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Oil Express Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Oil Express Corporate Office Headquarters

15 Spinning Wheel Road
Suite 32
Hinsdale, IL  60521
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-325-8666

  • My car was taken to Oil Express, West Chester OH in March to replace the front right brake pad, rotor, and caliper. The mechanic Ian only replaced the brake pad and oiled the caliper to keep it from sticking. He collected money for the parts and labor and allowed us to thank him for helping me with my car. Fast forward to December and the front right brake is grinding, the rotor is warped and the caliper is sticking. As a single mother with three kids, it is really difficult to come up with the money for one repair let alone now for the same repair over! He also did a lot of work for my father’s ford ranger that was also found not to have been done at all. My father worked with Oil Express and they tried to rectify it in turn the mechanic Ian intentionally damaged the frame of my father’s truck on the lift on purpose bc my father told on him. I was unaware that my brakes were not fixed properly bc he did replace the pad and by piling the caliper it was not sticking so I assumed my repair was complete. I would like to speak to someone to see if there is any way I could obtain a refund or take the vehicle to another Oil Express that will repair the car this time.

  • I visited the location at 175 W Kemper Road Cincinnati, Ohio.The male manager who was checking the transmission fluid pulled out the dip stick and touched it to my battery by mistake. A small explosion when off and the dip stick flew. After the oil change the car was rumbling. I noticed a hose that blew off with the explosion and wasn't attached to the air filter. Plus there were 3 warning lights lit on the dash. We went back to the oil place. They had no idea what to do about anything so we took the car to our mechanic. He told us the oil filter was not on correctly and the car was leaking oil. When the explosion happened it caused the fuses to malfunction. They had to keep the car overnight. What a disaster from a simple oil change. You better check out the employees at this location. It is a mess. Never again!

  • I went in to get an oil change last week. They told me I needed a tire rotation. I asked ‘are you sure of that?’ He said ‘yes, it’s been a while!’ I almost lost it, because the tires were brand new installed just two days before. They also tried to hit me for a brake job of $1100+ a couple weeks earlier. I had it done for $450 elsewhere. They are a total scam!

  • Just went in to get a second oil changes in Columbia Sc was in a hurry good time went my way that was in Nov now Jan they said that I have a oil leak I told them I just had my oil pan put on and everything checked and only have a oil leak after getting oil changes from them told them I'm leaving they were than very rude to me went out of town and the next Express were awesome and agreed with me where you could see the shiny oil pan ect don't go to Columbia store to get work done their a reason their nobody their and other are packed

  • I have had my oil changed for the past 6 years at oil express today I was charged 6 dollars to put in a new air filter that I had bought. They check it every time I go in there they have to close it up anyway but to charge me extra to put in my filter is crazy. I may be going elsewhere from now on

  • My son is in Columbia SC. With my car helping his sister- he car needed an oil change then 2 months later he went in for some other work 300.plus worth- while driving down the road his oil filter fell off! It was towed to AA, they flushed ti and said it was the company who installed it- cheap product or not tight enough. He went into and the only thing they said the can do is give a free oil change? What – the car is running rough now and it is his only transportation. Oil change was 82.59 next visit 325.59. I am aghast, thinking they are not taking responsibility for their work or product. It is my car so do I eed to take this to small claims court? Or can you replace the engine that may or may not work in a few weeks said the AA people. We are a military family who like supporting local business'- and now this .

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