow a toe truck either.

  • I have a 2009 Mini Cooper S with 60,000 miles & was informed that I may possibly need a new engine which could cost appx $8000

    • Mine just did the same thing. 2009 cooper S., 60,000 miles. Just turned off while I was driving. Timing chain replaced in 2012. They told me the vacuum pump failed cause I was low on oil and then the timing chain broke so it is not covered. No low oil light or engine light. It was driving fine. They told me around $10,000 to replace, but they were going to ask Mini for some assistance for me.

      This is a bunch of bull. Clearly there is something wrong with these engines. I just replaced the thermostat and gaskets.

      I am,in St. Louis, MO. How did you guys resolve this? I am seeking a lawyer to help me.

    • Same issues, including broken thermostat, timing chain, and now the engine. 2009 Mini Clubman S. I am going to file in small claims.

    • I had issues with my mini and they fixed it all by adjusting the computer. No need for a motor. Thanks to the mechanic that told us on the side. When the reps said I had to pay $10k for a motor!
      They just want to con you and tell you to replace the motor.

  • I have a 2009 mini clubman S with 86,000 miles on it and have just been told the engine is blown and will cost $7600 to replace!!!!!

  • I am upset because I was told today that my timing chain was broken on my 2010 mini cooper hardtop. It will cost at least $2,500 to fix and the car only has 53,000 miles on it. I was told it was probably defective and not anything I did. Needless to say, I am not happy and I am looking for a new car that is not a mini. I have owned two BMWs before and never had this type of problem before 100,000 miles. I have many friends with minis and I have relayed thisissue to them.

    • This is not encouraging! I was searching the Mini website to contact my regional office because my 2009 timing chain is broken and my car has less than 40,000 miles. The dealership quoted me a repair price of $3600 although I showed them the Mini Technical Advisory that clearly stated that its a problem part. It may be time to move on from Mini and tell others to stay away.

    • My First Brand New Car I Bought My 2014 MIni Paceman All4 4848 Miles And The Clear Coat Is Off And Rusting The Manager In Allentown ToLd Me It Was A Defect The The Mini Usa Rep Came After Driving 3 More HoursTo Be Told ITs" Road Rash" And Isn't going To Be Fixed Wtf Stay Away From Mini!!!

    • I too had a 2010 Mini Cooper with 72k miles that died going 70 mph on I95. Without warning it rapidly downshifted and is now history. It did not jump timing and a German car specialty shop could not determine the cause without a complete dismantle. I did not tow it to my local Mini dealer as I've had two very disappointing service experiences with them. They told me Mini engines are not built for over 100k miles. One reason is the pistons are built in 2 parts and have been known to break apart = party's over. After a 4 hour diagnosis, they determined it was too risky to try a rebuild and that it needed either a used or new engine. However, that would have cost more than the car is worth; $7k and $9k respectively. Mini wanted a lot more. So, I traded the car to this shop as they also sold preowned and pristine BMWs and Benz's. They actually gave me a reasonable trade value as they are trying to sell it to someone who wants to rebuild the engine for themselves as it was not worth to do it at retail. The Mini dealer would not give me anything in trade.

      Bottom line: OK to lease a Mini but don't buy one if you will keep your car for the long haul. BTW, I had a C Class 230k I ran to 150k and an ML320 I also ran to 150k with only expected repairs.

      I am in the process to writing to the Mini Corp in Woodcliff Lake, NJ and I have a name.

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