Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters
CraftWorks Restaurants & Brewery
201 West Main Street Suite 301
Chattanooga, TN  37408
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-423-424-2000

  • Old Chicago you have lost a customer forever. In my small town of Bozeman Montana it used to be we could get a great lunch and had great service. Today was so beneath the mark I am sorry I wasted my time. Food was cold, fry oil was rancid, and the service was pathetically untrained. I know help is hard to find but perhaps if you paid a living wage, and had properly trained cooks on the line this may have been different. I won't let you have another opportunity with me. This was pathetic and beneath sub-par.

  • On 5/7/21 my roommate picked up some take out for us from the Old Chicago in Thornton, Colorado. He got a pizza for my son. My son is diabetic so we have to count carbs so he can take the correct amount of insulin to keep his blood sugar at a normal level. Pizza and things like that are a treat for him to due to his diabetes. My roommate was not sure what the size and the name of the pizza was (which we need in order to count the carbs correctly) so we called Old Chicago to see if they knew the nutritional value, they said they did not. My roommate hung up, but I asked him to call again to at least ask them the exact name or size of it so I could look it up.They said they didn't know, sounded irritated that he had called and did not bother trying to assist with the simple matter of telling us the size or name of the menu item. When I tried to look up the menu on my phone it was mot a full menu and did not include the pizza my son had got. Being in the ball park range of carb amounts is very important for diabetics when taking insulin, not giving enough or giving to much could literally turn into an emergency. After a little over 20 minutes of searching I was able to find it, but could not help but be upset that the employees were so unwilling to help, and do what I would think is part of their job. We get take out regularly from Old Chicago, or at least we did, this is the second problem we have experienced with this company in the past 6 months. Both issues what I would rate as pretty major, not little things like messing up an order, but things that affect the safety of my family.

  • I tried calling the corporate phone number you provide, but it's a non working number! On April 16th we visited your restaurant in Aurora, Co. I had a gift card and paid for the rest with my Discover card. After 4 days I get an email asking me if a charge was mine, which it wasn't. I called the fraud department only to find 5 other charges were made on the same day for over $1,500! I haven't used that card for over a month before using at your restaurant, so I believe someone in your staff took a picture of the back of the card and then went on a fraudulent shopping spree! I called the store and talked to the manager who said they only hire upright staff, well even upright people can steal! I have told numerous people about this and will never go to Old Chicago Pizza again! You may think I'm only one person so how can that matter, but your reputation is on the line and you should care if any of your staff is stealing someone else's credit card information. I hope Discover finds the abuser and they go to jail for fraud! Anyone going to your restaurants, be very careful with your payments!

  • We were in the Garden City, ks Resturant on July 4, 2019. We ordered a gin and tonic, waitress brought our drinks and the tonic was flat, we very kindly pointed this out and said this isn't good. She argued some, but finally took our drinks and had different ones made. The next ones did have good tonic in them. We placed our orders, I ordered the shrimp plate. After some waiting we got our order, then I was informed there was no cocktail sauce. I should have been told this when I ordered the shrimp; I wouldn't have ordered it. The shrimp wasn't as good as the time before when I had eaten there. The bill came and we were charged for the first flat tonic drink. We told her that wasn't right when it was the Resturants fault that the drink's tonic was flat. We had to pay for the drink we didn't drink and the service was less than perfect. I have eaten at Old Chicago many times in Garden City, Ks before and have never had such poor service, not treated as a person would expect of a place serving the public and poor food and poor drinks. You really need to check out this establishment; or you will be Losing customers. Very poorly ran.

  • I don't do anonymous! I received an email from your company indicating that I had won a coupon for an appetizer for the "Beattheleader" contest. I follow their instructions and get to a panel that asks for a coupon code. I cannot find one anywhere. I send a note through your system and wait four or five days and don't receive a response at all. Just as I was getting ready to send another note, I receive another "coupon" which requires a code. I respond through your "contact" system and I never heard back. I contacted Miranda Brooks, indicating that once again and continuing for the last 2 + years, your company does not respond to your own in-house correspondence. That was on Sept 26th. I have heard from her. I have never heard from any person from your company! I believe you have a customer issue problem….that you are all afraid to address! You don't respond to anyone….that way you don't have to acknowledge that you have a problem. Two plus years…..and you can't fix YOUR problems!

  • Dear OC Corporate Admin,
    I am a regular at the Duluth Old Chicago, member of the World Beer Tour, etc. I've been going here for about 15 years. I was drawn by the Beer Tour, but for this location I was also drawn in and became a regular because of the Buzztime Trivia games that are part of the atmosphere there. That OC is the best of any I've attended across the country — the BEST! Management there creates a service-minded atmosphere, personal yet professional. I spend thousands of dollars there each year, going nearly daily. One of the key draws for me is the BUZZTIME TRIVIA GAMES!! Recently I heard a rumor that you folks, "Admin", was considering eliminating the Trivia games. I have to tell you, as much as I would miss the place, if you folks eliminate the Trivia games from the Duluth OC, I WILL go elsewhere, where I CAN play. I'd miss the people and the place, but would eventually habituate at another bar in town. My message: PLEASE DO NOT ELIMINATE THE BUZZTIME TRIVIA FROM THE DULUTH OC. Really, I do spend thousands of dollars there each year. Those corporate actions would result in loss of that. Please keep the Buzztime Trivia games at the Duluth OC. Thanks, Len Weiss — (currently on beer tour #48)– and yes I WOULD leave if you eliminated the trivia. Thanks.

  • We had dinner at the Old Chicago Pizza in Lexington Ky, when we got there it was a 20 min wait which was perfectly fine, the problem I had was there were 10 empty tables some clean some dirty and 40 people standing in the front waiting I seen a Manager walk by so I ask why do you have all these people waiting and 10 empty tables, His very rude response was we are backed up in the kitchen so you are going to have to wait…Im sorry but had you rather not sit your customers so they can order a drink and be looking at the Menu instead of everyone standing on top of each other complaining. Anyhow we finally got a table the wings we ordered were delicious however the pizza was not done we got the handt tossed which was way undercooked I will not send anything back as I don't trust what may happen so we just ask for a box and took it home and put it back in the oven.. First and last time we had ever ate at Old Chicago.. You need to get Managers than can run the place and not ones that are rude and disrespectful the customers. There were several complaining and several walked out because of the situation.

  • Continuing problems in Pueblo, Co. Had a disappointing experience today- 2-14-17. Emily our waitress was friendly But ..Complained to her that the food was taking too long. She argued twice with me about it and was hell bent on defending the kitchen. We had medium rare burgers and she said it takes 15 to do burgers?? Really? Sounds like well done to me. I told Emily 2 times I was unhappy and she never went to the manage. So I got the manage-Keith who said he would "check on it". Never say him again. He never came over and apologized or explained – no management skills there although he did walk around the place constantly. We were not there at a busy time. Am sure the time of the order was recorded as well as when it was delivered. We've had troubles with the kitchen before giving us wrong orders- do not think they are competent! The Hostess there is NEVER available, we had to seat ourselves. She never came over and apologized, heard she had a problem with a take out order. In the past we had to get our own to go bags as she wasn't there. What is she paid to do? And her attitude is arrogant. So I hope someone outside of Pueblo can come and look at the problems here- otherwise reward amounts are worth nothing.

  • Your menu looked interesting, until I started asking questions. Having an allergy to red pepper flakes RPF, I was not surprised to hear from the waitress that the spicy chicken contained RPF. However, I was shocked to learn that your pizza/tomato sauce, tomato basil soup, and spiced bacon also contained RPF. The only thing on your menu that I could eat was a salad. The waitress was very helpful and surprised, my date was disappointed, and I left hungry. Not everyone likes all their food to be spicy. Until you change your menu, I won't be back.

  • I study law and your omaha oc is way out of line with the amount of work they have to do if newd be i will consult with your waitstaff as of to there rights as servers not having to roll silverware bus tables and sidework way pass the allotted time of 20% on the clock please address or i will and take you to court on there behalf to pay back what is owed i do believe they also wash there own silverware or jave to wait an good amount of time for please address these issues or i will address them in court for you thank you

  • Old chicago jacksonville north carolina is terrible . Management terrible . Sanitary conditions terrible . No one wears gloves when handling food. Terrible . Employees pick food off or out of customers foods and eat, right off the plates. Terrible. Employees come to work with soiled clothing, soiled aprons. Go in the restrooms with aprons on. Always on cellular phones. Speak of personal life's around the customers

  • The old chicago in jacksonville north carolina is absolutely terrible. There is no proper management. It's 1 big free for all in there. The employees are not happy because they are treated terribly. The manager mark fletcher is a terrible manager and speaks to the employees in a belittling manner. The other manager tina is a very lazy person that does nothing if it does not pertain to her walking around with her cell phone in her hand from the time she clocks until the time she clocks out. She is no help to the employees at all. Then there is the general "manager" Jon Thompson that is just as pitiful and sorry as the other 2. He does nothing to fix any problems around that store. But when anyone from the corporate office comes around Jon pretends to be the best hands on manager in history. Once the corporate big wigs are gone, it is back to being the sorry excuse for a human being he has always been. There could not be a worst person to be manager than those 3 incompetents. If being a hands on I care about my job manager interferes with Jon Thompson going down the street to the cardinal lounge bar to get pissed faced drunk then old chicago is just screwed . Not to mention the ample amount of food that he has FREELY sent to that bar or had someone from the bar to pick up for FREE from the restaurant or comes to get it himself. And also his touchy feely ways of some of the female employees, complaints have been made, nothing is being done. This company needs to be cleaned inside and out of all the negative and inappropriate things that go on in that store. chicago in jacksonville north carolina is in grave danger of losing their liquor license considering the employees and management come to work drunk and or hung over. As long as the 3 incompetents are managers in that store it will fail. A thorough investigation needs to happen within those walls. Each employee in that store needs to desperately speak to someone face to face with someone in the high ranks of the company . Much needs to be said but many are afraid of losing their jobs. Please do something before the employees ALL get together to put the company on social media in a negative manner.

  • We had a bad experience with a old chicago pizzeria delivery service. 2245 Huntington Avenue Alexandria, VA 22303- ordered 3 meals on-line when one (mine) was delivered wrong. we asked for a chicken parmigiana with spaghetti -what they delivered was the chicken parmigiana sandwich with fries. we called back and was told they would not deliver the order nor take back the wrong order unless we pay another $7.99. we checked the online order only to find we made no mistake. my company orders alot from there and this really is disappointing to us that the person would not even check their online order. Very disappointed that you have to loose our business but the way they acted -they could care less.

  • My boyfriend had been working at the Old Chicago location in Hamburg, Lexington, KY. for some time, until one day he was sick and had to call in. The manager Monique had not even bothered to call him after his several attempts to call her to pick up shifts. He also tried many times to send her messages via HotSchedules, to of course no response. For someone to call in one time for being sick and then ignored is ridiculous. Not only did you make it hard on all involved financially but you acted so unprofessional about it. To ignore someone who is willing to work and had never called in before is horrible management. I also work for a prominent furniture store in the area and will never endorse your place for lunch or otherwise. Pathetic. I will make my complaint very much known to coworkers and friends alike. I would like someone to take action on a hard worker's behalf instead of just ignoring them.
    Betsy Overbey – betsycarloftisoverbey@gmail.com

  • Bought a gift card on 12/23 as a Christmas gift. I was totally embarrassed when the recipient notified me on 01/23 that they went to Old Chicago in OKC and had to pay for their meal because there was no balance on the card. I called the manager (Mindy) who was quite the smart mouthed jerk. Told me if I would stop talking angry with her she would help me, told her I was happy to come there and talk to her the same way. Told me if I could prove I purchased the card she would take care of it. How many keep restarting receipts for a month, we should t have to. Fortunately, I paid by debit card and can prove I bought it. She told me to bring it in and she will make it right. I told her nothing short of double the original card value would make it right. She lost to families as customers. I will never return nor will the recipient of the gift card. Hope somebody there enjoyed the money they stole from me!

  • To whom it may concern, I am here to strongly address the issues within the Southgate, Michigan Old chicago, I was recently a server employed at old chicago southgate. My time there was miserable and wasteful on the clock, first off we only make $3/hr as a server and then to never cut your labor and work people like peasants for 10-12 hours a shift is unreal and should be illegal. Because of over-staffing and extreme front of the house labor I was forced to find work elsewhere. No server in this entire country should have to work 10-12 hrs and only make $40! its a discrace and I blame it only on the management of this location. Over-staffing is an everyday occurence here and they do it based on their emotions and feelings at the time. This is an unfair and unjust work enviornment and I have never worked somewhere in my life where favoritism has ruled more then this place.

  • Just had the worst lunch experience at the Cheyenne Wy, Old Chicago. Waitress took our order, husband had pizza buffet, I order a half salad and a cup of soup. He got his pizza, waitress dropped off – quite literally – his salad and never came back! I didn't get any of my food until my husband went to find someone to get it. The lady said she would go find out what was going on. Came back a few minutes later and said the waitress was getting my food. Since we had already been there a half hour, I told her to please make it to go. The manager came over and apologized, said they would get the food right out and it would not be on our bill. She brought out my soup in a to-go container and the salad on a plate. She did ask if I wanted the salad to go as well, which I did. The waitress finally came over and said she was all by herself and that's why she didn't get my food. She was not the only waitress there and it wasn't that busy. Most of the people on the side we were on got the buffet.. Anyway.. when our ticket was brought it had 2 buffets on it! I told the waitress it was wrong, the manager took off the buffet and the soup, that's it! I am now eating at my desk at work… and the soup is so greasy I can't eat it (guess I should be glad she didn't charge me for it). Believe me, we won't be going back any time soon!

  • On your old Chicago site on the contact us link it automatically sends back a confirmation that you sent something in before you even have a chance to fill anything out. must be a glitch. I'm writing to inform you that my man and I enjoy your restaurant most of the time. however lately it seems that Its hit miss for service and food. We have been to 3 locations here in Colorado Springs and we either get great service and incorrectly cooked food or terrible service and great food. Our last visit my man ordered a burger medium well and it came out bleeding. the previous week my man ordered a pizza and it came out very burned and it took them 20 minutes to remake the pizza. bearing this in mind my man talk to the manager about the burger being undercookedand explain to him that he was starving so he was going to eat the burger anyway because it took them 20 minutes to refire a pizza The previous week. The Tejon location just got a new manager named Richie. Hopefully he can turn the restaurant around.

  • March 22,2015 We live in Garden City KS.67846 My Husband and my son Nicholas have been to the Old Chicago here a few times and have always enjoyed everything that they had, for the 1st. Time today I decided to go with them, today was my sons 28th Birthday so I went along not knowing if I would be able to eat anything, because I have a very sensitive stomach. As soon as we entered we were greeted by several nice young lady's ready and willing to help us. we were seated right away and asked what we would like to drink. I whispered to our waitress that it was my sons birthday and asked if we could get a little surprise for him, LOL! I said no singing please that's a bit embarrassing they girls said they understand and would not sing. But they thought they could do something nice to make his day. I thanked them very much, our waitress her name was Hailey she was so nice, I told her that I have stomach problems and asked if she could tell the kitchen staff for my special needs, she said no problem and took my order which I had a plain hamburger no seasoning or anything on it with a bun, I also ask If I could have a small bowl of pasta noodles with just a touch of butter. She ask what kind of pasta I wanted she suggested the shell pasta I told her that would be just fine. Then she took my husbands order and the my sons order. The guys ordered appetizer's with their hard apple cider, and we sit and talked while we waited for are food. It wasn't long before we had our food an let me tell you, talk about WOW! this is great and my food was perfect and so delicious cooked to absolute perfection. just as I had asked for, first time ever that a restaurant made my food so good that I did not get sick! We all enjoyed the food so much, and then for the surprise for my sons birthday treat Hailey asked so are you ready for your surprise dessert, Nicholas looked at her and said OK! WOW I get a dessert, how, did they know. His dad told him your mom arranged this for you. He got a small Ice Cream Cookie Sunday with whipped cream and ate it all down. Before we left I asked Hailey If I could talk to the head cook at the time, and Jeromy came out of the kitchen and I told Him how delighted I was with the way my food was cooked and how great there staff was and we were sure to be back soon! Great Place! With really nice people working there. David, Melissa, Nicholas Horning

  • My wife and I had our first "Chicago Style Pizza" at Old Chicago in Madison, WI.
    The Chicago Seven, extra thick crust was our favorite for 20 years. On average we ate pizza at Old Chicago once a week.
    We miss Old Chicago when we moved to Michigan, until we discover one in Kalamazoo, MI. However when we ordered our favorite Chicago Seven extra thick crust, something changed. A huge change, in that our favorite crust changed completely. This was a real disappointment, to use and a server that explained to us the change to the crust. WOW! So disappointing they could not offer both style crust, Old & New Chicago thick crust, lol.
    Anyway, after 20 years of having the best pizza on the planet, the new crust would not be enough to keep us coming back. I hope the "Old" thick crust will make a come back, because we truly miss the good times and pizza we enjoyed at "Old Chicago Pizza". That said, for those of you who love the "New" thick crust, we wish you the best times at the best pizza restaurant on the planet. Okay, maybe in your area, lol.
    Mark & Linda

  • Louisville, Hurstborne. Worst service every time 3 visits. Staff joking and ignoring customers even at 4-5 PM on Thursday. Mixed drink order wrong. Sent it back, sat on bar 20 minutes and came back same way. Pizza cold. Bad management and they are just kidding around with the staff and don't care about the service. That's 3 experiences and 3 strikes , you're out, or shall I say, plow this place over and plant corn. It would be more productive

  • I have been trying to register my world beer tour card for a month now. Because I have an account online with you already, your message tells me I need to have one of your members register it for me. I've sent multiple emails, each of which said they would get back to me shortly. I've also called the headquarters phone number and was told to contact Jason Sisca? in CO at they headquarter office. I've left a couple of messages for him, and he has yet to return my phone call (first message was left a couple of weeks ago). You don't seem to even want customers. Are they going out of business? I don't think I've honestly had such poor customer service in regards to returning emails/phone calls.

  • To Whom it May Concern:

    I am writing to inform you of the lack of customer service from the management at Old Chicago in Killeen, Tx. I have been going to Old Chicago for over a year and just recently starting having issues with my experiences. I had an issue with my bill and wanted to speak to a manager. When my server came back to talk to me she informed me of the price changes and tried to handle the situation herself. The manager was 10 feet away talking to bar guests and I seen my server go talk to her but the manager never stopped by my table. I do not understand why a server was sent to take care of an issue they have no control over. In the past 2 months that I have been going in I have not had a manager come check on our status. Unfortunately I will not be going back due to the lack of care being very obvious from some of the managers.

  • To Whom It May Concern,
    If you would like to call me and discuss this unexpected scenario? My number is (406) 647-9829. Thank You

  • To Whom It May Concern,
    I am here to file a serious complaint against The General Manager of Old Chicago Pizza in Billings, MT. on So. 24th St. West. I was recently hired by the Kitchen Manager last Tuesday as he was impressed by my Application and Resume`, and was told that I was to start work this Monday (tomorrow). I was hired as the new Janitor to clean the restaurant every morning before they opened for business.

    However! I was told by the Kitchen Manager that I would have to come in for a 2nd Interview with the General Manager on Thursday to go over Rules, and Policies of the restaurant. Instead! She never sat down with me at all as her hands were empty without any forms to sign. She Rudely asked me to tell her about myself, as I was not expecting this as I gave her the best answers possible.

    She then asked me if I was working, and I told her just on an On Call Basis as I am not working steady. She then rudely walked off and said I Have Other Applicants to Interview and never came back.

    I am a recipient of Social Security/Disability, as I thought I was hired to work 3 hours a day, but! This is like being stabbed in the back as I was deeply hurt. I was looking so much forward to working at Old Chicago and being part of their team. This is like being hired one day and fired or terminated the next day. The Management at The Billings Old Chicago Restaurant has poor Miscommunication and it should be strongly addressed. Thank You for Your Time.

    A Recent Applicant

  • Old Chicago ,This company had a great thin crust pizza till they changed it , now I think It's a frozen crust, Shame James, USMC

  • Dear sir or mam

    I am writing to express my diisgusted and disappointment with my october 4th dinner at 7:30pm Pappillion, NE. I went to your restaurant with my date to eat and have good time. When the food was servied and started to eat the meal i dicovered a ant on my plate which made both of us sick and mad. I feel for a new restaurant there should have clean bug free place to eat. I did not make a scene but told the waitress there was an ant on my plate. The manager came and took our meals and we did not have to pay for them. As a costumer i feel you should know about this, so you do not lose any more costumers. I am afraid they are going sweep this under the carpet and do nothing. I feel you should make sure they clean there kitchen take car of the bug problem. If this is not done it will only hurt your business.
    John Key

    • Sounds like a first world problem coming from someone from the 3rd world (based on terrible spelling/diction) but not sure if you're a troll with a name like John Key

      If not, relax man! Sounds like they addressed the issue and then some. Feel sorry for your date…

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