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Party City Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Party City Corporate Office Headquarters

25 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, NJ  07866
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-453-8600
Customer Service Number: 1-800-727-8924


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  1. I'm appauled at the service I received yesterday, May 15, 2021 at the Party City locaion in Fairfield, Texas just outside of Houston. The manager there gave me a tongue lashing yesterday I won't soon forget when I arrived to pick up a prepaid order. I'd come the day before at 2:00 pm, paid for the balloon order along with additional funds for their signature "High-Float" solution for each balloon and was told by Brayden that the order would be ready at 10:00 a.m.. He assured me "no worries ma'am, it will be ready". Upon my arrival, the manager did not have the order ready and was quick to tell me in a stern voice there were many orders ahead of mine. I told him I'd paid for my order the day before and had a party to get to. Mathew (manager) lit into me letting me know that he'd been up at the store since 5 a.m. that Saturday morning filling balloons and there were many orders ahead of mine placed that Saturday morning. Needless to say, the balloons did not receive the High-Float I'd paid for and the balloons were sinking fast two hours afterwards on the party table. This is not rocket science here, I'm just an average consumer paying for an item I understand is going to deflate within a few days all for the sake of a child's enjoyment on their birthday. A young kid with orange hair, calling himself a manager insults a customer with offensive and pejorative language all because he's feeling the pressure of filling balloons behind schedule ~ sounds about right in this day and age, right? The day before, I'd come in early spending $100.00 on party supplies, balloons, string and of course "HIGH-FLOAT" all because I wanted to be prepared for a planned occassion I needed to arrive on time for at another party location. My husband and I were literally in disbelief at the nasty negative attitude of this employee, and after all that, we still got cheated with a deflated product. Being in business means, keeping your customer pleased with their experience so they'll keep coming back and hoping they'll leave you exceptional reviews, telling their friends, family and neighbors of their very positive experience so they too will give you business. Poor customer service only runs a business into the ground. Someone else will always do it better, and I will search for that business as it won't be Party City.

  2. Online order placed on June 9 for 6 Black Polka dot balloons 12 in. to be delivered to my residence. Total =$ 11.33. Also paid for Same Day delivery fee $9.99. Early morning on June 20, received text message to expect delivery from Fayetteville, Georgia store location around 4-7 p.m. Message also stated someone must be home to receive the delivery! I waited & waited. No further communications nor text messages!! No delivery was made so I did NOT receive the ordered items! I am SO mad and will never order from online again!! I want an immediate REFUND!!

  3. Copy of my YELP review…..

    Juliette K.
    What a nightmare !!!!!
    I placed an order for balloons that were part of the decorations for my son and his fiancés engagement party. At the store I personally picked and counted the balloons that were needed and watched as they were placed in my orders zip lock bag. This being said I'm not quite sure why such a mess up. My sons dad was at the store at 11:25 as the order was to be ready at 11:30. Yeah no. He was rudely informed by the boy behind the counter that they hadn't even started them yet and he would have to come back. It was 12:15 before they were ready. The balloons were placed in plastic bags so you couldn't see what was in them but being that they were 45 minutes late in being ready he rushed out of the store to get to the venue only to find when he arrived that we were 4 balloons short and of the 26 that we did get 2 of them were a color that wasn't even in the orders zip lock bag. Several of the balloons were barely blown up and were 1/2 the size they should've been and were not usable. I also paid additional money to have a spray of some kind on them so they would last more than 3 or 4 hours. What a mess. It left a runny residue on the balloons and they looked horrible. Being that they were late in being ready we did not have time to travel back and forth the 20 minutes to the store to get what we needed so we were only able to use 2 balloons not the 3 as planned and paid for at the 10 guest tables (and they didn't even all match) as 10 balloons were not usable. This is absolutely unacceptable especially when I paid around $50 for 30 balloons.


  4. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! I ordered a customized banner for my daughters 1st bday. Ordered on 3/8/18 on the recommendation from 2 of your retail stores that the banner would be here before the party on 3/17/18. Both retail stores stated to me that I would receive the banner within 5 business days. I ordered a Minnie Mouse Banner on 3/8 even the shipping/received was estimated before 3/16/18. I checked on the order status today 3/14 and it stated it hadn't even left the warehouse. I called at 9am and spoke to James, he stated the order was not even printed yet, with made me very very upset. If its not printed yet, there is no way to receive it by Sat for the party. I told him that I want it cancelled since I was given miss information from 2 retail stores. He said that they don't cancel orders once they have been shipped. I told him per your website it hasn't even left the warehouse. James put me on hold and said it wasn't printed yet, I then stated I wanted it canceled since I was lied to about the received day. Even when placing the order was stated to receive before the 17th. I asked for a supervisor about 5 times, one never came on the line. James kept putting me on hold and coming back, he finally came back the last time and stated that he would send the production dept an email asking them to cancel the order since I was given miss information. I asked about a refund, he stated that since it won't ship out I should not be charged.

    I thought this was the end of it…I found another place that I can get a banner from on short notice that will be ready before the party.

    To my shock I get an email at 3:45 pm today that my banner has shipped!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!! I call back in to Party City and get a female rep that never gave me her name. I explained the situation to her and she stated that James lied that he can not tell the order was not even printed. I said at this point it doesn't matter when/if it was printed, don't ship it out!!!!!! All the email stated was that it was ready for UPS to pick it up. At the very least for all the lies that I was told, they could very easily pull the packaged. The female rep says there is nothing she could do and refused to help me. I told her that I don't want the Banner, I already placed the order for another one that will be ready in time and if necessary will cancel payment. She very rudely states "that if that is what you are going to do, then I have nothing more to say to you" Are you kidding me?????????? I again asked for a supervisor, was placed on hold for a very very very very long time. Finally Eric came on the line and proceeds tell me again that James is lying and that it doesn't matter what the retail locations tell me. The shipping on the order are estimates not guarantee's. I said than why not estimate the shipping for longer than 5 days???? Refused to help in any matter what so every. Stating the the order can not be cancelled that it states it on the website. Looking on the website, no where does it states that orders can not be cancelled, all it says is non-returnable. Cancelled and non-returnable have 2 totally separate meanings. According to Eric I will now have 2 Banners both paid for and one that I can not do a single thing with since it won't be here in time for the party.

    This is the worst company every, they will soon be like the others going out of business. Charging higher prices for the same items you can get at Walmart or Target or even the Dollar Store. Customer Service does nothing to help out the customer. So I have now spent money on 2 Banners and can't use one of them!!!!! Worst company, worst customer service, will never ever shop there again. Will not recommend or suggest this company to anyone for any type of party, costume or decorations at all. Beware, stay away from this company!!!!!

  5. Fort Worth Texas hulen mall party city… AGM IS WORTHLESS, PROWLS ON THE YOUNGER GIRLS HE HIRES, hires his buddies so they can hang out at work, gives no assistance to team when needed, sits on the office computer, the general manager does nothing about this, has been told numerous times by numerous people the issues with the atm. Supposly your company allows them them to post schedules sitting 12 hours of the new work week, giving no time to plan anything with family, works you 9 days straight, 1 day off but sometimes only 5 hour shifts to avoid over time. The GM and agm both are males and work opening shifts, but put young females on closing shifts that get out between 11pm and 2am… this is a ridiculous and overlooked by management!

  6. Hulen store in fort worth Texas, AGm is a joke for an employee. Favors yiungs temp girls and hires his buddies, works ppl 9 days no day off, with holiday works the 6 hr days but no overtime. Doesn't assist other employees and the GM does nothing to coach him and allows this. Such poor service! And you wonder why things going down gradually.

  7. Hulen store in fort worth Texas, AGm is a joke for an employee. Favors yiungs temp girls and hires his buddies, works ppl 9 days no day off, with holiday works the 6 hr days but no overtime. Doesn't assist other employees and the GM does nothing to coach him and allows this. Such poor service! And you wonder why things going down gradually.

  8. I'm not sure about publishing a comment here as it seems like that are not answered. I shopped at the Littleton Colorado location today. The staff was nice but I left very irritated with my purchases. I wanted to leave without purchasing anything when I was told that it would cost me $1.19 per balloon in my package to blow them up. I had picked out a package with15 balloons for $5.99 and then they wanted to charge me almost $20 more to blow them up! That is ridiculous! So instead, I chose a $2.99 Mylar balloon and left with that. I am extremely irritated with this policy. The staff was apologetic and agreed that it was crazy to pay that much more just to blow up the balloons. In WILL NOT shop at Party City again unless I hear that this policy has changed. Today you lost $3 due to this policy and even thought that is minimal, I'm sure I am not the only person to leave dissatisfied. That should mean more than $3.

  9. I'm a team lead or merchandise specialist and this is a daily Hell. The general manager has me working 7 to 9 days straight before getting a day off.that whole time I'm put under unreasonable dead limes and have to cover for my manager. This D bag even has me making up fake customer e-mails to cover his own ass . I was promised benefits I have never been given and my G.M talks to myself and the rest of the crew like we are brain dead. This has become a horrific experience for me being a team lead here. I've never in my life been lied to and treated with such disrespect.

  10. Attn: Party City Corp.

    I live in South Florida, It has recently come to my attention that you happen to stock decorations for several countries represented here. However, I found there was nothing for Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Panama, Nicaragua just to mention a few. All of these nationalities make up a large portion of our community and have been established in South Florida for decades. Is there a reason for this? Think about it.

    Please review the demographics of the areas in which you place your stores. Perception is everything and you should either represent all or none. We have several international celebrations here and my company was interested in doing a large party for our employees. We have been patrons for quite some time, but have now chosen to use another vendor out of respect for our employees. I hope you take this into consideration.

    Resident – Pembroke Pines, Florida

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