Oil of Olay Corporate Office Headquarters

Oil of Olay Corporate Office Headquarters
1 Proctor & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH  45202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-983-1100

  • I've been a faithful user of Oil of Olay (original) for 39 years. I was wondering if I could be on a commercial for you. I love the product and it has kept me looking younger my whole life. I'm 54 and have never looked my age.
    PS I am a man.

  • Am hopeful that OIL OF OLAY will develop a new product line that includes the Essence of Black Top. Nothing like a smell of freshly rolled black top. Would likely be in a black jar and it would spread easily on the face or behind the ears like petroleum jelly.

  • I use and love my Oil of Olay moisterizer for sensitive skin. But I travel Monday -Friday and need a 3 oz travel size for flying. Where can I purchase these? Thanks

  • I have been an Olay customer for years. I use Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser, Micro Sculpting Serum and Micro Sculpting Cream. I recently purchased Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. To my dismay, after only the second day of use, my eyes became red and swollen. I was very, very careful to avoid direct contact with my eyes and eye lids. Before purchasing, I read up on reviews and no where was there anything about possible side effects. Perhaps this should be listed on the package. I was very disappointed. If you need any further clarification on this I can be reached at knitone@ptd.net.

  • I have used the "gentle clean foaming cleanser," and toner for many years. Recently I noticed the only toner I can find is "oil minimizing." Now that may be good for younger customers but I'm older and oil minimizing products is not what I need. I asked my local Walgreens attendant about ordering the old toner and apparently it's not avalible. In addition, I must ask, have you changed the formulas in some of your products? My face has broken out in blotches (rash) and at first I was reluctant to think it was the Olay products but when I stopped using them and my face cleared up. I don't want to discontinue using Olay products but I really need to know if you plan to bring back the regular toner, and if something has changed with your products. I notice others have had similar experiences. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  • I recently bought one of your hydrating lotions (Regenerist) and had trouble with the dispenser after a couple of days. I then bought a second one, it worked a few days, and I am now having the same trouble with the dispenser. If you pump it, nothing comes out even though the bottle is almost full. Is there a recall on these for the dispensers? Please advise me at tynaray1@gmail.com.

  • I have used Olay products for many years, and have been satisfied with results. However, recently I bought a pack of 12, Olay Age Defying bar soap and it smells like ant spray. I don't know what type of chemicals your company is using but what I do know is you are using chemicals hazardous to the publics health. Please stop mixing your product with chemicals not conducive to the publics safety.

  • I am from India (New Delhi). I am a regular user of many of your products. Recently I purchased total effect 7in1 from online ( Paytm). The product received was fake. I did inform your office in India but their dealing is pathetic and painfully slow. It has been more than a month now and I am loosing my cool. I do have the complaint number as well. Request you to intervene orelse I will approaching the Consumer Court and will publish the same on Socual Media regarding dissatisfaction on your services. Looking forward for a quick response. Many thanks, Swati Khurana

  • Hi I have been using oil of ulay's beauty fluid since I was 33 years old. Today I am 58 and must say I do not look my age and I attribute allot of it to this magic product bAs a ritual I have been regularly using this product first thing in the morning. I often get complimented on my looks and skin. I feel instead of putting celebrities to model and promote your product you guys need to take people like me who can be real models and share their experiences, the benifits and the good qualities of your products. This will be truthfully delivered where as the celebrities do not even use your products they just show their face just for money. I am willing to share my picture with you all once I receive a reply from your office. You can reach me in ninju.khatri@gmail.com.

  • Re Olay South Africa:
    I am very disappointed. I purchased a Regenerist product in January and the dispenser did not work and I could not get the cream out as the top is fused down. I called P&G and they sent a courier to collect the product the next day. I have now waited over a month and have wasted my tijme and energy by calling and emailing for feedback. They rudely ignore emails, and when I called they told me they “posted vouchers” and this would take 2-3 weeks. However, its over a month so I called again today and was told that it was sent with registered mail, and I am now expected to go stand in a Post Office queue and inconvenience myself even more. I am told they cannot email vouchers.

    I have yet to receive notification from the Post Office that these “registered” vouchers are there and I am NOT going to stand in a queue. I feel very disappointed at P&G’s conduct as they have had over a month and have ignored my emails etc.

    The least you can do is courier a replacement cream to me so that I am not inconvenienced or out of pocket.

  • I have been using Olay soap for almost 15 years and lately I notice that the bars in the container are not full bars but half a bar of soap for the same price of a full bar. I don't mind paying the high price for the soap because this is the only soap that does not break me out. Why cheat someone who has been a faithful user of your product to make more money. please explain

  • would you please bring back the mandarin oil soap it's my favorite. everytime I find something that I really like it gets discontinued it's your best soap .I think a lot of people would agree with me Thank you .

  • I have been using Olay total effects 7 in one for years. My most recent purchase of the item broke my face and eyes lids out so badly with a red rash. I use the 7 signs of aging with a touch of foundation every day and it works just fine. There must be something wrong with this product. I have never had a problem until this new item I just bought. Since I threw away my receipt…I can not take it back. I would like a refund, please. LOT 3199PRA
    Expires 06?2015

  • I purchased Oil of Olay Instant Hydration EYE CREAM at a Wallgreens store and noticed after use my eyes would sting, itch and burn. This is when I turned the tube over and found the words "Avoid contact with the eyes." Clearly this is a case of fraud. Shame on you. The tube cost me $24.

  • to whom it may concern,
    i am a soldier currently stationed in afghanistan, writing you to see if there is anything you can do for the few female soldiers in my company. the px is always out of stock and this fob is over crowded. if there is anything you can do to help our address is
    spc segarra amanda
    bco 2bstb 2bct 1cd
    bagram airfield
    apo ae 09354

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