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  • Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

4001 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007
Corporate Office Number: 1-972-360-9000
Fax: 1-972-716-6639
Customer Service: 1-800-557-3435

  • Me and my family stayed in Motel 6 in Hinesville GA a week ago. The first room when i pulled the covsfs back to lysol the bed down had dog hair in the sheets and dirty pillow cases. The next room given to us had blood stains on the bed covef but i was told it was coffee stains which was a lie!!!

  • Will never ever stay at a motel6 now thanks to the one in Memphis TN on Austin Peay Hwy! my husband and I drove 9 hr and got here to check in at 7:45PM and,the housekeeper was still cleaning and check in was at 3pm. Got in the room the ceiling in the bathroom was covered in mold towel bar half hanging off the wall and if that wasn't bad enough has an indoor went to check it out and it's drained with the ceiling tile falling in. A horrible place to stay as a,matter of fact we are checking out a day early.

  • i had a unauthorized out of work marine drill thru the wall last nite to see if he could dig up some dirt for the carlsbad police. going to file compliant in the morning to

  • Got a staff infection in columbia SC. Called corp office they said it would be 30 days before they would be able to resolve my complaint..today is day 31 and Ihavent heard a word!

  • 1-23-14. Motel 6 in Benson, Arizona has a very rude, abusive, and hostile counter clerk by the name of "John" who works the afternoon shift. I asked three special-needs disability questions: A.) Do you have any ground-floor rooms available? (because I have mobility disabilities and I walk with a walker/cane,) B.) Do you have any low-noise rooms? (because I suffer hyperacusis – a very noise-sensitive hearing disability); and C.) Do you have any rooms close to my truck? (so I do not have to carry my belongings very far since I suffer chronic fatigue and chronic pain.) This Motel 6 clerk got highly agitated and told me, "I am refusing you service. Get out now before I call the cops." I asked politely for the supervisor but the clerk actually called 911 and the cops showed up to harass me. I was forced to sleep in the bed of my truck in the freezing cold. This is blatant disability discrimination and an ADA violation and I am STILL filing Americans With Disabilities (ADA) complaints against Motel 6. I am highly offended and really ticked-off!! Boycott Motel 6!! schipkemary@AOL.com

  • My family and I was first given a room where the heat didn't work(one of the coldest nights of the year). Gave us another room whre the heat worked a little better but the cold water didn't work.. When we told the manger, he said all we had to do was crawl underneath the sink and turn it on. My husband was cold all night. He had to place our coats over the bed covers. This was so sad. Motel 6 in Tupelo, Miss #4536

  • My family and I were traveling back home from Houston and stopped at the Motel 6 in Arkadelphia. It was late at night, We checked in and went to the room my son pulled back the bed covers and it looked like someone had diarrah in the bed.It was very upsetting. We were offered another room but we did not stay. The motels don't have to be fancy but should be clean…….

  • My daughter and I stayed at the motel 6 in Worthington Ohio for a convention and got totally ripped off. First off the lost our reservation, secondly when we were told that we had to check out at 12 noon no matter what time we got there. I reserved a room for 2 nights and these dummies lost it. I was livid. I will never stay at a motel 6 again no matter if all the other hotels are booked.

  • Talk about a box!!! We was robbed for the price we paid for the smallest room we had ever stayed in. Wow its a good thing there was just the two of us. One of us had to sit on the bed or in a chair in order to move around the room. Unreal!!! This was in Bentonville Arkansaw. Never again!!!

    • Very true I worked at motel 6 as a maintenance man and housekeeper and never had a problem be once our new General Manager started my checks started coming 200 dollars short not just one check but 4 checks and I always worked the same amount hours every week well I decided to ask my General Manager about it and the next morning she calls me and says I am forced to come get my stuff and I called corporate and no one ever return my calls I got ahold of someone she said she's on vacation call Monday I called her that Monday and she said she doesn't know what I'm talking about I didn't talk to her and the funny thing is I called the same exact number I used to talk to her and then I call motel 6 payroll for 3 months straight to update my address to so I can get my W2's the guy who does payroll tells me O well he Wasn't mailing my W-2 really I called left several messages and no one ever calls back I let my General Manager know and she says there is nothing she can do and then ask me to come back to work really and worked at motel 6 Airport inn south 24th Phoenix Arizona

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