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  • Peoples Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Peoples Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Peoples Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Zale Corporation
901 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-580-4000
Fax Number: 1-972-5805547
Customer Service Number: 1-800-211-2272

  • I received a coupon from peoples offering an additional 25% off of a gold bracelet the sale price was $1999.99 and the 25% discount I would have purchased the bracelet it would have been $1450. around there The sales person Nazar refused to give me the discount He works at Erin Mills location in Mississauga he changes prices to suit himself he tride to pull a fast one on me before. Robert Curotte robert39cur@gmail.com thanks for listening.

  • My name is Jen and Christmas 2016 my boyfriend bought me a beautiful ring. Since then i have had to bring the ring in 4 times to get it repaired. The ring is splitting at the back in the center where the people are supposed to be mending it after getting it sized. The Staff at the Hamilton location in Limeridge mall have been nothing but rude with me asking about replacing it. Something needs to be done bc i cannot wear my ring which is a promise ring and means the world to me. The engagement ring that i wouold love to receive from my boyfriend is from the Enchenated collection but after everything we are dealing with it most likely wont happen and they will be losing all business from myself and everyone we know.

  • my name is Tanya and I am getting harassed by one of the store managers DAVID AT. St. vital center, winnipeg MB, I had allergies with 2 diamond bands I got from them and then after 70 days I went to return it but now if I call the customer care they tell me to speak to dacmvid n when I call David he is not ready to help me at all and forcing me to pay for the bands which now I can't afford abs he is stressing me out big time..please help me. I really am stressed out and David says there is no one above him who can help me but instead you all will be very rude to me and force me to pay which is I'll legal. I am being forced for an amount which I am trying to avoid and David is just delaying and forcing me for a large amount

  • My wife had ordered 2 earrings from their online store ($3000 each) when she received them she didn't end up liking either of them and there was no return labels in the package. After about two weeks of my wife contacting them to get a return label to send the 2 earrings back, they still could not provide a return label so my wife took it upon herself to send them back herself at the cost of approx $35 shipping fee. She sent both sets together in one package (as it costs $35 to send a package) which was received by Peoples on Dec 16th but only got refunded for one pair even though both were in the one package. When contacting customer service, well over half a dozen times now we keep being told that the second set was not received. Their customer service is horrible. Nobody can help us. We keep being told that there is no manager at the call center for us to speak with which is unbelievable to say the least. They now owe us approx $3,000 and we have no idea how to receive our refund. I will be contacting the local BBB and escalating this to the highest level. I have no patience or respect for THIEVES!!! WHERE IS MY MONEY????

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