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NHL Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact NHL Corporate Office Headquarters

1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10036
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-789-2000

  • I would like to let Commissioner Gary Bettman and the other people the NHL office know just how stupid you were by allowing the players selected to the All Star game to be picked by team captains for each side rather than having the East play the West. I have been a hockey fan almost 40 years and I will not watch the All Star game the season as my favorite team had 3 players selected and two of the them are on one team while the other is the opposite side.
    If they had allowed the East to play the West all three of the players from my home team would have been on the same side. I hope that Mr. Bettman and the others review and change this policy before next season's All Star game otherwise it is not worth having. The NHL has always been far classier than the other major sports leagues but really blew it this season.

  • What can be done about the continued BAD refereeing in games. Example: Wild vs NYI at about the 10:00 min mark of the 2nd period on 12/9/14. Parise is in front of the net an Islander starts to roughing with him and then another Islander comes in and wraps arm around Parise head and pulls and Vanek pulls that guy the exact same way and the ONLY penalty is issued to the 4th guy in. Refs are not doing the job!!!! Happens way to often. The refs need to be more accountable and reprimanded for their poor performances, they are getting paid a LOT of money. Commissioner step up and do your job!!

  • Please stop the fans in the front row from pounding on the rink glass. When I watch any NHL game,all I keep hearing is the idiot pounding on the glass right where the TV microphone happens to be stationed. At the very least, please have the arena ushers learn the location of the mics and advise those fans nearby that pounding on the glass interferes with the broadcast as well as isn't safe. Please

  • Following the trail via the media of the Ebola virus, I've been disheartened to read of the dire need for money and the insufficient flow of contributions. To the following list, I have sent a plea for financial aid to find a cure, care for those fighting Ebola and those tending to their care. Perhaps, some have already made a contribution and I (they) thank you. For more information, contact one of the Centers for Disease Control.

    Gerbers Koch Industries Walmart
    IBM Pfizer Pharmaceuticals American Medical Assn
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  • The goons masquarding as nhl officials in this league is ridiculous .When an official is off by 25 feet on an icing call the open net non call was the worst. Or at least i thought then game seven minnesota colorado the avs player bum rushes the goalie goes in untouched bowls over the goalie gets rewarded with a goal. Sad day for the fans of this sport.You need to hire matt cooke as a ref so you have at least one guy with a little integrity . I just watched my last game thanks

  • A long time ago Mario called the NHL a garage league because of the officiating. He was right then. He is even more right now. Witness the Colorado Minnesota game last night. The time with the goaltender pulled. How many penalties did Colorado commit? Nothing called. Then Colorado wins the game in OT?? Mario was right then, even more so now.

  • out of curiosity – I understand how Seabrook got a three game suspension. How does St. Louis Blues Ott get the same type of hit on Duncan Keith and nothing is called or done. I am a die hard hockey fan but the inconsistency that is shown and the officials inability to see something like that and the league not stepping up and correct it makes me understand why people are moving away from watching such a great sport. The commish for hockey should step up if hockey has any change to go to the next level. If not it will continue to stay a mediocre sport and go nowhere. Just saying.

    • All I have to say is any hit to Keith is deserved. He is a serious predator so if the refs let it go, then they know this too.

  • After watching the Predators-Canadiens game on Saturday, October 19, I am left to wonder if NHL referees are held to any standard competence level? Who is in charge of these guys? Does anybody review games with these guys, and is anybody held accountable for incompetence?

    • The officiating this year is awful!!!! I just got done watching the Flyers and Jets and the refs didn't call penalties and then called bullsh^t. The refs are a f'n joke!!!! I am sick and tired of this crap!!!! We as fans need to get together and bombard the NHL corporate office with emails,letters and phone calls about this problem.

    • Totally agree. Its the 21st century and the league's use of technology is pathetic; the people in Toronto are all drunk and aren't watching games, or just ignoring stupid calls.
      The game is too fast for just people on the ice. Use technology, or be considered a joke to pro sports and an embarrassment to your home country.
      Maybe you should use only American refs, because Canucks don't know what they're doing.
      Seriously tho, are NHL games rigged like WWF wrestling? Because it sure looks like it more times than not.

  • the hit on the Senators player by the goon in last nights game should not be playing in the NHL, he should be a hit man for the mob (mafia) he has a history of hits above and beyond what is reasonable. He is a goon, bad guy not hockey player. However because he plays on the same team as you know who, let it go. To top it all the ref tells this goon to get off the ice before the game is ended, so now officials are protecting the goon. I wish the NHL would come back to Canada where it belongs

    • Let me see where does the most money come from? my guess its not Canada!! I beg to differ on the official I Just witnessed the worst game ever officiated tonight with CBJ versus Vancouver, Our goalie on CBJ took a stick to the face by the Captain of Vancouver and no call!!!! and OMG a sudden stop by Mayson on a shoot out and goal allowed The war room in toronto sucks they need to actually review the goals without showing biased!!!!

    • Wrong the money comes from Canada in fact most of the teams like yours get money from the rich teams like the maple leafs, Canadians, Bruins ect. It's how the nhl subsidizes poor small market teams. Look it up. And tv revenues in Canada far exceed the u.s.

    • Wrong the money comes from Canada in fact most of the teams like yours get money from the rich teams like the maple leafs, Canadians, Bruins ect. It's how the nhl subsidizes poor small market teams. Look it up. And tv revenues in Canada far exceed the u.s.

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