On The Border Corporate Office Headquarters

On The Border Corporate Office Headquarters
2201 West Royal Lane
Suite 240
Irving, TX  75063
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-499-3000

  • I frequently visit your store on Pleasant Hill Road, located in Atlanta Georgia. There's only (1) manager that does it right!!and her name is Karissa!!! She is professional,customer friendly, polite, eager to help and MAKES the BEST QUAC Live!!! its to the point that we only ask for her. I work at a school and the population is over a 1000 and the students visit there at least once a week. So, please let Karissa know how much we appreciate her.

  • I live in Mooresville NC and the Lonestar there just closed. (Reason it closed Outback came in close to it) .That would be a PERFECT place for you to open another store. The Lonestar building favors your OTB buildings anyway so little construction for you . Mooresville is huge growing area with Lake Norman all around and every eating place does great. You have a place 20 miles down the road in Charlotte NC which traffic so bad I cant get to often and one in Concord NC which is long way through country to get to also. Love eating at your place and all we have is a few local Mexican places that does good but nothing like OTB. I am POSITIVE an OTB will be a huge success in out area. Thought maybe you guys would take a look. Thanks


  • On 8/3/2016 I had gone to dinner with s friend at on the border located in Paramus, NJ . When we arrived we decided to sit at the bar. The ac was on full blast and it was freezing but we just came from outside in the heat and thought to deal with it and that it'll probably turn off shortly. We immediately ordered our drinks and food she got a dessert and I had gotten the Wednesday fajita deal. Our drinks came shortly and food to follow. Before the waiter who brought us our food walked away my friend asked for some honey to go with her sopas and he said okay. Five minutes later she asked the bar tender for the honey needless to say she never got the honey. Onto the fajitas I had only received two things of flour. I went to ask for more once I finished those two and no one was around to ask. The ac was still blaring my food went cold it was a horrible experience. Then when I got out to open the door so the warm air would come in that's when I got someone's attention I quickly asked for a check and gave in my compliant. I was told to come back on Tuesday night since that's a better day to come. No one got a manager the place was practically empty and yet no one was around to help. This isn't my first bad experience which is sad to say. I decided to give them a second chance to redeem themselves and it just proved me right. I will just take my business and money else where like next store to chillis. This place is ran poorly and a disappointment.

  • Just finished dinner at the Baton Rouge location. Our fajitas arrived burnt to a crisp and smelling like a charred meat burning on a stove. The tortillas had to be made and were served 7 minutes after the meal. The waitress never cleaned up one dish and was a giggling mush. The manager offered us a free order of 5 sopapillas for the mess…. we were served four normal sopapillas and a tiny piece about the size of a quarter which the waitress deemed so cute. No… not going back. Tammy the manager was completely out of her element with an untrained staff and more complaints than she wanted to deal with

  • I have been a very loyal customer for the Burleson location for many years, we visit this location 2-3 times a week for going on 16 years now. We have had our fair share of poor service from time to time but continued to go there due to being so close to our home. After going to this location on Monday, your server told me I had an attitude when I asked for my check. I was shocked at what had just happened, so I left a bad review when I left.

    There is a particular couple in bar (Jackie & Adrain) that have always tried to intimidate a new employee by saying that's my table (even though we had not asked for them) because they know we tip well. I have put up with this for years as well as hear conversations from (Jackie) the bartender asking regulars for money because her boyfriend was in jail. I know for a fact that one male customer has given her over 800.00 to help with their problems. It's pretty sad that these two employees use your establishment to con people out of money for their own personal gain.

    I have had enough from these two and will not return to OTB unless they are no longer there, pretty sad with as much business as we have given them through the years, parties, catering, and multiple visits per week.

    I have seen some really great wait staff treated very poorly by these two and ended their employment with OTB needlessly. They do not own this business, yet I think they believe that they do. It's a shame that two bad seeds can ruin a great thing, we always came there for a fun upbeat place to relax and have a drink and dinner before going home.

    I have complained to the manager at this location as well as reach out to Brian Marshall (with no contact as of yet) but I will pursue whatever needs to be done to get this resolved.

    Thank you~

  • To whom it may concern, My wife and I went to your new restaurant in Jonesboro, Arkansas,just because someone owns one of your franchisees it doesn't mean your not accountable. I've had better service and food. I've read all of these complaints an I had the same problem an feel alot of people in my town are going to feel the same way as I do. Check in to this problem before your business fails. I will not return until you fix this issue. Sincerely, Rob Kregul

  • Chief Executive Officer
    On the Border Corporate Headquarters
    2201 West Royal Lane
    Suite 240
    Irving, TX 75063

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My husband and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with your location 11721 Chenal Pkwy Little Rock, AR 72211. We knew the wait would be long due to the massive crowd we were okay with that.

    As we were sitting waiting for our turn I notice a man walk up the hostess he held a conversation with her than he pulled out his wallet handed her some cash. She immediately left her post to clear a table for this man. This was also witnessed by other guest.

    My husband asked to speak with the manager he told John what was witnessed his reply was "what do you want me to do tell him to get up" basically felt like he handled this in a laughing manner.

    We were approached by another hostess named Kagan who apologized on behalf of On The Border. He completely diffused the situation by letting us know what took place was not right. He was very sincere and extremely professional.

    When we were seated the GM Lindsey spoke with us, heard our concerns she also handled this in a professional manner. She gave us $10.00 off our meal which we gave back in the tip she also gave us coupons for our next visit. I would like to stress that was not what we set out to achieve although it is appreciated.

    My point in writing to you is to bring attention to Kagan who we later learned has only been employed with you for two weeks. He went WAY above and beyond to make sure we understood that is not acceptable. We also told the GM how highly pleased we were with Kagan and how he handled the situation he was the reason we stayed to dine with your restaurant.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and thank you for employing good honest people like Kagan.


  • My family and I sat for over an hour waiting for our food. It never came. We finally got up and left. The sad thing is…..this is the 2nd time it has happened in a year. I guess it shows that I am not too smart for going back a 2nd time but I know I will not go back a 3rd time.

  • Saturday, January 2, 2016, eleven members of my family & I had my birthday dinner at the Galleria location in Memphis, TN. Two of us arrived at 4:40 & informed the hostess we had a party of 12 arriving at 5:00. She said they would start to set it up. They did not. When all the rest of the party arrived promptly at 5:00, no seating arrangements had been made. We had to wait over 15 minutes while our tables were set up.
    Long story short, we were there over 2 hours—waiting on food. It took an hour to get our food the FIRST time. ONLY 3 of the 12 meals were warm enough to eat. The remaining NINE meals were cold to the touch: the plates were COLD & the FOOD was COLD. Those dishes were sent back. One dish was just beans & rice but it still took OVER 30 minutes to re- heat. Absolutely RIDICULOUS.
    I also ordered the Jalapeno poppers, my favorite appetizer–they were AWFUL! The batter was too thick & doughy, it didn't stay on the peppers. Again, they were not even warm. That should have been a warning. Again, it took OVER 30 minutes to receive.
    By this time, we had been served chips & salsa 3 times!
    I WILL NEVER EAT AT ANY OF YOUR LOCATIONS EVER AGAIN! Nor will the other 11 people. This makes me very sad because OTB was my favorite restaurant.
    Sure, some meals were comped, but your reputation was ruined, the party was a flop & all we talked about was the poor service, cold food & our total negative dining experience there.
    The restaurant was not even busy! There was one whole section that didn't even had dinners.
    Sign me "totally disgusted former fan."

  • I am an employee at OTB 0153 in okc. I'm being treated with the utmost disrespect by new team members. Management does not care and neither does district.

  • Hello, I live in Indianapolis, IN and I want to compliment the On The Border in Greenwood, IN that is located just south of the southside of Indianapolis. The food at OTB brought us into the restaurant but the servers keep us coming back. In particular, I would like to single out a young server by the name of Kelsey. She works the bar area where we love to sit and enjoy a meal. OTB should be so proud and glad that you have a server of her caliber. She is a delight to be around, extremely knowledgeable and extremely attentive to not only us but everyone who dines in the bar area. She multitasks with ease and always remembers all of us who dine at the restaurant multiple times throughout the year. I see a lot of negative comments on this page but this is one OTB that loves the location we dine at each year. Thanks

  • Went to dinner at your Gastonia, NC location. It was one of if not the worst dinners I have been served. The service was extremely poor. They couldn't and didn't get our meals correct. We asked two different waitresses for guacamole, said they would bring it, never saw it. The salsa served with the chips was nothing more than stewed tomatoes. My son ordered the sampler platter. The chicken quasidia had six little pieces of chicken and the other items were so bland and tasteless we, I also tasted, couldn't and didn't want to eat them. The other issue was the lack of cleaning dishes from adjoining tables. We were at the restaurant for an hour or so, tables that were used were never cleared. It was a Thursday night and not at all busy. At one of the tables a wet floor sign had fallen over and three times an employee stepped over without picking it up. "tripping hazard". At the end of our so called meal that we couldn't eat, we had to go to the front desk area to get our bill. We have had good meals in the past, but this wasn't even a number one on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest. highly doubt we will return to your locations again. At least not in Gastonia, NC..

  • I am complaining about the On The Border Mexican Grill & Catina
    at 1003 North I-35 E
    Desoto, Texas
    Mr. Clark, I first have had a very bad experience with your restraraunt serving me cold food in 2013, however stated i would never go back again to an on the border restraraunt but since i have a younger cousin who is a faithful customer to your bar area, invited me out along with 2 others and decided to take her upon that offer.
    After arriving there @ 736pm, a waiter by the name of Melvin came over some what started out pleasant, we then order 4 watermelon margaritas and we all requested water and once we recieved the water first inside the glasses was dirty on each one of our waters. We informed the waiter (Melvin) one of the ladies at our table is a joker, so she made a joke of asking did he do something to our water…which we all laughed (incl. Melvin-the waiter)..which he took offensive but never said anything about what was said….and stated he would get us some more water but never showed up at our table again…after about 35/40 min a young lady name Jessica show up ask could she take our order need i remind you there had been no explanation nor introduction of the new waitress nor did she at one time state she was taking over from this point on…(again) still have not rev'd what was originally ordered in the beginning which was 4 margaritas. After explaining everything to Jessica all over again she state she will get us taken care of. She took our order which only one person ordered food and another person ordered dessert. The food / dessert came in less than 30 min, still no margaritas/no water. We then ask Jessica if we could speak with the manager…now we have no water nor our drinks orginally ordered. After about 20 min, the manager comes over explain everything to her she apologize and state let her go check on our drinks in the mean time the first waiter (Melvin) pass our table with 4 margaritas to the the table behind us whom had just arrived about 5 mins ago…then on top of that he had an extra margarita and decided to bring to our table if we wanted it sat it down and left (no one at our table touched the drink)..So i then ask him if you were our waiter in the beginning why is it you just dissappeared with no explanation, I told him that was rather rude..he state he thought that comment made was wrong, the young lady state she was only playing and aplogized but didn't realize he took it personal. again still no water and no margaritas its now like 815..finally the hostess Jamia pass our table we stop her and explain things to her she apologize and state she will get our water for us, came back immed with our water…still no drinks..now it have been at least 20 min since we seen the manager, have not seen the second waitress Jessica and yet still waiting for drinks…eventually a young lady comes up with 4 margaritas and ask if this was for us at 834pm finally….this is RIDICULOUS, finally we again request the manager she sent word over she was too busy right now but will be over shortly. ….to say all of this i feel you need to first hire a staff with people skills, manners and most of all common courtesy goes a long way…please reply to my message otherwise this will be sent to the better business burea….very unsattisfied customer…..

  • Well this comment will top it all!!! The employee's at the Las Vegas location are being paid with checks that bounce!!! This has happened more than once and again as recently as yesterday. How they can still be in business is beyond me. And how do they get away with writing checks that they fully know will not be honored!! I feel sorry for the employee's who are stuck on payday with a no good check. The owner of this establishment needs to step up and do what's right by paying the employees with checks that are good!! Management won't listen to their concerns. What kind of a place is this??? One that should be closed, and the sooner the better. The employees deserve better!!! After reading all the comments left on this site I'll go out on a limb and say that On The Border needs alot of help, beginning with management! Good luck to all the employees that are being "stiffed" by these greedy people!!

  • The biggest issue what was wrong with the food is the portions were too small for fajitas. Lunch portion enough for 1 fajita and Dinner portion is to be 3 fajitas, but we only got enough for 5-6 people to have 1 each.

  • Ordered catering through hotline and store location got my order wrong that was a delivery for 10 people. Wasn't able to get hotline to fix it because no drivers were available to drive back. I called store and manager offered to fix it and throw in some sopapias but had to go pick it up. Manager didn't come out to apologize for the inconvenience as it was still lunch rush. I think the manager was able to make this visit better, but I still do not feel like going back.May be a while before I give it another try.

  • General Manager at the Holsville On The Border is the worst I have ever sen, even wore than apple-bees, which never thought that was possible. The way he spoke to the two bartenders behind the bar was crazy. We were regulars there so we tipped well butwe won't be back, I refuse to watch a Twenty something year old man speak to a girl like that.

  • On The Boarder in Bowie, MD currently has rude, condescending, jerk as a hurting/store manager. I had a student inquire about a job application she put in at the store. The manager came to the phone an said, "this is how it works…If you get the job, we call you." And hung the phone up. Needless to say this obnoxious attitude/behavior is consistent with how be talks to his employees in the store as well as his customer service. This franchise needs to do a better job with screening managers, and offer employees the opportunity to evaluate them. AWFUL!!

  • I need name and number of CEO here in Northern California
    I heard her name is K and she lives in San Ramon
    Would like to make my complaint in person and talk directly to her
    Or if someone knows her, please tip her she needs to watch her business

  • I went to On the Border in Midland, TX, on Christmas Eve (Wednesday, 12/24/2014) at 6:45 pm. We had been seated and I placed my fingers under the edge of the chair I was sitting in to move closer to the table. The chair seat was loose from the chair frame and when I moved it forward and sat back down my left index finger was cut by the brackets between the seat and the frame. I had a deep cut on the outside of my finger and a large area scooped out. My finger began to bleed A LOT. I wrapped it in napkins, but the bleeding continued. The hostess was there and said she would get the manager. I told her that I was going to the ER, but to let the manager know. My husband and I spent Christmas Eve at the ER and I received three stitches, antibiotics, pain meds, and a Tetanus shot. I called On the Border back that night and spoke to the bartender (manager was helping in kitchen). I gave him my name and phone number, told him the accident was more involved than I thought it was, and asked that the manager call me. On Friday, December 26th, the manager, TR, called and took some of my information. He said I would be receiving a call from a woman in Risk Management by the name of Jessica. That was TWELVE days ago and I have not heard a word from anyone. I called the corporate office and Jessica's voicemail was full. Could not get anyone. To whom should I make my next phone call?

  • dear mr. Clark, my wife and I visited your restaurant on the border located at 1121 w. Interstate 20. We couldn't get any service for 15 minutes at 3:00pm today Nov.3,2014. when a waitress finally came to our complaint. We told her we were not pleased and left the restaurant. We explained to the manager and his response was we were sorry. there were more personal there than customers at that time. We left and went to another on the border located at 4411 Bryant Irvin Rd. and got excellent service and food. We will go to that location now. The service was great and fast and the was also great.


  • Your recent commercials where a man repeats "taco" or "enchilada" over and over are so damn annoying that turn the channel and will NOT patronize your establishments! You should reconsider your marking techniques and the individuals who came up with this nonsense.

  • Yesterday,(3/15/14) my daughter who is in Kindergarten had a volleyball game around the corner from On The Border. We came to celebrate after her game (Kindergarteners and 1st graders) with my 6 year old, her friend and mom, and myself. The waitress was such a disrespectful and offensive server. After we FINALLY got our food, which wasn't even warm, and came from someone other than our waitress we started to eat. The waitress never came to check on us, we had someone else bring the correct salad she misordered. Things happen and I get it….however, when she did finally come to the table and asked if my daughter's friend would like more lemonade, she never came back. A little irritated…..so when she came close to us I waved her over and she had a disgusted look on her face and I said I thought you were coming back with her lemonade. She began arguing with me and I went on to tell her she was horrible and has been a horrible experience and have already requested to speak with the manager. She said she didn't care and proceeded to argue with us!!! I said are you really going to sit here and argue with me?? Anyway, the manager came and I explained what was going on, when she came back and snatched my daughter's cup to finally refill it. (In the car on our way home, my daughter said the lady scratched her top hand when she grabbed her cup…NICE!!) When the waitress came to return the cup, she snickered and laughed. I pointed it out to the manager and said this is how your waitress behaves??? I then asked for our tab and told him I am not tipping that woman and he said not to worry about the tab. I responded that a free meal does not excuse that woman's inappropriate behavior, especially in from of 2 little girls!!! I told him perhaps he should focus on the behavior of employees rather than comp'ing food. I then told him….on a side note, the restroom has puke in the sink and the toilet plunger in the stall with water on the floor. It wasn't even that busy!!! It gets better…..as we were walking out, we took the route furthest away from psycho waitress, but she still saw us and started yelling at us!!! She was yelling out across the restaurant, in front of guests, at a table of guests, yelling at my daughter's friend's mom!!! I have never seen such a display of inappropriate behavior in a restaurant by an employee. If you don't like your job as a server, in the service industry, find a different field!!! The manager didn't know how to handle it??? He seemed shocked and was very apologetic, perhaps embarrassed. I get bad days, but you don't behave like that, no matter what is going on personally!!!! We did say a prayer for her; however, WE WILL NEVER BE BACK!!!!! Now after reading these reviews, we will not spend our money on any On The Border locations.
    LOCATION: 8555 S. Quebec Street, Littleton, Co.

  • Sunday, February 9, 2014
    My daughter took our grandson to On the Border in Tyler, Tx. The 2yr old was given a bowl of beans that were so hot that his lip was blistered. The wait staff nor the manager seemed to care at all. Gift cards wont pay for this one. We will be demanding that all staff including managers be given further customer service training..

    • Will not go back to On the Border in Tyler . Bad experience both times, first time we left, went to Chuy's and was served immediately. Second time was enough, no more. They just don't care.

  • Last night a group of 14 of us visited your location in Woburn, MA. It was the absolute worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant!! Everything was awful and totally unacceptable. The only person that cared about us was our waitress! The manager didn't care at all. We asked for the manager at least 5 times. I called at 6:30 to reserve a table for us and was told they would do their best to seat us at 7:30. The restaurant was semi-busy when we walked in but not crazy. We were not seated until 8:40, waited another half an hour and had to ASK for menus and then we were asked "oh you want to eat", we ordered a pitcher of Sangria which tasted like soda we sent it back for a total of THREE times before ordering something different, two meals were never put into the kitchen, one person ordered a build your own burrito and not until everyone was served their food was he told they no longer do that, we ordered appetizers and requested they be brought out before our meal they came WITH our meal, one person who came later than everyone placed his order and his food was brought out BEFORE our appetizers and his drink, many drinks never came or it took over 15 minutes for them to come, one of the beers was warm, one of the meals that was forgotten was a medium rare burger the burger came out medium well, we never had any refills on the chips and salsa, someone ordered a shipyard and it took them 30 minutes to tell us they were out of shipyard. I had to complain to the manager twice before getting anything off of our bill!

    This was the absolute worst experience ever!!! I will never ever attend another On The Border again which is terrible because your restaurants used to be awesome!

  • A letter going out to On the Border CEO Clark in todays snail mail.

    August 21, 2013
    Stephen V. Clark
    Chief Executive Officer
    On the Border Corporate Headquarters
    2201 West Royal Lane
    Suite 240
    Irving, TX 75063

    Mr. Clark.

    I thought I would write to you today to let you know that I have been a loyal customer of your restaurant chain for many years. When I travel on business and get to my hotel I usually look to see if one of your On the Border restaurants is in the area and at least once a week I will wind up having dinner there or just hang out in the cantina for a while. Most often on business trips I visit your outlet in Kennesaw Georgia where my company is located.

    When I moved from Connecticut to North Las Vegas in the fall of 2011, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of your restaurants not far away in Centennial (5630 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89149). I actually found out about this particular On the Border because I received an email from your corporate office regarding a free lunch for Veterans Day or Memorial Day 2012 (I can’t recall exactly which one.)

    And this is where my problems with your organization began and why I will no longer visit your restaurants.

    1. I went to the Centennial location for the advertised Veterans special; I sat down and asked for the Veterans Day menu and I was summarily told that this particular establishment does not follow corporates advertising and marketing campaigns. I was not pleased, however, I still ate there that day.

    2. The week of August 4th 2013 I took my son to your restaurant. My son is 3 months shy of his 21st birthday and he is an active duty United States Marine (at the time on leave from Okinawa Japan.) While here in the Las Vegas area, my son has never had an issue sitting in a restaurant cantina or bar as long as he is not consuming alcoholic beverages. On this particular occasion we were going to order lunch while sitting in a booth along the windows as far away from the bar as possible. It was not long before we were summarily kicked out of the cantina into the regular seating area. I was informed that since he is not 21 he couldn’t be in the cantina. Well, it was annoying but if that’s your corporate policy, I figured we would get over it.

    3. At least twice a month my wife and I visit this location for Taco Tuesday. The day before my son returned to his Okinawa unit (August 13, 2013), we returned to your Centennial location for $1.25 Taco Tuesday. I walked in the restaurant and mentioned to the manager about what happened the week before, that we could not sit in the cantina, but we wanted Taco Tuesday. He told us he could not serve us Taco Tuesday specials in the main restaurant and that since my son was not 21 and could not go in the cantina, he could not take advantage of the Tuesday special! He wasn’t very pleasant about it either.

    After I gave your manager a piece of my mind, my son and I did an about face and ate at one of your competitors locations down the street (in their cantina no less!)

    As stated above, I will no longer visit any of your locations, local or otherwise.


  • You are so right. the training starts at the top with the manager and he or she is invisible. Wednesday night at 7:30, 6 covers at most and although service was fast (too fast) the final Straw was a 99 cent charge for extra sour cream for the fajita. there are too many good Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood to be bothered with this one. Royal Palm Beach Florida

  • they just don't care at all. Its universal, i live in Georgia and cannot get service that is adequate.they just are indifferent to the customers and do not go out of their way to even acknowledge you.
    Don't expect to get any service let alone good service. You will wait forever to be noticed, then don't expect much after that.
    It is so sad that the food is good, probably the best fajitas in town but the pain point of poor service is too much.
    Buford, Georgia

  • My husband and I went to the On the Border located on I-240 in Oklahoma City OK on 2/25/13. There were only a few customers and we were sitted immediately. A server came to the table next to ours 5 times and never acknowledged our presence. After waiting over 10 minutes and never getting anyone to take our order we got up to leave. At that point, the server told us to have a nice evening. I told him we were never served. We drove to Ted's Cafe Escondido, was sitted immediately and before I could put my purse down, they took our drink order, within 20 seconds we had chips, salsa and queso on our table and less than 3 minutes we had our drinks and our order was taken. This is why your parking lot is empty and Ted's usually has a waiting line. Your manager at this location has failed to train his staff or they just don't care enough to provide service to the customers.

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