Pet Supermarket Corporate Office Headquarters

Pet Supermarket Corporate Office Headquarters

Pet Supermarket, Inc.
1100 International Pkwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33323 USA

Customer Support: 1-866-434-1990
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-351-0834




  • The clemmons, nc store no longer has a happy or warm environment. I think this new manager is the reason why. Sarah is awesome and has always been real nice to me along with her team but this new manager has always seemed unhappy to help me and offers way too much information that I didn’t ask for. I’ve witnessed this same manager treat some workers in a friendly manner and others with an attitude. I’ve loved coming to this store but I’m on the verge of going somewhere else.

  • I was almost hit by one of their delivery truck drivers today! I called to report the insident, they called and said they would speak to the driver about it! What a shame! I will never make a purchase with them ever again! My life is apparently not worth even an apology!

  • The coral springs store has gone down hill since robert and nancy had left! Your managers Jenn and Sloan are picking on one employee and even accused her for illegally giving me a coupon when i handed her one. They need to leave her alone! Everytime i come in they seem to be picking on her and bringing her in the back. They NEED to be retrained as management since they do not know how to be managers! Plus aisles are always blocked and they will not let their employees help us customers when we need help. Instead they threaten to write them up for not put what looks like stock away or not asking for people to buy items at the register. This store is a joke now with these managers! 😡

  • I have an issue that needs to be brought to attention regarding the pet Supermart store in Fort walton beach Florida. The Store manager, Sarah is having a romantic relationship with one of her sales lead managers, Brandon. Nepotism isn’t allowed in many businesses, so I’m suprised to have seen this go on within this store for over 1 year now. This act is unfair and distracting to other employees whom don’t receive the same special treatment because they’re not “sleeping with the boss”. I hope this will further into opening a investigation to making the FWB store a more enjoyable work environment.

  • i bought a fish from your store that in a few days showed it was shaking i went back and told the people they said bring in a water sample i did that it was a little high with ph level so i bought the liquid to put into the tank that didnt help i started loosing my fish i went back they took another sample the water was better one more treatment should do it they say so i did mean while the fish are all starting to shake now they didnt know what that was i am loosing 4 to 5 fish a day now i went to another store they told me it is a disease and told me what to get for it i did and the fish are all doing good now meanwhile i am out 20.00 worth of fish and when i tole them all they said was oh were sorry you have lost a good customre i always but my animal items there but will no longer go there that was not right joanne redding

  • Coral Springs store said my next large bag of Natures Recipe lamb would be free. Went in to pick it up as my bag is getting low and cashier said some of my bags had dropped off as they are only registered a year. If you don't want to give what turns out to a measly 10% discount for buying 10 bags DON'T OFFER! I'll find another pet food store.

  • i have a complaint about the Petsupermarket in Cartersville Ga. Every time i go there to get fish (at the back of the store), i have to wait, wait and wait. Finally i have to go get someone up front, where several people are standing around. No one is knowledgeable about the fish they sell, or the plants, or snails…I usually tell them info about the fish. There was one employ that no longer works there that really knew her stuff. I went today 8-11-2016 and this just did it for me: as usual nobody was there to help, the tanks were cloudy, dirty, water all over the floor, plants sitting out on top of the tanks, a buggy with gravel sitting there. It looks like someone started doing something and just left it. As i was standing there waiting a employee walks to the back really fast, comes out with his uniform in his hand. he either just quit or got off work. I was wondering if he was working on the tanks? and decided I'm quitting or Oh its time to clock out. I have seen the quality of this store go down so low, I'm really afraid to buy anything there. But the closest other fish store is about 45 min away. I am sad and disgusted with this store. Just hearing how some of the staff talk they don't care about the animals there. I wish there was some way to really file a complaint. This way will never do any good.

  • Well I have been trying to get my money back for a transaction that I was wrongfully charged. No one ever calls you back, the corporate office doesn't even respond to the managers at the store. I guess I will have to contact an attorney to get my money back.

  • I was at store 112 located at 419 north federal highway in pompano beach fl. I walked in and need assistance to find a product so I looked for an associate as I walked toward the back of the store. I came up to what looked like a storage room located in the back across from proplan dog food to find two employees kissing and touching each other, the man touching the young lady's buttocks and she touch his groin area. I am disgusted to see that that behavior goes unnoticed by management in what is suppose to be a family establishment. What if a child had walked in on them? I will no longer be shopping at pet supermarket nor will I recommend this company to friends and family. The young man was tall and of darker skin, his name tag said "Brian" and the young lady's name tag said "Erin". I later found out that Erin was the manager on duty by the nice woman who rung me up. I am appalled that pet supermarket allows relations between employees, between a manager and an associate. Unprofessional, I will no longer shop with your company.

  • I was just at The Pet Supermarket in Pompano Beach. I purchased Advantage 11 for large cats. Cost $79.95. Got out of the store, looked on my phone, it was all over the internet for $55.oo Amazon $52.95. Went back in 5 minutes and returned it. I can see a few $$$'s. But $27.00!! I don't think so. Before you buy anything there, take 2 minutes to check prices. That was UNACCEPTABLE. Never again.

  • Dear Corporate Officer,
    I have been going to your Store 242, SEVERAL TIMES, at 2370 Hillcrest Rd Unit E, Mobile, AL 36695, to use a Coupon in a Value Coupons Mail out. Almost every young person working there has no personality, no finesse, no brains, no service. One young lady offered assistance to find what I needed. She was on a ladder on a row of products. We were there about 5:59PM, 12-21-2015. We purchased a $27 dry Hill’s cat food and some Lighter Kitty Litter FOR $12. My Grandson was over at the Pet Tag machine trying to print out a tag. The Sales Clerk #22709 was very blah and obviously saw that next we would make some Pet Tags , BUT failed to offer that we needed to PAY at the REGISTER and obtain 2 coins to put in the machine. Actually she left the Cash Register completely and my grandson and I went to make the Pet Tag and then I found out we needed to pay at the Register. She charged me $8.50 plus tax and I ask about the extra $.50 and she said that was tax!!!!! Indeed it was NOT SALES TAX…it was an increase of PRICE from $8.00 to $8.50 and this was not noted on the machine. FALSE ADVERTIZING in my book! When I returned to the Cash Registers and there were 3 Clerks there…I asked: “Where is the Manager” They all looked at me like I was an idiot and they did not even know what a Manager was…Then they said…”There she is walking down the aisle.” I called out to her and she never turned around. Then the young Clerk 22709…says OH she is off so I guess I am. I said the Pet Tags are marked wrong and that is false advertising. She said,” The price changed”. A GOOD EMPLOYEE would have made a price adjustment to please a customer for RETURN BUSINESS. The young black girl, the young white boy and young white girl looked at me like I was CRAZY!!! I said as I left that none of you is very SERVICE ORIENTED! AND left. The whole experience was ridiculous for a Retail Store. I looked up your address online to find other Commits of the same nature about employees that were definitely not doing what should be done in a Retail Business. I would guess without some CHANGES in your HIRING AND TRAINING…your store will be closed soon.

  • I am disgusted with Pet SuperMarket Store #108 located in Davie,FL.I purchased a baby rabbit for my daughter on Nov.16,2015 the bunny was grey with a white nose and had a great experience with Elizabeth and happen to go back to the same store today which is Nov.22,2015.My son was wanting one of his own in which they so happen to have a black one with a white nose that I was going to purchase.I am a vet tech of ten years and noticed that rabbit was born with a defect on his left eye.It was a white cloud on the bottom half of his eye.I proceeded to test his vision and could tell he was partially or maybe fully blind in that eye.I asked for a manager and got a woman named Ashley , I showed her my concern and told her I was willing to purchase this bunny and have him seen in my office tomorrow as well as a opthamologist if they were willing to work out something with the price because it was going to cost hundreds possibly a thousand to see specialist, especially if surgery is needed.Ashley called over another store manager to show him the defect and ask if they could do anything for me. Pablo was extremely RUDE and not compassionate and told me to have my son put down the rabbit.I told him I wanted this bunny so I can get it the medical attention it needed and he told me have my son put the rabbit down that someone else would buy it at full price.I said yes but it needs help and to go to a home that will be able to pay to fix his poor eye.He said it's fine.I began to get upset watching my son cry and knowing that this poor rabbit would not get any medical help.All because they were so rude! I told them I wanted both managers names and corporate phone number.He was refusing to give me the woman's name at first until I began to speak louder demanding this info, I was willing to purchase this rabbit and care for his needs but because they were so rude I will never give them any business and working in the clinic that is very close to them and see's most of their animals.I will no longer refer anyone to this store EVER AGAIN! How can this store sell animals with defects and show no compassion? I want answers! I will be calling corporate everyday if I have to.I will be the voice for these poor animals.All they wanted was money and were very rude about the whole situation.I will contact an attorney as well, it is not legal to sell animals with medical problems. I know this for a fact!
    I want someone from corporate to contact me immediately (954)529-3778

    • I hope you called animal control and reported them. All pet stores get their animals from large breeding facilities. That bunny most likely l came from a bunny breeding mill in the mid-west. I hope you reported them for animal cruelty and neglect.

  • I bought the Guppies at our Pet Supermarket and there is something wrong with these fish They are taking over my tank's. I called the main office for help, I don't know yet if they are going to help me or not. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do about this I am thinking about getting a lawyer. If I pull out my Oscars and kill the guppies it will ruin the tank's. Really sad in Florida!!!

  • I am a long customer of Pet Supermarket, as they have a great reward program for the $50 dog food I buy for my great Dane weekly. Last week we decided to add a ferret to our family. It was a very positive experience in the Englewood FL store #208. …… Then this week, became THE WORST shopping experience of my life at the very same location! After standing in line for 16 minutes, one of the 5 employees up front decided to open a second register. The 12 customers in line behind me raced over, as I still stood waiting to be taken care. When it was finally my turn, I told the cashier I needed crickets and mice. She rang me up, I paid, she took the next customer in line. I stood waiting for my crickets and mice for several minutes….. No one EVER got me what I paid for! I ended up getting a refund and leaving the store so furious! Not a single employee showed any concern or care. I will NEVER be back in that store again. I know the teenage employees could care less, but I would hope the corporate office has a higher expectation of service than what is being achieved currently.

  • I am so upset with Pet Supermarket…I bought 2 Conures from you in 2009…You never have a SALE for birds and you don't even clip their wings anymore..So why are you so special? why should I shop at your stores? Matter of fact..I think I will start shopping elsewhere where they at least care about their costumers and their pets wheather its birds or fish…At least I will get some recognition from another pet supplies store.

    William Burks > Most likely going to be a former customer and shop elsewhere along with some of my friends and their friends

  • I just purchased maybe 2 hours ago, a higher end priced Beta fish…It died within an hour of bringing it home. I called the store and store said no refund or exchanged because my water killed it, how do they know its my water that killed it?? That's odd. Well never the less I am losing 6.50 for the fish plus supplies totaling 25.00 but they just lost a long time customer. New Port Richey Florida Store

  • Worst Customer service ever, they offer buy 10 bags get the 11th free, my bags at top of the line 65.00 per bag, ( large wilderness brand) and the staff never gets it right, they ALWAYS make you chase them for the free bag – when you call in, they yes you to death (if you can even get anyone on the phone) and the tell you they will take care of it, and NEVER DO WHAT THEY SAY, could be a great store, but this is very frustrating plain and simple, if you don't want to give away, the 11th bag for free discontinue the promotion, but if you do keep it, Please make the 11th bag free as promised,

  • I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. I have been calling since December 12 to file a complaint on a store and their treatment of customers and they do not respond! But I guess pet supermarket thinks its ok to treat customers like poop. I will never visit a pet supermarket again! Do not go to the pet supermarket in St Cloud, FL unless you want to be treated like crap!

    • I had a terrible experience in the same store by the manager, very nasty and rude, I even had a heart episode where I had to put the monitor on my chest, she (Christine) didn't even ask if I was alright, this store should close, due to the way they treat people, I was never treated so wrong in my life, I called corporate office and got no response, we need to get a lawyer against this company and put them in their place. I will never go back as long as miss nasty still works there!!!

    • Pet Supermarket in St Cloud??? The worst!!! I have been calling the corporate office and of course no response or call back. They do false advertisement…I have been trying to purchase a specific Pro Plan dog food for my dog and they keep saying it's in back order. If it were in back order why do they advertise the product on sale on their circular. Of course, its a marketing strategy…have the customer come in for a specific product but purchase whatever is available. I called Pro Plan directly to see if there was some kind of shortage on the product and their response was no.
      Manager and employee's at the St. Cloud store are very rude and unprofessional!!!
      I would like to take this further; any one in on this?

  • I just had a fantastic customer service experience!!!! My Bichon for some reason only likes the red loud mouth bird latex toy. We have tried all the colors and he likes the red! Everywhere I have looked, they are sold as "assorted colors" and you can't pick the color. I inquired to several on line stores. I contacted Customer Service at Pet Supermarket. I spoke with Crystal and asked her if I could order only the red birds. She said she'd look into it. She returned within a day and said she contacted the webmaster and the warehouse staff and the red birds were in stock and I could order at least a dozen. Each time I called with a question, Crystal returned my call in a timely manner. She was professional, didn't laugh at my silly request and effective! She was solution oriented. She coordinated various staff and made sure the transaction went smoothly. The birds just arrived and our little Bichon is exhausted trying to keep track of all the red birds. Right now he is surrounded by them on a blanket and using one or two as a pillow. Thanks so much for such terrific customer service and making us ALL very happy! I consider Crystal's efforts over and above my expectations and rare these days to get a response at all let alone a solution! Kudos to Crystal!

  • Management in Joliet warehouse 198 steals food and products and have employees load the items into managements cars. Aren't they sippose to lead by example…they search employees belongings to see if they are stealing…while they get away with stealing. Corporate you are the ones who are being laughed at by your own management and their actions. So corporate you pay them big bucks, give bonuses and allow your management to help themselves.

  • Name: Linda Tait

    Phone Number: 2394760131

    Wrote: This is not an inquiry it is a complaint. I was just at your store #114 in N Fort Myers, FL and I never had such bad and rude service as I did there today. The whole time I was being checked out the sales person was on the phone talking about his bursitis and extended personal matters. The other clerk should have never given him the phone while he was at the register not along my cashier not one time asking how I was doing or what kind of pet I had he was completely about himself. I quit going to Pet Super Market a long time ago but was in need for something I had to get there, I will not go back and I am in the process of locating the phone number for the executive offices even if they don't do anything it will be on the records as bad service and no customer participation. Shame on you folks for hiring individuals that have no smarts, etiquette or brain power. There are many looking for jobs you do not need to hire the ingrates. As I was leaving I suggested he paid more attention to his customers and get off the phone, he replied, "have a nice day" I responded by telling him not to be a smart alec. Shame Shame. Register ticket # 808628 employee #18061
    The floors were filthy, upswept along with toys on the floor merchandise under the displays, I will not go back

  • I am waiting in front of a pets supermarket store on Biscayne blvd and watched how there 10am – 7pm hours made them miss out on at least six customer opportunities. Why not just keep the opening hour to 9am and close early?

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