NetZero Corporate Office Headquarters

NetZero Corporate Office Headquarters
21301 Burbank Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA  91367
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-841-1442

  • Followup to my earlier post of one lie after another. It got worse. Now I'm told AT&T came to the address and were denied permission to make changes.. I went ballistic in a controlled fashion.. I explained I was at this address all day. No one from AT&T came here. They called & my 89 yr old mother did not hear them well & asked they call back. They didn't. Never was told at&t would come here. It will get screwed up. Have had no problems with old dsl modem. & supervisor yesterday said we could use it. Then this guy says we'll too bad.. Nothing they can do because AT&T was denied.. I then told him you need to get me a supervisor & now! Still on hold & looks like I've been disconnected as the line has gone quiet. So far over 30 minutes. Guess I have to call back again. I'm really sick of this company.

  • One lie after another. Maybe this is why corporations should stop outsourcing to other countries & put high quotas on them. It's a poor way to treat customers. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get dsl service reinstated for my brother after my debit card was compromised. Like I said.. Lie after lie after fake promises. Still no service after a supervisor absolutely said it would be activated today. If I had a choice for other dsl I'd do it. Stay as far away as you can from this company. 3 weeks and counting.

  • Don't give up on NetZero just yet, folks…# 1 The more competition for internet service providers, the better for us consumers!

    #2 Now, Listen; Remember: FCC and C. Be Fair, be Clear, be Consistent when a problem occurs… And then I add, Compassionate, because this company is out-sourced and the operators are only attempting to do a job that sometimes is difficult with a language barrier and high production quotas. Yet even under this pressure these operators have always been highly respectful to me. I simply ask for them to speak slowly and clearly, and most comply, or try…

    # 3 I did have a problem with devices from NetZero that were not compatable with my devices. So I returned them and asked for a full refund except for postage. I was Fair and agreed to pay 1 postage expense from them to me, and then I paid to return the items, with care, i.e.; a tracking # to assure delivery to them.
    I did get resistance to my request of a refund.

    I stayed Clear and Consistent with the pursuit of a Fair and equitable outcome

    # 4 I emailed a Clear outline of events and monies paid to NetZero, with my request for the exact $ I expected to be returned.

    # 5 I followed up a few days later with a phone call to 866-841-1442, and was Consistent with my earlier email and request to NetZero.
    The operators were still respectful, as I was to them, and saw the errors of their ways and agreed to return what I requested.

    So, Stay Tuned… I will write more when the expected return becomes a reality in my bank account. I have little doubt it will go through as promised.

    So there you have it…FCC and C and you will C that NetZero is OK, and attempting to improve.

    Best of Luck to You and be encouraged! K.R. Lakewood, Washington

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