Papa Johns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Papa John’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

2002 Papa John’s Boulevard

Louisville, KY 40299

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-261-7272

Fax Number: 1-502-266-2925

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-547-7272

  • hi i was thinking of going to your store to buy a pizza, figured i go online first and check out the menu to help me decide what to get before i leave the house..But the only way i could look at your menu is if i entered into your site my personal info such as address and postal/zip code.. i do not like that at all, i wouldnt mind letting you know my city, but giving away my personal info is not something i want to do ..
    instead i looked up other pizza places in our community and yes i did not need to jump thru a bunch of hoops to simply see their menu and specials…so i went to the "pizza pizza" store here in toronto canada instead of papa johns… you should only be asking for personal info if we are ready to make a purchase online and not if we simply wanna browse your menu.. I wont waste my time clicking on your website again since you obviously dont want us looking at your menu !,,,,, you need to fix your site to allow potential costumers the ability to more easily view your products…. with so many pizza places to chose from why bother waste my time jumping thru hoops.

  • Papa John's still has 180 locations still doing business in Russia… As does Coca Cola. Please boycot these 2 companies until they suspend all business in that country.

  • So first let me say that with today's current staffing situations and supply struggles, I have been very forgiving when I go out to eat or order food to go. My husband and I have 15 restaurants in the Southwest and we are dealing with the same issues facing the service industry. With that being said, I have to say, my last experience with the Papa John's here in Frisco(Texas) on Preston Rd was sub par for your brand. I am an Attendance Clerk for an elementary school here and we decided to treat the staff for lunch last week. We ordered $160 in pizza and I gave the very kind delivery guy a $30 tip. When I started checking the pizzas, I noticed there were no sauce cups or pepperoncini's in the boxes. The sauce is one of the reasons why I choose Papa John's versus another company. When I asked the delivery guy about it he said "My manager told me that we don't give those out for large orders!" What? That makes no sense. So I called the store and asked to speak with a manager. I got this very brass lady on the phone who again said "we don't do that for large orders especially with the discount!" What discount? The tax exempt that you get to write off because it's a school? Then when I told her I was confused, she cut me off mid-sentence and shouted "I'll send him back with some sauce." About an hour later, we got 8 sauces. I don't quite understand why you wouldn't give sauce to someone who spent more money then less. It also said +sauce on the boxes so I would be concerned about possible inventory padding or inventory integrity. With our restaurants, If we didn't give bread, oil and herbs with our orders…we would hear about it. If one of my managers decided to make that decision, I would question their commitment to our brand and to customer service. I would take a hard look at your management at the location because I can tell you, I won't be using them again for anything and I will make sure my parents at our 700 student school are aware of this as well. The reference number on the receipt is 50786.

  • IM seeking to bring Papa Johns to #Saitama Miami Music Festival in June. this is a Festival to rise money for Tunnel 2 towers, Blood assurance, plasma drive, community outreach. we need great partners like Papa Johns to make this a great event in Miami please email me at

  • This is not the first time the local papa johns has failed me I ordered a pizza and Pepsi almost 2 hours ago and still have not received it The Mgr Devon Johnson says it was delivered but obviously to the wrong address and blames me for it I gave the right address but it still is not here because the delivery person went to the wrong address I spoke to Devon and he was very rude and hung up on me I am a disabled veteran and so I cannot go out to get food sometimes as was the case tonight I paid $50 for the food and tip and will probably not receive what I paid for This is not the first time Papa Johns has screwed up a simple delivery but it will be the last And judging by these other complaints your company does not care about pleasing people but also you hire some people as managers who could screw up a one-care funeral procession How difficult is it to deliver pizza? Guess you test your people and if they flunk the test you give them a job as manager Papa Johns socks and the pizza is really not that good even if the pizza actually gets to the person who paid for it I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • I work for Papa Johns,Store#1703. When I was hired on 1/18/2001 there was a 1000 sign in bonus. I would get 250.00 dollars every 250 hours. On 10/13/2001 per my request Devin Ledford Director of Operations sent HR Candice Gower and email letting her know that I have 478.64 hours and that my last two bonus should be on the next two pay period checks. Well that did not happen either and I had to wait another two weeks before I got my third bonus. I really should have gotten my last two bonuses in September. Getting my money every time has been a hard. On 11/19/2001 my last bonus was not on my check again. I texted Devin Ledford to find out why and I need that money for my Thanksgiving. But because neither Devin Ledford of Candice Gower didn't do there jobs correctly, Devin told me that I had to wait another two weeks. That was the last straw for me and I texted him and told him that's not fair that I have to wait again and that was unacceptable and unprofessional. He texted back and said I told you what they told me and to Stop texting his phone. I texted him and said Ok how bout you, Me and his boss Mark have a face to face on Monday. I know Devin Ledford is not going to have that meeting with me and that's why I'm typing my complaint and frustrations on here. Somebody needs to be accountable for not doing there job and ruining my Thanksgiving!!! Please somebody contact me I need that money before Thanksgiving. Signed Angry Employee!!!!!!

  • Having been used to receiving that tub of "butter" that fairly oozed like a lava flow onto the pizza, the dilution of it to a watery, runny and tasteless mess is unacceptable. Better that you provide no tub with each pizza than to experience such a cheap replica of your once-enjoyable addition.

  • The only reason I am giving Papa John's pizza a 1 star review is because their pizza tastes good. This is the only reason we have continued to go there. I will explain why they do not get anymore that 1 star.

    The last three times I have ordered from Papa John's they have been at least 15 minutes later than they said it would take. Now, I understand there are times someone will be late, but every time they are late they tell us it is because they are "busy." This is also the second time they did not bring peppers, cheese or plates like we requested.

    Tonight (The last time I will order from them) they delivered late like normal. When they arrived, I looked at the pizza and it was missing some of the toppings we ordered. I told the delivery driver I did not want the pizza and I would call to get a refund. The delivery person said she would not take the pizza but she would bring a new one with the correct toppings. We called the company and spoke to the manager. The manager said they would not bring us a new pizza unless we sent the other pizza to them. I told him the delivery driver would not take it back.

    I then told the manager I wanted a refund which he said he could not do. I told him I wanted to be refunded at least the amount of money for the extra toppings I did not get. The manager said he could not do this.

    The manager said he would give me a free pizza next time I ordered from them. I explained to him we were no longer going to their business (too bad their food is good).

    The restaurant is located at 9530 Hageman Road, Bakersfield CA. Please check Yelp to see all the terrible reviews this store is getting. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

  • I am boycotting your company because of your sponsorship of those flag and cop haters in the NFL. I hope others will follow.

  • You have an employee who states he works Greenville/Easley SC in management. This guy posted on our news station such disrespect for our law enforcement. We had an officer killed in a boating accident and this is his post Jacob Aaron Holland If he worked for the corrupt sheriffs office who cares. Do you really hire this kind of person for your business? He shows no respect for LEO's so what happens if your store is robbed? You have a real upstanding guy in charge is all I can say. This makes me want to never eat Papa Johns again. I mean look on facebook at his profile you may learn more than you want. and I live in Lyman just like him. All I can say is shame on him for his hurtful words and shame on you for not doing a background check on him.

  • Your Portland Oregon store on 145 division st is parking their delivery cars in a driveway blocking car traffic when there is parking in the lot my family and friends have all pledged to never allow another papa John's pizza in their homes I used to pick one up from another papa John's but will never go to papa John's again . On top of that I was sneered at by a rude employee all I got was an excuse that it is next to a dumpster it is as driveway the driveway is a one way I had to back my car backwards in a one way driveway if some on had hit me because you block the road I would have made sure they knew why I had to do this there is parking all over the lot can your drivers not use a parking space or does the company not care about anyone else

  • Tried calling customer service but no answer will try again. This has to be made known. The papa johns in parma ohio on broadview rd is a joke. Everytime i order from there with delivery the pizza is late. Im told by the drivers that its the managers fault. The first couple of times i was like yeah right but then i started to just do pick up. Well now i know that they werent kidding. Everytime i walk in the doors the one manager is yelling at someone but thats right after i follow her in from her being outside smoking. All of them stand outside right in front of the door and smoke. Very unprofessional. She yells at whoever wasnt outside about not answering the phone or not making pizzas. Ive been told she is the GM. Her name is Natasha. There have been people in street clothes behind the counter as well. As a customer how am i to know if the work there or not.i have been a gm in a food place, this is not the way to run a business. There are managers driving orders when there are drivers standing around. Yes ive sat and waited on my pizza and i pay alot of attention its a second sense for me since ive been a gm. This store is always in disaray and dirty. Its the closest one to me and i love the pizza but i cant give business to this one anymore unleas there are some mahor changes. Such as a new gm and some new people employed there. This is a tragedy that the company people uphold as a good business is not really a good business. Unfortunately alot of customers will quit ordering and the business will close. Word of mouth is deadly for a business

  • I enjoy Papa Johns Pizza and have never had a problem with their service. However, Papa John should stay out of politics and stay away from comparisons to Germany. A 90 day wait is not the same as what happened in Germany in 1867.

  • Regarding John Shattner's recent comments, Never again will we buy this company's food for our family or school events. Mixing politics (or religion) with business profits is just a stupid idea. It only offends a significant part of our now LESS GREAT country. Of course once you are worth 240 million dollars, I guess it will not matter what we average or poor Americans do. Find yourselves a local small-business pizzeria, and support that instead.

    And as a Peyton Manning fan, sad to see his involvement in the business side of the company. Still a great U Tenn and NFL star, but the shine on his star just dimmed in my mind.

  • Sam gil
    After reading through most comments is a wonder how papa johns is still in business. Does not appear to have their customers in mind. Well mine goes along the same line. Ordered the new deep pan pizza….my opinion….dump it. I went to pick it up paid and left. At home 3 hungry middle schoolers. We served ourselves and almost at the same time. We all said. This is terrible, junk, an s word. And spit it out. Could not make my grandkids swallow it. So I loaded them in the car and drive 20miles one way to Lucas pizza where we had the best pizza we ever had. Unfortunately is far. So now I have traveled a total of 60miles (20to get papa John's). I write papa John and filed a complaint. Email came back apologizing and offering me another pizza. Still upset with my experience I responded with the following: if I did not like the first pizza why in the heck would I want another. End of problem….no. The same guy writes me back(which I still have) he did not appreciate my rudeness. Well Mr. W I did not appreciate your pizza or your rudeness. Guess that is how papa john trains its employees. This is in my opinion harassment. He did not need to reply nor tell me how rude I was or not. II DOUBT THAT ANYONE WILL READ THIS NOr WILL THEY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Everything is smiles and courtesy in the commercial. Maybe they should spend some money training their employees and and making better pizza.

  • here is a detailed version of what happened. the delivery man walked into my hotel room asked me if i was living there monthly, asked how much i paid for the room, then asked how many people were staying in the room. then gives me his wives card and says i can live in his vasement for 800 dollars. then asks for my phone number which is on the receipt for the pizza. very scary and in my opinion harassment. all i wanted was a pizza

  • jupiter store makati city, Philippines
    good afternoon mam/sir im gerald calzado im working at papajhons jupiter store in makati city mag complaint lang po ako sa manager ko dahil my mga oras po ako na duty na hindi po binayaran at habang ako po ay naka break ako po ay inuutusan kahit gusto ko tumanggi ayoko naman po baka kasi mapag initan ako at ang pagpalit po nila ng schedule ng mga member nila tulad ko pinapalitan ng walang confirmation sa empleyado nila alam ko po na madami na nag complaint sa company ng papajhons dahil po sa maling pamamalakad ng management itong complaint ko ay seryoso at kakasuhan ko dfin po ang manager ko ng paninirang puri dahil sa pagmumura saken at pagbibintang ng masamang salita nakahanda na din po ako mag sumbong sa labor pag hindi po naayos itong complaint ko ayoko man gawin ito pero dapat para magawan po ng action ng owner ng company na alisin ang masamang ginagawa ng management madami na din po ako alam sa mga maling ginagawa ng management wag nyo na po sana hayaan mas masira pa po ang reputation ng company nyo sa madalas na complaint ng team member nyo sana po mabigyan po ako agad ng action ng company at mabigyan po ako agad ng feedback ASAP this is my number 09468576455 willing ako makiapag cooperate sa mga gusto nyo pa po malaman about sa management namen sa jupiter store in makati city thank you..

  • Shame on Papa John's for not thoroughly vetting their franchisee's!! They allow these crook's to roll into a hard working town, glad hand the local contractor's, and then allow the franchisee's, the people that stand as the representatives of their corporation, deceive and cheat the very people they are sell pizza's too. I am not sure how the Owner can go on TV, flanked with three (3) NFL mega millionaires, and use the word "Honest" in the delivery of their message. The organization is not only dishonest, because they do not stand behind the brand they represent, they are complicit in the action of their franchisee. If the Rocklin and Roseville California operations never sell a pizza, that wouldn't hurt our feelings one bit!! Shame on you, and remove the word "Honesty" from your commercials. It makes it seem like a punch line, instead of a tag line!!

  • Store #1432
    WASHINGTON, DC 20020-1309

    I am a valuable customer who frequently eats at your establishment. Therefore my complaint should be addressed. On average, I spend $15.00 – $25.00 when I patronize your company. The reason I eat at your restaurant is because my past experiences have been good ones.

    I was recently accused of simply living in SE which is discriminating. I placed an order at approximately 8:27pm on 1/17/16 online to your establishment, and after not receiving my order for an 1hr and 20 mins I placed a call to the store #1432. A male answered the Phone so I then proceeded with inquiring about my order. He stated that he has my order, the driver went out to deliver the order and no one answered the phone so THEY TOOK THE ORDER BACK. I let him know that I did not receive a phone call and then asked him WHY DIDN'T NO ONE KNOCK AT MY DOOR IF YOU COULD NOT REACH ME BY PHONE. As I mentioned before I am a customer that orders quite often so never before has it been an issue where the driver had a problem with delivery to my door. The guy on the phone than proceeded to say, for the safety of our drivers we no longer allow them to deliver to the door. Because of crimes of being robbed/hurt we do not allow them to deliver to the door. Again I've never heard of anything like this before. I than reminded him the slogan on every pizza box that says "Special Delivery Reminder, Reward your driver with a tip for outstanding delivery services and he abruptly stated I don't care if it' $5, $10, or $15 tip it's not worth my employee's life. At this Point, I felt very HURT, DISRESPECTED, AND DISCRIMINATED ON because there is no activity at all going on outside my door, I have a disabled husband and daughter and is unable to come out to get my order on top of being refused to have it delivered to my door. I then proceeded to let him know that I will be contacting your regional office/corporate of this matter and he said I DON'T CARE! TELL WHOEVER I'M GONNA TELL THEM THE SAME THING! Then he asked if I would like to speak with the driver and proceeded to give the phone to the driver. I believe the Manager I spoke with was Ulises but I don't know the other guy''s name. My food was delivered at 10:20 pm, ( almost 2 hrs after placing my order) and was very cold.

    Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like a full refund of my order and also a letter of reprimand for the employee involved or termination of employment, because, being an ordertaker for a prestigious company such as Papa John's entails almost pristine customer service skills. It seems as though he lacks that and most likely will not attain them continually working in such an environment. I understand fully that there's sometimes the event of an unsuspected incident that might takes place but crime is everywhere and that's something you cannot assume on anyone just because of there address, that is not my fault. My husband and I are just the customers and the customer is ALWAYS right.

    I suppose I still might eat in that establishment again, but don't count on me recommending that location to people I know, because I doubt I'll give it a good word. Would I be willing to patronize that location again if you fixed the problem? Yes.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I hope to hear from you very soon

  • Ordered from store number 2366 and was once again disappointed. We have had a lot of issued in the past, (when your food is done right it is delicious!!) one such incident was ordering large pizzas which were really medium pizzas that arrived in large boxes. We were told that pizzas shrink. Really. Ordered tonight and got 2 delicious pizzas. The brookie was so bad we couldn't eat it. It ruined the meal for us all. Kids walked away from the table!! Burnt all around the outside, seemed to be uncooked in the middle. The burnt taste was through out the brookie. Truth be told, the dog wouldn't eat it. We called to get money back ($6) but were offered a free pizza instead. ( this supposes that we would be ordering from you again.) For many years we were your biggest fans, but now it seems that there is something wrong with each order. (this is why we laid off ordering from you for a while) We would call and say how much we enjoyed your food when it was good, and called when it was wrong. We usually turned down freebies, and said just fix the problem for everyone.
    Just thought you aught to know why we not only won't be using you, and why we will not be recommending you any more either.

  • Papa Johns Female Delivery Driver defends herself during a robbery while delivering for Columbia Drive P. J. Restaurant. I think your management would agree that America has taken a turn for the worse since your company was founded. There are thugs on our streets who would rob and murder any of you for $5.00!!!!!!! Would you deliver your product in bad neighborhoods unarmed if you lawfully could carry a gun? I know that I wouldn't. If I find out your company fires this employee for protecting herself I will no longer patronize Papa John's. Thank you for accepting my comment! "WE THE PEOPLE"

  • I ordered a large pizza from a store in Steeplechase Plaza, Ocala Fl. on Dec 23rd. for delivery. The pizza was dry, cold and tough. There was no cheese, hardly any sauce and it tasted like cardboard. I swear this had been left over from the day before. I had company and was so embarrassed. Needless to say I will never call them again.

  • I went to papa johns on west walnut street johnson city , TN. There is a sandwhich shop beside of papa johns. I called in an order at the sandwich shop and was going to order a chocolate chip pizza for people from papa johns. There was a sign that states parking for papa johns only, otheres will be towed. I parked right in front of the sign, because i was going in to papa johns after i picked up my sandwhich from the shop. I parked right in front of the sign. I came out of the shop in approximately 5-10 minutes. My car was gone. The tow truck no where in site. I went to papa johns , and the manager immediately called the number to the tow truck . I spent 150$ in cash for the towing of my car. The manager stood there by the window calling the tow truck on people. Its weird the tow truck's fee changed once i asked for a receipt. Then it gets worse : the distric manager called me. I just received a phone call from the distric manager. Thank you for calling me back in a timely manner. However the distric manager would not allow me to speak and share my horrible experience with this store. All she kepy on saying was there is a sign that states vehicles will be towed. HOwever i was not arguing that there was not a sign. I was trying to say that i was getting a dessert pizza , i parked right in front of the sign. Why would i do that if i wasnt going into papa johns? So all the phone call did from the distric manager was prove to me that your managers are incompitent, not willing to listen to customer complaints, and wanting to make certain she is in the right. This is not good customer service. She interupted me and told me to let her finish speaking. Is this the way you would like to be treated? Also she said " well thats what you are saying you did." Speaking about me getting a dessert pizza. I said " now you are calling me a liar?" Why would i park in front of the sign if i was not going into papa johns???? I will never step foot in a papa johns. I will be sure to let everyone at work , school, facebook, twiiter, about how i was treated at this papa johns. I completely understand why the place did not have a line. Unfortunately if customer service is presented in this manner from your distric manager , the store will stay that way. She was very disrespectful and had an attitude to her tone of voice when i returned her call. She was not willing to listen fairly and to my side of the story. All she kept on saying was " there is a sign and thats for papa johns customers" I said i would have been a customer , if my car had not been towed. She respnded with , you were in there long enough to have a tow truck come. No, Your employees are montioring the parking lot , i had a to go bag in my hand. I had to pay 150$ because i did not get to papa johns quick enough to get my chocolate chip pizza. The distric manager does not even want to apologize. Thats the worst management i have ever had an experience with. The distric manager just wanted to say there was a sign. OK, i am not arguing this. DO NOT HAVE THAT DISTRIC MANAGER CALL ME AGAIN UNLESS SHE APOLOGIZES FOR BEING RUDE. IF you would like to solve this issue , have someone with manners and intelligence call me and discuss this with me. It is not an intelligent conversation for someone to say " theres a sign" and tell me the size of it. I know what the sign looked like i parked in front of it!!!!

  • I have the worst experince at the pappa Johns location on old spanish trail in Houston, Tx has poor service, they dont put enough topping on their pizza's really, i have left several message with the service line and i have yet to hear back from them very unproffesional

  • Customer ID: 29734453
    Online Order Number: 282112864
    Order Type: Delivery
    Method of Payment: CASH
    Estimated Ready Time: 30 – 40 minutes


    Papa John's # 989
    822C S MAIN ST

    and again they can not find my house… all the way from right next door… tonight I spoke to the driver 4 times, he was at a different neighbors house each time… even when asked "do you see the red roof house?" "yes" im behind it…. same driveway…. so again I am done with papa johns, here at home, from work, and from everyone else I can stop from ordering… at least this time the driver did not give up, last time I called 2hrs after my order, and the manager said she couldn't find your house…. and never thought to call or anything… "papa, you grew to fast and your customer service has fallen" how about getting these drivers an OLD PAPER MAP…. instead of the idiot box gps. thanks for disappointing me yet again Pete M

  • Ok Albany GA folks.. If you order pizza from PAPA JOHNS ON WESTOVER RD PLEASE LISTEN UP– If you order delivery please request that you REQUEST THE DRIVER NOT be the EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE drugged out looking white guy driving the 4door red car (a Nissan I think). I had verbal altercation with this psycho right in the papa johns parking lot after he almost backed into me. He was in uniform and on the clock when he left his vehicle and came up to my truck acting crazy, with Mason in the back seat. Terry, the manager on duty was not concerned with this incident and clearly has no interest or ability in handling this guys outbursts. He should not be allowed to go to peoples homes under the pretense that papa johns has somehow determined him safe to do so. I have filed a formal complaint with their corporate office and have no doubt that the papa johns corp and the owner of this location will take this as seriously as the store manager should have. I will never do business there again but if you do keep this bs in mind please. I'm still thinking about filing am incident report with APD. He approached my car, and screamed into my window and when he did I got my taser out of my purse and thought I may have to defend myself. I remained in my vehicle and rolled up my window due to the fact that my three year old was strapped into the back seat. If not I'm sure things would have escalated before the police arrived. I dialed 91 and he got into his car and left.

  • I have been calling cooperate because I worked at a papa john in clinton md. I know for a fact they smoke weed on the job. The manager Steven willis fire people without even following tje right way to do it. He yells and he don't know how to talk to anybody. I left them voice messages and he still hasn't told me. Its ok I am getting my lawyers involve. MAURICE GREEN AND STEVEN WILLS GET PAID AND STEVEN WILLS THE GM DOES NOTHING BUT SIT ON HIS BUTT AND FALLS ASLEEP AT WORK. THEY SMOKE WEED AND HE KNOWS AND LET THEM DO IT. GET SOMEBODY IN THERE WHO KNOW HOW TO MANAGE THE STORE OR I WILL KEEP COMPLAINING AND BRING PEOPLE IN THAT CAN GET THE JOB DONE.

  • I place an order today for two pizza and a soda the order came to $27.00 and then I used the flyer code half off so my total was $13.50 when I got there the girl said I place and order for buy one get one and I told her I didn't place and order for buy one get one so she proceed to print me a receipt for buy one get one and it came out to $12.75 so then I said to her so if I was getting a buy one get one why does my receipt say $13.50 she said I don't know but if I wanted my soda I would have to pay $2.50 for it doesn't make sense to me pay again. The one reason I am letting you know about this because you are running the special all week and the employee need to know what special are running so their is not a lot of customer, having a problem with this. My customer number is #484938 and my phone number is 302-478-4952 my phone number has change also I think the girl rung up the wrong code so that where the problem came in, where is my left over money going just a thought.

  • Hi, I work at a Papa Johns and recently I took a 7 hour shift, with no breaks.
    Even when i tried to go to the bathroom it was difficult.

  • Anonymous July 29,I order a pizsa, from Papa john from the Columbus,Ga area Busta Vista.rd the meaning rudes manager i talk to i told him i recieve a two pizza an thin chrust was good and i put the pizza in every one plate to eat Ieat last an were hungry after church an thinking the pizza was fine an ibit in it an i say the pizza dough taste uncooked again so i did not eat any of the regular pizza any more my stomach start feeling bad i could not believe this the second time they uncooked my pizza still hungry call to the the manager he bossy telling us what to do go an count the pizza then going to say this ant the first time you complain abut a pizza you just want a free pizza i paid $28. DOLLAR an disafily i been a caustomeer every since they use to have a resturant here now just a pick up more than 25 yrs ago an i have the right to complain if it not right fix it i cook to maybe his oven something wrong with it an to cheap to fix it any way he was so rude an he wanted to give me a small an be done with it i say no i want what i order an he push me to my limited i call back an he was still rude i came up there later in the evening they said he was not there then one overweight lady said he talk to her i remember he ant going to exchange that an the other manager came up an start acting courtesy an start acting like he going to fix it then they went back in the back the manager hiding back there telling them what to say no he not going to exchange nothing an i can no longer come to his store or order anything for them there was just one black girl she said mam i am sorry about your pizza i next thing i know it me an my daughther was giggle at cause that refuse to treat me right an i was totally in shock i ask for my box back an i left he tore off what was on one of the box that had the pizza still in it an i wanted my money back caustomer was in there while they was been rude they did not care.they try to huminlate me i have to admit i was mad i had 6, people trying to feed an i still had to fix my family something else after i bought this pizza in church allday that evening dealing with the devils after church as the saying go (God dont like ugly ) an everyone of them has to meet there maker one day we all do including me i treat people right an been a good caustomer an sent them business for years no more. I use to send pople ther military people ther an people in the community we may order 20, pizza in the community often not anymore papa john i call one other business, compare him to this man he told me i am sorry about your experience i will make you a happy caustomer an would have check the oven he said if i was in his area, he would send me a pizsza out an when i am ready to make up for that pizza he would treat me right i know there is good management an there is lozy management an if you dont have caustomer service traing and respect for the people that been faithful giving bussines to you for over 20 yr an more something wrong with you well, military , schools, church family can say so lone PAPA John, ON BUSTA VISTA RD.

  • This evening I ordered a pizza from the Wooster,Ohio store. I was told that it would be ready for pick-up in 35 minutes. When I got there, I was told that it would be ready in 7 to 8 minutes. I waited, after 25 minutes,I asked if it my pizza was ready yet. I was told it would be another 5 minutes. Finally 40 minutes after arriving, I got my pizza. What a shock!! The sausage was either spicey or sweet. No consistancy. The sauce was runny and blah. Some of the onions and green peppers wre cooked and some were raw and very crunchy. The crust was thin in some places and thick inothers. It was NOT the pizza that I have come to know and crave. If this is better pizza then lord help us. If you truly stand behind your product, then I hope I hear back from you. If not, then it tells me everything I need to know.

  • My car was sitting at a mechanics garage when along came someone with a flyer for Papa Johns. It then rained and I had to take a razor blade to scrape the flyer off my windshield because it stuck like glue. Needless to say I WILL NOT be going to Papa Johns again and I hate to give them up because I like there pizza BUT the flyer was not worth the scratches I got on my windshield!

  • Dear papa John I am so pissed about a order I made to day at 9:00 I didn't revive my pizza till 11:00 I will post the rest of my complaint tomarrow to upset right now Ashley

  • Erie PA
    I ordered two pizzas from the PPJ at 3870 peach street (that i have bee gong to for years) they were doughy, so much they were inedible. I called and asked if i could switch them out for two cooked pizzas. Until today i have Never had a problem with them. I took them up and the manager said if these arent to my liking to order "well done" pizza next time i order… I informed him u was unaware i had to order well done to get a completely baked pizza.
    I got the pizzas home, not only were they just as raw, they were sitting in a puddle of grease. i called the manager and asked what they were doing different. He said they just had a corporate visit 3 hours prior ad they told them they were rolling the dough with the needle roller thing too much and they need to do it less…..
    Good excuse eh?
    I told him after going to his store for years, i will not be back. He never tryed to make it right, refund my 23 dollars, or just plainly make me two BAKED pizzas….
    Thank you papa john, i will Not be back.
    3870 Peach St

  • I ordered a pizza on-line (Tues) after the game on Monday to get the special. I ordered it at 4:36 to be delivered at 6:00. (1 1/2 hrs should be enough lead time?) When I called at 6:15 the "person" on the other line said, "oh, it is in the oven now". I asked when it would be delivered and she said she did not know. "We only have Three drivers" It arrived shortly before 7:00 pm and was cold. Apparently, even though I thought I ordered by credit card, it said cash but by then the driver was on the phone and someone told him "to just give it to us". We order almost every week, have had a few issues in the past (never complained except to the store)as well but this was uncalled for. The driver was pleasant as he has been here several times before but it was not his fault. He said when he arrived at 5:00 that there was a big order and that took precident to everything else. So, may be on the search for a new pizza place!!

  • There are several Papa John's in my area and until they rethink their position on health care for their employees and stop throwing them under the bus I will be taking my business elsewhere and encourage all of the people I know to do the same. Shame on you for sacrificing their livelihoods for your political beliefs, you are not a business I will support. Total abuse of power!

    • You libs are not going to have any restaurants left to go to! LOL Oh, wait you can still go to those place that let you pay what you feel is the right price. Those places work great….Sarcasm….

  • Take the money from those 2 million pizzas you give away for free and put it towards healthcare for your "Loyal" employees.
    They have families to support and take care of. Everyone needs health benefits. You are so immature to take your feelings out on your employees and cut back their hours because Obama won the election. We used to order pizza from you practically every week like clockwork. This household is a Papa John's FREE zone now. NO Papa Johns in this household. You are not a man…… are a coward. By the way…..we live right behind your corporate headquarters. You spent a lot of money there too.

  • Ya lol can not get insurance for your employes, but your giving away 2 million pizza mmm this company and john is really in left field someplace lol.

  • 3029 Stores? How much profit do you need to maintain your lifestyle. Because you plan to charge more for pizza because poor baby has to make health care available to his underpaid employees, I will no longer buy your products.

    • No one ever asks Obama about his lifestyle and Obama has never created a job that did not take taxes from someone to pay their salary.

    • and mitt has created thousands of jobs BY EXPORTING LABOR TO CHINA AND CLOSING BUSINESS'S HERE IN USA.


  • Was a sometimes Papa Johns customer. Never again. Why you say? Because using the excuse that a majority of your fellow citizens are wrong and your right is about as stupid as it gets. Then using that as an excuse to punish your employes is not only stupid but….criminal stupidity.

    Former customer in PA

  • I ordered my last Papa John's pizza Friday night — before I heard the news about the owner's political comments. What a fool! I am going to pass this to my entire email list — post of Facebook.

  • Give your employees health care. Just like all Americans, they deserve it.
    Until you quit your whining and give them health care, I will no longer patronize your establishment.

  • Now that Papa John's has shown that they are political puppets of the right they will never get another order from me. To deny people wages in order to make a political statment is simply wrong.

  • I have recently learned that "Papa John" has made some outragous comments and decisions affecting employees that are unbelievable. I want you to know that because of "Papa John's" actions I will no longer buy pizza from this company. In addition, I work in the hotel business and "Papa John's" has a rewards program for employees working the front desk, after 10 referals the desk agent will receive a free pizza for sharing "Papa John's" to guest staying at their hotel. It is my intention to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tell another guest staying with us to order anything from Papa John's and have removed all the brochures, business cards, menu's and their listing in our guest services directory. His decision to punish his staff over an outcome of an election is just unnaceptable.

    It is now my personal goal to contact every hotel in Florida alerting the desk agents to boycott any and all referals to Papa John's and the reasons supporting this boycott.

    Papa John's will loose my business, business of others, and business from the guest staying with us and numerous other properties because of his actions. Just as Papa John has picked this battle, I have choosen to pick the battle of starting a statewide boycott from all hotel referals and think this will be a campain in which will result in significant loss of sales for Papa John's.

    I have already contacted over 100 hotels and got the support of this boycott from about 60% of those I've contacted. This is a promising percentage in support of this boycott. The battle has been waged and now myself and the thousands I intend on contacting will ban together to hinder the sales in the State of Florida and perhaps nationally once this boycott becomes stronger and people see Papa John for the type of person he is by his words and actions. Many will align with me in this battle.


    John M / Ocala Florida

    • that's a bunch of bull Papa john is not the issue here It's the health care bill that was shoved down are throats by Obama Pelosi and Reed.

      You want to blame it on an election thats the BS I cant take. You haven't seen anything yet wait till that plan comes into effect. It will effect our wallets as well as our health care system. It will move us closer and closer to mediocracy. You want to boycott Papa John and give a BIG pass to the politicians that have allowed this fiasco to happen in the first place. Your disgusting thinking makes me wonder about our country and the people in it.
      Why don't you take that animosity and use it toward something productive like a new Pizza chain with you and all your employees with health care. You might have another point of view if you were a leader running a successful business and someone who trying to have their business survive in this economy. NO you'd rather have 1/2 them out of job and the other half that remain with health insurance.

      One word for you Loser

  • My wife has brought home two pizza's almost every week for as long as I can remember, that ends now. Your disregard for your employees and the Affordable Care Act is a horrible thing. By the way do your employees know that while you skimp on their wages and benefits you have no problem flying you bevy of Bimbos around the country. So apparently it does pay to "SUCK".

    • Await my comments and join me in this fight to make Papa John accountable for his words and actions throught a significant loss of revenue.

      John M / Ocala Florida

  • I purchased a pizza on line and paid online, I ordered 1 large pizza, some breadsticks and a 2 litre of Seirra Mist. My son and his wife were coming over and I asked him to pick it up for me and he did, when he got here there was no soda. I called the papa johns store, which took about 15 rings before a very bored girl pick up the phone so I told her what had happened and she said well why didn't he just take it out of the cooler, it was not her job to make sure that he got it. The girl I spoke to was so ignorant I could not get it accross to her that I am the customer and when someone picks up an order it should be presented to him. She said for me to come and get the soda. The pizza was not good either, didn't even finish it. We live about 16 miles from papa john's it would cost more in gas than th price of the soda.

  • Tonight I went to a Papa John's location in Springfield, MO on 1037 South Glenstone avenue. When I went in to purchase and pick up my pizza, I had to wait around five minutes just to have an employee help me. With other people behind me waiting as well, an employee finally came out. With me being first in line, I went up to the counter to tell him the name of my order and pay. Before I could say anything, he said he couldn't help me until another individual got his order taken care of. I waited thinking I accidentally jumped in front another person in line. The shocking thing is the other person wasn't waiting at all. They were standing at the side of the store looking at the menu!!! When they explained that to the employee, the employee still then insisted that everyone wait on that one individual!!! I explained that I had exact change and that I just needed to pick up a pizza. After I payed and left, I called the store location to make a complaint to the manager. When I was able to talk to the manager about the situation I found out the rude employee WAS THE MANAGER!!! When I explained that I felt like myself and the other customers waiting in line were mistreated, he said that "he didn't care". Furthermore, when I explained that I wouldn't be back to his store, he said, "Lady, I don't think you understand-I DON'T CARE". If all Papa John's locations are going to serviced like this, I won't be back, and I'll let all my relatives and friends know about it.

  • i waited fifty four minutes for delivery no wendsday, the delivery boy came to the door and said he had sat in the parking lot for ten minutes cuz he didn't know what apartment it was in. I got the bill on my account and it was ten dollars extra. The delivery boy did not bring a receipt so i have no idea how he got a ten dollar tip unless he wrote it himself. I never signed the receipt giving them permission to take any money out let alone ten extra dollars. I want my money back i do not want to have anything to do with a buisness that does this junk. How would i get my money back

  • I ordered a pizza and breadsticks delivery wendsday it was 17 something total, i was charged almost 28 dollars on my debit card. How can i get my money back i called the store down here in Somerset, but they would not give me my money back. How would i go about getting my money back??

  • delivery boy: pretty cool
    food & service: very poor, they sent my business the WRONG ORDER and the Manager of Store#1993, BRENDA was rude and did not even seem in the slightest to care about making my order correct. WHAT HAS BECOME OF PAPA JOHNS!!!!???? I HAVE LIVED IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA DAMN NEAR MY WHOLE LIFE and never been treated this badly!!!!!! she didnt remake the items they didn't send ranch for (i payed extra for this rancho 2, which wasnt there) ALSO they sent me some girl named megan's pizza (which was pretty gross btw megan ur not missin out on much, but i was so hungry i still ate half)

    i wasted an hour and a half of my peaceful life stressin about papa johns pizza.

    LONG STUPID STORY LATER -> just goto a different papa johns not the one on foothill blvd very fkn horrible experience with the Manager BRENDA !

    after all that they sent me the ranch i originally ordered, an hour late. and also they sent me the pizza i originally ordered, an hour late. but i have a stomach ache from BRENDA and the first crap the should have shipped to megan!


  • I just saw your article that you're raising the price of your pizza's because of the new health care law. First of all WHY do you insist on calling it Obama Care? And YOUR raising the price of pissa's only hurts YOUR business. Last I checked, you weren't at the top in pizza sales. YOU should offer your employees health coverage, it's the right thing to do.


  • I have 3 grandchildren that are now covered by health insurance because of Obamacare. I don't like threats! Raise your prices but be sure and raise them even higher to cover the cost of the pizza's that I (and anyone else I can convince) definitely won't ever buy from you again.

  • I love Papa Johns. However, after hearing on CNN they are against the national Healthcare Act and it will raise the price of a pizza by 14 cents for their employees' healthcare…this is silly. Employees should have the right to affordable medical care. Furthermore, 14 cents is not going to break the bank for any consumer.

    However, Papa John's support for Mitt Romney, well you lost a customer. Business and politics are not good ingredients in a pizza. Big mistake!

  • I ordered my meal at 11pm 6/29/12 from store #3050 in Inwood, NY, which was already extremely late for me. At 12:16am, the food had not arrived as of yet, so I called the store. The guy said he only had one driver and that there were a lot of orders. I gave him my order number, name and phone number at his request and he said that his driver was actually on his way to my house. At 1am, right as I had called the store to cancel the order, my doorbell rang. The delivery driver gave me the same story, and after giving him $40.00 to pay for the food, I brought everything in. I am highly disgusted and disappointed because one, I waited for over two hours for food. Two, the pizza was cold and three, one of the boxes of chicken wings had been ripped and looked as if it had been tampered with. I will never eat Papa John's again because this is the store that is closest to me and this was the most expensive meal that I've ever paid for… just because the food was inedible after I spent $40.00. I recently moved to this area, and the Papa Johns that I used to purchase from was the greatest. It was so great, that I had other people hooked on their pizza after coming to my house for gatherings. But now, I will never eat at another Papa Johns because of this experience… I don't care where it is. People who know me know I never write complaints, but this is something that has to be put in writing to warn others. If you go to, you will see that there are numerous complaints coming in from this store. I've started ordering my food from Dominos. The food is not as good as the Papa Johns I used to eat, but the customer service is EXCELLENT!! As well as their prompt delivery.

  • On July 7th, 2012 I Ordered a large Bacon cheeseburger pizza & cinnamon sticks I was very upset when I got home and my pizza was full of onions that I didn't ask for I couldn't eat it nor my family didn't enjoy it we threw it away if a customer don't ask for something don't put it on there I really threw money away. Not happy.

  • A worker at location Pennsylvania avenue south east Washington dc was so rude on the day of July,8,2012 at 6:15 pm she hung up on me talked over me and told me she will spit in my food when I get their . I will NEVER EVER ORDER FROM PAPA JOHN AGAIN I'm highly upset and can't believe they even allow people like her to work for them.

  • I order a pizza from store number 3116 in BX.NY. at 10; didn't arrive until 11;25, it was the fourth of JULY.When pizza arrived it was very salty,i called and spoke to the manager who was very rude he told me it was to late, no was coming back to pick up the pizza but he can give me a large pizza.I explained to him that i would be losing money and that;s not fair,his respond was take it or leave it.that is very unprofessional.

  • I walked into a store in Hampton VA. I was buying some pies for a nearby assisted living facility. It was a walk in/take out order. I pulled out cash. It was clear that I was paying with cash. They wanted my phone number. I refused. Then they wanted my name, my full name. I refused. Since when do I need a phone number and/or full name to buy pizzas with cash? I asked why. The only response was that's how Papa Johns "does it". They would not take my cash without me giving them info they have no right to have. I went to a local place down the street. They were glad to take my cash without my name or phone number.

  • I went to papa johns store #4029 yesterday and couldn't believe the service I received. They were having a problem with their system(which I wasn't told in advanced) and they charged my accout 4x. After placing a order I went to an atm and saw that my acct wasnt' right, that's how I found this out. I go back into the store while on the phone with my bank to let them know. My bank credited me back 3 charges. I wait for my food and they ask me for another payment. I told them I not making another payment because I already paid. They tell me it's not showing on their system. I call my bank again on speaker and they say it's paid. They did not want to give me my food. I went back and forth with them for over an hour before they gave me the food (which I think they only did because other customers were telling them that they were wrong). They were telling me to make another payment and bring back a bank statement and they would credit me. I couldn't believe this! I told them "no and I'm not leaving without my food!" If your a business and you know the fault is on your end you don't make the customer pay for your mistake. If anything they should have given me the food and apologized for their systems error. I'm not letting this go!

  • I ordered a pizza slightly before 11:00 am by phone from the Esplanade Papa Johns in Kenner, Louisiana. I asked how long the girl told me,about an hour. I said fine. 12:15 no pizza. I called and asked when the driver would be here. On the way. 12:30 no Pizza. I called back. Now the excuse is the computer was down. I told her that's not what you told me when I called you said the pizza was on the way. 12:42. I called for the last time. I asked for the manager. The girl said she was the manager. I explained that my office time clock was set 8 minutes fast and my lunch was over. I was not paying for the pizza because I had ordered the pizza almost 2 hours ago and it had still not gotten here. I asked how she was going to comp me and she told me to have the driver call and she wouldn't charge me for the pizza. I got the almost cold pizza after 2pm. The driver was very apologetic. She said she had to deliver um-teen pizza…yada,yada,yada.She was so sorry. Understood, but that still doesn't change the fact that I didn't get lunch. Will I order from this Papa Johns Pizza store again…NO. Will I call the competition…you bet. If this site is just for venting,then this was a waste of my time.Julia E. Morrow

    • Hello everyone normally I don't like to post anything negative in reference to any businesses but recently I have misplaced my wallet at a Papa Johns in Kenner on Williams and when I came back in the morning to retrieve it 280$ was missing from my wallet I called Kenner police department because the store owner said that protocol was we are not allowed to see the surveillance video only the police officer could. So to make a long story short the police officer said among 5 employees that touched my wallet the night manager who happen to have held the wallet for sometime faced a different direction against the camera and suspiciously kept the wallet in possession for a longer period of time. Now because it wasn't on camera we are out of 280$. December is supposed to be about giving and prosperity. I have no respect for an establishment that allows employees to get away with crime bc they were "too smart to not get caught."

  • I ordered pizza it was burned the store told me go else where to order pizza and i thought that was rude i spend alot of money there

  • Thursday night my wife and I decided to order pizza. We had been moving all day into our new home in Palm Coast Florida and were beat. At 10:15 she started the online ordering and it turned into a 30 minute task. What's up with that? She called the store @ 10:45 to place the order while explaining the online problem to the kid who picked up the phone. He was very rude and let her know they cllosed @ 11:00 pm and this was not good. I then got on the phone and asked if I should come up to the store and see the manager, he said he was the manager. Special. Our 1st and last time we will ever order pizza from Papa Johns. FYI, the pizza had way to much salt, the chicken strips were under cooked and the bread stick were cold as ice. Thank GOD Pizza Hut is just 2 miles away. Good luck with the store in Palm Coast!

    • as a NYC boy and having had Pizza glut exactly once, that you are dissing PJ's (i have never had it ever, thank god,), and praising the fact a Pizza Glop is 2 mles away makes me know in my heart I will never move out of NYC area. And I can make pizza excatly like a pizzeria in NYC, exactly. But sometimes ya gotta order cus ya need too many at one time. I can only do 2 15 inchers at a time.

      Of course, mine tastes better then a chain store crap in the box, and on par or better then the local stores. Of course I hand make everything except for growing grain, making sausage, canning tomatoes and yelling at customers. One day I will even put in a back yard brick oven. hhhmmmm mayhaps next year…

  • This site is not current on the date so how can I expect your online ordering to be correct… Today is Aprit 18, 2012

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012
    Papa Johns Corporate Office Headquarters
    Papa John's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
    2002 Papa John's Boulevard
    Louisville, KY 40299
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-261-7272
    Fax Number: 1-502-266-2925
    Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-547-7272

  • I have a huge problem with your online ordering site. I ordered a deal which was for 3 toppings on a pizza. The internet site would only allow me to see the meats. The vegtables were covered by the order tab creating a slight issue. I was able to select mushrooms as well. I continued the order and as soon as I placed it I called my local stre. I was immediately placed on hold. When the female answer the phone she told me I could not alter my pizza because it was made already. I am in shock and frankly not a happy camper. All I wanted to do was add black olives to the pizza. What kind of business is this that as soon as I ordered the pizza online I called to have it rectified and was told too late the pizza is already in the oven…. Well it has only been a few minutes between the order and someone answering the phone. I am not happy at all. What is up with your customer service? There are too many other pizza places to order from. For your reference, your online order number is 162504215 Papa John's Store #215
    9853 Brook Road, Ste. 101Glen Allen, VA 23059(804)262-4500

  • I live in Indian and I have all ready call the corporate off April 5 and they talk me that he store that that I had a problem would be calling me will guess what NO so I'm going to let you know Papa Johns that I will NEVER order for you again and plus the work I do we do use local pizza place not you all no more, shout out to Franklin Indiana they are rude…

  • I live in Camden, SC and I ordered a pizza and wings from our local store on Dekalb Street on March 19, 2012. I paid for the $24 order with my debit card and even left a tip for the driver. This is not my first time ordering from this particular restaurant, ordering online, nor paying online for delivery. Approximately 25mins after my order was placed, I received a call from a young lady employed with Papa Johns, stating to me that her delivery drivers did not want to deliver to my neighborhood after dark. Her reason for this was due to the fact they claimed to have received bogus orders from my neighborhood. She said that they would deliver this one time because I had already paid but in the future order before night time. This left me with tons of questions such as: If I paid for my order online, then shouldn't they know that my order is not bogus?, Why should the whole neighborhood suffer the consequences of a few people's actions?, Don't they see that I am a returning customer?, What does it matter if it is day or night? If an order is bogus…it's bogus! Why have I not heard of any instances where Papa Johns' delivery drivers were treated unfairly in my neighborhood?, Where is the police report?, Is this due to the fact that I live in a predominately black neighborhood? On your company’s website you state “As a high school student working at a local pizza pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Papa John's founder John Schnatter felt there was something missing from national pizza chains – a superior-quality traditional pizza delivered right to the customer's door.” Maybe this statement should be altered to state “… delivered right to the customer’s door unless it’s night time”. In regards to your claims of superior service, the only thing your company accomplished tonight was making me feel inferior because of my neighborhood.

  • I ordered a pizza from store 2726 in Lawndale, Ca last night. This was not a good experience.

    I am familiar with Papa Johns from Phoenix and use to order from them all the time, was my 'go to place for pizza'. We have ordered here in Ca twice now. The staff is not up to par. There was a "person in charge". The young man who answered phone never asked how I wanted to pay for pizza (which was charge). Which was an issue when pizza arrived. The pizza was stale (corners were drawn up like had been under lights very long time), cold, with barely any cheese, you could see the dough as there was little to none cheese & light sauce. This branch has very low ratings on Yelp and now we know why. No one cares that we spoke to. English is poor. Energy is low. Nothing makes you want to go back. Thought you should know. Please help them. And the young man on the phone needs more intuitive reasoning to carry on and English classes in pronunciation.No one apologized for the inconvenience of poor service or the cold+ pizza.

    • Trying to navigate around this corporate office site, it is no wonder papa johns standards are non existent. My local store is in Northport, AL. I have always enjoyed their pizza above all others, that was until recently. My wife and I learnt that to get a crust that we both liked, ie. not under done and doughy, we needed to order the crust well done. Ok, a little odd, but it seemed to work. That was until our last order. Ordered as usual, well done crust. That was an understatement. The crust and also the top of the pizza was so well done, it was burnt, the toppings not having dried out. I contacted the online customer service link and commented and complained. They noted it, and I thought reported it to the local store. Nothing was heard back. I contacted them back and again passed comment and how upset I was at not hearing from my local store. I thought that would at least provoke some kind of a response. To date, I have not heard a word, or received any communication from my local store. Even though they do not have the cheapest pizza, I would pay a little extra because of the quality of the pizza, but I will not be ignored. Papa Johns, you have not only lost me as a customer but also my family and anyone else associated with us.

    • I ordered 4 pizzas from your San Marcos store on Monday March 7th. at 12:30. I paid for them with a credit card and wanted the delivered the next day on Tuesday the 8th at 12:00. The address was the San Marcos Senior Center right across the street. I called the store at 12:10 because they were late. Tim told me it would be 20 more minutes before they would be there. I went and picked them up myself. Them was very rude. Said he had a lot of pizzas to make. Will never go back there and have spread the word to SENIOR CITIZENS. Hope the place folds….

    • here is a more detailed version of what happened. the delivery man walked into my room asked me if i was living there monthly, asked how much i paid for the room, then asked how many people were staying in the room. then gives me his wives card and asks for my phone number which is on the receipt for the pizza. very scary and in my opinion harassment. all i wanted was a pizza

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