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  • Mr. Jim’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Mr. Jim’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Mr. Jim’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

2521 Pepperwood Street
Farmers Branch, TX  75234
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-267-5467
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-583-5960

  • I ordered a pizza last night & when I opened the box it was so greasy & soggy. One corner of the box had so much grease in it it leaked threw the box. I get that pizza is greasy but I have never had pizza like this before. I called the store immediately & he proceeded to argue with me & tell me it’s pizza it’s supposed to be greasy! I said that’s your answer he says there’s nothing I can do. How about an apology & can I get you another pizza or do you want a refund. NO!!! instead he hangs up on me!! I will NEVER order from Mr. Jim’s again. This location is in Boyd Tx.

  • I ordered a pizza a pizza today from the Arlington store located on S. Collins street. And they charged my card $75 for a $15.04 order. Then when I called the store up, the manager hung up on me. Nice way to treat your customers.

  • I called Mr. Jim's pizza to deliver a pizza to me last night, as I have before, and they refuse to deliver to me, because of a mistake they made from the last time I ordered from them. They brought me the wrong pizza!! when I called them to bring me another one, they did, everything was great, even tried to tip the diver again, and he wouldn't take my money. When I call August 2nd, 2016 to order a pizza for deliver, they refused and said " they can't deliver to my house, anymore" because of their mistake, I'm being punished????? I'm the customer here!!! Whatever happened to customer service and "the customer is always right" ???? I have never been "Black Balled" from a pizza place before, when I called the Manager the next day, to right the situation, he was rude and said we can choose who we serve and we will not deliver to your house. His name is Mr. Jesse Martinez. I have never been treated like this before and I will never buy from Mr. Jim's ever again, I will tell anyone who will listen not to do business with Mr. Jim's in Red Oak TX, do not waste your time or your money!!!!

  • This is the 4th or 5th time now i have ordered form the Weathaerford store and they did not bring the full order. One time they did not even realize it was delivery, I waited 1.5 hours and still had it sitting there for pick up. They offer a cheap credit each time, however last time they gave me credit when i called to use it, they said i had no credit. So now i refuse to except credit when they screw up and want a refund, but i guess i have to wait because they can't refund a online order. I like the pizza, but if this keeps happening i will go back to pizza hut.

  • Ordered a xlarge pizza from the weatherford, Tx store this pm when delivered it was so greasy that unfit to even feed to my dogs. I called the store and well was insulted to be offered a $5.00 credit on my next pizza like I would order another from them. After a very strong reply to them they finnaly decided to cancel my debit card. Damage already done with the run around I got from the start like no manager in the store till next Tuesday and the $5.00 credit and more or less between the lines eat it and shut up.take the credit and be happy well I don't think so after paying $18.40 for this garbage.took picture and posted on face book word of mouth you know.I was also informed that they was out of something and that's why it was so greasy well I think if that's the case close your doors go home and reopen when you got what ever to keep this from happing. but my answer is I have got my last pizza from MrJims and sure will spead the word aroung about my experance.have a great day

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