Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Papa Murphy’s Corporate Office Headquarters
8000 NE Parkway Drive
Suite 350
Vancouver, WA  98662
Corporate Phone Number: 1-360-260-7272

  • Saturday 5/28/22 7:36 I was disappointed at the young man that made our pizza was in a bad mood and was grabbing his face and mouth used the same gloves to make the pizza. I will not go back and I will let family and neighbors know.

  • I am extremely concerned as to why your stores that are preparing fresh pizza, handling fresh food and dealing with in person customers yet employees are NOT WEARING MASKS and are unvaccinated; as to their admission. What's even more appalling is that there were two signs, one on the entry door and one on the plexiglass at the check out counter, asking customers to follow the CDC guidelines of mask wearing, social distancing, and so forth. I find this unacceptable.
    When trying to reach out to a manager or owner at the store, I was told I was barking up the wrong tree and the phone call was disconnected; meaning the owner hung up. Is this the professionalism you are promoting as a company? Is there no correct email for signing up for surveys or communication? Is there no regard to a world pandemic and people's food being prepared and handled by employees who are doing everything in their power to keep customers and each other safe and free from transmission of this horrible virus? I am disappointed and never purchase a pizza through your company unless employees are wearing masks to protect your customers.

  • Last Tuesday, Feb. 5 2019, I went into the Sequim, WA Location Papa Murphys and ordered a gourmet vegetarian pizza. When it was rung up, I was surprised that it was $10.00 + TAX. I didn't expect it to be that and in my head i thought oh – $10 Tuesday. Today a week later, I went back for the same pizza. When it was rung up, it was more than last weeks. I said OH last week it was only $10+tax. I have no complaint about the price difference but my problem was with the Manager and staff working there at that time. Manager said they hadn't done $10 Tuesday in 2 years. OK,not a problem. He then proceeded to argue with me and said that I DIDN't get it for $10 last week. Everyone in there wouldn't even accept that maybe the person last week rang it up wrong! NO They kept arguing with me that I was wrong. The manager did NOTHING to try to diffuse the situation, he and his people just kept assainating my character and I did not appreciate that ONE BIT! I have worked in customer service for more years than I'd like to admit and the way he handled the situation was completely unprofessional and out of line! They were ALL out of line and it really made me MAD. Maybe it's time to change up the Manager and staff

  • Corp. Greed. Middle Eastern Mentality. The food has declined in Quality and the Corp. Leaders are Sucking off the profits and not concerned with the product or the investors. I bought my last Pizza from Papa Murphy's. The Crust had a taste that was sour, the Vegetables and Cheese are skimpy but the Pay to the Corp. leaders is very high for a company that has declined in value for the last two years. Too bad they had a great product but under the new management in the last two years has made the product unacceptable to me.

  • We have been a Papa Murphy's supporting family since they were Papa Aldo's here in the Northwest. Slowly but surely prices have steadily risen…just like everything else.
    Tonight while trying to place our online order I was AGAIN unable to use your discount codes to help lower the cost of our order. I contacted our local store and was told AGAIN that they've had several people go in and order and say the same thing. Unfortunately, this has been on going for MONTHS! This is NOT something recent, let alone something that has been corrected…we order Papa Murphy's a few times per month. We were originally ordering Papa Murphy's every Friday night for Pizza night along with another family, but their budget could not take the rising hit for the product they got in return.
    Well, your prices…let's talk about that here. When your "monthly special" is your Murphy's Combo for $14.00 for large and another $3.00 to family size it…I was in shock! But then to top things off, I was charged $18.50???? Since when is this a SPECIAL? By the time I add tax in, I am right up there with the cost of a COOKED PIZZA FROM A LOCAL ITALIAN RESTAURANT THAT TASTE A HECK OF A LOT BETTER!! No wonder SO MANY PEOPLE GET PIZZAS FROM COSTCO…they may not taste quite as good as Papa Murphy's but the price is SO MUCH EASIER TO SWALLOW and you can get TWO pizzas at Costco for the price of ONE AT PAPA MURPHY'S. The last time I checked and the reason why my family has always patronized Papa Murphy's was because it was very easy on the budget. Now, I get that cost overall have risen but totally feel that your pricing has gone WAY beyond where it should be for the product that you providing…that I STILL NEED TO COOK! We always use coupons when purchasing your pizzas to help offset the cost…but geez louise…even with coupons and the price is $20.00…NO, THE THRESHOLD HAS BEEN HIT and our family will be purchasing completely cooked pizzas elsewhere. Think we will stick with the local, non-chain Italian restaurant for our pizza.
    Here's to all those years of patronizing (insert photo of flushing toilet here). LOL
    Wish you luck with your business model in the future!
    Rhonda D.

  • We are looking for a Papa Murphys in south Fort Myers, FL. There are 3 listed on a web page. We can't find or call two at 4600 Summerlin Rd (239/288-4522) & 6900 Daniels Rd (239/672-8139). Either of these are convenient to us. Another is listed in North Ft Myers 4085 Hancock Bridge Pkwy (239/599-4104) but it's too far away.

  • I live in a small town and the only take and bake pizza delivery we have does not accept the Oregon Trail Card (food stamps) it does not seem fair. I don't get a legit reason either just that the application is denied but it could be they bake it and for $2.00 more, deliver too. And that helps me personally now as my stove blew up. But I have to travel 52 miles to get a Pap Murphys Pizza and now I have to settle for our local that does not accept my food card and I pay cash. Please there is an old McDonalds here that is closed you could put in a nice Papa's there. PLZ. In Oakridge Oregon!!!!!!

  • Love my Papa Murphy's in Costa Mesa, CA! Great service and staff. I go there a couple times a month and the product is always fresh.

  • I was hung up on 3 times last night when trying to order…terrible customer service in this store in Rainbow City Alabama ….not friendly and the fact they put me on hold the first time and hung up on me…and then 2nd and 3rd time just picked the phone up and hung up on me again…the reflection of this franchise tells me from corporate…you just don't care…very poor experience..will go anywhere but to this company to give my business…

  • This review is for the Thief River Falls, MN. store. I have been going in for sometime & usually am quite happy. However the last time that I went, 2/14/2017, I came away very unhappy. 1st- the girls were wearing their LONG blonde hair in a ponytail and a visor cap. But the fronts & sides were hanging down (for fashion reasons I am sure). Needless to say, when I cooked my pizza & took a bite I pulled a long, blonde hair out of my mouth. GAG! That was it! The pizza went into the garbage. 2nd- there were 2 gals & 1 guy working. The three were so deep in their personal conversation that the guy who made our Pappas Favorite made it like a Cowboys Favorite. I caught it before he wrapped it and he put ALL of the missing ingredients onto the top of the pizza that already had the top cheese on it. He added NO further cheese atop of the veggies. So when I cooked it, there was NO cheese and the veggies fell off everywhere & in general was extrememly subpar! That was 2 Large, classic crust pizzas thrown away due to bad & unhealthy prep. All that money wasted!!! I am debating if I should give them another try or go back to Pizza Hut or frozen. I am sooo unhappy about it. I tried to find their specific page but only found this one. Could you forward this to corporate & to the Thief River Falls, MN manager. Thanks. Bev R. in Minnesota.

  • Please offer a Gluten Free crust for those of us who have medical issues with Gluten. I have MS and gluten(which is in white flour, wheat flour) I am allergic to and its detrimental to my condition. Having dairy problems as well I could have a pizza made on a gluten free crust, your sauce, mushroom, green peppers, tomatoes, chicken, and have my favorite pizza Papa M. Consider please. Thanks, Diane

  • Hello. I thought I would write to you instead of a public complaint about the store in Fuquay-Varina, NC. I ordered 4 family size pizzas and cookie dough on line and the order could not be submitted due to a problem "with the store". Sent my husband there with written order for pizzas for a corporate get together tomorrow at noon. They could not understand an order for steak.garlic and green onion and I got green pepper, ground beef and red sauce. Also no cookies. Gave my husband cheesy bread! I called them and they blamed my husband for getting the order wrong when he pointed to the sign and ordered a number 1. Willing to fight me to the death when I called him to get the order straightened out. No cookies either. Pizza they made is gross! And I have to serve this tomorrow. Not happy at all. Will likely see you all at the IFA meeting Jan 29 as I am a franchisor, too. This franchise definitely needs to step up and at least know their products.

  • The store in van Buren Arkansas is a joke. Grown men poking a 17 year old on the chest and the 17 year old used another 35 year old man as a stripper pole. When I made a post about it. An employee and the GM both were begging me to take the post down cause they have families. GM is doing nothing about this. Y'all need to be checking as far back as October on these cameras. Those cameras are evidence that these men involved with the 17 year old need to be in jail and y'all have the evidence.

  • After many years of being a loyal customer we are very disappointed in your franchise operator at store number 03011 in North Phoenix, AZ. He is not honoring corporate or local coupons/discounts. He lays this at the feet of employees who by our new State law are to receive $10.00 per hour as of Jan 1, 2017. He will also be up-charging for a "labor charge" at that time. However, he did not honor a recent coupon for $8.oo family size, two ingredient pizza. Even more, we did not learn of this until after we traveled the store and saw a plain white notice at the register.
    This HAS been our favorite pizza store UNTIL NOW and for years, since it opened. We have never had a complaint. We love Papa Murphy's but feel slapped in the face by this owner. We have not yet made up our minds whether or not we will ever return or perhaps just buy our pizza from competitors from now on. Soooo disappointed!!

  • My son was going to pick up a pizza on the way home from work…so I proceed to call in the order only to be told they don't take payment over the phone anymore. REALLY??!! Well folks…Dominos delivers!

  • I currently work in the store in Victoria, TX. Is there a rule that says no one can be in the store alone? That happens every night, and in my opinion, it isn't a safe thing to do.

  • I'm a customer of Papa Murphy's on Leonard St. NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I can't say enough good things about Amanda and Derrick who work there. Helpful, friendly and so very personable. After reading comments on this page about the service in other cities, I was dumbfounded. You found 2 jewels when you found Amanda and Derrick.

  • My girl works at a Webb city mo location, she was promised a assistant manager position when her manager came back from maternity leave, instead of honoring they're word they then brought in some half ass 19 yr old kid for the assistant manager position,the other day my girl found a pot roach in the bathroom, they all know who it was. Instead of fireing Madison, manager Sam said she wrote her up and told her to smoke outside, i don't believe she was wrote up for smoking pot in the bathroom, I believe if that write up passed through to corporate she would of been fired,that is favoritism no question! I don't care if they're best friends, I've never heard of some one smoking pot in the work place, and get away Scott free, completely unfair!I think the store manager needs to leave the favoritism and lies to the politicians!did this girl get wrote up at least? My girl works to hard and is too reliable to end up in trouble for me standing up for her, will she be treated unfairly for me sending this message, corporate should be thankful I brought this kinda favoritism crap to your attention. Something needs to be done, and thank you! Please repond

  • My husband and I were avid fans until yesterday, of your chicken, bacon, artichoke pizza! I brought one home and found it tasted strange, but did not say anything. After a couple bites, my husband also commented that it did not taste right. We called the store and the manager was not there and the employees had no idea of any reason it could taste so strange. I told them that I thought it was the chicken and they told me that they had just put in a fresh bag and would have the owner call me tomorrow. Not knowing what was wrong we threw the family size pizza away! The owner called and explained that Papa Murphy's had changed to an antibiotic free chicken. Well, something is still strange, I buy organic chicken and it in no way tastes like what we tried to eat last night!!! My go to pizza no longer exists from one of my favorite pizza places…. What also disappoints me is that the employees had no idea, if we had been given the information about the chicken then we could have just taken it off and eaten the pizza minus the bad tasting chicken! instead we threw it away!!

    Owensboro, KY

  • Corp. Management is the reason the Quality had dropped at both of our Papa Murphy's in the central valley, Calif. Three new Directors were appointed. Rob Weisberg from Domino's when it was Card Board Quality. Jeffrey Welch from Krispy Kream when their food was garbage and Jean Birch from I-Hop when they were failing and you would only eat there if nothing else was open. Now besides Reduced Quality of food their Pizza Pie was a failure their management at the top is a failure and their Stock Value has dropped from $22.00 to $5.80. Don't expect the old Papa Murphy's any time soon. Greed and Bad Management at the top is the Problem and maybe a little Greed.

  • I visit your establishment regularly on Highland Knolls and Mason Road in Katy Texas 77450. I wanted to let you know that your employee Kelsey is very energetic, has a FANTASTIC attitude and is an asset to your company. I haven't seen that in a very long time. I told her when I was in there today, but I think you should recognize her also.

  • I have been a customer since Papa Murphy first started as Papa Aldo in Hillsboro, OR I now Live IN Cleveland Ohio and travel 100+ miles each way to stock up on your pizza. I used to go to the Dublin store near Columbus, but it closed. I now go to Freemont. I have cards for a free pizza from Dublin that Freemont will not honor. I posted that on facebook and you responded to contact you though your feedback page. It will not acknowledge the Dublin store and will not let me take the survey. I have 2 Dublin cards and 1 and ahalf Freemont cards I would like to redeem next time I travel to Freemont.

    My email is


  • We love all of your products but have a suggestion about the packaging of your cinmamon wheel, which by the way is really good. In removing the plastic wrap it removes a large amount of the topping. If you were to put a layer of parchment paper or something similar it would relieve a lot of frustration and leave all of the topping where it's suppose to be.

    Thanks for continuing with such a great concept and great food!

    Ross Budden

  • I can't believe that your company and your franchises believe in harassing their employees. One of your newer employees at the Papa Murphys on TV Hwy in the Esplanade shopping center in Hillsboro, Oregon had worked for 4 weeks. She was praised for being a good employees. Learned quickly and was liked by all. Then that store brought in an new asst manager named Hanna. She worked with this employee and told her for the entire 6 hours how horrible she was doing; corrected her for everything she did wrong; yelled at her; cussed at her; belittled her. She harassed her for a total of 6 hours. Employee went home in tears. Hanna is two years younger than employee. She is a young teenager. The next day was the same and worse. She was hateful and belittled her more and stronger. Employee was in tears at least 3 times. She made her do jobs that she had not done and then really yelled and cussed her out. Sounds like harassment to me. Is this what Papa Murphys Pizza is really like to their employees by asst managers and others in authority?

  • The manager in the Gardnerville, NV store assured me that the reason why the price of the "medium" Pizza and the "Large" pizza is the same is that there is exactly the same amount of toppings on both sizes. Now, if you believe that, something is really wrong here. Either you're getting seriously cheated when you buy the "Large" pizza, or completely overcharged when you buy the "Medium" pizza. I believe it's both and I won't be back.

  • I visited your store in Clarksville,Tn.Ordered two club salads.they were awful, lettuce brown all hard chunks of hard pieces (the core).hardly no cheese or tomatoes.Papa Murphys need to do better than this. Told they were freshly made on today 5/2/16, that's not true you told lad in front of me they were made 5/1/18.please handle this matter soon, or I'll go somewhere else. Carolyn 931-237-9736

  • I was very disappointed at your Sahuarita, AZ location. I ordered my pizza and picked up what I thought Was a pre packaged spinach salad. Much to my surprise, the salad was nothing more than iceberg lettuce with a bit of spinach on the top. How deceptive!!! I won't order from this location ever again.

  • Do you really look at these comments? I hope so. I made a great discovery today when I stopped to pick up my garden salads. I miss eating your pizzas since I have had to switch to low-carb high-fat way of eating for health reasons. Today a light bulb went off while purchasing my salads. After talking with the girls for a bit, I had them build me a pizza on a bed of cheese–no crust or sauce. I had them add a few toppings. I told them I know the red sauce has sugar in it to which they suggested the creamy garlic sauce…WOW! I took it home, baked it, let it cool a bit and sliced it up. That, along with the sauce and salad, was a wonderful lunch! What a great Pizza option for the LCHF community. Typically, we'd just avoid pizza places. Now, Papa Murphy'so comes to the rescue! Hats off to the two gals who cared enough to try something they didn't understand! Kudos to Store #03088!!!

  • I have never in my life been so disrespected and singled out due to the color of my skin. My race the way I look is why we were not served. The 1st store we went to as soon as we approach the counter. We asked for specials. Due to my boyfriends religion he is not allowed to eat pork. We proceeded to order a pizza to replace the pepperoni with garlic, the green peppers for beef,and the sauce to white. We were told we are not allowed to change the pizza. The worker was rude as my boyfriend stated to me babe we r going to another store let me pay for my soda. Your employee snatched the soda from his hand. She then threaten to call the cops because my boyfriend was trying to pay for the soda. We left, proceeded to another store. When we arrived there was an employee outside smoking. I asked her if we were allowed to changer toopings. She stated yes. We proceeded to tell her about our experience at the other store. She stated the manager was inside and his name was Jordan. She went inside and and we waited outside to file our complaint. We waited outside for 30 mins before we went in the store ourself. My boyfriend stated wow we won't eat here again because of the blatant disregard of customer service. He seen us come in and then had us go back outside to talk.he said what's the problem. We said we went to another store and he interrupted us stated that we were cussing in the store. That's impossible due to the factop that he had us go outside to talk. We then stated that we were here waiting to speak to him about the other store. He proceeded to rudely look at me up and down and stated well if you're going to come into the store and start talking s*** I don't need to help you. My boyfriend stated we were out here waiting for you for half an hour to give you the courtesy to not file a complaint in front of your clients. He said I don't need to help you if you're sitting outside my store. The employee that we spoke to we watched her walk up to him and tell him about us. I want to be contacted.

  • Good morning, I went in to this location yesterday afternoon to purchase a gift card for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. I wanted to get it in the mail that afternoon so that it would arrive in time to her , she lives in a small town (Nevada City, CA) and has enjoyed Papa Murphys pizzas for years and years. I thought that a gift card to her favorite pizza place would be terrific and practical. The manager there told me that they were "out of them." I found this to be unacceptable and was disappointed, please investigate.
    Thank you.

  • (TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN) i worked one hour at boone iowa papa murphys store and felt i was treated very poorly by the manager becky she is beyond rude to her employees and says snare comments to them at random times! i found another job and quit the next day because of how she treats and talks to her employees! feel she shouldnt be management/papa murphys material!

  • I live in The Villages, FL and I have enjoyed pizzas from your stores in Ocala. Your web site shows a store in The Villages and one in Belleview but there are no stores in either of the addresses listed. Are they planned for the future? They should do very well here.

  • I ordered a pizza at the N oak location in Missouri went t pick it up and the store was closed I would like a refund for my pizza

  • I cannot recommend or visit Papa Murphy's again. Your local store on Bell and 43rd Ave in Phx had a "blow out" party last night that included insanely loud music until Midnight. I have to go rise at 5:30 a.m. Inconsiderate of neighbors to say the least. When I called the store to complain it was clear they didn't care. Police were called but I needed to call earlier. Next year I surely will, and so will my friends and neighbors.

  • I have had nothing but great experiences with the Papa Murphy's store close to me at 6605 East Mill Plain blvd Vancouver WA. Product has always been wonderful and the staff very nice and helpful, going out of their way to accomodate and provide information and sales

    Good job folks, keep it up

  • Hello. I have yet to get my W2. I was wondering if you had the correct home address? Azly said they were sent out at the beginning of January. I've gotten my other W2 from my previous jobs. I would like to know when I will be receiving my last one so I can file before April.

    Thank you for your time.

    Elizabeth Espinoza

  • The "manager", Janet – at the Arapahoe location in Denver is extremely unprofessional and doesn't know the meaning of customer service. I can't believe she is a supervisor! Papa Murphy's must be desperate. My pizza was made wrong twice – and Janet blamed it on me. She refused to give me my money back. I'll never go back. Good pizza when they make it right but lousy customer service. 15 year old untrained employees. Too bad. I feel sorry for the kids when they have a manager like Janet.

  • On Dec.9th, my birthday, I decided to try the new pan pizza's your corporation offers with no warning about what could happen. Upon trying to take it out of the oven, the center of the cheap pan gave way, thus pouring hot grease onto my foot. I am now into week 2 of being off of work. The doctor had to debree my foot and the nightly cleanings are terribly painful. Please warn people out there that this can happen and not to rely on the pan.

  • I used to be a huge fan of papa murphys. In central mn orders were made quickly and with a smile. I never made a fuss when i was charged a dollar more than the price listed on the order board which happened frequently. And i never complained to the location when i had bouts of food poisoning from meats sitting out too long. Then i moved to colorado springs. We ordered online to save us some time. We arrived a half hour later only to find that the location on colorado ave which was not busy at all, decided not to start making our pizzas until we arrived. As we waited, my wife texted dinner to the papa murphys text club so we could get a free faves pizza on our next order. We happened to return on a tuesday. We ordered two pizzas and the free fave. When we showed the phone text to the worker, he looked as if he had never seen such a thing before. He told us he'd be right back and dissapeared in the back room for a while. When he returned he said it was $10 tuesday and the only way he would honor the free faves coupon was if we paid full prices for the other pizzas instead of getting them for $10. Needless to say the free faves ended up costing us way more than $5. I called corporate customer service and was told they were busy so I left my name and number expecting a callback. That was 3 days ago. I figured I would go one step higher soI called corporate and asked the receptionist if I could speak to VP of operations. She laughed out loud and said who? When I repeated my request she transfered me to some number where I left my name and number. Havent heard anything since. Seriously no pizza is worth poor customer service. After this experience and having read the above comments I will be switching to Papa Johns. I recommend others do the same and we can happily witness Papa Murphys go out of business one by one like it seems to deserve.

  • I attempted to open a Papa Murphy's and found the management very detached from real life and more importantly their Franchisee's. Never even got the doors open it was so bad. And they kept my $25,000 because I didn't "do my diligence" according to their legal team.

  • Just bought the sausage fennel pizza from Papa Murphy's in Jefferson City, MO. This pizza was terrible, I called and asked to speak with a manager, this young kid said he could forward my complaint to management. I was contacted by so called "management", the woman I spoke with was snide and rude, I told her the whole pizza maybe had 20 small pieces of sausage on it, which I paid $15 plus tax for. She said she could give me a free cheesy bread on my next purchase because of their debacle of making my pizza. I told her I would be happy with a refund, which she responded, if you bring the pizza back we can remake it for you, like I want another crappy pizza. She was very rude, trying to talk to me about customer service, I doubt she knows what those words mean. She wanted me to bring back a cooked pizza, waste my time and gas, so the pizza could be remade. Before this I had never had a pizza from Papa Murphy's that I could complain about. This so called manager should not have a job dealing in customer service, I know all about customer service, I work for a utility company. At no time did she offer to refund my purchase, which is what I asked for. I hope you can salvage your business because treating customers like I was treated will get you one place, BANKRUPT!!!!!!

  • To whom ever decided the current tv ad campaign was clever ,it is not . I find that the father playing dress up with his daughter endearing but the comercial makes the impression that he is "wimpy " until the wife feeds him papa murphys pizza .now he has a sweat band and sports jersey on so I'm assuming he's now manly again . I really this commercial needs to go back to the 19 60s . It does nothing to enhance my desire to eat your pizza . Thank you

  • To whom ever decided the current tv ad campaign was clever ,it is not . I find that the father playing dress up with his daughter endearing but the comercial makes the impression that he is "wimpy " until the wife feeds him papa murphys pizza .now he has a sweat band and sports jersey on so I'm assuming he's now manly again . I really this commercial needs to go back to the 19 60s . It does nothing to enhance my desire to eat your pizza . Thank you

  • What has happened to the Longmont Colorado N Main Street Papa Murphy's? The quality is just terrible and the price just keeps going up. The last (and I also mean the last one I will ever purchase) pepperoni I purchased was so greasy we had to throw out. The quality has go from bad to worse in the last year. Too many other places to choose from to support this place.

  • After reading these comments, I just think they don't give a damn. I went to my papa murphys in Kingman, az, which opens at 11. When I walked in at 11, I was told they were still setting up and it would be 30 minutes until they could take my order. Unbelievable! Try getting to work on time! When I tried to contact the corporate office through their website, it doesn't even work. And, obviously, no one from papa murphys monitors this website.

  • I called 3 stores in Redding, Ca. and 1 store in Red Bluff, Ca. and no one could tell me the size of the Mini Murphy Pizza. I was going to have a child's Birthday Party and I needed to know how many pizza's to order. One girl told me to order 2 large pizza's and that would probably work better. The reason for the mini's was to allow each child to put on their own toppings – which I thought would be fun for them. I was so upset that I gave up and finally called Round Table and ordered 12 pizza's.

  • There is a new pizza supervisor at the Coppell Tx location that is very rude, you talking about an idot/jerk…I will never in like go back to that location due to Nick being the supervisor, if they want me to continue to come he has to go. All the young kids that work there already dont like him and he's only been there for 2 weeks. The owners are also slow to even hire Nick, he making the job for those kids harder all I see is kids quitting looking for other employment. If you want good service Coppell Tx is not the location they dont care about there employee's which are high school kids in the area.

  • Why is it that when you see a pizza on a commercial and order that pizza they look nothing alike. There is never enough toppings, cheese or sauce. This is the reason we stopped buying your pizzas,

  • I'm a type 1 diabetic and I appreciate the nutrition facts that you have available but there's one problem that's causing me to no longer be a customer and that's you have no weights and measures so it makes it very hard to have an accurate carb count if there's any way you guys would be able to accommodate it would mostly be appreciated because Pizza pipeline Little Caesars and various other pizza places at least give me weights so I can be accurate in my carb count thank you for your time and looking for hopefully a change so I can still be a customer of yours

    • I am an employee at Papa Murphy's, and we have little cheat-sheets behind our make lines that have measurements of every ingredient for every pizza. I'm not sure if every location has these, but I'm pretty sure every Papa Murphy's has to measure every ingredient. I'm sure if you explained your situation to them, they would be able to tell you the weights and measurements 🙂 I hope they can help you out.

  • I visited the Papa Murphy's off of Hwy 99 in Tigard, OR.
    My order had been called in. I went to pick it up and there was no record of it. I ordered another one and waited with the other 10 people in the waiting area. The orders were all wrong. The staff kept taking breaks. The gal who was working the drive thru window was giving out the wrong orders and also forgetting to give change. No one seems to know, or care, about what was going on. I waited for my order for 20 mins. It was wrong 3 times. The staff had friends show up and half of them ran out into the parking lot to hang out with their friends while there were customers waiting for their orders. This place is out of control. plus it was dirty. The floor needed to be swept. I posted about this experience on Yelp and it is not on there now. Interesting. I have shared my experience with friends and I will definitely not be going back to a Papa Murphy's. Who owns this franchise?? They should not be.

  • I have major concerns about the new management in Eden Prairie MN (Chris). He just transferred there from the Bloomington Store (10604 France Avenue South
    Suite B, Valley West Shopping Center, Bloomington, MN).

    I have learned that his interviews consist of a 'blunt' and a smoke if you're a cute girl. He hires mostly young girls as it appears. I learned they have weed smoking parties in the freezer. At least this was going on in Bloomington. I learned this from an actual employee. I'm not making this up.

    Now that I have learned this, I will never step foot into a Papa Murphys. This guy is a predator and is looks like it's just a matter of time before somebody get's hurt.

    If this is your standard of professionalism, I'll take my money somewhere else!! At least he's out of Bloomington!

  • Anyone have any success with trying to take the survey to get $ 4 off the next pizza? How many sites do you have to visit to find the right site? WTF. Can not make is simple? I would rather pay the full price than waste my time taking a survey.

    • Yes, ive taken the survey numerous times. You are given a code to write down on your receipt to take in on your next order. When you show them the code, they say its meaningless and toss it into the trash.

  • I don't know if you have changed your sauce or your cheese on the pizza's, but that last 2 times I purchased pizza's at the store in Grass Valley, Ca. the pizza's taste MOLDY.
    . I will never go back to that store again. I will try another store, and if I get the same taste of MOLDY. I will never purchase another pizza from your chain of stores. I spent good money for a lousy tasting pizza and had to through it away.

  • anonymous

    Yesterday I was charged a dollar more than the advertised price because I added artichokes to my pizza at the Florence OR location. I was told that a list of toppings had been designated as "premium" and would now cost more. There was nothing in writing about this change and the person in charge was more than rude about her comments. I feel that I was ripped off and it wil be quite a while before I go back to take abuse. The pizza is very good but the policies and practices of the local location and corperate offices is very very bad

    • Artichokes ARE considered a premium ingredient and therefore will cost a bit more. It IS stated…on the menuboard, so yes, it IS written. Dont complain just because you didnt LOOK at the board. And dont blame the store.

  • I have been going to the Papa Murphy's in West Sacramento, CA (South Port branch) for several years and have been noticing the decline in service recently. Today I went in and ordered a Large Vegetarian Delite (the only one on the menu board) and a Family 5 meat stuffed with a coupon. I noticed that the cashier (Joanna) charged me a dollar more than what was printed on the menu board. I asked her about it and she rudely said it was because I only said I wanted a large (and not a delite) then turned and walked to the back. I noticed that there was no other choice than a delite on the menu board. I should have asked for my money back and left, but I didn't. She came back and started making my order and started whispering to the other worker. When my order was complete, I noticed that I received a large 5 meat stuffed instead of a family size. I asked why I got a large and they did not say anything. I left and will never go back. You lost a frequent customer and the pizza place down the street just gained a new customer!

  • My family and I have enjoyed Papa Murphy's over the years. Recently we ordered a Canadian Bacon and Sausage Pizza from the location in Ozark, MO. The following morning after eating the pizza my entire family became ill. My wife was three months pregnant at the time. Her pregnancy was great and there were no signs that said otherwise. However after eating the pizza she became extremely ill. A few days later she had a doctor appointment and their was no heartbeat. We lost our baby and pain was present. We are currently trying to avoid any lawsuit, and handle the matter outside of the courtroom. The owner is not returning any phone calls. He is leaving us with no other choice, but to take other actions. A store representative said their outsourcing dairy products from a manufacturer. The owner said everything is done in house. Their story doesn't correlate, and that is not our concern. A child is dead and we cannot go back to the hands of time. The health of consumers is the number one priority and negligence converted into a tragedy. In my eyes my child is not a embryo, or fetus.

  • I am so beside myself with one of your green bay, WI store. I recently went into the store with my mom and sister. I am in my first trimester and often feel sick. My mom ordered a few pizza's, and I decided to try a salad. I sat on a bench waiting for my mom, and figured I'd put my salad dressing on my salad while waiting. I took the lid off, put on my dressing and started to cover it until we left. A female worker approaches me, and says "you purchased that with a food stamp card, you cannot prepare, or eat that I'm here, unless you paid with cash! This is a Wisconsin law! I was so stunned, because customers were obviously starring and heard her, and now have the unfair right of knowing how I paid for my salad. I was really embarrassed, and thought about the fact that she did not assist me with my order, nor was she nearby when I paid. At this point she was talking to other workers and starring, so I felt they talked about my payment method, which was so ridiculous and unimportant to me that they cared. She gazed at me and I got up to leave. I decided after thinking about what she did so openly to me in front of people, I wanted corporate number, and couldn't find it online. I called a different store, they said they didn't have it, so I called that store where it occurred. That same lady answered. (Kristen) I simply asked for corporate contact info. She immediately says, " is this the salad girl who was here?" I paused and stated, I just need the number, please. She began asking me why I was asking, if I knew Wisconsin laws, and refuses to give me the info. I asked for a manager, she said she was the shift manager, and hung up! I was kind of surprised! I then looked online again, even more upset, and within 3 minutes, my phone rang. It was a man this time, he did not state his name right away. He began asking how she could've offended me, when I should have known this, and stated "I'm sure you'll find that number on your own!" I asked his name, he said I'm the manager, so I was confused. He then said learn the law, and don't ever come to this store again with a food card, or any other payment method! I wasn't ever rude, nor did I disrespect either of them. He hung up. Within 1 minute, my phone rang not long, and they ended the call. I guess I don't get why they felt the need to call me, or be so inappropriate, but it was so wrong, and really made me feel singled out!

  • I was so disappointed that all the stores in my area closed all of a sudden. I live in the Tampa Bay Fla Brandon Fla area.I have been getting pizzas at the Brandon location ever since it opened. It was by FAR the best pizza and best price in the area. I was there last week and the place was full of customers I was there just yesterday and the place was closed and out of business. There was no warning! The workers were the best and I was NEVER disappointed. The managers were helpful and friendly. Again I cannot tell you how disappointed I am and my search will now begin to find a pizza equally as good. I doubt I will find it!!!!!

  • Went to the store here in Coeur D Alene, Idaho last night just before close. We noticed them starting to clean up and we asked if it was okay to still get a pizza. Told us to come right in. Then after our order was taken, we were asked to stand outside (in below freezing weather) so they could finish closing up. Very classy. Called today to talk to the manager and some kid named Cory didn't want to put him on the line. Last time we go there.

  • the location at 42nd and Harrison in milwaukie Oregon is a disappointment. i just ordered two pizzas which had hair all over the pizza and when i called to complain the manager was rude and basically told me that it wasn't their fault because your company doesnt require hairnets. i will never visit any papa Murphys restaurant again

  • I was very excited to find out that you have gluten free pizzas. I went to Gold River, Ca. Ordered a veggie. It was very good but the next day I was very sick – I got "glutened". When I called the store they told me the crust was gluten free but they did not know which toppings are gluten free. They were not very helpful and could not find out which toppings are gluten free.

    • None of papa Murphy's employees are allowed to guarantee any toppings to be gluten free. The only thing they can guarantee is the crust. To figure out which toppings are gluten free you must do the the
      Work yourself

  • The Papa Murpheys in Oskosh, Wi is allowing the employees to get away with anything. An employee by the name of Nadine car was searched and she was arrested at the store for poss of thc, lied to her boss and nothing came of it. She needs to be drug tested. I have called several times to speak to the owner, only to be played with. Employees should be drug tested. I go in and get pizzas and smell her drug use.

  • I worked at the store located in Dixon California the manager there is rude an unprofessional James Averett i relocated an drove two hours to get my check and he did not have it there or any of the other employee's checks.He then started to blame the ups workers for not coming when hes suppose to get there at a certain time on pay day. I call the next day and he then starts cussing at me for harassing him when i called one time to see if my pay checked arrived and says he is blocking my number an not even going to contact me when my check arrives which is already a day late off pay day an past the 72 hours that i quit that is California law im suppose to get paid in that time frame.I tried contacting the owners but they do not answer the phone or call me back, I call from my phone a couple more times an he does not answer it has been 10 days since my last day working there and still have not received my check in the mail like he claimed he'd send it, he is very unprofessional even when i worked there an should not be holding the manager position and is very immature towards his co workers an customers when they leave the store.

  • 09/14/2014 1830 Survey comments:
    I phone ordered a large two topping thin crust delight with herb tomato sauce, and chicken and spinach on one half and sausage and pepperoni on the other half.
    My wife picked it up and was charged $10 after a $2 coupon plus an additional 86 cents tax which was a 50 cents overcharge for the pizza. I complained about the 50 cents overcharge for a two topping large delight several other times over the past month at this store and they still haven't changed their behind the counter price list. To add insult to the overcharge, when I went to cook the pizza it had the chicken and spinach on one half and ONLY pepperoni on the other half, and it didn't taste like herb tomato sauce was used.
    I usually order pizza from Papa Murphy's about once a week and the last few weeks I ordered a large one topping thin crust delight because of the prior overcharges and not wanting to continue to make it an issue to get the correct price for a two topping large delight.
    I don't know what happened with the not as good taste and missing sausage this time. We really like Papa Murphy's pizza and aside from the overcharge, it usually is prepared correctly and tastes good. I really wish they would correct their price list!!!!! Reference my 08/20/2014
    08/20/2014 1745 Survey Comments:
    Papa Murphy's has Great Pizza. Now if this store would correct their thin crust Pizza pricing so as not to overcharge customers for a Large two topping thin crust pizza. Last week I pointed out to Joe the manager that their pricing was wrong at $12.00 for a two topping thin crust since the price for a one topping was $10.00 and $1.50 for an additional topping equals $11.50, NOT $12.00. I advised him to either change the behind the counter menu to $11.50 or to change the large price menu of a large thin crust pizza so as not to just continue to overcharge customers. He said the price list was from the owner but he seemed to understand my concerns and finally took off 50 cents from the cost of my large two topping thin crust pizza.
    Today, I went in to again order a large two topping thin crust pizza and asked the clerk what the price would be and he told me, and showed me, the $12.00 price on his behind the counter price list.
    I then changed my order to a ONE topping thin crust pizza as I didn't want to debate the price with the young man taking my order. We really like the Papa Murphy's pizza but do NOT like overpaying at this Papa Murphy's. Hopefully, after this second complaint, they will correct the price either behind the counter to stop overcharging customers, or on the large board to have the total come out to the same $12.00 for a large two topping thin crust pizza.
    I don't know if a copy of these surveys go to the Papa Murphy's corporate headquarters, but I guess if they don't get the price corrected by my next visit which is usually about once a week, I will send a copy of my complaint to the corporate headquarters.

    • Oh no! That 50 cents must really hurt you. You poor thing. Maybe you should buy something you can afford then! Instead of being a prick.

  • I work at your store in Stoughton, WI. The store is being robbed blind by the Reginal Manager. I have spoken to the Store Owner and he hangs his head low and says well she runs the store. They have been harrassing me for weeks and trying to write me up for nothing. They have yet to prove a case. I have a lot of evidence on this store, the new manager, the reginal manager and the owner. If things do not turn around and I don't see some results this will be a court case. It will not only be the owner, manager and reginal mangager I am looking to go after. I will come for the Papa Murhphy name. I cannot believe you allow people of this nature to own your stores and run them the way they do.

  • I was a PIC (persons in charge) at Papa murphys in Tigard Or on Hwy 99 and it was by far the worst job ive ever had! The boss/owner lets his shift leaders run the store which they always drinking on the job, bragging about how theyre still high off molly from the night before, sharing dilaudid with each other, etc…Keep in mind the shift leaders are who train the new employees. 2 of the shift leaders started dating and would yell at each other arguing in front of customers and cursing at each other making it a very awkward work environment. When there was a boil alert in tigard our store stayed open making no extra percussion. One day i was working we sold out dated cheese for an entire day because if anyone threw it away or didnt use it we would of "been terminated". Every time it rains really hard the ceiling leaks bird crap water into the store including right on the counter where we wrap pizza. When i quit i wasnt able to put in my two weeks after working there over a year my boss sent my check to my old address planning to screw me over with the shift leaders (i got a friend a job there who told me it was a plan immediately) which by oregon state law after quitting you legally should get your check within 72 hours of the next pay period WHICH EVER COMES FIRST which he mailed it instead and when i called the boss to talk to him about my check he hung up on me and i didnt get it for 2 weeks after quitting which the shift leader who handed me my check was obvioulsy high on dilaudid. the ants are so bad theyre everywhere including thw racks the pizzas go on. Ive gone to hand someone a wrapped cheesy bread and have to quickly hide it to hand them a new one because there was just a fat fly wrapped in with it (this happened a lot.) Any time corporate would come in we would know before hand and the shift leaders would frantically freak out about how much all the other employees needed to clean everything wrong with the store (which should just be done all the time) to quote a shiftleader "I dont know about you but i like my job and i want to keep it and i dont want this store to get shut down." So it would be acceptable for the day they were there leading to nothing ever being fixed…

  • I'm very dissapointed in the way the area supervisor of colorado springs is living with the managers at the powers locatiom giving her speacil treatment and letting her store get away with thing other stores can't do.


  • WOW sounds like Papa Murphys is cruising for a bruising.. perhaps a big fat discrimination lawsuit should tie them over pretty well


  • I am very disappointed in the Sierra Vista, AZ Franchise. I came in to order a pizza and Cory the cashier was very friendly and helpful. When his blonde fat manger stood in the doorway and yelled at him in front of me and another customer. Like I can't hear. She told him to cash me out and tell me go sit down like a child. Very uncomfortable. If that's the kind of manager they want to keep running the store I won't be back!!!!!!!

  • The owners of the Joplin Mo area stores don't know how to treat their employees. I witnessed them fire a guy I work with today, and his wife for no reason, when she showed up to pick him up from his shift. When our manager said it was okay for her to walk to the back of the store to see if he was ready. And they wonder why managers don't last long for them as well as the employees. After what I witnessed today me and a few other co workers are looking for a new place of employment. Rob and Wesly need to treat employees better and their stores would probly be doing better overall.

  • Pleasant grove utah ordered pizza at 6 pm they refused order because they was closing at 7pm. Supposed to close at 8pm. Wednesday is not a holiday. What kind of business refuses business at such an early time. Maybe need somemore motivated owners. Not first problem here

  • This is a website about corporate headquarters locations for different companies… this is not the site for Papa Murphys; for that go to

  • The local Papa Murphy's has been my favorite spot to get the bargain large pepperoni pizza on Monday or Tuesday for only $5. I have bragged about it to friends, but now I'm disappointed to say it has changed. For ages it was covered with pepperoni and topped with lots of cheese. I was amazed at the number of ingredients for the price. The last two I bought were significantly deficient in ingredients. I'm wondering if upper management made them cut back or if the local manager decided to up his profits by decreasing the ingredients used. Even the crust was skimpy. Now it looked just like Little Caesar's–about three slices of pepperoni on a slice and I even think the pepperoni was sliced thinner than before. So much for the bargain.

  • I went to the Papa Murphys to get a Halloween faced pizza for my daughter and she is alergic to tomatoes so I requested if I could use the white sauce and the manager refused, said the pizza could not be modified and wouldn't do anything to help me. Isn't the customer always right anymore? Why could they not do a simple change as to the sauce for her alergies? Thank you for disappointing a 7 seven year old child with tomato alergies. For that, I could never be a patron again. It is the people that keep a company in business and if a company wants to do business like this then it is not a good company for me to patron.

    • Ya know what's funny? People have rules to follow. You and your kid aren't the center of the universe. Don't you think that they do like 500 of those in a 2 day span? Consider others before you act entitled on your high horse.

  • I want to say that upon going into the Papa Murphy's today in Arlington Tx off Bowen and Pleasant ridge. I walked into a conversation with an employee whom apparently lost her job because "management" failed to inform her of a meeting they had. She had been off the schedule already for more than a few days and the meeting was held during that time. Plus I also heard that the management lost her bank information the same day she turned it in. I found this manager to be rude, unprofessional. All this time I am in line with others listening to. This lady accused the associate of lying when clearly she was not.. I am appalled that this lady did not pull her to the back to the office area. I enjoyed coming here. But when I see management treating people like such, I leave. I want you to know that the young lady who had to fight for job back, was a great girl she didn't lose her composure and was stern when needed to redeem herself. I will say that I spoke with her after it was all said an done and politely told her she needed a new job, that manager in there was a rude woman and she didn't need to put up with stuff like that. That manager needs to be fired for losing sensitive information and talking to people with no class!!! The manager in charge was tiffany. I will not be going to any more papa murphy restaurants. I hope corporate people find this young lady and apologize for the work ethic that this tiffany had towards this whole situation. She seemed to be an excellent worker. Tiffany on the hand needs to grow up. That young lady had more class than her manager tiffany.

  • Hello, I am writing in disbelief that my favorite pizza place in town has lost such an amazing hardworking assistant manager! Here in Kingman Arizona, I've known Pyper from the very beginning, she is such a polite young lady with much joy and happiness when it comes to helping the customers. When I learned that the store was sold to another owner I was scared that I wouldnt be seeing that nice young lady anymore, but when I came to find out that the new owner kept her I was very very happy! Pyper always said I was one of her regular customers that made her enjoy her job, it made me love coming in more often! After she left the first time I was in shock thinking, "Oh no, I pray she is okay!" she had to leave due to problems with her pregnancy as I was told by other employees. As time passed my visits started to slowly come to a complete halt. The new assistant manager, a young man who was nice but just didnt have it under control as well as her made me stop buying my pizzas from papa murphys. The pizza was just not the way it used to be at this point, it looked kind of tossed together to get the customer out of the store, and I didnt feel as if I was welcomed by the staff with as much greatness as I received before. After a while I had gotten some new coupons in the paper and I tried the pizza one more time, and guess what I came to find, Pyper had been back for a little over a month, which made me that much happier! As being an older woman with health problems I find it hard to get as much respect from a young adult as I do with her, she truly reminds me of my grand daughter who I dont see often anymore due to a move across the states. The point I am trying to simply say is that after I heard that Papa murphys had fired this young gal I became saddened, I am a customer that comes into that store every tuesday and I looked forward to it! Now I dont know if I should feel the way I did last time, scared to keep purchasing my pizzas from there. I was able to contact her over a website my grand daughter suggested, called "face book", although it was a site that I don't know how to use very well, I made sure to aware her of the happiness she brought me, just over simply being wonderful to everyone she came into contact with. It makes me angry to hear the reason why she got fired, the reasons were illogical and seem unfair. It may seem illogical to say this, but because of the disrespect she received from her employer I will not be a customer of any Papa Murphy's any longer. I hope this somehow impacts the way that employers treat their workers. I hope anyone living in Kingman, AZ and purchased a pizza from the assistant manager, Pyper can find her on that site and just let her know she did do a great job, at least in the customers eyes. Thank you for reading up on this, I wish I could help young adults more when it comes to being treated unfairly by underpaid businesses.

  • I am in rapid city south dakota… i have a service dog to help my ptsd symptoms… i carry a card tied around my bag for my dog..
    She wears multiple service dog tags on her and a vest most times… "corporate" was there when i visited as well.. i am a
    Regular customer to thia store.. the second i came in 6 people yelled at me that i cannot bring a dog into the store
    I replied that she was my service dog… the manager said ok.. she was actually very nice and went bqck to talk to the
    Inspector (corporate) about it. I placed my order. Then the corporate man came pretty much right up next to me
    Gave me a very dirty look and crossed his arms. The manager at this time stepped out to bring another cust. The pizza theh ordered and i told her i did t appreciate all the attention and the man standing next to me. I have severe anxiety and ptsd aand it made me very nervous… mr. Corporate man told me very sarcastically when i told the manager if thwy were listening and that i do t appreciate this…"oh yeah.. we are listening" while he rolled his eyes and asked "thats a service dog" i am appaled insulted hurt and will be calling corporate hq tommorrow. I cannot believe someone wjo was there to jnspct and represent this frannchise acted in such a manner… i am in utter disbelief… the manager ladh is ok..
    But this corporate f*cker is out of line and to treat me my service dog and family after all this way is disgusting!!

  • Purchased family pizza never seen so little cheese on a pizza had to pay extra all they did was sprinkle a teeny bit on top what a rip off 23rd and Jackson storr

  • Why is it that the papa Murphy store on 408 edgewood rd. Cedar Rapids Iowa.never has the Tai Chicken pizza.? Other stores in C.R. Ia does.

  • Today I decided to go get some pizza on my way home. My boyfriend was with meand as we finished up with our order the manager asked for his name and my boyfriend said ryan two times to the mamanger and the manager still wrote bryan and said either way and walked off. I know tgis is sucha petty thing to complain about however I work for a big name company and workwith customers all day and know what great customer service is…. I never have been so disappointed with papa johns until today. I will never go back to the one in town. Very rude and unwilling to take owbership of mistakes!

  • I am very disappointed in your store in Henderson Ky. The owner of the store, Toby was in there one day when I came in and he was a real jerk

  • I got a mild case of food poisoning last night from the Crown Hill location in Seattle. I suspect it was from a piece of chicken, since my son thankfully did not seem to get sick. I want a refund at least and I don't think I'll be going back.

    I made an online purchase at the wrong store. When I called to cancel, the location happily cancelled my order, but told me I would have contact corporate for a refund. I have sent 3 emails, made numorous phone calls, and even was told they would check into it and get back to me. It's been almost 2 weeks and no one will call me back. This is very bad business and now I'm out the money as well.

  • I would just like to say how disappointed I am in the store on S. Campbell here in Springfield, MO. I called my order in as the previous visits I have not and it has taken forever while waiting in the store, which does not have enough seating for people to wait and is cramped, which I expect in this kind of business. Anyway I ordered by phone, they told me it would be 20 to 25 minutes, I waited about 15 minutes and headed over to the store, and got in the Drive Through, that was a big misteak. When I got to the window I found out they had not made my pizza yet and I will add I was in the drive through about 15 minutes at this point. The kid at the drive through, Chase according to his badge, kept looking at the people lined up in the drive through, and those waiting in the store and laughing and pointing, when I finally was able to get his attention this is when I found out that they had not made my pizza yet and it would be another 20 minutes. What is the point of calling an order in if you are not going to make it until I get there, I might as well save my minutes on my phone and just order in the store, or as I will be doing from now on, goto Little Cesars, or even Walmart, they have good Take N Bake as well.

  • I have been to many Papa Murphy's in the past and as great as the pizza and staff is in Ferndale, Wa there's one employee that makes the worse pizza establishment a better choice. Every time I go or call the Ferndale store Jaymie has the worse attitude, rudest disposition and presents herself in the most unprofessional manner that I've ever wittnessed. If something was done about her I'd rate Papa Murphys a perfect 10, however as it stands I'd rate a 2 at best.

  • I really enjoy Papa Murphy pizza, but the preparers do not wear hair nets. But, every since I found that piece of hair in my pizza. I feel like I have hair in my throat. I contacted Ricky, the manager here in the Pearland, Texas store to address the issue. He said he would address the issue of the staff hair falling into the pizza and provide me with another pizza. When I went in to pick up my pizza. All of the ladies hair was hangling, dangling on the side of their faces. Obviously, the issue has not been addressed. Please address loose hair over the pizzas and indgridents. Thanks,

  • I am very disappointed in the Papa Murphy's in Nampa, Idaho on 2418 12th Avenue Rd., I have witnessed one of their assistant managers mistreat a co-workernby callin her names in front of a customer, literally be rude to customers to not only the employee but the customer. I feel this emmployee is bullying the co-worker having her walk outside the store holding a sign; have never seen anyone else doing this other than the bullied or even discrminating agains this employee. Management us responsible for this type if behavior and should address, since bullying and discrmination are against the law.

  • Hello! I love your pizza product. I live in Plano, TX, a commuter community. Your franchisee on McDermott closes at 8pm. Are they insane? I don't leave work until 7:30pm. I walked into the place at 8:15pm and the staff had already shut down the restaurant and put away the food. I asked if they had anything I could purchase. No, was the reply. I know the franchise world. This franchisee is dimishing your brand and not collecting the money you could earn. Franchise standards need to include hours of operations. If y'all want to cut it off at 8pm that's your business. I disagree! Please fix this. Thank you!

    • They were closed, understand are you dumb if a place closes at 8 that means all business stops at that time it doesn't not matter you're just too dumb to understand that.

    • Are you an idiot? The store closes at 8 that means all transaction STOP. Doesn't matter if you don't get there until 8:15 that's not their problem it's yours, why should they stay later just to accommodate you.

    • You have a huge out of control problem with the Fair Oaks, Ca. store as they are charging unbelievable prices for pizzas.

  • Every time a go into the store in Central Point Oregon, the manager is a jerk. Her name is Danielle. I've finally decided to just go to little ceasars if I see her working, she rolls her eyes at customers and sighs really loud while helping you. Never ever smiles, never says thank you and out of all these people that need jobs they keep this lady whom obviously hates her job. Customer service is extremely important, so is word of mouth… is always yum yummy in my tummy though!!!! Thanks

    • Wow it must be her twin here in Davenport, Iowa. My husband and I along with our 5 year old granddaughter got the same treatment. Her name is Elissa. What a joy to have her wait on us with her back towards us and didn't bother to write our order down. Asked her a question about stuffed crust if they stuff the outer crust with cheese, her response was " we only make pizzas". Elissa continued her bad attitude thru checkout. Get this, she's a supervisor! Wow what a way to train your employees on customer service. Elissa needs a new job or go back to training. We really were disappointed with this visit. Not sure if we will go back..
      Cherries, I thought I'd share our experience with you
      Thank you,
      Frank and Carol DeToye

  • I have been trying to take your survey, but am told the store and zip code do not eist. Anyway here goes very disappointed in your stuffed pizza the store in ELko, Nv. sucks. The only thinf I recieved in the pizza was a lot of dough.Hardly any sauce and where there was sauce no cheese, the pizza had one layer of meat and by one layer I mean if there was a piece of meat there don't look for another piece of it. Oh by the way this is an all meat pizza I ordered. Anyway to sum it up I will not be back for a second try at a flat loaf of bread. Thank You

    • I tried to send an email to the Fairview and Cole store in Boise, ID as a follow-up to a job application that I submitted, but Google returned my email saying the email address does not exist.

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