National Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

National Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters
6929 N. Lakewood Ave., Ste. 100
Tulsa, OK 74117 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-918-401-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-227-7368

  • I have been an executive member for years. I was put on the do not rent list about a year ago. I have been contacting National for over 3 months now trying to figure out what the issue is and how it can be resolved. At this point I think I will just give up doing business with them.

  • Since your company has decided to throw the NRA and its members under the bus and no longer offer a discount because they engage in their lawful constitutional right I will no longer be doing business with any company associated with Enterprise Holdings Inc. My vehicle of choice will be UBER.

  • BNA Saturday Jan. 27, 2018. ECN 389780764. I returned the car an hour overdue and was charged for it. However, Hunan (don’t know her last name) was very sympathetic and took the charge back off. It’s opportunities like this that give your company and employees a great reputation! Please pass the kudos to the Nashville team and especially Hunan who went the extra mile!
    It’s always a pleasure doing business with National Car Rental!
    Johnny M.

  • I must say I've listened, with much amusement and also disgust. to your commercial….you know the one where the man operates on himself. Having spent 38 years as the advertising art director for 2 of the world's largest newspapers I have a certain expertise in that area. When it comes on I can't wait to mute it since,simply put, it is so stupid. Nearly half this commercial is this fellow obviously operating on himself. Whatever you are paying an advertising agency is a total waste of money. Perhaps if you talked more about your cars and benefits you'd get more traction. The commercial was designed to be cute but failed miserably. According to the remarks above you're not doing a very good job keeping customers happy. Do yourself a favor and fire the ad agency and save some money! That's my 2 cents worth!!!!

  • National car rental,

    I use no term of endearment because you don't deserve one.
    My husband who is a pilot for Sky West made a reservation with you guys well in advance yesterday. After flying those friendly skies upon being relieved from duty. He reached the National service desk at 11:00pm (and he's been up since 4am) to find there is no car available. No one informed him by Email, SMS or call. But you took his payment! Typical greedy corporations! He then is left in the airport for some time while I wake my 2 yrs old and 4yrs old to drive and hour away to come get him at such late hours.
    Your associate, had no remorse or explanation for why this had happened. 30 cars short and you guys felt you didn't need to call your customers to give them a heads up! Just another typical company that takes advantage of its customers. I guess it will take people like us and social media to spread the word on how your corporate culture works!!


    Lucinda H. Bekkestad

  • I lost my credit card but I am an authorized buyer with another individual and I had a trip planned on July 13th heading to florida with my family now granted this is a trip I have been planning for over a year and I contacted the credit card company and they informed me that I can use the card with a pin number but National refused to do anything to help me. I also asked if I can use a debit card my rental is only 900.00 dollars they can hold as much as they like I just do not want to disappoint my fellow travelers. I have been in contact with National's customer service department and they can care less. I feel as if they are treating me as a criminal. If they contact the credit card company and they will verify my identity why won't National be willing to take the time out to help me in my desperate time of need.

  • I've had a very bad experience with your rental company that will unless turned around will lose me as a customer for ever. Your customer service has told me to go screw myself over 300 dollars that I shouldn't of been charged. This year alone I've had over 6 weeks of car rentals. Your willing to lose a young customer for life over 300 hundred dollars when you could work with maybe even go in between to satisfy the customer. As a manager in the car industry this not only makes me never want to manage for this company this makes me want to stay completely away from your company. I will pass the word around to everyone I encounter that is in need of a rental. Your poor customer service will be the death of your company.

    • Welcome to the "club". Overcharged by $133.47 vs. the confirmed rate. The Asst. the airport advised me not to worry about the charges as they will issue credit within a week. Guess what? A week has passed and no credit. Emails to the Tri-Brand Asst. Mgr. have been ignored. Calling the airport counter at National allows lots of rings but no response. This is how customers are lost by Corporations. Bye Bye.

  • National Rental Car/Damage Recovery is A Freaking Rip-off. They are trying to Charge me Double for a Glass that was Broken out by a would be Robber. My Ins. Co. said don't Pay it and get you a Lawyer, so I have. More to come.

  • I rented a 15 Passenger Van from National Rental Car out of Ft Lauderdale Fl. Stopped in South Miami to eat Dinner, (1st Bad Mistake). Can out to fine some Knuckle Head had Busted out the Passenger side Window and Stole my Back pack with over $1000.00 of Items. First I called the Police 5:35pm then I Called National Car Rental (2nd Bad Mistake) and told them what had happen, my choice was to drive back to FT Lauderdale or drive on to Key West, Fl. Drove on to key West with a Towel in the Hole and the next day went to the National Car Rental, told the Manager what happen and he said and I Quote"( that's happens all the time in Miami people getting broke in to"). He gave me a Mini Van and told me not to worry about the Glass Repair they will get it fixed and I shouldn't here anything out of it. Well guess what, I get a Letter in the mail Yesterday, 19 Oct 2016 from National Damage Recovery wanting $$$$ for the repairs. So what am I to do, any suggestions?

  • As a member of National for almost 18 years, I can't tell you how upset I am right now!! Been on the phone on and off for almost 3 hours just to sort out a reservation that can't be made! I have accummulated 5 free days and have 2 free day vouchers I've saved up so we can rent a car for vacation. I'm told (FINALLY!) that you can't use the vouchers and free days at the same time, even though the vouchers say they can be combined with other discounts. Apparently, National doesn't consider free days as discounts. WHAT??? Also, you can't keep the car for longer than the 5 days EVEN IF I'M PAYING FOR THE EXTRA DAYS!!! Sorry, National but I'm D-O-N-E with you!

  • very upset with National, our flight was canceled we had to get home for work the next day. We were in Chicago needed to get to Cleveland hopkins to pick up our car. Per the manager Kathy Holstein they only had one way that would cost us $168.67 when we returned the car in Cleveland we were charged $361.15! I have tried to contact that office to get the charges corrected several times and I have not had one response. This is called service!!!

  • All family members of a National customer (not spouse alone), having a valid drivers licence and who are covered under the same insurance policy for rental cars as well, should be allowed to drive such rental cars without restrictions of the additional driver/s being present at the time of pick up or at additional cost, like it used to be until recently.

    As National already has details in its database of renters driving licence, credit card etc. they could add to have details of the insurance policy of the renter, proving the coverage details, as applicable to the renters family. Based on this voluntary disclosure by the renters National could provide better rates for such customers and at the same time allow such family members to drive without additional fee or requiring them to be present at the time of pick-up.

    I look forward to a response from National to my email address

    Thanks and a have a wonderful day.

  • My husband travels every other week, sometimes more and uses National every time. Our Tallahassee location is very helpful and the staff is great.
    However, after a tire blow out- national sent roadside assistance to put a donut on the rental and redirected him to the closest location (Panama City Airport) to get another rental to finish his trip to the home location. Upon arriving home, realizes he's left his set of house keys (1 zebra striped house key and the only key to our Mercury) in the car that was left in Panama City! No biggie, I said, we will call and pay for the shipping.
    We called the 800 number and explained and were told there is no direct contact information for any single location- but she would "put in a contact request and we will hear back in 24-48 hours". Do we believe her? No, every location has a damn phone. But she's not giving it. No one called back. We went to the Tallahassee location to get the next rental 5 days later- THEY gave us a direct phone number. Yaaay!
    The first guy says, "sure! I'll go check with the servicing team- give me a couple hours and I will call you back!". Never calls back.
    We call again the next evening and my husband barely finished his sentence before being told, "There's no way we have your stuff, it's been almost a week. You really shoulda called back the same night..". So we explained again, were blown off again. So hubby asks him to go check the van again then, they argue about the cleanliness of the rentals…. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS?
    We call back the next day to ask for the loss department information. We will have to have a new car key made or ordered and would like a refund. Again, the manager laughs in my husbands ear. Wouldn't give us a phone number. Says we will get a call back. We don't. We call again, same story. NO CALLS BACK AT ALL. It's been two weeks.
    I reached out on facebook, someone responded in two minutes! Gave me an email to send our information to. Hours later and several contact attempts on facebook later, they contacted me again and said (to paraphrase) we can only pass your message along to management. Someone from that office will call you.
    For f*#k sake. That office IS the problem. You can guess how many calls I have received.

  • Every day this creepy predatory man comes into my home uninvited via your TV commercials. He keeps talking about control and then saying it is sexy. A light-hearted fantasy to some, perhaps, but to others, it evokes memories of very bad encounters and is even the stuff of nightmares. This is 2016, and it's America. How could you be so out of touch with a large portion of your customers. What are your marketing people thinking!

  • It appears on your tv ad a man steals a coffee cup out of a lady's hand then takes the coffee pot and steals the coffee and puts it on an airport people transport. bad advertising

  • Rented a car from 11 am Monday to 8 pm Tuesday, only drove it 60 kms on quiet paved roads, used the key drop. Flew home and had a message on our machine about a "chip in the windshield" and the estimate to replace is $580! Why can't the chip be repaired?? In any case , we did NOT chip the window, must have been there (pretty much invisible!) before we rented the car. NOT IMPRESSED, will NEVER rent from National EVER again! Crooks!

  • IMG Live, their largest Marketing agency has an arrested, charged by a grand jury child molester running their company. Charged and indited on 31 charges against children. Go to and type in Icenhower first name Bryan Unbelievable.

  • We rent a car for two days in Uruguay for November 2015. The price was more than $2,000.00. We call twice customer service because we thought the price was wrong or was in Uruguayan Pesos. No, the price is more than us dollars 2,000.00, when the other companies offer is us dollars 70.00. Are you out of your minds? We cancelled. Good luck with your business.

  • Worst customer service ever. Tried to blame me for scratches on a rental that was not done by me. Now can't get anyone to respond to me to discuss the claim. I am an executive member. I have sent two emails with no response. I have called and kept on the line for 30 minutes and I finally hung up. Called the corporate office and the customer service was awful.

  • You might rethink Ad agents, your currant commercial blitz is about as irritating as it can get, and the main character comes on as a complete JERK. Don't see how it could help your bottom line…

  • I couldn't agree more with the above comment. My wife and I are retirees who rent a car on an occasional basis. We find this commercial insulting to us and to other decent and respectful individuals who resent this type of arrogance and elitism. We will now never consider renting from National Car Rental and are aggressively sharing our views with others.

    A retiree on Marco Island, Florida

  • Dear National:
    I generally look for you because of the possible free upgrade and your friendly return personnel.
    As of late in your commercials you equate me "your customer" with Patrick Warburton playing a superficial,
    shallow, jackass. I resent that you picture your customers in that lite. Gives me a bad feeling to know I choose National. Maybe next time I won't.

  • To whom it may concern,
    I am a Executive Elite Emerald Club memeber. However, no matter if you are a member or just a regular customer, no one should have to deal with this.

    November 23, 2014 I have picked up my car rental at the Raleigh, North Carolina Airport National Car Rental location and as I was driving to my hotel. I was hearing a raddle noise from under the passanger seat, but I thought I'll check it out when I arrive at my hotel.

    I happen to take a look what was the noise and I end up finding an open vodka bottle (375mL Ciroc / Coconut). I believe that maybe the National staff did not clean the car properly or who knows maybe one of the staff was the owner of this bottle. Bottomline is that I am glad I was not pulled over by the cops having this open bottle of vodka in my car rental. I was very surprise to see this bottle and disappointed in National Car Rental in Raleigh.

    I wanted to bring this to the corporate attention, and hope I can recieve some type of apology from your company. I will bring this to the managers attention when I return the car.
    Confirmation # (257088514RESRV).

  • In June 2014 I ordered a car on the internet to be picked up at London Heathrow. Found an unscrupulous devious lying agent had not followed my instructions – my internet bill was $240…….. after dealing with him I have a bill for over $1,500 for items that I had verbally refused at the counter. A real RIP OFF. Would recommend you do not use National/Alamo/Europcar in London as they are all the same Company. Thoroughly unscrupulous. My appeal of the overpayment of BP700 plus is "being investigated" but according to Customer Service, it is dependent on "the memory of the unscrupulous agent". Only time will tell if the bill will be amended.

  • To whom it may concern-
    On June 27 2014 at 100 hours I arrived at Boston Logan International Airport. I went to your rental desk at the airport and spoke to your rental agent. This lady was very nice and professional. I explained to her that my credit card had a $500 credit limit. I needed to reserve the car for one week. She stated that all I had to do was call on Sunday and extend the rental contract. So, the lady explained she would book the car for three days and told me to call on Sunday.
    Now this is where I have my issue. After serving 10 years in the US Army, traveling all around the world I have never dealt with a company like yours. I called your 1-800 number and spoke to the first lady. The first lady basically told me that I could not extend my contract because my credit card would not accept it. I explained the entire story to this lady and the result was I had to bring the car back to the rental agency. I hung up with her and called back and spoke to another lady. Same result from this lady. I asked for her supervisor and spoke to this person. This supervisor would not help me and defaulted to your credit card policy. Your supervisor transferred me to the Boston Airport manager and I explained the whole story again. This lady immediately told me she couldn’t do anything and I had to bring the car back.
    I completely understand that every company has their policies to follow. I have lived my life by following regulations and policies in the Army. What I wanted was for one person in your organization to understand what the original lady told me at the airport. If she misstated your policies or told me something incorrect how is that my problem? So, after an hour of phone conversations and no help, I had to leave my family at 900pm at night and head toward the airport. This ordeal cost me $390 dollars and 5 hours of my time.
    When I arrived at the airport and turned the car in, to my surprise your company changed my agreement rate. Was this a Coincidence? Thanks to the young man at the garage he fixed the rate issue for me.
    I am not sure how I will deal with this issue with your company. I may contact the military and see what my options are, or I may contact the news agencies and see if they are interested in a story of how your company treats veterans.
    If the issue I had is important to your company I would be more than happy to talk to someone.

  • In my entire life, I have not seen worst example of Customer Service, that National Car Rental Company, Qatar, has demonstrated.
    I took car number 555836, on rent last year June, when KM reading was approx. 900. I gave this car on service on 28th May, with KM reading at 5966 and I was told that car will be returned to me with in a week. First of all one week is a long time but I accepted. I had been regularly following with you and always got the reply that the car is yet not serviced. Yesterday, I visited As Saad office and got same reply from Carlos that car is not yet serviced but promised me to return car today.
    I received car back after three weeks today, with KM reading up from 5966 to 8808 ??????????????? Means, your entire team was fooling me and meanwhile, rented that car to someone else, who may have wanted a car with low KM reading. In a year, I had this car moved 5000 km and in three weeks you drove it for 3000 kms and kept on fooling me, that car is in garage for service??? That too with a big scratch on the left side of front bumper?? Did this car met with an accident???Yesterday, after you gave me confirmation that car is ready, I went there in traffic and heat to collect car, which was not there.

    I know, you will definitely give bonus to the employees who lied and fooled me but, is this what you call customer service?
    I don’t blame you Azmi because your field is different and you were not responsible for service part but will you forward my complaint to your higher management??

    Looking so unprofessional attitude, they won’t do anything either.

  • Looking through the previous reviews, all I see are negative comments; I am happy to say that was not my experience, and I owe it all to Vicki Royce of National Car Rental in Houston, Texas. She went out of her way to make sure that everything was taken care of. I will definitely call Vicki at National Car Rental in Houston for any future rental needs. Thanks again Vicki.

  • Hi everyone… to the people who read this. I have to say that my experience with national was a disaster. I went to lima recently and reserved a Mini Van and then changed it to an SUV. When I got to the car rental, they had the Mini van and not the SUV. Person told me that they had no knowledge of such a change… I was very upset because the customer service on the phone said I was all set. Also the so called deposit was suppose to be one amount and they asked for a higher amount. What kind of business practices are you guys doing here that your organization can't level with customers about telling them the truth. In addition to the mishap in getting the wrong car, they also debited the wrong credit card which me and my girlfriend had used to place the more than 800 hold for renting the car. I specifically told her what credit card I wanted the rental charge to be taken out of and she screwed it up big time. I also was not happy with the condition of the car. It wasn't cleaned inside, dust all over the dash and the outside was not cleaned. I have rented from other car rentals in the past and never have I ever gotten a dirty car. What the heck is going on with your corporation that you guys provide misleading information and have very poor customer service. I too along with the other people on here will never rent from National again. All I know is that your reputation sucks big time. I expected more from a company that is world wide. I think its time your executives get off their asses and start running the company correctly and providing better customer service and not mislead customers about what is being said to customers and what the actual services are being provided on the sites. I am totally pissed that they screwed up the credit card payment and their really sucked. Wow, how does it feel to lose another customer. In the business world, repeat customers is where the most business comes from and you just lost my business permanently. I should demand a refund for such poor service. But I am sure they really don't care or else they would be doing something about it because it seemed to be a problem in the past and it's still going on. Unhappy customer in Connecticut…

  • OMG! National i am renting cars all over the world for my work but never ever have I witnessed such poor service from employees working for a rental company.

    This is what happened. We rented a car in Dubai and checked the car with the clerk for any scratches and so on. We've noticed some scratches and told the employee to write them down. He told us that they only write down the big ones. So we said; fine if you say so but don't get back to us with this because we've told you. So far so good.

    After a week we returned the car and a new employee noticed the same scratch. So we told him that we knew about it but it was fine. He told us that it wasn't and said he's going to charge us. After an hour of complaining and explaining we could leave to catch our flight. We were in a hurry and had to sign the form for delivering the car. We refused though to sign at the scratch he noticed. He told us that he believed us and will not charge us.

    Now I received an invoice from my credit card company with an amount that I have to pay for the damage!

    How is that possible? Please note: we are looking into all options to sew this employer and therefore knowing that they have to leave the country. For us its not the amount that made us angry but that they employee lied to us about not going to charge us and promised that I did not sign for the damage.

    National you will hear from us and in the media of course. UAE, Middle East and Europe.

  • Rental Agreement #524603989 Vehicle rented 11/11 – 11/15

    Got an email alert SUNDAY afternoon saying I had not returned the car. Not true. My agreement and receipt in hand documents car was returned 1:51PM 11/15 and paid by VISA. Immediately called the number listed in the email and got an operator in I would imagine India based on that person's poor command of the English language and the Indian elevator music that played for 20 minutes while she left me on hold. She never returned and the call appeared to be forwarded to a person in the US, a Donna with employee number of ?914J5. She repeatedly talk over my comments and had a smart-ass attitude from the beginning. She offered that they would not charge any additional fees. I'd think not. I said I should charge them a fee for the needless interruption on a Sunday afternoon. Their poor processes; not mine! She got insulting to me and I insisted that an email be sent today to verify and document that no further issues remained with their process failure. She assured me she would and closed the call by HER hanging up saying thank you for being so mean. Of course I was frustrated and yes, I clearly shared my irritation with her. It was warranted. Donna ?914J5 needs more than remedial training in customer training. She needs to be removed and replaced as does the outsourced call center in India. – J Wright

  • To start off, I would give this company no stars at all, if that were possible. I'm having some tough, drawn-out issues with National Car Rental. I had rented a car from National Car Rental from 7/22/13 – 8/6/13. Before I took the car off the lot at the Norfolk Airport, I thoroughly inspected the vehicle to ensure that there were no damages on the car to protect myself financially. As it so happened, there were some pre-existing damages to the 2013 Toyota Venza SUV that I was assigned to which surprised me because I've never seen those kind of damages to a rental car before. There were deep scuff marks and scratches to both front and rear-end bumpers. Not knowing what else to do because I've never been in that situation before, I contacted a National rep to take a look at it. Unfortunately, the young rep decided to just initial the damages that I notated and initial at the end of those remarks on the rental paperwork. Not thinking much of it, I walked away with that, thinking it was better than nothing.

    A few weeks later, before I was due to return the car on August 6th, I noticed some damage to the passenger side door of the car that I haven't seen before. Guessing that maybe it was caused by a hit-and-run accident by a bad driver while parked in a public street, I thought it was too late to report it and find the driver who had side-swiped the car. I decided to just return the vehicle and pay reasonably for the damages that that driver had caused to the middle of the passenger side door.

    That was unfortunately, not the case when I received the final estimate in the mail in September 2013. While National was grateful in congratulating me on my honesty and sense of responsibility in regards to owning up to the damages, it also is on the other hand, charging me for previous damages done to the car by other car renters who had the car before me. I had emphasized the damage done to the car before I took it off the lot and even showed them the rental paperwork to prove it. In the end, it seems like National is charging me for everything. Why charge me for two sets of damages when National can charge me for five? Pay for everything else while they're at it. And it looks like that's what they did and backed it up with so-called evidence with black-and-white photos of ALL the damages done to the car, possibly since the car's been loaned out. I guess that's what you get for being a responsible and honest car renter. How many of us actually have $1,504 easily lying around, waiting to be thrown around like it's nothing? National, of course, never responded to my request, through the BBB, for redoing the bill for $1,504.57 which includes ALL the damages since the car was first rented out. I just got another bill in the mail yesterday and it said the exact same thing. I feel like I'm being taken to the cleaners for nothing. Until National fixes the bill, I will seek find ways to fight this.

    National has actually ruined my desire to rent ANY rental cars again in the future, especially from that particular company. In the meantime, I'll just take my own pov which helps me save money in the end.

  • National Car Rental Agency,

    I am a very unhappy and dissatisfied customer! On September 29, 2013 I rented a vehicle from your company, RA#825429070, in Rapid City, SD. My wife and I were scheduled to return the vehicle and fly out of Rapid City on October 5,2013. However, Rapid City was hit by a severe winter snow storm October 4, 2013. There was 31 inches of snow, 60-70 mph winds, roads blocked by snow, and electrical power was lost throughout the city. The airport and your office in the airport was closed due to the extreme weather conditions. We called your office in Rapid City and there was no answer, but we did leave a message and a return phone number. We never received a call back. Our flights were cancelled and we were forced to rebook our flight three different times. We received information that the Rapid City airport would not be re-opened until Sunday night, but all flights were fully booked and we would not be able to fly out until Wednesday. We had to return home as soon as possible and was finally able to book a flight out of Sioux Falls, SD on Monday morning, October 7, 2013. We were able to finally drive out of the hotel Sunday afternoon going east. Highway 90 west was still closed. We drove to Sioux Falls and returned the rental at the Sioux Falls airport. Later that evening I called your office in Rapid City and informed them of our actions. While I understand there would be additional charges for driving the car to Sioux Falls, I do not understand why it would cost an additional $2,307.34! This is a ridiculous charge! Especially, due to the extreme circumstances. On my original contract it states time & distance $310.00 with unlimited mileage. My total agreement was $405.55. I am willing to pay another $405.55, but $2,307.34 is outrageous! If there is not an adjustment to my bill, I will never rent another vehicle from your company. I will also provide as much negative press as I possibly can; via Facebook, tweet, and word of mouth. You have my contact information if you would like to contact me and discuss this.


    Robert Finley

  • I have been tryin to get our reserved rental from Mosinee Wisconsin. 4 days.. NOBODY works there.. Its like they only come in to pick up their paychecks. Which I am positive they are all getting paid to sit at home and watch soap operas and eat bon bon's. The customer service and management clearly are unprofessional . I can not believe that the service was this horrific!!! Then I come here to this page and whoa! Everyone has issues with them. Pretty pathetic. In a world where word of mouth runs like wildfires you would assume these smaller companies would STRIVE for excellent care with their customers. I will never use national again! Customer service.. UNREAL!!!!! There are wonderful people who want a decent job out in this world. I would rethink some serious education/training of your employees!

    • National Car Rental Agency,

      I am a very unhappy and dissatisfied customer! On September 29, 2013 I rented a vehicle from your company, RA#825429070, in Rapid City, SD. My wife and I were scheduled to return the vehicle and fly out of Rapid City on October 5,2013. However, Rapid City was hit by a severe winter snow storm October 4, 2013. There was 31 inches of snow, 60-70 mph winds, roads blocked by snow, and electrical power was lost throughout the city. The airport and your office in the airport was closed due to the extreme weather conditions. We called your office in Rapid City and there was no answer, but we did leave a message and a return phone number. We never received a call back. Our flights were cancelled and we were forced to rebook our flight three different times. We received information that the Rapid City airport would not be re-opened until Sunday night, but all flights were fully booked and we would not be able to fly out until Wednesday. We had to return home as soon as possible and was finally able to book a flight out of Sioux Falls, SD on Monday morning, October 7, 2013. We were able to finally drive out of the hotel Sunday afternoon going east. Highway 90 west was still closed. We drove to Sioux Falls and returned the rental at the Sioux Falls airport. Later that evening I called your office in Rapid City and informed them of our actions. While I understand there would be additional charges for driving the car to Sioux Falls, I do not understand why it would cost an additional $2,307.34! This is a ridiculous charge! Especially, due to the extreme circumstances. On my original contract it states time & distance $310.00 with unlimited mileage. My total agreement was $405.55. I am willing to pay another $405.55, but $2,307.34 is outrageous! If there is not an adjustment to my bill, I will never rent another vehicle from your company. I will also provide as much negative press as I possibly can; via Facebook, tweet, and word of mouth. You have my contact information if you would like to contact me and discuss this.


      Robert Finley

  • so very disappointed in National Car Rental in Cancun. this was our first trip to mexico, we rented a small car from national. my husband walked around the car with the employee, pointing out all the dents/dings. everything was marked. we bring the car back, they say that there was a "cracked tail lense" that was not marked on the sheet. the sheet was marked with a 2 but should have been a 3.. ?? we had no idea what they meant about that but they wanted to charge us $1853.00 for a cracked tail light that was marked on the sheet but supposively incorrectly. WHAT???? there was nothing we could do… i tried to call national today and they are closed.

  • I discovered a tiny rock chip in the windshield of a rental car when a crack grew one morning when the car warmed in the sun. I called and asked what I should do and the damage recovery unit and the attendant both told me they might take care of it but I may have to pay for a windshield and I should wait to see. I did not get National's insurance and my insurance has a $500 deductible on comprehensive so I expected to pay a few hundred dollars for a windshield (even though I don't think the damage occurred while I was renting the car). When I heard from the "Damage Recovery Unit" they wanted me to pay $686 which included a quote from Safelite for $586 for the windshield plus a $100 "administration fee". I got a quote from Safelite in Tucson (where I rented the car) for about $400. This is a scam and a rip off. This so called damage recovery unit is a group of thieves. Beware of National and Alamo and Enterprise! They have this "DRU" in common and it amounts to a criminal enterprise.

    • they did the same thing to us in cancun. they wanted to charge us for a "cracked tail lense" that was marked on the sheet as a damage before we took the car but we were told that it was marked "incorrectly" and only the scratch was marked, not the crack… 1853$ they tried to charge our credit card. this just happened a couple of days ago so i'm not sure what the outcome will be but i did turn it in as a fraud to my credit card..

  • F national car and f their outsourcing customer service. Another big company where the big cats in gated communities have an obvious disconnect with the customer and the service for the customer. I'm sorry, I speak fluent English. Maybe those who handle American customers should speak F-ING ENGLISH TOO! That's ok… save your couple dollars an hour by outsourcing, not to mention f-ING the American economy and people with the outsourcing. I will never use national car again. I hope the CEO and board members roll their limo, get trapped, and burn alive

  • I rented a Cadillac at the SanDiego Airport on May 5. and returned it on May 10. I have been unable to locate my camera and eyeglass case here at home. Today is May the 20th , 10 days after dropping of my rental. One of your employees Mr. Chris Dejon took the time to check the returned vehicle and called me on my cell phone saying that he found both items still on the back seat and was going to mail to me today …Superb Customer Service and Honesty on this young mans behalf….This is how Brand Loyalty happens, it starts from the ground floor up…I will forever Champion National…Thank You Mike Lodowsky Shrewsbury , Mass

  • I am not foolish enough to believe that anyone from National actually reads or cares about anything posted here by customers, but I am commenting to hopefully spare others the troubles I went through by saying, whatever you do, use ANY OTHER company for your rental car needs.

    In mid-April I had the misfortune of renting a car at the Lima, Peru location. In spite of preparing ahead of time all the necessary documentation which I was told by National to bring to the rental counter in order to decline the CDW coverage, and in spite of showing said documentation to the chippie at the counter at the time of the rental and being told that CDW would not be included in the charges, upon returning our rental we were in fact charged over $100 for this coverage and related taxes. The chippie at the counter at the time of our return insisted she knew nothing about this, called the first chippie who LIED outright and denied ever seeing or knowing about the issue, called the manager who told us basically "I don't care what National Corporate told you, you have to pay it" and we are still trying to get someone, ANYONE, at National's so-called "customer service" to address this matter.

    In addition, the location DOES NOT operate according to the hours posted on the website (24/7), DOES NOT operate the shuttle according to the hours posted on the website – leaving us to find our way to the airport 30 minutes away on our own in the early morning hours, and in spite of the fact that we were the ONLY customer in the place both checking out and returning the car, each transaction took well over an hour – the return over two hours.

    Also, the car itself did not operate properly. The "check engine" light came on within an hour of the rental. We went back to the location first thing the next morning and were brushed off by the mechanic who told us that "all their cars did that" and it was "nothing to worry about" and if we put a higher grade of gasoline that what the counter chippie recommended then the light wouldn't come on. Like idiots we believed him, and after he reset the light we purchased the higher grade of gasoline at our next fill up and guess what, the light came back on within minutes. Further, the headlights were misaligned resulting in problems with night driving and causing oncoming drivers to think we had our brights on when we didn't and flashing and blaring their brights at us constantly, and we had no way to correct this problem.

    Never again will I rent from National. Not any time. Not any place. Not for any reason. Not even if they pay me to do it. My Emerald Club card is going into the shredder, and I am opening a dispute with VISA since I can't get anyone at National to talk to me about these issues at all in spite of making all possible efforts to contact them by phone and online.

    • I completely agree with you on the part of not renting with National ever again. National has the worst service ever, along with unethical practices. It makes me not want to take out a car rental ever again.

  • the night of april 19 our flight was canceled from newark, needed to rent a car, there a many companies at newark airport, the helpfulness, positive attitude shown to us at 11p when everyone was tired sold national car rental as the place to go, the two ladies on duty, audrey and clara were wonderful and should be commended for their outstanding helpfulness and uplifting spirit, thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude jm

  • why is the atlanta airport rates are always higher than any other airport they really need too come down on thier rates i hear too many customer complain about the rates when they give poor customer service

  • I work for a Nissan Dealership in FL, and I cannot beleive that your company would rent a Nissan LEAF( fully electric vehicle) without explaining to the customer how and where to charge the vehicle. Your customer just pulled into our dealership, very upset and unable to drive back to the airport and catch her return flight because of the very low charge. Very dissapointing!!!!!!

  • Pathetic service. Worst ever. Try to get an actual person at a counter! It will ring and ring, and the person at the hotline will apologize, attempt to connect you, supposedly, and then hang up on you!!! Way to go!

  • National sucks! Leave me stranded at airport with 3 kids for a do not rent list from 2004? Update your system, your rep told me she wont rent me a car from a license expiration from 2004? Went over to hertz no problem we will rent you a car at triple the cost of what I had reserved at national. National sucks , your customer service reps suck . Your system sucks… Get the picture … You suck!

  • Pamela M. Nicholson
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Holdings

    Dear Ms. Nicholson,
    My name is Peter J Loewy, I would like to discuss a very unfortunate incident that happened to me concerning your company, National Car Rental. I would also like to speak with you asap so we can get this situation cleared up before I go to the media, which I promise you I will do.

    I was a long time client of National Car Rental as well as an Emerald member. In February of 2008 I was arrested, at gunpoint, by several Los Angeles police officers, hand cuffed, put into a police car with my wife and thrown into a holding cell in Burbank Ca. I was subsequently transferred to a Van Nuys prison, finger printed and then thrown into another holding cell before being placed in a cell with 18 criminals. This started around 10:30pm on a Thursday evening. I was seen by a detective at noon the following day who told me this was "obviously a mistake". I was released at 3pm.

    Let's cut to this last Sunday, September 30 2012. When I contacted a local Enterprise Co. about renting a vehicle, not far from my home and business, I was told she could not rent to me because I had a "stolen car" report on my paperwork with your company. Now I have owned a business in my town for 29 years and grew up in this area. I'm sure you can imagine my embarrassment and anger when an employee of yours, in my backyard, says that I have a record with your company as a "car thief".

    Now even if I was late with the return of the vehicle is this anyway to treat a human being who has, NO CRIMINAL RECORD what so ever, who is a client of your company and a loyal one at that? A business man who was treated as a common criminal and charged with grand theft auto? The Burbank Airport National agent never called to say the car was late. They said they, " didn't have my cell number". Really? I always give my cell # when renting a car. It's the only number I ever give out. I was just down the street producing a show at a local theatre in the valley. Everyone, including your company had my cell#.

    Beside the disgusting way I was treated by your company after I contacted them in 2008 I was also out ten thousand dollars in legal fees, hotel and flights back and forth to Los Angeles from NJ only to be told by the court clerk the case was "unworthy" and I was exonerated of the charge and there was to be no record, no penalty.

    Now I would like to hear from you in the next several hours or I will be happy to start contacting the media in and around the NYC area where I live as well as all the cable news channels.

    I look forward to your quick reply as well as an apology and my report with your company changed.

    Peter J Loewy
    Producing Artistic Director
    Forum Theatre 314 Main St Metuchen NJ 08840
    732.742.7217 My cell#

  • As a representative for a major pharmaceutical company I will never be using your company again. I've now twiced been called by your insurance arm to collect claims on minor cosmetic issues that I wasn't aware of and never even noticed. I've never been treated like that by any other rental company ever. Your system sucks. I will be doing business with one of your competitors from now on.

    Deeply disappointed.

  • I rented a car @ LGA Airport, returning it in 7/4/12. When I flew to my final destination, I realized I left my key ring (2 keys) attached to their bluetooth keyless starting mechanism. On 7/5/12, I called the LGA office, explained my situation, and as such, an employee (Idena) was sent out to the car by (Gladys) and retrieved my keys. They were requested to mail my keys to my home address in Florida. It is 8 days later, and no one seems to know what happend to the keys that were located. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. For the HQ folks, the RA # is 120713000574

  • I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in the level of service I received from your telephone center that was probably based in India. Very unhelpful. As an Executive Club member, I feel that the service should be better – and based in the US!

    J. Sanz EC 228145901

  • To Whom it may concern,
    As a exceutive member of national I was very disappointed in the service I received when I extended my resent rental. Based on this experience I will not use this company for personal or business again. EC 708321460

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