Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs Corporate Office Headquarters

Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs Corporate Headquarters
One Jericho Plaza
2nd Floor – Wing A
Jericho, NY 11753
Corporate Phone Number: 1-516-338-8500
Corporate Fax Number: 1-516-338-7220

  • I broke a tooth from a shard of bone in a hamburger at a Nathan's Famous at Ft Myers, FL airport. The claims department has offered to pay only for dental work, nothing else. They won't even negotiate. I am walking around w a broken tooth, embarrassed at not smiling in Holiday photos. I have to take time out from my life to spend hours at the Dentist office…pain and suffering and inconvenience. I thought NF was a reputable company. Well, they don't care about their consumers, it's obvious. Time to take this a step further.

  • New Nathan's toms river nj my 16 year old child with autism went for a job my wife called the number to see were to go for application man on phone told her that my son should be a man and call himself went for instance review same man told him he had one strike against him because mother called about interview he explained to the man & women in interview that he had adhd and autism he was there for cashier job at that women says can you clean we can probably make you a janitor and ended interview never called back this is a great case of discrimination called to speak to a human resource rep left message no return phone call next step call civil rights attorney

  • I live in Tarrant County Texas and want to know how to get the natural casing hot dogs and the sweet horseradish pickles. It was a culture shock when I moved here and now I am finding I still cannot get products from home. Please provide on line ordering!!!!! Thank you

  • Nathans at 4007 Rt. 9 Howell NJ. Do not go. They do not cook the dogs as Nathans does.
    It's a joke… I guess Nathans gives a go to anyone who wants to just cook franks.

  • Nathans in kings plaza used to be the best of all nathans i visited i dont go to coney island to much people … so arround 4;45 after work i passed by i see a manager cursing even yelling at a girl over food he called her thief get out my face yelling so bad i feel so embarassed so i walk out and ask the girl what she stole suprise suprise it was one of the nice lady that work with them she always serve me with smile and one the one who wishes you a bless day make story short it was about one of the apple a dollar thats a shame … that guy i deal with him so many times before even this week about a receit that says in your next visit 3 dogs 4.99 its a shame.

  • I don't know whats happening with Nathans hot dogs ????Can't afford them anymore..You have brought them down from 1lb pkg to 14 oz and charge 5.99 ..Sorry but you have canceled me out as a customer. I have been a customer for over 50 years..Why are you doing this?????

  • I just saw your skinned dogs have gone from 6 in a package to 5 in a package. Big price increase. Therefore I'm telling all my friends and family to no longer buy your wonderful dogs because you cost too much. And I so enjoyed your dogs at home. With gas at the lowest and you must be saving now, you increase the cost of hot dogs at the grocery store. Dogs were a staple in my house but no longer. I cannot afford them at the per unit price. When you up the dogs to 6 or better and the price is right I will come back. Maybe you Executives will do the "right " thing and not just scratch. Bye.

  • Nathans Westbury owner must have lost his mind ! putting inexperienced people in management positions . If the owner doesn't care about his business, .customers or franchise how does he expect
    his employees to care ?( The so called ) manager Brian is a complete IDIOT ! Bad food ,Bad service
    employees with I Don't Care ATTITUDES ! Nathans Corp. put a management team in that will do the Nathans Name Proud !

  • I have officially placed a CURSE on NATHAN's. My experiences; Smithtown N.Y. stale buns. (tried twice). Lake Ronkonkoma N.Y. rancid disgusting sauerkraut. (teenagers run store). Commack N.Y. it took 45 minutes to get a hot dog and fries. (owner was indulging his family, while ignoring his business). This location burned down last week. It looks like it may have been arson. I had written the corporate offices about my complaint. Susan C. McCann from corporate mailed me some coupons for 2 complimentary hot dog and fries. I called 4 different Nathan's, and only 1 would accept them, but he said that he would only accept 1 coupon. I sent the coupons back to Ms. McCann with a letter. I never heard back from her, and that was back in March, 2014. I just heard news that the Oceanside location Is closing and moving to a much smaller location. If you like Nathan's I suggest you get them at the market and grill them yourself. The only location that isn't a filthy disgusting store is in Coney Island. I think that may be safe, but only in daylight hours, unless you carry. Ms. McCann, you can run but your destiny will catch you. prepare your resume' you will need it. It was very rude of you to ignore my last correspondence. LONG LIVE THE CURSE ON NATHAN'S.

  • Nathan's in Westbury terrible service Saturday night9/6/14. Eight people on line only 2 cashiers and they were working backwards. The manager was in his office, he came out walked over and got a slice of pizza and went back into his office. The person serving the hot dogs was rubbing his head with his gloves on then serving the food. My friend ordered the Krispy Chicken Salad, had to be sent back because it was not prepared correctly. Will not be returning for a long long time.

  • Nathan's Quaker Bridge Mall in NJ refuses to pay the employees on time. Workers are to get paid bi-weekly somehow the manager seems to have some excuse on the day of pay. It's time to call the department of labor. Someone has to put an ending to this situation. ASAP!l

  • Nathan's in Ocean County Mall, Toms River, NJ. I have been there 2 times and will not be returning for a 3rd. The food is always cold, when you order a hot dog they roll it around on the grill for a second or two, smash the buns on
    the dirty grill next to the hot dog and they serve it to you like that. Today I went there, what a mistake, the man behind the register was so rude that everytime I ordered something he would say is that it are you done. I ordered 3 things!!! Then he charged me for a combo meal and refused to give me my soda, he told me I didn't charge you for a soda. My husband showed him the receipt and then the manager came out from the back and said give it to him. Very very rude, very very unprofessional. The place is also extremely dirty.

  • OMG the Nathan's on Forest Avenue in Staten Island, NY has the worst manager of the year. He fired a girl today becuase she was splattered with grease about her eye and arm and was in pain wanting to go home. YEP she gets injured ont he Job and he Tells her she no longer works there, What a place to work. Watch out world.

  • Nathan's in Westbury on old country road. the manager Peter is going to get sued by a number of people so I suggest you fire hom before Nathan's get sued too.

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