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  • Palais Royal Corporate Office Headquarters

Palais Royal Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Palais Royal Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730

  • When I received my July bill, there was a notice that I could not pay in store anymore, so I set it up with my bank and sent the payment in, which went to Bealls instead of Palais Royal. So now I have a $35 credit with Bealls who have not refunded my money and a $28.00 late fee with Palais Royal which they refuse to remove. I need this taken care of. I do not think I will be shopping there again if this is what I have to go through

  • That's part of the problem is how some managers miss treat certain employees. I asked to miss for my grandpa funeral and I haven't been scheduled since.

  • I placed an order on June 26th to be delivered to Pasadena store and was charged for this order on that date. As of today, I have not received the order and it was shipped on July 3rd. I have emailed 4 days in a row on this and NO RESPONSE. This order had a gift for Wednesday and I placed the order in plenty of time. I am disabled and unable to drive and cannot get out to purchase something else. Palais Royal Customer Service really SUCKS and it is unacceptable to not respond. They took my money the same day the order was placed but will not respond to where my order is. It must be on a truck to CHINA. I am going to pay off my credit card and will NEVER shop here again and am going to encourage my family, friends to do the same if this is the way they rune their business.

  • I just want to say that your Palais Royal store at Deerbrook Mall in Humble Texas has been very dirty for over a year now, the carpet is horrible with very large stains, are you guys closing the store? why don't you clean the carpet? I love to go to PR but lately I don't feel like going to that store.

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