Peter Piper Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Peter Piper Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
Peter Piper, Inc.
950 W. Behrend Dr., Ste. 102
Phoenix, Arizona 85027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-609-6400
Fax Number: 1-480-609-6520
Customer Service Number: 1-480-609-6400

  • I want to thank manager Darnell Spears for excellent customer service and just being a truly decent person. This week I dropped my phone in the parking lot of our local PPP, 507 S. Main, Las Cruces, NM. I realized my phone was missing just after I left the parking lot, but by the time I could turn around, the phone was gone. I went inside to ask if it was turned in and the manager kindly let me use the phone to call my kids to track the phone by Find your Phone for iphone. My phone was moving away from the store. The manager called the non-emergency police dispatch and asked to make a police report. An officer came to take my information and the manager checked all the cameras and the police officer was able to see who picked up the phone. I wanted to say thank you to manager Darnell Spears for going above and beyond to make this process happen efficiently and smoothly. It is so nice to have someone know how and be willing to do their job, even when it is inconvenient.
    Thank you

  • Visited the metro location sat March 23rd around 730 pm. The restaurant was absolutely wrecked!!!! We were lucky enough to get the last clean table. Food came out burnt. Started to play games with my sons and games were broken, not issueing tickets and eating tokens when we were lucky enough to find a machine with food or drink spilled all over it. Absolutely disgusted!! When I brought it to managers attention I was told “we had call outs” need to get a manager at the store who actually knows what they’re doing. I will not be returning.

  • I have been watching your ad on tv and cannot believe what I see! A Father constructs a school project for his son and as the boy comes home from school he asks how we did? The boy shows the blue ribbon and now we celebrate "CHEATING" by rewarding the family with pizza! Really? Then the hook "No matter who won the blue ribbon celebrate with Peter Piper pizza."
    I bet the person who wrote this add cheated in school and your Company must support flawed family values. I suggest you change your campaign to a wholesome communication about your true family values or maybe cheating is your values.
    David A. Breslin

  • Just back from your Tuesday promotion – 2 slices of pizza, 12 oz drink, craft, and 5 tokens for $5.95. I feel I was ripped off! Your whole team catered to the kids who came in from pre-schools, some 24 at a time! I took my three grandsons and one of their friends. When it was announced to get pizza, my 11 year old grandson went to the table, was told to go sit down!!!!! My 16 year old grandson went to the table a while later, he was to get three Pepperoni pizza plates, there was no Pepperoni left!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered three Pepperoni and two cheese! Not the other way around! Disappointed, I would never go again. The bussed in kids were fed first – they must be very special!

  • I am very upset with your Comercial about a family loosing their home in a fire but them they show up and said they don't care because they just came from Peter pipers well i lost everything and pizza was not on my mind I am upset and hope you remove it

  • Your commercial about people standing with a firefighter and watching their home burn while suggesting their pizza was more important is disgusting. HAVE YOU EVER LOST YOUR HOME IN A FIRE??? NO???? WELL WE HAVE AND ITS NO LAUGHING MATTER. Wake up people!!! This is terrible and hurtful to those of us who have gone through this tragedy and you are making fun of it. SICK

  • The new commercial where a child is sent home for biting another child is horrible. Why would you reward a child for bad behavior then make fun of it while dining?

  • With Green Valley and Sahuarita areas growing so fast and that majority are families a Peter Piper Pizza would be greatly appreciated in the Green Valley area. There are a lot of potential customers from not only Sahuarita and Green Valley but also Tubac, Rio Rico, Nogales and all the surrounding areas. Please consider it. Thanks!!

  • Was at the golf course location it wss the worst experience I ever had a gift cards misplaced and I asked her the manager who is African- American if she had sern as she said that she'd thrown it in the trash out back and then proceeded to lie about it to another male manager I felt very embarrassed and upset nothing was being done about it it was the worst experience I've ever had I will never be back

  • This comments serves as a complaint due to unsatisfied customer service. My son 3rd birthday party was held on 5.28.2016 at 3:30pm at Store #613
    Hostess Valarie & Kaitlin. A special order Cake (Spider Man) was bought in celebration of his birthday. My spouse and I ask the cake to be brought back to your kitchen area to keep cool until it was time to cut the cake. Much to our surprise how the cake came back . It looked as though the cake had been dropped and was damaged beyond repair. I extremely upset that all they offered was the cost of what we paid for the cake of $32.98 which was the cake prices listed on the tag. My heart was broken and embarrassed in disbelief that my son cake was ruined. My son was crying and I was very disappointed by the customer services and how this was handle. I could have chosen one of your major competitors however chose Peter Piper. I am angry and highly I disappointed !!!I wasn't able to take pictures with my son and the cake and have nothing but horrible memories of a damaged cake. My total for the food was $217.86.
    I would like a District Manager to call me or contact via email of what you feel your best customer service solution should be!!
    My name is Angy Zuniga email address
    832 3062612

  • On May 1st, 2016 at 5:24pm, my friend had sent me a picture of an employee wearing jeans and a peter piper uniform shirt while that employee was on their shift. My friend is an employee at your 1380 N Silverbell Rd location in Tucson, AZ. My friend was told by the general manager, Jessica that jeans are not permitted for work attire. This employee wore jeans and was not told to go home or change. This has been happening for a couple of weeks as I've been told by my friend. There is a lot of favoritism at this location. This general manger does allow this certain employee to sleep while on the job, and other activities such as being on their phone, sitting in the general manager's office, and as well as not keeping a good relationship with any other workers. This employee only has a good relationship with the GM, and not anyone else. For example, this employee has the power to force other people to do her job instead of her working as she should. If another coworker sees that she isn't doing her job, they tell the GM and she does not do anything about it. Vice versa, the coworker gets their hours cut for something as little as being late 5 minutes. This GM has only been working for a couple of months, but is the worst GM I've ever met to do an interview with. I have been going to this location for years, and lately there has been nothing but, favoritism, problems, lack of teamwork and communication. Please reply, I really would love this location to be as it was before this so called manager came to work here. I wish for her to be replaced, if not, at least someone from corporate to come by and tall to her about what can be resolved. Thank you

  • Having a 2nd location in Pharr TX would be awesome. Maybe North Pharr. There's a vacant place off the expressway, it used to be a pizza place.

  • Today I went to the location on 3rd St and bell and had the worst service ever. First off when I went to order the girl was talking away and ignored me. Her name was Meagan and it said she was from Tucson on her name tag. Second my daughter was at the counter picking out what she wants from the prizes and this Megan employee tossed the candy to my 5 year old Daughter! Worst customer service ever! This type of service is not acceptable!

  • I worked for PPP for about 9 months at the store 82 on 7th st and e bell rd in phoenix az till I was finally fed up with the way they treated their employees. Yes it is true.. They wont give you a break unless you are closing. I had to walk out of that place and I did, due to lack of respect. I have been hearing several rumors coming from one of the managers saying the reason I did that was due to my hair? They constantly talk to each other in a crude manner infront of customers. Not very apologetic. I have never hated a job so much. I am 17 years old and its illegal to keep underages past midnight which PPP will do just to close the store. Very unsanitary, when dishes are done there is still grease left on plates. I will be taking legal action against this store. One of the managers named Hawkins? Is also very crude to other managers and employees. I have never met a more incompetent person in my life. He will never talk to an employee if they are doing something wrong. He will tell another manager about it to tell an employee. Both managers amd Hawkins? Treat employees like trash.. Very disrespectful company and I will be taking legal action.

  • On 7/15/15 I took my family out to dinner on Metro Phoenix Az it ended up a nightmare, embarrassing moment. I've been going to Peter piper since I was nine years old. And I love the ice cream as well ,last night we approach the cashier to redeem aour tickets from survey I had three the cashier went back to the manager a very young lady Ashley it seem like I did something wrong I ask other employee of there was a problem she sai they only could redeem two ticket and it had to be called from different phone it could be done with same phone.
    I had two transactions different pay method and it was separately we just gave the tickets at the same time The manager was not handling the situation in a professional way and her body language was if she was not appropriate at all rolling her eyes and mumbling her and other employee walk away talking back I ask the cashier to ring my ice cream I didn't need to feel not welcome
    We dine there to four times a month
    It really takes a month to get a customer and a second to loose it!
    That young lady and crew need customer service skills and training.

  • I worked at the Peter Piper Pizza at 6127 Highway 6 N, Houston,Tx for almost year and it was one of the worst jobs ever, management is awful. the only reason I put up with this cuz I needed to Job but I would never work for this place again worthless company management, have never been mistreated so much.

  • I recently was hired at 1061 N Dobson Rd
    Mesa, AZ 85201 The peter piper pizza at Mesa River view .The managers constantly swear , they have me working until 2am then scheduled me to work the next morning at 7am ! Other workers and myself do not get breaks unless we have to close! I worked 9 hours with no break at all ! I barely get any rest ! I have a very ill one year old daughter and a fiancé with blood colts , so she cant work they're depending on me they're the only reason I continue working there! I would never recommend working at peter piper pizza to anyone , I will be looking into labor laws with my lawyer !!!

    • And you will find a lawyer because it is in human to work a person more than 6 hours with out a break. Good luck and may GOD be with you. I know people that work for other PPPizza places and they complain about the same issue. Wage & Hour should have already payed a visit to PPP but I know they hire young kids so they can take advantage of them. Those young kids are afraid to speak because they need the money. They need to look up laws on the internet so you all can know your rights. 🙂

  • On April 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM, my family and i went to eat the lunch buffet at the local Peter Piper Pizza located at the southwest corner of Jackson Ave. and SH 107 in Edinburg, TX. A customer came in with a dog about the size of a french poodle. Apparently the man told the manager that his dog was a guard dog of some sort. We questioned the manager as to why would he allow the man to bring in his dog into the building when the man didnt show any type of documentation or dog tag on the dog confirming his dog was indeed a service animal. The manager couldn't give any explanation, only "Oh Well". "Really". The place was packed with patrons and the dog was scratching itself and probably letting go of his dog hair into the air and unto our food.

    • It is the LAW, Sweetie, that is why the manager allowed the man to bring his dog in. If the manager had had even questioned the dog's legitimacy, Peter Piper Pizza could be slapped with a discrimination law suit.

  • On Saturday, March 1, 2014, I visited you Peter Piper Pizza at 3717 S. 12th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85713. The service was horrible, I had to wait 40 minutes for my pizza before they realized they had forgotten my order. This place is a FIRE HAZARD it was chaos, because they had people over the maximum limit, this place has burned down in the past and thought of how many children were in danger if it happened again. I did not stay for that reason and do not recommend this place, because they don't care of SAFETY!!

  • Wow you need to get with the times, apparently Peter Piper pizza still believes in paper coupons at a location in El Paso,Tx on Zaragosa. They dont believe in E-coupons as being vaild from their site online. Get with times and train your staff!

  • Your advertisement on TV showing a mother giving her child a scolding face and then gives her husband an approving face for doing the same thing is ridiculous. Why would your company used a two-faced mother in your ad. It makes me not want to go back to your company.

    • Agreed…and your managers in Tucson at the Broadway location are irresponsible…I paid 20 dollars for 2 drinks now I have to get all the paper workl together to prove that I didn't eat that order.

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