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MINI USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact MINI USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BMW of North America
300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-307-4000
Fax Number: 1-201-307-0880
Customer Service: 1-866-275-6464

  • I bought a mini clubman in 2016 from mini of St. Louis. It currently only has 59,000 miles. Since then, I have had to replace battery twice, and one engine mount. I am not a mechanic engineer or an electrical engineer. Mini of St.Louis' band-aid approach to a long term problem is hook the car up to a battery tender to keep battery charged on days I do not drive it. The truth of the matter is Mini of St. Louis does not why battery is losing energy when the vehicle is locked. I will never buy another mini.

  • 2015 2 door hardtop crankshaft pulley failure? the car isn't paid for yet and we are experiencing engine component failure?

  • I have a 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman. Brought my car in for front end repairs on to discover the water pump is bad. In research found out this part is a problem. I never received any letter about the recall or class action. Is there anyway Mini Cooper will honor their recall now for the faulty part. Your reply is important to me. Post haste.

  • 2006 Mini Cooper S. Purchased as original owners. Vehicles has approximately 118,000 miles.

    While under warranty, approximately $10,000 worth of repairs were done on the vehicle.

    Now, with only 118,000 miles, transmission failure, engine failing, motor mounts failed, fuel pump, water pump, alternator, harmonic balancer, exhaust manifold, and who knows what else. Took the vehicle to a reputable mechanic and they stated there is so much wrong with the vehicle it probably isn't worth repairing. Keep in mind, there is only 118,000 miles on the vehicle.

    With the repairs done already, and the cost to do the additional repairs, the total repair bill would be roughly $25,000 in total. The car is 12 years old, so this would equate to around $2,000 per year in repairs. While it is expected that some wear and tear items, and some rubber parts such as bushings, mounts, etc might need replacement, nearly every major item on this vehicle has failed.

    Mini's response was that parts wear out and it should be expected. WOW.

  • 45000 miles, first owner, car was always serviced by the dealer. As a result of the oil leaks (from tensioner and van is solenoid) I have to pay $3800 for the repairs. What a piece of junk.

    • I wish I had read this forum before purchasing my MINI. I bought a 2009 MINI Cooper S in October 2017. Since then I have had over $2000 in repair bills. I decided to trade it in and found out that it was a 'LEMON BUY BACK'. The man I purchased it from passed away about a month ago. I took this vehicle in to the MINI dealer in Little
      Rock, AR and asked them to check for any recalls by running the VIN and they told me there were no recalls. They never mentioned it being a LEMON BUY BACK at all. I would NEVER recommend these vehicles to anyone and wouldn't trust a MINI dealer as far as I could throw them! I could have had some kind of recourse had they told me this important information. Now it is too late and I am stuck with a car that I wouldn't sell to my worst enemy!

  • I just went for $1700 on my wifes 2007 mini s. The high pressure fuel pump went, the car has only 26k miles on it and has never seen rain nor a winter, stored in a heated garage. The dealer refused to offer anything, saying the extended warrantee was up in ten years, which I missed by less than three months. Also,I never took my car to the dealership for service, choosing to use a specialty garage exclusively for BMW & Mini. I wrote to the CEO, but have already been told I'm wasting my time.
    They will loose in the long run. I will tell everyone I can what a rip off Mini is, and the car is a piece of crap and the service is worst. Maybe I'll get my money back watching them loose a sale or two.

  • The electric part that enables the AIRBAGS (read: life saving) has been defective in Mini's since 2005. Only those models that got the most complaints were replaced by Mini. Our 2008 Mini Cooper was not one of those the company was forced to replace. The part costs $1000.00! I am supposed to pay $1000.00 to save my life and the lives of my passengers b/c of a faulty part that Mini KNEW ABOUT and kept putting in later models?? I will go to several national news stations and splatter this over Social Media unless Mini agrees to replace this part at their expense. I will not pay for their potentially life threatening error. This is reminding me of what we just saw with the Volkswagen cover-up. Please, Mini Clubman owners, SPEAK UP – we are all in danger.

    • In 2014 I bought my 2011 MiniCooperS at a BMW dealer, paid $20K cash. 2 weeks later it STOPPED in the middle of the FREEWAY. Thank God I felt it losing power and was able to pull over fast. That was just the beginning of my problems. Fuel pump replaced twice, entire turbo engine replaced, battery replaced after only 2 years, 2 panels replaced per the dealer "because we have to, in order to reach the battery" (REALLY??) (later took it to an independent shop and they showed me that was not true), and the list goes on. Every time I get in the car it seems a light goes on to indicate yet another problem. I was tired of driving my Camry for 21 years, with Its original engine, transmission, etc., which NEVER let me down anywhere, so reliable, started up every single time over 21 YEARS!! I dumped it because the air conditioner went out, and fixing it was going to cost over $1K–haha, cheap compared to what I have thrown into this bottomless pit of a MINI.

    Save records, tape conversations, be prepared to take them to court: it seems money is the only thing that they understand!

    Save records, tape conversations, be prepared to take them to court: it seems money is the only thing that they understand!

  • In relation to our issue with the Sat Radio "prep" on our new car, we have been back and forth with MINI customer relations since we have not been able to get a call back from our case manager Dewey Gatts. We have waited the 48hrs to hear back on our case since Dewey Gatts will not call us despite the 3 different times I left my number on his voicemail to call. When we asked the customer relations rep named Tara who her relations supervisor was so we could get some resolve on our case (at this point she started telling us there is nothing they could do and what the definition of Sat Prep was). I know what "Sat Prep" means now but while sitting there at the dealership it was NOT explained to us. Tara could not tell us who her next level supervisor was, Tara kept telling us the next level are all supervisors. What?? All departments regardless of business type have ONE person/manager who is in charge and then that Manager has someone s/he has to answer to as well. You mean to tell me you do not know who your own boss is? or who your boss' boss is? MINI you have something seriously wrong in with your customer service reps if they cannot tell me who their direct line of supervisors are much less can provide a phone contact. MINI has put a huge damper on my "Motoring" experience. This type of customer service shows what MINI USA's true colors are in order to resolve an issue. If anyone is thinking of buying a MINI, you better have your homework completed on what you want option wise because MINI will use any misinterpretations about their car to their advantage and continue to blow you off until you give up. The absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I so should have bought a Fiat 500 or Chevy Spark that I was looking at in conjunction to this car. I know Ford, Dodge, and Chevy customer relations at least make an effort to right a wrong. MINI you have just lost a customer, we were planning to trade our Ram 1500 in next year for a Countryman but that will absolutely NOT happen at this point, I will stick with American or Japanese for next purchase.

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