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MSNBC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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MSNBC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-664-4444
Fax: 1-212-664-4085
Customer Service Number: 1-201-735-2622

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Joy Reid and everyone else on MSNBC scumbags!,,,,why aren't the Veteran's organizations speaking out against this. MSNBC is the most disgusting "news" channel i have ever watched. The people are extremely foul mouthed, arrogant, snide, cocky, rude and insolent. Is this the way journalism is supposed to be. It seems they are all about their own personal agenda with bits and pieces of news scattered about.

You people will at some point approach the end of your lifetime upon earth. You will decide by your actions, speech and thoughts where you will spend eternity. I’m sure most of you “unbelievers” will scoff at my comments, but unless you are completely 100% certain that what I say is wrong, you will spend eternity in a very uncomfortable and punishing place paying for the bad things you have said and done to others on earth. You will account for all these things! You will live forever in Hell with no promise to ever escape to a better and perfect place. I am really sorry for people like everyone of you. Thinking you are intelligent, but actually very ignorant instead. Your haughty, self-important ways will someday give way to a repressed life if you continue to follow the orders given you. You are setting yourself up for a very dangerous end by your superiors. As brilliant as you think you are, you should know that is the truth and has been to others who have served those who wish to drag our country into servitude. Maybe it’s time for you to do some serious soul searching. Nuff said.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, at c. 1:15 PM, a contributing correspondent (female, blonde) interspersed "you know" between c. every three words of her remarks. A speech pattern only one step up from "dese, does, and dem." I could not believe MSNBC considered this person competent to comment on anything. She needs re-training or a new job.

I have watched MSNBC shows from 8:00 to 11:00 since 2016. I believe Rachel and Lawrence' shows are amazingly interesting .
I heard that journalists from Fox are conducting a campain to remove Rachel from her job. It will be a tremendous mistake and a great lost to all of us who take seriously our right to speak our view.

I hope you will consider firing Hugh Hewitt. We are daily watchers of MSNBC, but we have to turn off the tv when that man comes on or risk being put on blood pressure medication. He adds NOTHING to your network, and in fact evokes a gag reflex. EVERYONE I know feels the same way. NO ONE can understand why he's there. We have even discontinued watching any show that books him, no matter how irregularly, as a guest.

The lying Brian Williams' press' Rachel Maddow
wasted my last evening with her dog and poney
show regarding the airing of a private citizen's (at the time) 12 year old tax return which only improved the president's image while destroying Rachel Maddow's!

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