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  • Old Republic Home Warranty Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Republic Home Warranty Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Old Republic Home Warranty Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Republic Home Protection Company, Inc.

How to Contact HQ Address:

Two Annabel Lane Suite 112
San Ramon, CA 94583 USA
Website: https://www.orhp.com/
Email: Webmaster@orhp.com

How to Contact Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-445-6999
Fax Number: 1-800-866-2488
Contractor Relations: 1-877-579-4559
Customer Service Number: 1-800-445-6999
Warranty Service: 1-800-972-5985
Renewals: 1-800-445-6999


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  1. I do recommend this company. I have had issues with my refrigerator for almost 3 months and the problem still isn't fixed. Old Republic has the worst communication with their clients. I should not have to call in and wait for so long, just to get an update on a claim. I feel they should be contacting me of the progress and give updated time of completions.

  2. this company does not believe in customer service. i have been placed on hold for 90 minutes trying to get pre-approval for an emergency repair job. how do you get required pre-approval if there is no channel of communication to get the pre-approval. this is a class action case for fraud waiting to happen.

  3. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. EVERYTHING about Old Republic Home Warranty is BOGUS! We HAD (past tense for a reason) this crappy company for home warranty, our furnace went out, they had to have sent the MOST low budget company they could find to come and replace our furnace. We have had issues with the furnace since day 1. We called the guy that did the service a little bit after installation, cas the furnace just runs, runs, runs and never shut off. He told us to give it a little while longer to 'adjust' Life happening. Notice its still doing the same thing. called the service guy back, he tell me he warrants his work for 30 days and to call Old Republic, called Old Republic and were told we're no longer covered….BUT we were covered when you sent this low budget company out to install what was to be A BRAND NEW FURNACE! So either the furnace is defective or the installation was faulty…..NEEDLESS to say, issue isn't resolved, our bill is increasing month after month, & Old Republic only wants to tell me to get someone out here to service it, which WE STILL HAVE TO COME OUT OF POCKET FOR?????? ***DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Do your research, they have many complaints against them with the BBB & I will be adding mines as well

  4. I have had the worst experience dealing with a recent service request. Agents were sarcastic and rude. When inquiring about the time it would take to process an email I sent as instructed to receive reimbursement for a very expensive service request (AC replacement) I was first told by an agent that she didn't have a clue. So I ask to speak to someone with a clue and of course no supervisor is available. When a supervisor was available I was told they would get to my email within 10-14 days. I understand it may have to wait 10-14 days to receive a check once the request is processed, but 10-14 days for them to just get to my email. That's ridiculous and sounds like a staffing issue if it takes 2 weeks to get to someone request. I asked if I could have Corporate contact, and was told by the supervisor that she is corporate. No way, I said, you cannot be "Corporate" in the manner you are speaking to me. How could you post things on your website speaking of such great customer service?? I have had this warranty service since 2013, and have used you all twice for very minor repairs in which my $75 fee covered the cost. And when I do utilize the service for a major repair, it feels like a complete run around. I was without air for a week, waiting on communications between the repair guy and ORPH. The repair guy appeared to be rip off as he was charging things that other repair companies wouldn't charge for. I know because I called around. I was not comfortable with the repair guy and was told there was no other option available, which is why I paid for the expense out of pocket in returns to be reimbursed. I am cancelling this plan as soon as possible.

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