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PetSmart Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact PetSmart Corporate Office Headquarters

PetSmart, Inc.
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
United States
Corporate Phone Number:
Fax: 1-623-395-6517
Customer Service Number: 1-888-839-9638
Website: Petsmart.com

  • Today I was over charged for the items I had bought with one item being charged as two and my other two items which were listed as buy one get second at 50% off at regular. I noticed after getting into my car and walked right back to the store doors to find them locked when a worker came up to the doors and told me that I would have to come back later they they needed to close up the store because it’s a Holliday! Pittsburg Ca. Petsmart is a joke & I won’t beturning to this store at any time!

    • So it’s me Marci once again and it’s been what just shy of 8 months and Petsmart still hasn’t resolved the issue of ripping me off by over charging me and refusing to make it right with me that same day, telling me to come back another time anytime during the months time for my refund.
      Being that I don’t own a vehicle and take care of a special needs son as well as have health issues of my own, and well quite honestly my really not being so happy with this store’s employees and dreading even going back to try to get what’s owed to me ….
      Long story long I wasn’t able to get right back to the store or even within the months time, however both store employee /managers whom have contacted me through email on this matter Devin & lastly Scott Gleason have decided to be non responsive to my emailing asking if I could receive what’s owed to me by having it sent to my home address. They both began sounding very apologetic and willing to make things right even offering me some store credit or some store card with $25 on it as well as what was owed back to me , however once I asked to have it sent to my home it was as though they never contacted me at all and I was in dire need of some treatment for an ill fish at the time I sent off my last email sending photos of my ill fish asking if some product or treatment might be suggested for its illness since I’m pretty new to this having inherited the aquarium from a dying friend whom just had passed at the time of the Pelco becoming ill, however this even got ignored!
      I’ve been patient as can be but this is beyond ridiculous and at this point I don’t want anything to do with this company, store, any of its employees.
      I just want what’s right and over charging without being willing to correct the issue at that time or any time since then by going out of their to correct their err is just really amazing to me.
      I have never stolen anything from anyone and yet here the Pittsburg CA Petsmart store has stolen from me and yet they just go on as though it’s no skin off their nose & of course it ain’t but to me it’s so much more then the err or even the money that they kept knowing it wasn’t theirs.

  • Today I was over charged for the items I had bought with one item being charged as two and my other two items which were listed as buy one get second at 50% off at regular. I noticed after getting into my car and walked right back to the store doors to find them locked when a worker came up to the doors and told me that I would have to come back later they they needed to close up the store because it’s a Holliday! Pittsburg Ca. Petsmart is a joke & I won’t beturning to this store at any time!

  • Today I was over charged for the items I had bought with one item being charged as two and my other two items which were listed as buy one get second at 50% off at regular. I noticed after getting into my car and walked right back to the store doors to find them locked when a worker came up to the doors and told me that I would have to come back later they they needed to close up the store because it’s a Holliday! Pittsburg Ca. Petsmart is a joke & I won’t beturning to this store at any time!

  • My husband and I recently moved to Westfield, Indiana. We came from a small town and we would have to order on line or travel to get to a pet store to buy Crave wet cat food. Needless to say, we were extremely excited when we found out that Petsmart was only about 5 minutes away. We honor this establishment 1-2 times per week. Of late, it has been very difficult to get the Crave wet cat food. A lot of the items are sold out. Unable to get most CRAVE wet cat food on line. Our question is, will we be able to buy CRAVE wet cat food (all varieties) from Petsmart in the very near future? Any assistance you can give us on this would be greatly appreciated. We now only have one cat left out of 3. He is 17 and CRAVE is his favorite food. We have tried other brands but nothing seems to satisfy him as much as CRAVE wet cat food. I'm starting to worry that Petsmart is going to pull this line from their store. Please respond.

  • I'm a regular customer at PetSmart and have been for many years and recently found out that there was a PetSmart in my home town Rolla Missouri so me being the loyal customer that I am I told all my family and friends about the new PetSmart that has opened in Rolla so a few of us got out pets together and made a trip just to see how nice it was going to be scents we have never had any kind of problems at any other PetSmart stores we were happy to be able to go into one that was close by well needless to say when we arrived we were greeted by the most rude employee his name was Jeremiah king he told us to get our dogs out of his store and called my handy capped wife a restarted fat pig so we left and vowed never to come back intell something was done about this we reported him too the manger's and they said they would handle it but instead they gave him our phone number and names and just moved him to a different shift now i have been receiving harassing phone calls from this individual I'm trying to resolve this with out slapping a law suit against PetSmart for giving out my number and for them allowing for said employees like him to work there hope you take action before i do thank you for you time and understanding


  • On Saturday,November 7,2015 my husband and I drove to Petsmart on McHenry in Modesto CA. Seconds after he got out of our vehicle, my husband collapsed with a seizure. The manager on duty, Michael, saw our situation and kindly brought a chair for me to sit in while I tried to calm my husband and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

    I was really stressed out and Michael offered to drive me to the hospital.

    It was incredibly comforting to not have to wait alone for the ambulance. I have been shopping at Petsmart for years and employees like Michael are the reason I continue.

  • i have been going to pet smart for all of my puppies needs they take classes there and i was planning to use the grooming salon. i have been a good customer. i have a couple of problems with pet smart. the first one they wouldnt take a check and i am a regular customer both my dogs take classes and i make purchases at least once a week. the second one is i have tried to enter them in your dog contest for 3 weeks and have called and emailed often to find out why the entry doesnt go through. your people either dont know on the phone what to do or they send a form email telling me how they want to satisfy the customer and will look into it. i think i am being blown off and i really feel like my intelligence is being tested. i know when im getting the brush off. i would like to know if the contest is fixed to only accept certain entries or what?

  • I signed a contract for one year of the Wellness plan & I also signed up to get my Dog neutered, at Banfield in Arlington Tx Highlands. On the day I signed the contract, I sure wish I would have read it better.
    My dog received his 1st Check Up & they did a Biopsy on his ear on a growth he had. And I was told they would call me in a couple days with all the results of all the test and the Biopsy results. I didn't hear anything back, But I thought with it being Good Friday weekend & the Holidays and such it might take a bit longer, so I waited about a week & a half & I called them. They said they would have to call me back the vet was not in. That he would call me the next day. Well no call, so 3 days passed & I call them back again & I get oh we were just about to call you. The Doctor is with a patient he will call you back this afternoon. Nothing. I called back again and asked to speak with the Manager. She got on the phone and explained my labs were lost and they have been trying to find them before they called me back. I should have canceled my membership right then! BUT I went in & she refunded me the Lab fees that were lost. I still do not have the other test results – she said oh the Doctor didn't call you with them?? That was the end of that. I'm hoping my dog is healthy! All I know so far is he is heart worm negative. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I went ahead and I scheduled the Neuter procedure I signed up for, for my next visit. I was told bring him in at 7am he would be the 1st procedure of the day. I did, dropped him off at 7am and I went home to wait. 2 hours later I get a call, can you come up and hold your dog while we sedate him! He won't let anyone near the kennel. I was livid at that point. I went up there got my dog out of the kennel, talked to the manager again & told her I want to cancel my membership. She gave me a card with the # to cxl, stating she cannot do anything there. So I took my dog home & called the # on the card. Explained everything to the customer service rep. she said she will cancel my membership when I pay the $637.00 Balance. I said balance for what? She said services I have received. I asked her if a Yearly checkup & Rabies shot cost $637.00 she said she didn't know she can’t see the invoice I have to talk to the Store manager. So I called the store manager again! She said it’s not worth fighting over she would talk care of it. So I waited another week, called the Cancelation # again to make sure the manager took care of it. It’s still is not done! I called and I talked to another customer service rep he called & talked to the store manager after I told him she won’t return my calls anymore. He got back on the phone with me & not only was he rude, he said to me – I can pay a onetime right then $200.00 payment & they will cancel my membership & if I don't they will turn me over to a collection agency, and it will ruin my credit! I can’t believe he even said that!!! My bill wasn't even due yet! AND I'm not past due either, how can they turn me over to a collection agency. This is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I have sent this letter also to the Consumer Protection Agency. So IF they choose to turn me over to a collection agency for the Contract I signed that THEY broke by NOT providing the services they said they would provide to my pet to start with in that Contract, and the emotional drama they put on my dog and myself thru with the 2 visit's we went to, then I'm ready for the fight! Pet owners take warning of this service for your Fur Babies! Thank you for your time!
    And Mr. Lenhardt, I sure hope you see this. This is YOUR company & your reputation as the CEO of this Company!

  • Janelle worland.

    I went today to petsmart in greenwood indiana to get my dog groomed. We have
    Been going to petsmart for almost two years for food and other supplies for our dog and cat.
    I told them she gets allergy meds and anxiety and she gets benedryl daily. They immediately refused to groom her
    Bc I try to sidate my dog. Arw you kidding me this is recommended by our vet and I was treated as if I was a person who medicates my dog to try and hurt her. I have never been so livid and rudly treated by the grooming center. I drove 30 min to have my dog groomed and no one told me before we showed that you don't take dogs if they are on medication. I then talk to the manager and was treated the same way, and told since my dog gets meds this is not the place for her to get groomed. I told him I will never go back for anything I would never do anything to hurt my dog and I don't appreciate being treated like I would. They have groomed dogs that have to take medications bc I knew people who went there and have the same issues petsmart just didn't know. I will def tell everyone I know to not go to a petsmart bc of how rudely you get treated. I'm extemely offended and I am going to a news station to make sure your business get some light shined on how you treat your customers. And how rude the staff is a the greenwood in location.

    • I feel your pain because I recently had a bad experience, issue with a store located in Buffalo NY. And if you left your ph # with the corporate office to contact you… I wouldn't hold our breath because they haven't contacted me as yet about my situation I had at their dog salon and to top it off the store manager was just as rude too.

    • I know exactly what you are upset about.

      On March 28, 2022 my wife picked up our 10 month old miniature poodle, Thor, from PetSmart grooming on 82nd & Allisonville. When he was brought out she was horrified. Instead of the puppy cut we had requested he was shaved to the skin. The groomer, Nikoya C, claimed that Thor was infested with flees and matted. She insisted that she had the right to shave and inflict a flea bath on him without our permission. The flea bath cost an additional $30. Both her claims are false. For over forty years I have raised many poodles. This is the worst grooming experience I have ever seen or heard of. Thor is checked daily for fleas and has never had any in his entire life. He is also on flea medication and was examined for fleas by the vet just two weeks prior. This is a calculated perverse ploy to simplify & expedite the grooming process and increase the price without any customer acknowledgment.
      Upon leaving the store my wife needed some help with Thor. Our pup was in a traumatic state and she was unable to put the collar back on him. She asked Nikoya for help and Nikoya refused. Fortunately, another groomer was there and helped her get Thor out of the premises.
      Thor is in bad shape. He is no longer house trained. He is having tremors and shaking violently. He was the best puppy I have ever had. Now he is not the dog we took into PetSmart.
      Please be aware of what can happen to your pet. I am posting this to save others from this unconscionable treatment. I could not live with myself if I did not speak out.
      Please pray with us that Thor’s condition will improve.
      Dr. Roger K.

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