Old Country Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Country Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters
1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356
Customer Service Number: 1-800-871-0956

  • This week I heard a radio advertisement that announced a new Old Country Buffet opened in Glouscter Virginia on Route 17. I paln to take my family there on Sunday for dinner. I looked on the internet to fidn phone numner and exact location. The only listed was in Woodbridge Virginia. I called teh number (703-670-6810) to see if they had the location number listed. I spoke to the manager and he told me that this was just a Mom & Pop place that used the Company name. I asked if he had a number to corporate so that I coudl fidn out about this location. He said that I should speak to legal at 210-403-3725. I called, after being put on hold for 30 min, I was told that they don't have any infromation about this site in Virginia. I state dthat if I had a resturant using my corporate name that I would want to have information on them to ensure they are representing my name appropriately. I alos commented on all ofteh reviews I saw on this site. We said thank you and ended our conversation. I will drive out to teh site an I hoep that my experience will be great. I xpect it will be since the place seems NOT to be really associated with Old Country Buffet.

  • I went to the restaurant in Kalamazoo Mi and I was disappointed.. The same staff that I worked with 22 years agonis still there unkempt in appearance the restaurant in clean the ceiling falling in the bathroom the machines leaking the hostess doing the managers job while he's in the kitchen eating… The DRA are null and void having a meal and chatting while the restaurant has customers in full lunch rush. I will file a complaint with the health department for the entire resrurant smelling like a depend diaper.. Totally and uttey unacceptable.

  • The Ole Time Buffet in Macon, GA-Took our 81 year old aunt there to celebrate her birthday and it was hotter inside then it was outside, which was around 97 degrees!
    We spoke to the manager and she told us that they had a service ticket in, but it still had not been fixed. The meats were old and yes, everything was fried. The vegetables were skimpy and the waitresses were short-handed for the sunday afternoon church crowd. They have to bust tables as well, and my family was literally sitting at dirty tables waiting for them to be cleaned! We had fans above us, but they were going in the wrong direction and my brother volunteered to get on a ladder and turn the switch, but management said they couldn't allow it. It was very hot and uncomfortable, fanning and sweating while trying to eat. If it were not my sweet auntie's birthday dinner, I would've demanded my money back and walked out!!!


    • We took out family to OCB on Father's day and was so very disappointed. Glendale, AZ. The restaurant was very warm inside makint it very uncomfortable. The food was either too done, Cold or they ran out of things as well as silverware. Very discouraging for what should have been a nice outing for the six of us. We ate in a hurry to get out of there. The quality of the foodhas deteriorated so much and management doesn't try to fix the problem when addressed. Which I did do. I was told they could not turn the AC any lower as corporate was in charget of the setting. That is hog wash. We frequent this restaurant often and it is gradually losing its appeal. Never has the inside of the restaurant been so uncomfortably warm inside.

  • Why doe`st OCB offer any $5.99 lunch, $4.99 breakfast coupons anymore?
    Business is dropping off much at our local OCB because of "no" new coupons.
    I`m a member of crave connection and have NOT received any new coupons by e-mail for over 3 months.
    OCB is killing their own business by NOT offering any new coupons.

  • I have been a cook for 30 years and never have I had food so bad..The hot food was cold and the cold food was warm. Not more then 3 different kinds of food.. Way to many potatoes and chicken..You had them cooked different ways..Baked,fried and fried……. You all need to get your act together,it really wasn't worth the money,but no mind we will never go back..What a way of going out of bussness..Keep this up and it won't take long…All you need is some one in charge that knows what they are doing,you sure don't have that now…Good luck staying open!!!!!From JoAnn South Hill,Puyallup Washington

  • Just wanted you to know just how bad lunch was at the South Hill OCB.
    Can't belive you folks call your place a buffet.. There was only a few
    idems to choose from..Needed to hope that you liked potatoes,because they had 3 differents kinds,same with the chicken,backed,fried,or fried nuggets.
    All witch was cold..The drinks were worm and coast $2.50. No icecream and the cakes looked like they had been out for hours…You really need some help here..And from what I have been reading the one on South Hill Puyallup Washington isn't any better then any of the others they all need help…. The Harveys

  • I ate with my family at an Old Country Buffet in Kent WA on December 2nd. I can't believe I actually paid for and subjected my kids to that trash you call food. I was employed by a jail where I worked in the kitchen for two years. The place was roach infested and the food was handled by inmates and that food is much more appealing and humane than the food you serve to the public. The woman's bathroom smelled like death. The Caesar salad tasted at least a day old. The broccoli tasted as if it was cooked after it began to decay, maybe in the bathroom sink. Just the thought of your restaurant makes me so nauseated that I have to consciously try not to vomit. Your business should be charged with abide and assault for serving people such repugnant decaying trash.


  • they say to give them a try this was my 3rd time and each time it was not good for the money spent it wasnt good

  • Tinley Park, IL
    needs to be shut down. Went yesterday the bathroom was horrible floor soaked from wall to wall as if the sewer backed up the smell was ugh. I have pictures. Then the food was flavorless. The plates was dirty had to pull out 7 plates to get to a clean on. Same as silverware and cups and bowls for ice cream. And heres the breaker. Yall wants up to pay for this crap and cant even keep food out. Waited 10mins for chicken then guess what it was done yes i have pictures. If i get sick im suing. The steak tasted old and plain. Yall just need to give it up. 1st time going in a while and definitely my last.

  • Me And My Family Visited The Old Country Buffet In Kent Washington Today. I Had An Omelet Made With Spinach, Olives , Mushrooms, Ham And Cheese . Upon My Third Bite i Bit Into A Damn Bug . I Spit My Food Out And Took It To The Manager Immediately! All They Did Was Apologized And Offer Me A Free Meal Coupon For Next Time. I Probably Wont Ever Eat There Again!!! Definitely Gonna Email The Picture Of My Food To The Corporate Manager !! 😷😷😷😷

  • It would behoove you all to have the background music at both the Crystal MN and the Maple Grove MN Old Country Buffet restaurants play merely muzak or equivalent instrumental-only music instead of the harassing and obnoxious feminist-vocalist singing rather incessantly heard.

  • Imy parents asked me to take them to Old Country Buffet in Wilkes-Barre Pa. for dinner tonight. The food was cold. I told an employee and then watched theanagee taste the carrots and then switch them out. (But unfortunately most everything was cold at best like warm.) My Dad went to the carving station and no one was there to carve, the fellow at the carving station was cleaning! He told my Dad he'd be there in a minute and proceeded to wipe a few things off the soup area with a rag into his hand and came over to carve. My dad had to ask him to change his gloves! Needless to say, it was a waste of money.

  • i am an empoyee at old country buffet and the managers and asst managers are not doing what there supposed to be doing to many young kids working there stoned lazy disrespectful to coustomers dishwashing machine constantly breaking down and on top of that they want you to perform so many job tasks that were not part of yopur original hire position frustarting wghen you need the job

  • My husband & I stopped at the OCB last Saturday in Erie Pa, for lunch. We arrived there shortly before 1pm. The food looked horrible! Your bowels of stew were so dried out the tops of the beef & veggies were as hard as rocks, the chicken & bisquits were a dried out lump of what looked like paste, the fish was so dry it was curling up & brown, the pizza didn't resemble pizza anymore. I could go on & on at how unappetizing your food looked! Most of your warming dishes had little to nothing left in them, & when I asked the girl working behind the steak/meat area if she could please ask someone to bring out more fresh fish, her reply was "I dont know"! HUH? We picked around for what we could find that looked edible, which amounted to the baked or fried chicken, & salad. We then went to get dessert, & your dessert station was empty of everything but tiny little cups filled with something resembling cake & pudding. Of course if all you wanted was ice cream, there was that.

    I do NOT want to hear that your restarant was close to the end of lunch! An hour BEFORE lunch ends is not considered the end! The food you had to offer was horrible, & the service was no better. We have eaten at OCB for years, but after this experience we wont be back. Time to try Golden Corral again. Shame on you corporate, for not checking in on your locations & your less than attentive employees.

  • My famy and I went there on the one in Westminster,CO. The food was cold. The steak was hard to chew and the chicken was old. The dessert tasted old. They should go back to how it was before new management took over. As expensiveas it is, it should have been better. It was not worth it and we will not eat here again.

  • I must tell all of you that I go to the OCB in Richfield, MN pretty often. It is clean and the food is really good, fresh and well prepared. If something is not right, Dan the manager and all of the staff want to make it right for you. Always a good experience.

  • I was going to suggest that your company open an OCB in my city, where there is an excellent location with plenty of room and parking. However, after reading the complaints above, I have reconsidered. I was a frequent customer of OCB when I lived in Minnesota. It was a great place to go back then, which was 20 years ago. What happened?

  • I am very disappointed with old country buffet here it is people are looking for jobs and ocb hires these young men and new management takes over and they are being cheated out of their hours working 12hours shifts my son stated the employees complained to corporate about the managand he is retaliating mn the employees here in Richfield mn he doesn't get off work til 3 and 4 am cause he is working by himself washing dishes and has done spoke with the manager and still no help I suggested he call OSHA and file a complaint about how he is being treated and let corporate know I see why the old employees were liked they was before new management came and took over

  • I have work at Old Country Buffet for almost a year now, last week I cut my finger open on the hot bar because I was not taught how to carve Meat the right way. The two managers that we're on the night that I got hurt never filled out an accident report wrapped my finger up with a bunch of bandaids that I bled through and sent me back to work. I had to go the next morning and get stitches. I was told not to use my hand for 7 days, and the very next day I was back at work and they had me on the hot bar carving meat. Our store number is 0013 . although I understand that use guys had an undercover boss: go into the big cities, I really truly believe that use guys should come see the store in Green Bay and then tell me what you think is wrong. Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

  • Yes I will have to say more than the food being uneatable the staff or I should say managers ALL need to be REPLACED!!!! They are extremely rude and unfriendly especially Deanna Adams @ Jackson, Michigan….. Never Ever eat there you will not be satisfied!!

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  • Corporate…do you get it now…you obviously dont know what your doing and obviously old country buffet will no longer exist in a few years

  • Your management team in Burnsville Mn.is really unprofessional…my daughter worked for your company with no breaks and switched from job position with no training.after being yelled at several times because she didnt know the job..she was told to go home..but last week she met You…corporate you even bought her lunch..Heather is very rude and unprofessional…don`t try to sell yourself if your not going to clean up your management team..look at how many employees quit and length of time they worked there…Heather does not know what she is doing

    • heather was our manager at the Green Bay store, & I completely agree with you she is rude, unprofessional, she cusses at the worker like a sailor, and she tries to force her self help books on everybody!

  • I think this Pam and Amy lady at the battle creek Michigan store should learn to work on two separate occasions I have gone in there for a meal and every time I go in the employees are busting there humps and need help. Then u see these two just barking orders and doing nothing to help them they need classes in manors and respect to people and to the customers…..this is why we will never visit this restaurant again if things don't change and management treats customers and there employees like they are nothing I forsee another restaurant closing because people will Not take it

  • A lady with here four teenage children came into the battle creek Michigan store to show I guess the father what they looked like for prom I even askedif they would like dinner on me, the father was paged to come see the kids, and his manager came up and yelled at the lady because she could Not spare him, she was doing nothing to begin with, some family restaurant Not sure if I will ever come back

  • Ocb in Warren Michigan 12 mile road is finally closing ….. about time ice cream machine is always breaking down the ceiling vents are filthy tables get washed and particles are all over tables within 20 minutes thebathroom is in serious need of a. Whole new Makeover the piss is imbedded in the tile its like walking in a old nasty gas station bathroom in the ghetto no hot water not to mention the staff especially the general manager Tommy Butler discriminates towards older,heavyset, and white employees he is a difficult person to deal with but more than likely has never been reported and should of been long ago!!!!!! His personal life is something his corporation should of been aware of many years ago because his live in girlfriend is a girl he met at old country buffett "Warren store" many years ago as they worked together they were dating and together as well Witch is against company policy Carrie has left the store because employees were catching on to their lies and the hiding of their relationship to end the report with his girlfriend got special treatment and extra pay that was not deserving but she got it only under the circumstances of being the gitrlfriend of general manager I'm sure the other employees were not getting 24 Kt treatment whitch is very unperfessional

  • Well let me tell u I'm an employee at old country buffett in WARREN MICHIGAN and all the comments I read thus far are all similar happenings I go through on a daily bassist working with very unprofessional group of people is very difficult the managers most certainly need to go back to college an study real hard on how to b fair and treat human beings that are working for and with them "very poorly managed the general manager that has been there for many years first of all is more worried about sleeping and hooking up with the young girls that work there that he can't even keep his store in order SHAME SHAME SHAME! !!!!!

  • Pew visited the OCB in Maple Grove, MN on Sunday, March 31at and were there from 11:30 am-12:15pm. I was pleased with the updated appearance of the food areas along with many of the new menu items. However, I was disappointed in the delayed replenishing of various food items: iced tea, very limited dessert items, and no soft tortillas. At one point, I asked a staff member for tortillas. He immediately notified the kitchen staff. After 15 minutes, we stopped waiting for the tortillas.

  • We ate at the coon rapids mn location ice cream machines were down. No desserts and main food selection was poor.they promised us three free meal vouchers over a month ago called them several times no response.shame on you old country buffet mcdonalds offers more class than you if your that hard up just close your buffets down.ps your pop is very expensive also.

  • I was just in Las Vegas this week and I had the absolute BEST BUFFET ever………Nope, it was NOT at OCB but at GOLDEN CORRAL! I have been a diner at OCB for many years but after dining at Golden Corral, it might be hard to go back to OCB. ALMOST everything at the Corral is made right out front, everything was super fresh and as soon as something was low (or out) an employee was right there to bring in fresh food. There were times I left OCB because food wasn't brought out in a timely manner, even after asking the manager for the item. The dessert selection at Golden Corral was phenomenal! Puts OCB to shame in that department. The ONLY thing I think is better at OCB is the steak but not by much. Golden Corral is HANDS DOWN the big winner overall. Sure wish they were here in Minnesota, I would/could never go back to OCB. OH, and the prices at Golden Corral are roughly $2 to $2.50 cheaper than OCB, with much higher food quality.

  • I just sent in a complaint about the Fridley, MN location. Food mixed with other foods. The desert area (ice cream toppings) were all over the desert counter. Only 1 ice cream dispenser was working, empty trays of hot foods, rude management…………and I could keep going. For the $29.74 that I paid for 2 people, I would have rather had McDonalds! They better step up! With all of these complaints, they're bound to be in a WORLD OF HURT if improvements are not made.

    • Colleen is a fat pig! Always hitting on the young girls that work there! Someone needs to get her fired already! And the fact that the male managers get drunk on the job? And even parties in the restuarant after they close at night. How can they have people like that running things? Old Country Buffet should be ashamed of themselves! They have people working there cooking all this food that don't even know how to cook! Meats are under cooked all the time it's disgusting! Their bowls of steak with mash look like dried up dog food! The taco meat drowns in all the grease as it sits there like do they not have a drainer? DISGUSTING PLACE! SHUT THIS PLACE DIWN or hire a whole new crew! Especially the managers. I think a call to an inspector is long over due!

  • My husband and I have been going to the location in Aurora, CO for many years now, primarily for breakfast on the weekends. We have noticed over the last several months (with random visits to see if the problem has been resolved) that the condition of the cleanliness of the plates and silverware has progressively deteriorated. It is so awful that I am surprised the health department has not shut them down. There is food (and alot of it) stuck all over the "clean" plates and silverware (REALLY). We have cleaned our own silverware and complained to staff and managers. They keep telling us that they are "working" on it. We have heard that the manager knows there is a big problem but does not want to buy a new dishwasher and keeps trying to have the old one repaired. So sorry they are expensive, but that is the cost of doing business. It is so disgusting that we have resolved to no longer go to one of our favorite breakfast spots. Thought you should know.

  • Went last night to the Jackson MI location and the food that was served, which wasn't much considering it's a buffet, was terrible. Cold, appeared and tasted to have sat out a long time. They kept running out of meat, hence couldn't make a complete meal on our plate, only side items. Meat once served had a wild game taste- the turkey, sirloin, ribs and roast beef. Ran out of chocolate milk (my kids wanted) the ice cream machine was down (kids also wanted) the yogurt machine spit/ launched the yogurt- must have been broke. Paid over $30 WHAT A WASTE. In spite of all this I do not complain to anyone. Within 8 hours of eating there and having had nothing else, one of my kids began vomiting. Shortly after getting all that out she was 100% better. I believe IT WAS THE FOOD THAT MADE MY KID SICK. She ate items that the other child did not so the other one didn't become ill. Never again, ever, will we go or suggest other's to go there!

  • We have been going to Old Country Buffet on 154 S. Gary Ave., Bloomingdale, Il. for a couple of years. It has been great till new people took over this past year and has been going down hill since. 2 days ago we complained to the manager and told him that half the food was cold and the pot roast was burnt and the country fried steak was all dried up. He had the guts to tell us that most people like it that way. I finally got to show him what was on the plate and he cut me off and said the same thing. He was going to give us our money back but would not even listen to what we were saying. When he went to his office we got up and told the waitress to tell him where he could put the money and let him know that he is an ass to not listen to what people are saying. I'm sure he would not eat burnt dried up food.

  • I went to old country buffet and waited 15 minutes and asked for a refund and they said they gave me back my money and their trying to keep it rally sad on old country buffet are you that hard up that you keep guest money contacting someone about this

  • My daughter works in old country buffet on fruitville pk in lancaster Pa.she is a student and applied for a part-time job there,they got her working twelve hour shifts with no break they are very hostile towards her the manager and supervisor, the manager is very unprofessional the supervisor threw a fork at my daughter and it hit her on the chest,i called there one time because my daughter was ill and the manager sucked her teeth at me and hanged up on me her name is shannah she was very unprofessional and nasty towards me.

    • If the manager truly threw a fork at your daughter and it hit her on any part of her body she should have filed a police report immdiately. If there were witnesses calling the police would have resulted in getting witness statements. If your daughter was injured she should have sued both the supervisor and the Old Country Buffet.

    • It might be a coincidence but old country buffet in Fairfax hired a new manager from PA who is absolutely awful. She must know somebody to have gotten that job. How stupid can they be to keep hiring these idiots they should take care of the good employees they have instead of using them as robots no respect at all this lady was questioning the cashier about who cleans the bathrooms while she was ringing up customer's are you serious get some gloves and help out cause obviously they need it they didn't even have a cashier the next day and put the same manager there. Are you freaking kidding me its 8 people and we have 3 coupons and she wouldn't honor them so we all walked out. Why should I have to use 3 different credit cards when I clearly have enough people to use just 3 coupons is this company ran by a bunch of idiots. It doesn't say any where on the coupon one per party when its 8 dam people then I ask her her name she won't say just says company policy. Every person has to pay for their own meal to use the coupons so I basically can't treat my family they have to pay for themselves. Who the hell walks around with 3 different credit cards and after I've been in line for 20 minutes because she doesn't know what she's doing nothing worse than a smart ass who can't even ring up a customer. Thank god the regular cashier is so pleasant I'd tell everyone I know not to come back and offer her a job at our store. You have loyal employees and don't have half a clue. Kitchen lady rocks great servers.

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