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Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


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Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453

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Nike is a famous for their lines of athletic shoes. Nike makes shoes for sports like baseball, cheerleeding, golf, football, golf, lacrosse, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, walking, running, and wrestling. Nike is one of the premier sport equipment brands in the USA.

Nike’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-663-6453. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  • Dear Sirs

    I purchased a pair of Nike Revolution trainers from Carrefour Supermarket in Torrevieja Spain, approximately three weeks ago. I spent approximately 49.00 euro, to be honest I am not impressed. I would take them back to Carrefour, but stupidly did not keep the receipt, as I assumed, they would be good quality because of the name. However, I do have the bank transaction details. Basically, when walking they squeak and upon close examination, I believe it is because the rubber sole is lifting.

    I must be honest and say that I would normally not spend 49+ euro on a pair of trainers, but my wife has had a pair and loves hers, so convinced me to spend the extra rather than 15 euro on a generic shop brand.

    Now I am sure, but I can’t be the only person in the world to have this problem, so I am asking you to correct the situation, either by arranging for me to drop them off at Carrefour (as detailed above) or arranging for a full refund to my UK bank as detailed below:-

    Please contact for this

    I can email photographs and I look forward to your speedy response.

  • I recently visited you Taunton location to purchase chicks along with everything else I would need to raise chicks. My grandsons came along and they needed to visit the mens room which was beyond disgusting.I have never seen a restroom as dirty, Smelly and it looked like it NEVER has been cleaned. Doesn't the DM visit this store? Needless to say I had to bring my grandkids across the street to Wendy's then we went to the grain store purchase our chicks and supplies. You should be ashamed of yourself and the DM and store manager. If that's your standards good luck and good bye.

  • Nike? Oh man, I don't likem! Their president stalked me in portland to brainstorm a idea in 2009. I came up with bright neon colors for shoes. In a flash, he disappeared, in traffic? I got burned again for an idea… Later in 2012, i started seeing bright pink shoes, i looked up the company president picture: yep that is him!
    I don't buy their $180 dollar worthless shoes that fall apart after only a few months use. I have had my steel toe Skechers for 5yrs now and continue to buy Skechers and Danner boots!!! Nike Sucks!

  • I have a pair of Nike ladies golf shoes that have only been worn three times, but got just a little wet the last time, (not soaked), and the soles came loose. This happened to another pair of my Nike shoes. Obviously you have changed the glue and have a major problem with your shoes. This happened to another pair of my shoes, but they had been worn a little more.

  • Some one in your corporate office needs to grow a pair and learn what respecting this country really is! The REAL men who have served this country and you choose to let someone like Colin Kaepernick, who had total disrespect for this country, represent your country!!! I wouldn't take your product if it was free!! WAKE UP!

  • Hi I just saw on ch 12 a young man who was gifted with size 18 shoes, Wonderful to see . But my 18 yr old 7'1" with 18-19, super narrow, feet is having a horrible time finding shoes. We went to Odd Ball shoes but they too are limited and family funds are too. Think about having a GIANT pop up sale on larger sizes. Thanks you from Grammy

  • If Kaepernick and Nike cared about slavery they should fight to end Modern Day Slavery. But they won't they would rather use this issue to stay in the public and it is working. They might want to think about new marketing plan instead of taking the easy way out.

  • Your corporate decision to feature Kaepernick in your short film clip as someone who sacrificed something was appalling. He has not sacrificed anything to play a game. You would have been better off featuring a military person than him. Your actions then caused me to purge my household and anything that had the Nike brand on it. NOW with you pulling your Betsy Ross Flag Design because of the ignorance of Kaepernick only solidified my resolve not to buy anything with your brand on it again. You as a corporate entity need to study the issues before you put a marketing plan in place. No on has any sympathy for that idiot.

  • Steve Prefontaine should be the face and soul of Nike not some washed up uneducated football player. Running the race and winning a GUT WIN that is who you should hold up as a role model. Even in his death he is a better man then this Kaepernick jerk. Take an American history class. I am offended not being able to buy the Betsy Ross shoes.
    Shame on you Nike you just lost respect

  • I will never buy a Nike product again! Nike is not a true American company – taking the flag sneakers off the market because one person claimed to be offended????!!!
    SHAME ON YOU !!!!
    Kevin Dunne

  • I am disgusted by the fact that you let an un-American person be your spokesman. If he won't wear an American flag on his shoes, find someone who is proud to be an American that will.

  • As a previous CEO I was taught to keep politics and religion out of business. I served in marines and a Christian, but you are coward and if you do not like the USA that provides you a lot of luxuries other countries are there to welcome you.In USA you can believe what you want but to be disrespectful of our past(good and bad) to which colin has certainly benefited as you also move,sad day for all.thanks for opportunity to Express an American opinion.

  • Sorry forgot my name Dennis D Duffy to July 3 post starts Bowerman.. 11:19. I abhor anonymous except for AA.

  • Bowerman must be rolling over. Apparently you assessed you have enough customers. I remember my first waffle Nike's long ago. Sad I"m sure you have this irrationalized (sic) or maybe just a fiscal calculation . Has to be the later. Surprise surprise some things are Right and some Are Wrong. I run and I Coach. Sad Yes and where did freedom of speech come from ? If you are standing you will see

  • While Nike responds to kapernick's vendetta they should remember that there are a lot of Americans who believe in the American patriotic symbols and enjoy wearing them..Remember also that there are a lot more of us who will no longer be buying nike products than there are of individuals like kapernick who is a product of the very freedoms that he finds so offensive…. have a great 4th of July…..Retired Military……

  • I was willing to overlook your choice for a spokesperson with Kaepernick and your disgusting commercial last year but you are caving to a socialist pig and I live in a free country where extremely honorable men and women fought and died for our freedom. Nike, my family and many other people I know will never purchase Nike products again. Just shut your doors in this free country since you support communism and socialism.

  • I bought my first pr. of Nike tennis shoes about a month ago. I am 75 yrs old and these are the best tennis shoes I have ever had. I have problem with achilles tendon and these shoes work wonders for me, and I have been very proud of them and have bragged on them to everyone. HOWEVER…. your company has made a serious mistake, in my opinion. To pull your new flag shoes because of the protest of one person shows you to be a weak company with no backbone whatsoever, and I will not be buying any more shoes from you. I am not in the habit of boycotting any company, and I am not boycotting you now. I am simply divorcing you on the grounds of incompatibility. I want NON-political shoes.

  • I will never again purchase another pair of shoes or any other Nike product. I served in the U.S. Army and fought for this country and for the flag you have disgraced. You can thank Colin Kaepernick for this. This email is sent anonymous because I don't have a google account but you can be assured that it will be sent to everyone on my mailing list and every veteran I know.

  • Once again, Nike has gone Left. Did Kapernick become President of Nike? I missed that memo. Those Betsy Ross shoes would have been great to help America get back on line again, but no, Kapernick said a no go. Huh? Who the hell is he? So, I still will not buy Nike products. Missed it again.

  • Never again will my family wear or support any Nike product. The way that this company jumps to the snap of the fingers of a washed up QB is pathetic. This company's fear of being called out by Colin K has been hard to watch. Hold Colin K tight to your chest as you watch hoards of loyal customers walk away.
    Your direction to not offend has offended.
    Now I am off to pick up a new pair of Adidas or Pumas.

  • Nike,

    You guys screwed up bad and are gonna reap what you sowed.. All our family ever bought was Nike .. Not now ,,,,,buying UA and Adidas from now on .

    So thank you for letting Americans know where you stand ! It’s something we do when the Pledge of Allegiance is being played during our sacred events!!


    Thank You
    Harry B

  • Totally opposed to Kapernick as the face for NIKE when you could have helped someone who truly needed it and who truly sacrified…How about a WOUNDED WARRIOR? Now that is real sacrifice. Kapernick is a spoiled rich brat who has no idea what sacrifice really is. He makes GREAT money and he is crying the blues. About what? He needs to go to Venezuela and see what life is relly like in the real world. America has problems but we are very blessed and you NIKE only perpetuated this problem. You know darn well he is a spoiled brat that has more than what he needs. How dare you be so short sighted. you actually are working against America with your decision. He needs to get up off his boney knees and respect this flag and country and you, NIKE, should apologize to America and not be a partner in this and support his beligerant, spoiled behavior. If he really wanted to help, he would not draw attention to himself but would go out and start helping those in real need in the inner cities. All he has to do is go and be a mentor to someone to get the ball rolling. What a loser. And it makes NIKE look like a loser too. When have you really helped a Wounded Warrior or someone in the inner city. I think it goes without saying, I will not purchase any NIKE products. Get a grip.


  • I am glad to see where you stand I hope you go bankrupt I will never by your crap EVER AGAIN!!! SCREW YOUR COMPANY AND SCREW THE NFL

  • Dear Nike,
    Why don't you come out with a line geared for REAL HERO'S and they are our everyday son's and daughter's , mother's fathers, etc. who sign that lifetime commitment to protect and defend our Nation whether it's overseas, in our own towns and cities …and they are our Military and 1st Responders !!!! How about spending all the $ on bringing attention to the real issues in America for everyone no matter what race they are! Why would you want to cater to the few when their are so many who deserve your funding ,your public awareness, your status for so many!!!!! You want to sponsor a hero ..sponsor a cause…how about homeless vets, PTSD, how about rather than a couple jocks take a knee we focus on the 22 a day that take their life!!!!!!! Make America great again by getting behind some REAL everyday Hero's and showing our youth that being a caring protecting individual who does what it takes to make their way in life means to have kindness compassion and respect for their fellow man and it doesn't take a high paid football player to be a hero…….

    I hope this message as well as many others that feel the same way makes it to Nike! Better yet let the competitors take the lead….I'll support whatever company wants to support our Veterans and 1st Responder before I give them my $ to pay these over ego over paid thugs to play Football….I do respect the ones that aren't participating and are sharing their success to help others so this is not an attack on all of the NFL etc. just those who choose to make these disrespectful actions

  • I have been an,lifelong consumer of Nike,product's. And now because of your ,BOLD STATEMENT, on your new JUST DO IT,campaign, my great grandchildren will also join my lifelong commitment to your superior quality athletic products.. OUTSTANDING JOB NIKE..!! You've bolstered my allegiance to your product line.!! And by the way,please don't eliminate leather, completely. The new 3d printed shoes or stylish,a lot of your customers still love leather.Thanks for,JUST DOING THE RIGHT THING…!!

  • Hey Nike! Hiring Kaepernick is like you condoning 9/11.. Hope you go bankrupt and for the rest who back him, get out of our country.

  • Just Do it: NO MORE NIKE stuff. Any company that would sow division in our country – and perhaps more violence – just to make a buck, doesn't deserve any patronage by people who love this country. But you are globalists and don't care about the country that gave you everything.

  • We will never buy your clothes again. You are a disgrace. Our grandfathers suffered tremendously so you can say what you want. Youshould have respect for uyour country which has given you so much.

  • You ought to be ashamed supporting Kaepernick and those other NFL criminals. Half the black men in the NFL have criminal records and they have the nerve to disrespect our flag, military and Police Officers. What a low thing that Nike supports and promotes these idiots. I guarantee you I will never buy a Nike product again.

  • I will NEVER buy Nike products again nor will I support any store that sells Nike products. Signing Kapernick is an insult and an offense to anyone who does not respect our flag. Mothers, Fathers, Children have given their lives for this freedom and now you are paying a LOSER millions of dollars to disrespect those lives that have been given. Shame on YOU!

  • How can you make your just do it new add with a football player who clearly meant to and did disrespect the American flag. Football games are for playing football not for players to protest. NFL players have access to many other forums to protest or speak on behalf of their cause. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED THIS MAKES nike JUST AS GUILTY AS TO DISRESPECTING THE FLAG."SHAME ON YOU" To be honest I had already stopped buying most nike products with the exception of a few items when marked down by 75%. I have found other brands to be much better quality for the money. However if the nike products were marked down 95 percent I would not buy them. ….nike should stick with selling it's merchandise not promoting the DISRESPECT OF THE AMERICAN FLAG. …..I WILL PRAY FOR YOU ALL. Please pull the add

  • Nike used to be about inclusion not exclusion. Nike is a capitalist company, not a socialist pseudo-organization. Please do a 180 and retreat from a position that degrades Nike and the rest of the country, its servicemen and women, all public servants who uphold the law protecting Nike from aggressive crazies, and— veterans like me who are now disabled but hold country in the highest esteem. Thank you.

  • NIKE used to be about inclusion, not exclusion. Please just sell shoes, not politics or so-called social justice. Nike is not a single race shoe, but for all. Come back to a real America, not a west coast amerika. Life is for the LIVING. Sports is all about LIVING. Not everybody feels that things are so bad that we have to ruin it all for everyone. Time to do a 180. Smell the Roses, not the garbage. Thank you for making the right decision to honor your country and its service men and women. ( This from a disabled veteran)

  • I am appalled at Nike's new add. Sacrifice? Get real. Making a few million less than previous years so that Kaepernick can disrespect our flag, our country. That is Nike's definition of sacrifice? No need to say more, the add speaks for itself. Poor choice. I will donate my Nike gear to people in need, (rather than burn it) and will never purchase anything from this company again.


  • I am a father of four boys. We have wore Nike products for over two decades. I recently saw the News report stating you plan to use Collin Kaepernick as a spokes person for you New advertisements. This individual was a blite on the NFL. He is no longer good enough to play the GAME and thinks the NFL has a secret vendeta against him and it's there fault that he cant play. He's not GOOD ENOUGH to play anymore. But like so many others he wants something for nothing and wants to take some one to court and sue them.That shows his motivation, and it's not the GAME it's the MONEY. If thats is what you wish to advertise than "Just Do It" I won't be spending any money on Nike anymore. I want my sons to grow up knowing that hard work and a good work ethic makes a good life and not seeing what you can get for doing nothing.

  • I have been running for 30+ years and wearing Nike shoes, shorts, shirts and socks. That ended today. Your support of Colin Kaepernick is an insult to this country and our Vets. I'll no longer use any of your products. Your action is disgusting.

  • I can't believe you've hired Colin Kaepernick as your spokesman. Do you realize that you have offended more that half your buying base? If I was a shareholder I would bring you up on charges of mismanagement where by your actions you have effectively reduced the value of my stake in Nike. Needless to say I have bought my last pair of Nike footwear and clothing. What I have will now go to the DUMP!

  • Maybe you'll produce a line of anti-cop little piggy socks to match your crappy shoes. One things for certain, I'll never buy you products again…..GFY.

  • Colin Kaepernick has a right to his opinion, so do I. I will no longer support Nike. Not another dollar will I spend. I will proudly where a competitors shoes. Its so sad. You drop Tiger for marital indiscretions and insult our service men with Colin just do it. No more Nike, no more NFL. College football is the ticket.

  • Very disappointed in Nike’s decision to use Colin Kaepernick as the face of their new ad campaign. Bad decisions by an individual should not be rewarded, especially by an organization such as Nike. Our sports organization will suspend our sponsorship by Nike as a result of thlis ad campaign.

  • Unfortunately, Live Chat is not an option right now. Live Chat is available every day from 8am – 5pm, Pacific Time. In the meantime, you can check to find the answer to your question.

    I wanted to let NIKE know how proud of the company I was for selecting Colin Kapernick for their ad! What a great position, what a great public stance. I guess I better go out and buy some NIKE to support a company such as this!

  • we are at this moment gathering all of the nike gear in our home and donating it to veterans shelters. we will never spend another dime on nike. my money wont make any difference to you but we are taking our stand. its a shame that our country has come to this that honor for our flag and national anthem are no longer sacred. my father spent 25 years in the military. he did 3 tours in Vietnam for a country that didn't support him but it didn't matter it was his country. as a child I didn't understand the importance of standing at attention for the flag. after 9/11 watching death and destruction and how our country stood up to defend itself I was proud of our nation. I think its totally sad spoiled petty children are being told its ok to disrespect anything you don't agree with. shame shame shame

  • Wow, someone needs to lose there job over this marketing deal. Lets see how many customers you lose over this one. You should have used a wounded soldier for the tag line not someone protesting and trying to divide a country.

  • Your association with Colin Kaepernick is disgusting. Thank God my grandson is no longer a Nike fan and went with another popular brand this year. Not one more penny of my hard earned money will support this company. Good day gentlemen.

  • Wow, just saw that Nike is making Colin Kaepernick the face of the "Just Do It" campaign. He is a disrespectful, anti-American individual and it is a poor corporate decision to have him represent your company. I'm sure your shareholders will not be pleased at the upcoming drop of your stock price resulting from this news. In celebration of your 30th anniversary, we will not be purchasing any Nike shoes, apparel or anything else that your company produces.

  • Companies need to keep their politics out of their businesses,so if Nike chooses Kaepernick,we'll be choosing another company.
    Goodbye Nike!

  • New "Just Do It" promotion

    Kathy Holiday
    4:27 PM (9 minutes ago)
    to info

    I would like to introduce myself to you. I am (was) the wife of a disabled Marine of Vietnam, purple heart award recipient. My husband spent 1 1/2 years in the hospital. He stopped taking his medication 12 years ago and ended up committing suicide. My youngest son to honor his father joined the Marines. He served on the border of IRAQ and Syria. He had his friend die in his arms with his stomach blown out. My son suffers from PTSD, Chronic Kidney Stones, Asthma from the burn pits, a compressed spine and has to struggle every day due to a traumatic brain injury. He spent 2 years in wounded warriors. He is medically retired at 100% disability.


    NOT someone who dishonors the military, the country and the flag that they fought to PROTECT.

    Your new campaign is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all the veterans out there.
    Some might say that the military gave him that right of free speech. BUT he used that free speech on someone else's platform. I don't hear about anything his is doing to continue his fight for social injustice. I can't do that at MY job. All I hear is that he is suing the NFL for collusion… That doesn't sound like someone who is sacrificing everything.

    I am going to my express my freedoms and NOT purchase another NIKE product as long as you run that campaign.

    One last question….

    If Collin Kapernick is sacrificing EVERYTHING, than is all of what you are paying him for this campaign being donated in whole to social injustice?????

  • I have wore Nike for years. Your recent support of those who disrespect our country's flag and the blood of our service men and women who gave them that right has caused me to resolve to no longer buy, wear or support Nike. You and the NFL can go bankrupt as far as I care.

  • Nike has been my favorite sports shoe forever im into performance motorcycle racing and the racing boots we wear are ugly and uncomfortable i know nike can build a good looking racing boot and super comfortable
    wendell daniels PSB 304

  • Nike has been my favorite store to purchase shoes for my kids until now after the experience that I have had today. NO MORE I made a purchase with my debit card. I'm asking for to get cash back from my transaction, I don't want this put back on my card cause I didn't do it as credit. I wanted to go purchase another pair shoes from a different store. the lies that they tell is unbelievable.72hrs. to have your money return back to you.

  • Ok Nike it's time to get rid of Colin Kaepernick !!! Anyone who disrespects the United States of America, needs to not have an endorsement deal with any company. I'm not buying Nike's as long as you endorse Colin Kaepernick!!!!! i will be telling all family and friends to stop buying until we see him GONE!!!! HOW a millionaire who has his head in the clouds can be so disrespectul is beyond words!!!! Nike do the right thing and can his butt!!!!!

    • I agree completely. Kaepernick is a disgrace and so is NIKE. Now they are stopping production on a patriotic athletic shoe with our flag and colors of the U.S.A. If you do not like this country, get out. I have thrown out any Nike product, I have, and will not buy ever again. I am encouraging my friends and family to do the same. I wish the company all of the worst that can happen to them.

  • I purchased a pair of Nike crosstrainers going on two years now and I have been dissastisfied since day one. I kept thinking that they would get more comfortable to wear as time went on and I "broke them in". Not!! I'm on my feet daily up to ten hours some times and I spent a lot of money on these shoes thinking that they would be worth the investment. I have recently developed plantar fasciitis in my right heel and I honestly believe that these particular pair of Nike shoes caused it. I want to file a formal complaint but Nike will probably do nothing about the situation, so I just won't be purchasing anything from Nike ever again and that goes for my friends and family as well!! Nike does not back there product!! Shame on this corporation!! I will stick to my asics from now on. They have you beat by a long shot.

  • yes bought a pair of nike air zoom turf shoes and the bottom has came loose would like another pair and also have my receipt can you please reply back thanks.

  • bought some sneakers less than two months ago the sole on one foot has come loose on the left foot and the stitching on the other foot is unraveling, after reading these comments I wont bother trying to contact customer service. I have a pair of sketchers that I have had for over 12 years not one problem with them. sketchers it is for me for now on.

  • I had a 25% coupon to purchase Niki sneakers for my 12 year old grandson & none of the shoe stores would honor my coupon because they said they "do not honor" any coupons! I was absolutely "taken back"! Not only are your sneakers very expensive ($80.00 a pair without tax). They are not the only sneaker in the world!!! And I just couldn't believe it when I got home I noticed the Niki sneaker is made in Vietnam! And this is an $80.00 pair of sneakers made in Vietnam. If I noticed this before I brought the sneakers home I would definitely have never ever bought these sneakers. My brother was a Marine & died as a result of Vietnam serving his country volunteering for two tours of active duty in Vietnam. What do you actually think your sneakers are made with "gold". I will definitely think five times before I will ever ever buy another pair of Niki sneakers again!!!

  • Wow….was considering returning a pair of Nike shoes I purchased for my son for track, that I consider a defect…..not so much anymore. Sounds like the customer service as well as the product need to be upgraded.

  • Tim the customer supervisor is rude and arrogant. He defended the decision by the inspection team that determined 2 pair of GK gloves that the stitching came out was normal wear in 2 and 3 weeks. He corrected me on the way to pronounce Nike E. Daniel noted me as unprofessional when I rebutted with does a client have to sue to get defective items replaced? She hung up on me! I contacted Sue who generated the claim number but failed to send it via email. I had to call back a couple weeks later when I remembered and got Andrew who was quick and generated the 2nd claim number for the Nike E gloves that were purchased from an approved vendor. Sue and Andrew confirmed. I had to pay $18 to return the defects. Tim tells me, he will coach Sue and Andrew, as they should have never generated a claim number! Nike inspectors eclined my claim and I'm out $300!!! Tim said no one cares how old the gloves were!!! It was necessary in determining if it was defective workmanship or normal use.

  • I order come some shoes for my daughter and they were shipped by ups . Ups sent the shoes back after to attempts to my address , the shoes went back to the nike store now they are telling me I have to wait two day for someone to contact me . Why can't they just resend the shoes back to me by another carrier. This makes no sense then they tell me I might be able to get them back if they are still available, why won't the be they are mine I have paid for them !!!

  • Since you have "cut ties" with Adrian Peterson, I am cutting ties with Nike. He made a mistake and has had t pay for it already.

  • I bought a pair of Nike comfort footbed shoes. very expensive. . they feel like you are walking on clouds.. bad thing is that they only lasted about 2months. they started ripping around the toe area. not so comfortable now. so this time I bought a different brand to see how they work.. so far holding up very nicely. however if you fixed the problem already ..maybe.. just MAYBE ill try nike again some day

  • Why can't I buy a cute Oregon softball shirt Nike? It wouldn't be that hard to make. You already have a duck, an O, the word Ducks. Oregon softball is playing in the softball world series…no shirts, really?

  • I have never been humiliated as much as I have when I go to the Nike ES store in Portland Oregon. Its almost like Im back in high school and all the "cool" kids are degrading me. I'm a single mom and yes I do not have the money to dress head to toe Nike, but my son enjoys wearing there shoes and it is one thing that I splurge on for him because its a good discount. But my last visit was so…. God I can't even explain how they made me feel, but Im 100% sure that if I was dressed like some rich older women I would never had been followed around the store and treated like some shoplifter (I have never got into any trouble). Followed around the store, you can't even imagine how that makes you feel. Than on top of that I asked one of the employees if I could buy a pair of the "Exclusive releases" and she stated sure oh but ofcourse there was a manager there to dig a hole and throw me into it, I was not black badge status which was fine but I just stated that he didn't have to talk to me like that and than all ofsudden I was causing some sort of altercations. Im a 37 year old single mom I don't have time to argue with anyone especially about shoes. I know its the "ES" store but come on its still retail and there main goal I thought was to sell there product and not harrass anyone that doesn't fit into there little exclusive club. Single moms let me know if you have had any experience with Nike and there negitive profiling.

  • Nike had or still has a campaign for its shoe and it use to say JUST DO IT, well its time to change that campaign and come out with a new one, Well I have wrote and came up with a new CAMPAIGN SLOGAN and I just want NIKE to hear my CAMPAIGN SLOGAN and idea out, you can reach me at This new CAMPAIGN will open up new doors for your shoe's, Please just hear me out that's all that I ask, I love and wear Nike's myself.

    • anonymous , i like nikes clothes but their shoes are junk… i'll by adidas or , reebok or new balance , but i quit buying nikes years ago because everytime i bought a pair they split out in the sides , I do have flat and wide feet , but still i have had my reeboks for three years and my new balance for 4 yrs. now i will not buy anything from them because the back the nfl

    • I love the Nike products but due your public backing of Mr. Kaeperrnick's stance on the National Anthem, I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER NIKE PRODUCT.
      I am a Neighborhood representative and will ask my entire Sub-division to stop buying the Nike Brand. There are many ways to express one's feelings about what is wrong with America, however Kneeling during the National Anthem is NOT RIGHT. I hope & Trust you suffer from your decision!!!!

  • this sucks!!!!!! big time
    i have an 1 year old we got some nikes and she kick it off somewhere. I just want it replaced not a new set. It was a 45 dollor pair of shoes. Me as a single mother of 5 dont have an extra 45 for shoes. It is sad that they dont have anything set up to help people in these types of situtations. Young children lose shoes all the time. Ive called the headqarters, footaction and customer service thanks for nothin. Nike wont get another dollor out of me! Sara Banks

    • We are very disappointed in Nike's last two adds featuring Colin K. and feel that he is not a good role model for our young people. Our Friends , including us , all respect our County and Stand when the National Anthem' We do it because we love our Country and are proud of the United States, Our advice to those who do not share this pride in our country , should look for someplace else to live

    • Not only is Kaepernick not a good role model – because he is so woefully, irrationally, and willfully ill informed on the pseudo-issues he wrongly protests but now Nike is being blackmailed and bullied into kowtowing to his irrationality at the expense of celebrating Betsy Ross and American history. Personally – I will never buy another Nike product until Nike ends their association with Mr. Kaepernick.

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