Ninety Nine 99 Corporate Office Headquarters

Ninety Nine 99 Corporate Office Headquarters
O’Charley’s Inc.
3038 Sidco Drive 3038
Nashville, TN 37204 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-933-8999
Customer Service Number:  1-866-998-3558

  • We have eaten at the Glastonbury 99 restaurant nearly every week since they opened. It was good food,a nice atmosphere for a fair price. We knew and loved the wait staff. Recently a total makeover occurred and with we noticed a change. Twice I tried the "tender prime rib" selection . It used to be very tender but not for the past several months. I suspect a new meat supplier. It is not an improvement. We had our final meal last Friday. I had the prime rib and I struggled with it. It was a different texture , hard to cut, or chew. I managed to eat half of it. Gone is the day where it just fell off the knife and melted in your mouth. My husband had the sirloin. It was somewhat chewy but he managed. The music is now loud and obnoxious. It is annoying. Our bill of $45 is something we would tolerate but not for the meat given us. This is the 2nd time and sadly the final time. We are moving on to other restaurants.

  • Tina Servideo is the best 99 Bartender in Auburn. Sad that you think its okay to take her shifts away!!!!! Maybe you need to look at the two other girls that are hateful.

  • please do us all a favor and either get "professional staff both kitchen and wait staff or close the 99 restaurant at 10 Main St. Stoneham, MA. The wait staff is slow and forgetful and the kitchen can't get an order HOT or Correct. More than once the meal have arrive COLD and improperly prepared. I ordered a well done classic burger, it took 25 minutes and it arrived Rare, while the steak tips took the same time and arrived medium well, not medium rare and COLD both orders. Sent burger back, manager came over, joking that the "burgers wasn't right and offered a "slice of pie" to fix the oversite (which I declined) the burger was what was wanted but no offer was given to address that issue. Your Lynnfield and Saugus MA locations are just as bad, one might as well go to Wendy's/BK/McDonalds as the service, value at least give you a fair deal.

  • A group of 6 ladies, ranging in age from 45 to 70 meet once a month at the 99 in Nashua, NH and have been for many years. We worked together at one time, enjoy each other's company and like catching up. Four of us are retired and only 2 still work. Most staff members know us and know we tip well, so they like to see us come in. We asked if the music could be turned and were told, "corporate policy says it needs to be at a certain level". We thought corporate policy was to PLEASE THE CUSTOMER??? What has changed?

  • What happened to the full-sized lobster roll? It used to be the best deal in town but now it's been miniaturized and paired up with a 6 oz. cup of NE style clam chowder. Sorry, but it's a swing and a miss when you substitute soup for lobster and raise the price $2. C'mon, 99, bring the full-sized lobster roll back. Pleeease!

  • Sir or Madam,

    As much as I have enjoyed eating at your restaurants over the years, I must object in the strongest possible terms to your "Happy Memorial Day" banner on your website.

    Memorial Day isn't a happy day. It is a day to remember the men and women who died protecting your right to say "Happy Memorial Day," inappropriate as the statement may be.

    I have no idea whether this will be read by anyone in charge, but I feel strongly about this matter.

    I will be dining elsewhere this evening.

    Memorial Day is not "celebrated." It is, hopefully, OBSERVED.

    Thank you

  • how come 99 doesn't pay their staff sick time?? This is illegal in Massachusetts, my husband worked for 99 and was hospitalized a coulle times over the past year due to a medical condition causing him to miss work and he was never once paid state earned sick time. He was actually treated quite poorly by management. We have proof of his hospitalization. We've shown it to management when asked, but being absent from work never seemed to settle well with the manager.

  • If you aren't willing to "cook to order" a burger, please remove that statement from your menu. It is absolutely false advertising! Disappointed in Topsham Maine.

  • Yesterday I was in Tewksbury, Ma making arragments for my mom funeral.When we completed the arrangements I asked the owner/ funeral director where I might be able to have a small gathering with food for the mourners. He quickly replied the 99 in Tewksbury, ask for Shelia. We immediatley went to make arrangments and was told Shelia was not on and spoke with the manager-on-duty Justin. He was patient and sympathetic explaining they no longer used the function room but he felt there "would be no problem", He said he would speak with managers, Shelia, and Chef. The next day we waited for a phone call but were not concerned as it seemed we had a vebal contract. After noon I called to make sure everything was in place and instead received countless excuses from Shelia, who promptly let me know I was disturbing inventory, that no it could not be done. I asked her why she did not call to let me know this as I was a state away and 2 days from funeral. I will not bore you but the end result is she stated Joel knew they could no longer do this. I spoke with Joel who said "she definatley did not." I really dont care. It seems like a bad business decision to pass up a guarentee for a couple thosand dollors for 1-2 hours.
    The Holiday Inn was very happy to take it.
    In a time of grief you made this a much harder siuation which I will share with all family and friends.

  • I went to the Haverhill 99 and I over heard the workers talking about drama in the restaurant it was very unprofessional. They were speaking about how the general manager and bartender are dating but he is cheating on his wife. I felt very uncomfortable I will never be going back there again.

  • I used to dine at the Wallingford, CT location. I will not be any longer as they have roaches and a very unfriendly staff. If i work hard for my money, I want to spend it where people deserve it. The general manager who's name is posted outside is very rude. I had the pleasure in speaking with him on an error with a food order. He was very rude and I feel shouldn't be a higher up manager. My business will be taken else where, I hope others will do the same.

  • Attention Ninety Nine 99 – you need to improve your food. You still have time before you become regarded as another Applebees or Chilis. Believe the analytics – since the 2008 downturn the foodservice dollar away from home has returned, however with a greater need for quality behind it. Do not fear price increases. PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR QUALITY.

    Look at many of your critics before you go out of business. There is a reason why craft breweries & restaurants are growing like crazy. It's the commitment to better food as part of the experience.

  • I really like the staff at Centerville MA 99s. I don't go there much as I used to because of the quality of menu products. Most entrees have been fried. I can stay home for a salad. The steaks are so full of sinew that you can't chew it or swallow it. The boneless wings are nothing more than chicken fries. I have started going elsewhere.

  • Went with my family to the 99 Plymouth Ma. Worst dining experience we ever had.The food was either undercooked or over cooked the manager stunk of cigarettes and my waitress was rude and also smelt of cigerettes.the rest of the staff stood around talking like truck drivers. I had young kids with me and all you could hear was Fuc&this Fuc& that I don't recommend that experience to anyone

  • I was at the 99 restaurant in North Conway NH. I ordered a burger to go and they gave me the wrong one, a burger type I didn't want. Sadly I noticed this error when I got home, so I called to speak to a manager. This was on the night of August 2, 2015. I talked to a manager named Alicia if I remember correctly. She apologized and took my personal address..saying a gift certificate would be sent towards my next burger and I thanked her. The certificate was never received and Im hesitant to call to ask about the delay..Any insight would be appreciated Vic email…

  • My wife and I were in the 99 Restaurant on Memorial Drive, Chicopee, Ma. Saturday Feb. 28 at 3:00 pm. I ordered Serlion Steak tips medium well and I received them burnt to a crisp. I tried to eat them, but they were terrible and told the waitris She offered to send them back, but I refused and didn't want to make a scene. I will not do this again. The cook should have known better and the waitris should have noticed how black they were. Thank you. Robert Bathgate 413-593-0484.

  • The 99 in Falmouth ma has a staff of workers who drink on break and smoke and not cigs.I was sitting in my car waiting for my girlfriend to finish work many time and saw it first hand..One had a manager tag..why does this happen..if its a manager also this looks bad.corporate needs to under cover boss them

  • just wondering if the management that you hire for your locations are trained to only hire young waitstaff? and is appropriate for the manager to ask the interviewer why did they move around so much when in fact without actually paying attention the interviewer had to point out that they only moved 3 times in 22 years.
    and at the end of that note when the very young scrawny little girl came in to apply for the same position the managers head turned very quickly while interviewing still. just not a very professional or attentative manager.

  • My recipt was altered by a staff member where they added an eight ($8) dollar tip. THIS IS ILLEGAL. Restaurant is located in Cromwell, CT.

  • I was a diner at your restaurant in Rutland Vt and heard the kitchen manager yelling at the staff. Totally unprofessional. Staff working hard. Disrupted an otherwise good dining experience.

  • my husband has been with your company for over 10 years!! I am his wife and totally disgusted with the way his crazy gm has been taking care of this store!! she needs to be removed!! Company really needs to start checking out there help before putting people into rolls they can not handle. This is the westerly RI store!!! Watch for flying objects she cant control her anger!! Crazy Crazy…tends to smash the office and through electric pencil sharpeners!!

  • Your store has made it possible for thousands of people facing financial difficulties to buy really great food, produce, and basic necessities on a limited budget.


  • Your store has made it possible for thousands of people facing financial difficulties to buy really great food, produce, and basic necessities on a limited budget.


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