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  • Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

8000 NE Parkway Drive
Suite 350
Vancouver, WA  98662
Corporate Phone Number: 1-360-260-7272


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  1. Love my Papa Murphy's in Costa Mesa, CA! Great service and staff. I go there a couple times a month and the product is always fresh.

  2. I was hung up on 3 times last night when trying to order…terrible customer service in this store in Rainbow City Alabama ….not friendly and the fact they put me on hold the first time and hung up on me…and then 2nd and 3rd time just picked the phone up and hung up on me again…the reflection of this franchise tells me from corporate…you just don't care…very poor experience..will go anywhere but to this company to give my business…

  3. This review is for the Thief River Falls, MN. store. I have been going in for sometime & usually am quite happy. However the last time that I went, 2/14/2017, I came away very unhappy. 1st- the girls were wearing their LONG blonde hair in a ponytail and a visor cap. But the fronts & sides were hanging down (for fashion reasons I am sure). Needless to say, when I cooked my pizza & took a bite I pulled a long, blonde hair out of my mouth. GAG! That was it! The pizza went into the garbage. 2nd- there were 2 gals & 1 guy working. The three were so deep in their personal conversation that the guy who made our Pappas Favorite made it like a Cowboys Favorite. I caught it before he wrapped it and he put ALL of the missing ingredients onto the top of the pizza that already had the top cheese on it. He added NO further cheese atop of the veggies. So when I cooked it, there was NO cheese and the veggies fell off everywhere & in general was extrememly subpar! That was 2 Large, classic crust pizzas thrown away due to bad & unhealthy prep. All that money wasted!!! I am debating if I should give them another try or go back to Pizza Hut or frozen. I am sooo unhappy about it. I tried to find their specific page but only found this one. Could you forward this to corporate & to the Thief River Falls, MN manager. Thanks. Bev R. in Minnesota.

  4. Please offer a Gluten Free crust for those of us who have medical issues with Gluten. I have MS and gluten(which is in white flour, wheat flour) I am allergic to and its detrimental to my condition. Having dairy problems as well I could have a pizza made on a gluten free crust, your sauce, mushroom, green peppers, tomatoes, chicken, and have my favorite pizza Papa M. Consider please. Thanks, Diane

  5. Hello. I thought I would write to you instead of a public complaint about the store in Fuquay-Varina, NC. I ordered 4 family size pizzas and cookie dough on line and the order could not be submitted due to a problem "with the store". Sent my husband there with written order for pizzas for a corporate get together tomorrow at noon. They could not understand an order for steak.garlic and green onion and I got green pepper, ground beef and red sauce. Also no cookies. Gave my husband cheesy bread! I called them and they blamed my husband for getting the order wrong when he pointed to the sign and ordered a number 1. Willing to fight me to the death when I called him to get the order straightened out. No cookies either. Pizza they made is gross! And I have to serve this tomorrow. Not happy at all. Will likely see you all at the IFA meeting Jan 29 as I am a franchisor, too. This franchise definitely needs to step up and at least know their products.

  6. The store in van Buren Arkansas is a joke. Grown men poking a 17 year old on the chest and the 17 year old used another 35 year old man as a stripper pole. When I made a post about it. An employee and the GM both were begging me to take the post down cause they have families. GM is doing nothing about this. Y'all need to be checking as far back as October on these cameras. Those cameras are evidence that these men involved with the 17 year old need to be in jail and y'all have the evidence.

  7. After many years of being a loyal customer we are very disappointed in your franchise operator at store number 03011 in North Phoenix, AZ. He is not honoring corporate or local coupons/discounts. He lays this at the feet of employees who by our new State law are to receive $10.00 per hour as of Jan 1, 2017. He will also be up-charging for a "labor charge" at that time. However, he did not honor a recent coupon for $8.oo family size, two ingredient pizza. Even more, we did not learn of this until after we traveled the store and saw a plain white notice at the register.
    This HAS been our favorite pizza store UNTIL NOW and for years, since it opened. We have never had a complaint. We love Papa Murphy's but feel slapped in the face by this owner. We have not yet made up our minds whether or not we will ever return or perhaps just buy our pizza from competitors from now on. Soooo disappointed!!

  8. My son was going to pick up a pizza on the way home from work…so I proceed to call in the order only to be told they don't take payment over the phone anymore. REALLY??!! Well folks…Dominos delivers!

  9. I currently work in the store in Victoria, TX. Is there a rule that says no one can be in the store alone? That happens every night, and in my opinion, it isn't a safe thing to do.

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