Nexus Communications Corporate Office Headquarters

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Nexus Communications Corporate Office Headquarters
Nexus Communications Inc.
3629 Cleveland Ave., Suite C,
or P.O. Box 247168
Columbus, Ohio 43224 USA

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I am filling this complaint against Nexus as they own, operate, run or in some way are affiliated with ReachOut Wireless Lifeline program. I have had many problems with ReachOut Wireless but the one that is my main concern and never has been addressed as well as on going is just getting in touch with them. Last year in June when I signed up and received a none working phone the ONLY way I could get any helps was by filling a complaint. I was then assured this would never be a problem again. I needed to talk to their customer service again this month and once again only way I could get any help was once again file a complaint.

If you check with the BBB and do a search on reviews on ReachOut Wireless you will find many others that have the same problem. Being this is a government founded program and the American citizens pay for this it seems that there need to be a full investigation of there business practices mainly just trying to get in touch with them. Recently they told my they are up dating their system, which is the same thing they told me almost 7 months ago.

Being they are under a government contract it seems this should be not only my concern but also all so the governments. I have spent HOURS and days with out and reply. I have sent many emails, which most where never addressed. If you call them most of the time you run out of your minutes before you get a real person. I think that all will agree including my self this is totally unexcitable and need to be addressed as well as fixed.

This is in every one of the emails I have received and is a false statement as nothing changes. I have copies of emails if need be.

Quote[Reachout Wireless strives to provide high-quality, reliable wireless service and excellent customer service. We sincerely regret any problems you may have experienced and will take all steps available to us in order to ensure the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.] Quote

I am tired of my government spending the citizen’s money on programs that are not doing their job! I have links if need that will substantiate my complaint emails sent to me.
Concerned American Citizen

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