Palais Royal Corporate Office Headquarters

Palais Royal Stores Corporate Office Headquarters
10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730

  • When I received my July bill, there was a notice that I could not pay in store anymore, so I set it up with my bank and sent the payment in, which went to Bealls instead of Palais Royal. So now I have a $35 credit with Bealls who have not refunded my money and a $28.00 late fee with Palais Royal which they refuse to remove. I need this taken care of. I do not think I will be shopping there again if this is what I have to go through

  • I placed an order on June 26th to be delivered to Pasadena store and was charged for this order on that date. As of today, I have not received the order and it was shipped on July 3rd. I have emailed 4 days in a row on this and NO RESPONSE. This order had a gift for Wednesday and I placed the order in plenty of time. I am disabled and unable to drive and cannot get out to purchase something else. Palais Royal Customer Service really SUCKS and it is unacceptable to not respond. They took my money the same day the order was placed but will not respond to where my order is. It must be on a truck to CHINA. I am going to pay off my credit card and will NEVER shop here again and am going to encourage my family, friends to do the same if this is the way they rune their business.

  • I just want to say that your Palais Royal store at Deerbrook Mall in Humble Texas has been very dirty for over a year now, the carpet is horrible with very large stains, are you guys closing the store? why don't you clean the carpet? I love to go to PR but lately I don't feel like going to that store.

  • I live in Houston Tx go to the West Oak Mall store and those employees there are great. The lady helping me couldn't have not done a better job with customer care. When our football team Houston Texans win we can get a 40% discount, which I did receive. The store didn't have the shoes I wanted in the right size, but the lady did fine them at your Sugarland Tx store. I came home and ask my son to go to the Sugarland store which he did. I told him to say Go Texans to get the 40% discount. I thought I was doing the right thing as I had already received the discount. Get to the store and lady tells him its only on things that end in 99, ever time I go to this store (Sugarland, Texas on 11751 W.BelFort Street) the employers are rude and don't care if they wait on you are not. Would someone please explain this discount to your customers. Your Sugarland store have people working there that doesn't care about your customer, how your store looks or anything else. I will never go to that store again. Thank you for the help in advance. Linda Nordstrom

  • I visited the Palais Royal Store located at 4401 West Fuqua Street, Houston, Texas 77045-6205 on 11/24/2016; the checkout lines were very long (at least 12-15 people in each of two lines). I waited patiently in line until there was only one person in front of me, then a another person appears and enter the line as if she was there all the time.
    I address her and tell her that I was next in line and she tells me that she was with her mother in front of her and at that time they decide to switch places with each other, putting the interloper as the next person in line to be checked out. At that time I got the attention of the associate (Michelle, #000244612) and explained to her what was happening and she replied, "I can not watch the line". It took great restraint on my part after I asked if there was any security in the store and the store manager, Morie Hinojosa on said something about keeping down the noise, with no attempt to resolve the situation. I think this is poor store management, especially after I confronted the line breakers and nothing was done by the store. Any idiot could manage this situation, since there were scores of customers behind me in line to confirm the situation. I will not return to this particular store ever!!!

  • I have been a Palais Royal customer for many years and can remember when I left for College, it was one of the only department store credit cards I had. I was so proud to have my own credit card and was very careful with my spending. The sales staff were helpful and polite. I truly valued being an independent card holder and not sharing a card with my mom. Here lately, I have had the worst experiences at Palais Royal…and not at just one–several. The League City store is by far the worst with regard to customer service. Those ladies will run to the back to avoid helping or they will ignore you and act as if they are doing inventory. The Gulf Freeway store is dirty and disorganized. The merchandise is piled on top of each other and no one cares to offer you any assistance. At both stores, I have never been offered any sale information. What has happened to your quality of services. It has taken a deep dive from what I can see to no return!

    Dissatisfied 30-year card holder

  • Does anyone actually work at the Angleton store? Today, I went in and selected several items for purchase, but when I looked for a clerk to check me out, there wasn't one to be found anywhere. I wandered through the part of the store I had been shopping in and even looked in a couple of different departments for someone to help me, but to no avail. The only people I saw were several other customers. I finally gave up and put the items back. I had already spent between 20 and 30 minutes shopping, and, now, I wasn't able to make the purchase. This used to be a good store. In the past, I never had a problem finding a clerk. However, for the last 6 months to a year, the quality of customer service has declined dramatically. Clerks almost seem to "hide" from customers. This is unacceptable. I don't like having to hunt for a clerk in any store where I shop, and this seems to be the norm at the Angleton location now. If they want my business, there will have to be some changes for the better. I've already stopped shopping there as much as I used to. I don't want to see this store close, but I doubt I'm the only person who's noticed and is frustrated by this poor treatment, and that might be what happens if customer service doesn't improve.

  • The store in Huntsville is so outdated. The fixtures will snag your clothes if you do not watch carefully. Half the registers have issues either the credit card machine does not work or clerk has to print off slip to be signed because keypad does not work. Last evening I was checking out in men's department and had my mothers payment but because it was a check. The clerk said that register did not accept checks so we went to another. The carpet is stained but the store is clean just looks so outdated and not a good shopping experience. Several of the Hispanic ladies that work there are very blunt and rude toward none Hispanic customers. I personally do not like being ask about purchasing magazines with ever single purchase. And I feel pressure from clerks if I do not want to use my Palais Royal credit card. The clerks must be under pressure from management to make sure the cards are used. And when I was shopping at Christmas it was always very busy and store was understaffed. The clerk that waited on me ask me if I would mind if she took a restroom break between customer ahead of me. I told her that was perfectly fine. She came back super fast. I ask her how long it had been since we had a break – she told me she had been there since 10 am and it was close to 3PM in the afternoon. She said they were very busy but no one had come to give her a break or tell her to go to lunch. This is not a good way to treat employees. My heart went out to her (I bought a $1 water and gave to her which she said she could not have at the register but thanked me). HELLO MANAGEMENT – take care of your employees!!!

    • That's part of the problem is how some managers miss treat certain employees. I asked to miss for my grandpa funeral and I haven't been scheduled since.

  • I usually have great experiences at palais royal in spring texas on Kuykendahl. Today however I waited 15 minutes for gift wrapping. While cashier complained that she could wrap but it would not come out nice:/ then Uzma came to me saying their location does not do gift wrapping. That I can only buy a prewrapped box. One of my membership perks is the free gift wrapping! I had to pay for a darn box after waiting all that time hearing the bickering of the lady not wanting to wrap:( Can someone please verify if this correct or were the employees just being lazy! Very upset!

  • I am sad that the Bay City Palais Royal has become like a thrift store. It is unorganized and they keep old merchandise forever. The staff do not care about the customer, it is "just a job". How sad for our little town. This store needs help. I am not sure the management is up to standard.

  • I have been a shopper at Palais Royal for years but have been disappointed this year. It seems like the discount coupons I get in the mail are already expired. Marketing needs to be more efficient and make sure coupons are mailed on time. Kohl's is doing a much better job in getting their discount coupons to their customers on time.

  • I went to the new (moved) Palais Royal in Pearland yesterday to use my coupon that was $10.00 off a $25.00 purchase. I found a pair of jeans that I liked. They were $50.00 with 50% taken at the register. When I went to check out the clerk said my purchase was $24.99, not $25.00 so she wouldn't let me use the coupon. She said I could purchase another item then get my $10.00 off. I had looked over the whole store and didn't find anything else I wanted prior to checking out. I told her repeatedly that 50% of $50.00 is $25 not $24.99. She wouldn't budge. I asked her that is she really going to fight with me over a penny? And that their sign didn't say sale of $24.99, it was 50% off. I turned around, gave my coupon to the lady behind me, and told the clerk that I would never shop in one of the Stage stores ever again. That included Bealls too. I've been shopping at Palais Royal for years. I've spent a lot of money there, but no more. To lie to me about the sale and argue with me over a penny, was a major insult. I can guarantee that since I've told my girlfriends and my 4 sisters, they also refuse to shop there too. Hope that penny was worth it!

  • Palais Royal commercial – The mother is asking the child if they can go shopping. Who is in control of the house? The child does not even give eye contact to the parent.
    Wrong message Palais Royal.

  • It seems like every time I go shopping at the Palais Royal in Bay City tx, they are always changing the signs when you get to the cashier to pay. I went and there were buy one get one free signs posted all over the store in every department. So I load up and get what I wanted, a whole armload full of stuff, get to the checkout, and the cashier proceeds to tell me that nothing is buy one get one free and went while I was still standing there and changed every sign and told the other ladies to help her. Now this is not the first time this has happend. The spanish ladies that work thier are very rude. I am an avid shopper at Palais Royal and will NEVER EVER SHOP AT THE BAY CITY STORE AGAIN. I will now drive 40 miles to shop at the store in lake jackson. This is sad and I am not the only one who walked out of the store, everyone was shocked. Myself and two other ladies dropped their merchandise and walked out. Please go to this store and see what they do. thank you.

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