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  • Oreck Corporate Office Headquarters

Oreck Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Oreck Corporate Office Headquarters

565 Marriott Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-316-5800
Fax Number: 1-615-316-5839
Customer Service Number: 1-800-219-2044


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  1. MY Store would not sell any accessories unless I set up an account w/al my personal information!! Customer Service (800-989-3535) is the Worst !!!!!!!!!
    RUN FAR AWAY FROM ORECK – – – -David Oreck they are ruining your name!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I purchased an Oreck vaccum cleaner in 2001 for $770.00 with a 21 year extended warranty. For 12 years I had no problems, the tune-ups were fine, the machine was good. This year I took in my machine and when I went to pick it up, they said "I bet you don't even recognize your machine." They were right, I didn't, but they explained the machine had a cracked top plate and bottom plate, which they replaced in black (it was a beige colored machine before and nothing appeared cracked). I noticed the handle was changed and the bag appeared to be changed. Needless to say, I was upset, but they assured me this was my machine. I asked to see what they had taken off, but they said "We threw that away." A new manager this year, so who do I go to for help!

  3. Purchased an Oreck Steam-It over a year ago. Used it a handful of times, plugged it in to use today & it will not heat up. called the Oreck store in my area & spoke to Greg, who told me unfortunately the model i purchased only had a 1yr. warranty & could not be fixed. I said so are you telling me to trash it? His response was yes! Couldn't believe this was his response! Called corporate thinking I would get a better answer & an apology for such poor customer service…WRONG, Corporate gave me the same answer! I will NEVER purchase an Oreck product ever again. They do not stand behind their product. Should of mentioned at the time of purchase to just throw it in the trash after a year because if something happens this product can not be fixed & I would have never bought it in the first place! Awful customer service!!!!

  4. I purchased an Oreck tower one year ago from the Saugus MA store. Since April my "check collector light will not stop flashing and the unit does not work. I've brought it back so far 4 x's and it still is not fixed! I delt with Ken who told me to "shut up" and called me a liar when I tried explaining the problem is with the Truman cell. They refuse to replace it even though it is under warranty & I paid $500 for it. I will NEVER buy another Oreck product again!

    1. I bought a steam-it in Phila. didn't work after a year! I was told it only had a 1yr. warranty & they don't fix the Steam cleaners. I was told to throw it in the trash! NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE ORECK ANYTHING!!!!!

    2. I have the same problem with mine, they seem to be rude everywhere, I live in SoCal. I can't stand the name ORECK !

  5. I purchased the 21-year tuneup — and everytime I dread bringing it into the Oreck Store particulary the North Flowers Mills one. When you do not purchase anything else — the sales people become arrogant and just plain mean. I ended up having to take my vacuum back after the sales man stated that I might as of well not even leave it hear to the "free" tuneup unless I purchased a list of assorted items — and then he stated that my vacuum was abused. . I knew he was talking out of his "a—" when he said it must of never been brought in — meanwhile I had a record of bringing it in faithfully every year. I know they are under pressure to sell — but you can cut the tension in the store with a knife – not a good feeling. So I would not fall for that 21 year tune up — unless you want to be bombarded with sales pitches and worst of all a bad attitude.

    1. At least they offer you a free tune-up, My Vacuum Cleaner and other things where stolen by one of their sales people, who ran off with all their inventory. Oreck replaced my vacuum cleaner, but I apparently lost my 21-year-tune-up. Warranty. Now its 10 years, but nothing ever seems to fall under the warranty. Its disgusting.
      When I went to the store in Santa Monica,ca to have my VC unclogged the pretty new sales person first tried to sell me another one, I told him I just wanted mine unclogged, please! – he finally did, a piece of paper was the culprit – and he charged me @ $ 40.00 incl. Labor. Normally I had taken it in, also to be unclogged and NEVER was charged for it.
      Then he told me I need a new brush, I had just purchased a new one prior to him being there. The guy was rude as heck.
      I also found out that the Oreck-VC works best on CLEAN carpets.
      Once they worked on the Vacuum, and I bought something, the bill was $123.00 – ( I returned because the VC was not fixed correctly) they deducted the amount from my account, I had the statement printed out, showed it to them, but THEY< ORECK > did NOT have the $ 123.00 on my store account. The guy pulled it up and said no, you never paid $ 123.00 even though I HAD my bank statement, and showed to the guy.

      by the way, I had a friend with me who contemplated buying a vacuum, but when she saw that the guy charged me @$ 40.00 to unclogg the thing she of course now won't even think about buying an Oreck. Oh, he wantedto charge me $ 79.00 for a yearly tune-up, which already had been done prior him being there.
      I will never step foot into that place again as long as Mirem is there.

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