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  • Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

CraftWorks Restaurants & Brewery
201 West Main Street Suite 301
Chattanooga, TN  37408
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-423-424-2000


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  1. Your menu looked interesting, until I started asking questions. Having an allergy to red pepper flakes RPF, I was not surprised to hear from the waitress that the spicy chicken contained RPF. However, I was shocked to learn that your pizza/tomato sauce, tomato basil soup, and spiced bacon also contained RPF. The only thing on your menu that I could eat was a salad. The waitress was very helpful and surprised, my date was disappointed, and I left hungry. Not everyone likes all their food to be spicy. Until you change your menu, I won't be back.

  2. I study law and your omaha oc is way out of line with the amount of work they have to do if newd be i will consult with your waitstaff as of to there rights as servers not having to roll silverware bus tables and sidework way pass the allotted time of 20% on the clock please address or i will and take you to court on there behalf to pay back what is owed i do believe they also wash there own silverware or jave to wait an good amount of time for please address these issues or i will address them in court for you thank you

  3. Old chicago jacksonville north carolina is terrible . Management terrible . Sanitary conditions terrible . No one wears gloves when handling food. Terrible . Employees pick food off or out of customers foods and eat, right off the plates. Terrible. Employees come to work with soiled clothing, soiled aprons. Go in the restrooms with aprons on. Always on cellular phones. Speak of personal life's around the customers

  4. The old chicago in jacksonville north carolina is absolutely terrible. There is no proper management. It's 1 big free for all in there. The employees are not happy because they are treated terribly. The manager mark fletcher is a terrible manager and speaks to the employees in a belittling manner. The other manager tina is a very lazy person that does nothing if it does not pertain to her walking around with her cell phone in her hand from the time she clocks until the time she clocks out. She is no help to the employees at all. Then there is the general "manager" Jon Thompson that is just as pitiful and sorry as the other 2. He does nothing to fix any problems around that store. But when anyone from the corporate office comes around Jon pretends to be the best hands on manager in history. Once the corporate big wigs are gone, it is back to being the sorry excuse for a human being he has always been. There could not be a worst person to be manager than those 3 incompetents. If being a hands on I care about my job manager interferes with Jon Thompson going down the street to the cardinal lounge bar to get pissed faced drunk then old chicago is just screwed . Not to mention the ample amount of food that he has FREELY sent to that bar or had someone from the bar to pick up for FREE from the restaurant or comes to get it himself. And also his touchy feely ways of some of the female employees, complaints have been made, nothing is being done. This company needs to be cleaned inside and out of all the negative and inappropriate things that go on in that store. chicago in jacksonville north carolina is in grave danger of losing their liquor license considering the employees and management come to work drunk and or hung over. As long as the 3 incompetents are managers in that store it will fail. A thorough investigation needs to happen within those walls. Each employee in that store needs to desperately speak to someone face to face with someone in the high ranks of the company . Much needs to be said but many are afraid of losing their jobs. Please do something before the employees ALL get together to put the company on social media in a negative manner.

  5. We had a bad experience with a old chicago pizzeria delivery service. 2245 Huntington Avenue Alexandria, VA 22303- ordered 3 meals on-line when one (mine) was delivered wrong. we asked for a chicken parmigiana with spaghetti -what they delivered was the chicken parmigiana sandwich with fries. we called back and was told they would not deliver the order nor take back the wrong order unless we pay another $7.99. we checked the online order only to find we made no mistake. my company orders alot from there and this really is disappointing to us that the person would not even check their online order. Very disappointed that you have to loose our business but the way they acted -they could care less.

  6. My boyfriend had been working at the Old Chicago location in Hamburg, Lexington, KY. for some time, until one day he was sick and had to call in. The manager Monique had not even bothered to call him after his several attempts to call her to pick up shifts. He also tried many times to send her messages via HotSchedules, to of course no response. For someone to call in one time for being sick and then ignored is ridiculous. Not only did you make it hard on all involved financially but you acted so unprofessional about it. To ignore someone who is willing to work and had never called in before is horrible management. I also work for a prominent furniture store in the area and will never endorse your place for lunch or otherwise. Pathetic. I will make my complaint very much known to coworkers and friends alike. I would like someone to take action on a hard worker's behalf instead of just ignoring them.
    Betsy Overbey – betsycarloftisoverbey@gmail.com

  7. Bought a gift card on 12/23 as a Christmas gift. I was totally embarrassed when the recipient notified me on 01/23 that they went to Old Chicago in OKC and had to pay for their meal because there was no balance on the card. I called the manager (Mindy) who was quite the smart mouthed jerk. Told me if I would stop talking angry with her she would help me, told her I was happy to come there and talk to her the same way. Told me if I could prove I purchased the card she would take care of it. How many keep restarting receipts for a month, we should t have to. Fortunately, I paid by debit card and can prove I bought it. She told me to bring it in and she will make it right. I told her nothing short of double the original card value would make it right. She lost to families as customers. I will never return nor will the recipient of the gift card. Hope somebody there enjoyed the money they stole from me!

  8. To whom it may concern, I am here to strongly address the issues within the Southgate, Michigan Old chicago, I was recently a server employed at old chicago southgate. My time there was miserable and wasteful on the clock, first off we only make $3/hr as a server and then to never cut your labor and work people like peasants for 10-12 hours a shift is unreal and should be illegal. Because of over-staffing and extreme front of the house labor I was forced to find work elsewhere. No server in this entire country should have to work 10-12 hrs and only make $40! its a discrace and I blame it only on the management of this location. Over-staffing is an everyday occurence here and they do it based on their emotions and feelings at the time. This is an unfair and unjust work enviornment and I have never worked somewhere in my life where favoritism has ruled more then this place.

  9. Just had the worst lunch experience at the Cheyenne Wy, Old Chicago. Waitress took our order, husband had pizza buffet, I order a half salad and a cup of soup. He got his pizza, waitress dropped off – quite literally – his salad and never came back! I didn't get any of my food until my husband went to find someone to get it. The lady said she would go find out what was going on. Came back a few minutes later and said the waitress was getting my food. Since we had already been there a half hour, I told her to please make it to go. The manager came over and apologized, said they would get the food right out and it would not be on our bill. She brought out my soup in a to-go container and the salad on a plate. She did ask if I wanted the salad to go as well, which I did. The waitress finally came over and said she was all by herself and that's why she didn't get my food. She was not the only waitress there and it wasn't that busy. Most of the people on the side we were on got the buffet.. Anyway.. when our ticket was brought it had 2 buffets on it! I told the waitress it was wrong, the manager took off the buffet and the soup, that's it! I am now eating at my desk at work… and the soup is so greasy I can't eat it (guess I should be glad she didn't charge me for it). Believe me, we won't be going back any time soon!

  10. On your old Chicago site on the contact us link it automatically sends back a confirmation that you sent something in before you even have a chance to fill anything out. must be a glitch. I'm writing to inform you that my man and I enjoy your restaurant most of the time. however lately it seems that Its hit miss for service and food. We have been to 3 locations here in Colorado Springs and we either get great service and incorrectly cooked food or terrible service and great food. Our last visit my man ordered a burger medium well and it came out bleeding. the previous week my man ordered a pizza and it came out very burned and it took them 20 minutes to remake the pizza. bearing this in mind my man talk to the manager about the burger being undercookedand explain to him that he was starving so he was going to eat the burger anyway because it took them 20 minutes to refire a pizza The previous week. The Tejon location just got a new manager named Richie. Hopefully he can turn the restaurant around.

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