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  • Party America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Party America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Party America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

25 Green Pond Road
Suite 1
Rockaway, NJ  07866
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-983-0888
Customer Service Number: 1-877-706-5696

  • Never again will I ever step foot in this store. New to the area, and a party planner, I was happy to see that the area offered a party store. First time in the store was the worse experience. I was humiliated and called a liar. I was blown away by the older, heavier lady how she spoke to me and other customers. My husband also makes balloon towers, and arches. We are constantly buying hundreds of dollars on balloons for each event. I was told that my balloon arrangement would not look nice and they wouldn't recommend me using those colors. Even though all the guest complimented us on the balloon display.
    The store just lost a party planner, and I make sure I let every one of my clients know that I will not buy products from them. I am happy to go out of town or pay shipping cost.

    Thank you

  • The rude manner your employee in Cheyenne Wyoming store treated me and my family is not going to be done again. My kids had a candy and was eating it as we went into get some invitations. Normally I would have had one of my workers do this but figured I could do it on the way home. Being an event and party planner we did business her a lot. As of today we are not going to purchase anything in this store again. the older heavy set lady with poor teeth has ruined by experience with this company for a long time. Her tone, manner and rudeness is a direct example of the training and manner of the management of this store. Never, Never again will I be embarrassed by this store no matter how much business my planners use to do here. This also will effect the stores in the Denver area since I will not allow further purchases from this company. Thank you have a good day.

    John Hostettler CEO

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