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NHL Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact NHL Corporate Office Headquarters

1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10036
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-789-2000

  • 40+ years as a NHL fan. You did it, after your boycott I’m boycotting you. I am done with you. Hope your ratings tank..

  • My 2020 season playoff suggestion is to continue from the point of the playoff format based on the date of continuation and finish on the traditional date before the summer draft. The notion to go into the summer is silly which will ruin the 2021 season. There has to be a reason to be in first or second place in the standings. The shutdown is a perfect reason to always place as high as you can in the standings. It is unfortunate that some teams will be excluded by a date. The most important aspect is to protect the integrity of the 2021 season and the safety of the players by not having them play without sufficient time off in the summer.

  • The NHL has for years has been trying to expand the appeal of the game throughout the rest of the US and around the world.
    Since this is the case. Why would they blackout out of market preseason games? Makes no sense to me.

  • It is a travesty, the officials decided the winner of the Sharks, and Blues game. They are there to officiate. If they are going to just watch the game, they should buy a ticket. They belong in the stands.

  • I'm from St Louis, now you know why you're considered bush league and not watched by most of the country. ESPN doesn't even cover you.

  • I honestly hope that the NHL officials put an end to the "show" that precedes each Vegas hockey game. We want to see a hockey game and not a stupid show biz atmosphere. Stop the show and play hockey.

  • To the folks who make the tv deals with the networks. I live in tornado alley in Oklahoma and i wish the NHL will only schedule the Stanley Cup Final games on NBCSN or soms other non major network because our weathermen here will breAk into the playoff-final games and dominate the airwaves if even one small black cloud appears. PLEASE in the future do not put the finals on NBC. I won't get to see the finals. Cathy from Moore

  • Some one in the league office needs to rein in Marchand. He deliberately punched The Tampa Bay goalie in the face AFTER the whistle and when play had come to a complete halt.

    Also, can you tell Pierre McG. to shut up! He is the biggest goof of all and annoying with his one sided criticisms. Not a good spokesman for the NHL. I'm a Pens fan but can't stand Crosby only because Pierre glamorizes him to standards that even Gretzky couldn't achieve… Just tell him to shut up!. Poor Kenny Albert didn't deserve to have him as the behind the glass co-announcer in the Bruins vs Lightning game.

  • The inconsistency by NHL Player Safety is tied to the money. The lawyers will finish off the NHL and NFL because of concussions that the PS should be addressing but won't.

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