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  1. I purchased a D3200 February of last year, within a month of so, I began getting errors on the screen that there was no lens attached when there was a lens attached. I got this error no matter what lens I used. I sent it in for repair under warranty, they alleged that the camera had been repaired.

    I used the camera 2 or 3 times and it appeared to be fixed. It went into the closet for several months, the next time I used it (7 or 8 months later) the lens not attached error intermittently displayed on the screen. The camera went back into the closet, was used maybe once or twice from then to November 2017 at which point I used it to take photos of my house which I had just listed for sale. The lens not attached error appeared immediately, and I almost wasn't able to take the photos because of this.

    I sent it in for repair, I knew it was out of warranty but since I had already sent it in once for the same problem, I thought they would repair it again at a nominal or no cost… WRONG, they wanted $188 and change to repair it which is absurd considering you can buy the body new for $229 to $269 on Amazon and or eBay. They offered to give me 25% off of the repair cost, but that didn't work for me because they didn't do it right the first time around, so would I pay $ for them to attempt to fix it again.

    I had a Cannon DSLR that I had for 10 years, not problems at all, then I buy a Nikon and it's been nothing but problems. Don't buy Nikon!!

  2. I am considered the top parrot photographer in the world. Wondering why you didn't include me in your list.

    I've been a Nikon shooter since my F1 in the 60's. That's over 50 years as a Nikon devotee.

    Published monthly in Bird Talk, Birds USA, Parrots, Bird Breeder, Parrots Australia, Parrots England and several other magazines, books and calendars.

    I shot endless covers and editorial work for all that time. It seems to me that I belong on that list.

    Don't you agree?

    Best Regards,
    bonnie jay

  3. Nikon has the most terrible customer service I have EVER dealt with. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. Sony is looking better and better!

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