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  • Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

4001 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007
Corporate Office Number: 1-972-360-9000
Fax: 1-972-716-6639
Customer Service: 1-800-557-3435

  • My brother stayed in a Motel 6 out in Vicksburg, Ms for work reasons. He stayed there from Oct 1, 2017- Oct 15, 2017. On Friday Oct 13 they moved him from one room to another. He was at work so one of the employees moved he’s things to the other room. White in the process of moving he’s things the employee decided he was going to go through my brothers backpack and suitcase and stoled his gun and iPad. Once my brother got off work and went back to the hotel they told him that had moved he’s things to a different room. Well when he got to he’s room he checked he’s things and saw that he was missing does two things. He went to ask the receptionist but she said she couldn’t do anything not even question the employee or ask if he had seen the things nothing she did nothing not even call the cop. Take in mind this employee that moved my brothers things is a register sex offender and now has a gun a gun he stoled out of my brothers backpack. My brother had to call the cops the receptionist claimed she would file a report with corporate and she didn’t my brother also had to do that him self. Nothing has been done by the motels part not even an apology. we understand hotels are not responsible for items missing but take in mind this was hotel negligence it was done by the employee he was the last person in the room and before my brother left to work both items were still in the room. In this establishment at least we can tell employees cover each other and won’t do anything about it nor report it like they say they will. Now my brother stuck with out his items, the motel did nothing. And no one seems to want to take responsibility. The gun wasn’t cheap neither was the iPad. And now the gun is in the hand of a criminal hired by Motel 6.

  • Was harrased everyday at work for your hotel six chain by other employees and management. I sugest no-one with any morals ever ever ever work for motel six. Thinking about sueing the tar outa all you folks. How dare you allow that over and over again. It's not like you didn't know. And looking at this page I see I'm not the only one who knows you peoe are horrid. …. your ex-headhousekeeper for over 2 years. Shame on you all.

  • You have thee worse managers on Devon, Elk Grove location. Especially by the name of Keith. I believe he is sleeping with one of his employees. I will never ever return to this location and tell all my friends who are regulars to never return. At least not while he is the manager.

  • My life's been such a shambles, yet I'm not bored
    Since I'm on a rambling journey for the Lord
    Springfield Missouri's Motel 6 is one of my happy finds
    Willing to take in fine folks of all kinds
    Like me, just one of many little country hicks
    Who found a place to rest at the Motel 6.
    A good place for an acquaintance to become a friend.
    Thank you so much, I will come back again!
    Oh, Yes! I'd like to do a commercial for you …
    Just let me know if you want me to.
    Ask the gals at the front desk here,
    They'll tell you I'm a keeper, I'm a dear…

  • I stayed at your establishment a couple weeks ago in Elk Grove, IL @ the 1000 W. Devon location and I was upset at check in because my reservations was screwed up but by the time I checked out, the night person was so pleasant and professional it changed my entire perspective of your motel. He made your company look good and this is the type of treatment we as paying consumers should receive all the time. He was patient, concerned about the problems we faced,he smiled, he even made me laugh and also had candy at the desk as if it was a 4 or 5 star establishment.I only got his first name from his badge (David) and he was on the night shift like 11 pm or midnight.He is the reason I did not write a bad review.

  • My husband and I reserved a non-smoking room for four nights in the Ontario, Oregon Motel 6. The room we were given smelled of cigarette smoke. We were then given a second room. This one had so many flies in it, we had to get a fly swatter from the front desk. My husband killed over 50 flies the first hour we were there. We quit counting after the first fifty. The floors were so filthy that after I took a shower and walked across the room. The bottom of my feet were BLACK from the dirt on the floor. The front desk refunded our money for the other three nights. This is absolutely the last time we will stay at a Motel 6. Awful experience.

  • The Motel 6 at 5501 Tinker Diagonal in Del City, Oklahoma is the filthiest place I've ever seen. There was human excrement on the sidewalk in front of the room. The trash cans overflow, and whatever falls on the sidewalks is never picked up, and it blows all over the parking lot. Dozens of flies get into the room whenever you open your door. Bags of trash are in the elevator, and they get kicked open, and the garbage spills everywhere. Broken furniture is piled up in the walkways. No free coffee in the morning, because the "coffee maker is broken." The vending machine is also broken. The bedspread is torn. There is hardly any furniture in the room, because it's been busted and piled in the walkways. The top lock bolt was loose, yet it took us a minute or two to even get out of the room because something was jamming. A real fire hazard. No smoke alarms or sprinklers. Someone who lives on the top level drapes an extension cord over the railing and runs it to a deep freeze in their van. The desk clerk was the rudest person imaginable. Why doesn't the corporate office do anything about this, or stop selling franchises? I don't know if this motel was a franchise, but I suppose it was. Still, how can people get away with such filth in the public sector?

  • My husband and I spent a night at motel 6 at 401 cherry Blvd in Greorgetown in Lexington Ky. in April,2016. At 11:08 that night we had just turned in for the night. Here comes a knock on our door, a woman saying emergency you're wanted at the front desk, emergency you're wanted at the front desk.My husband calls the front desk, no nothing wrong up here. Husband told him what just happened. He went and looked on camera but seen no one. Woman had short dark hair, the door across the hall was open. They were going to rob us. They had seen an elderly man check in by himself and thought there's an easy one. But there were two of us and we were smart enough not to open the door. I bet she had a buck standing there behind the wall. Hard telling what would have happened if we had opened the door. I reported it to the manager and to the corporate but still haven't heard anything regarding it. WAIT, the girl that checked him in had gotten off at eleven and she had short dark hair. You be the judge on that.

  • I checked into a Motel 6 in Vacaville,Calif by the freeway and they refused to rent the room to US, we have stayed there before and this was no different. Isn't it against the the Law to discriminate? The maids didn't speak English, Rude Front Desk clerk and Managers. I've worked at Motels in Tahoe and NEVER turned anybody down. We aren't druggies, we are both on Disability and needed a downstairs room. I will let people know about this Motel on tweeter and Facebook since I am a Vet and tell all my friends NOT TO STAY THERE>!!!!

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