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  1. I have been trying to find out where my refund is. Just called customer service and she threatened to disconnect my call for she felt i was yelling and i was not. You have had my return in hand for 7 business days as per agent, and she told me it could take up to 30 days for a refund?? Are you for real?? I asked for policy stating this because it is not on your website, cant through to corporate, so here it is. I will abandon philosophy for as stated above, poor customer service. You should be ashamed of your policy of 30 days to process a refund and if true, allowing your agents to hang up on customers.

  2. I use several products from the amazing grace line. Recently I purchased the body moisturizer and after two months, the scent was gone. When I called customer service to get information on the return and replacement of this item, I was disappointed in what I thought was the lace of friendliness and professionalism from the person with whom I spoke. Equally disappointing was when I asked to speak with a supervisor, no one could speak with me, and would have to call me back later in the day. I received no phone call later that day, but did get a call 2 days later, from someone, who did not announce herself as a supervisor and was also rude on the phone. No one from Philosophy apologized for the inconvenience of the issue and when I received the return label, it came in a benign envelope and was not evident that is was from philosophy. I called again and spoke with someone in customer service, and again, not the friendliest or the most professional person in customer service. As a good customer, please research the scent issue with Amazing Grace that many people have complained about. Also, the stores, have the same issue with the scents dissolving. I was in Macey's purchasing product when another woman came to return the same product the Amazing Grace whipped moisturizer, for a lack of scent. HELLO PHILOSOPHY! SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE.
    Also would like to see your customer service be educated in CUSTOMER SERVICE. More professionalism, a little friendliness and empathy would be good. Your return policy should be very easy and come with instructions for the customers, just like HSN, QVC, and all the other large retailers out there. I hope that I see improvements in the future because to me, it does not matter how much I like a product, but if dealing with poor customer service issues is necessary, then I move on. Thank you for reading this and listening.

  3. on the "Shear Splendor " line, I am wondering if you spelled "shear" the way you did on purpose or if you are aware it is incorrect in this context.

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