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  • Piercing Pagoda Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Piercing Pagoda Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Piercing Pagoda Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Zale Corporation
901 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-580-4000
Fax Number: 1-972-5805547
Customer Service Number: 1-800-866-9700

  • I have contacted customer service on 3/18 and was told I would hear back from the DM within 7 days. Here we are on day 10. I called again, and got told, we can email him again for you. Well clearly email is not working as a way for him to contact guests back. I called the store to ask the manager if she could personally contact him. Well, she’s “unavailable” I am about to go higher than a DM clearly you can’t get any one to contact back within a reasonable time.

  • Applied to work for one of the locations in Daytona Beach, Fl in the Volusia Mall, not realizing my little sister got the same call to come in and they scheduled us back to back. So i go to sit with the district manager, general manager for my interview and thought everything had went well. Well they then called my sister over for her interview (mind you they didnt even greet my sister, or get out of the chair to stand and shake her hand) but proceeded to ask her if we were sisters and if she always follows me around every where I go. Then told her neither of us would be getting a call back because we came together and basically needed to cut my sister from my side which wasnt even the case. We rode together due to the fact that her car wouldnt start the night before. Needless to say ill never apply to work here again or purchase anything from any of there stores because of how i was treated, yet these are the people you want to represent your company.

  • They sure don't drug test there employees. Cause the one in Carbondale il the blonde girl was talking to a guy asking him to bring her weed to smoke after she got off. That is real professional

  • I live in the Florence Sc area.. please better train your employees especially about your onine coupons. When I go there they're so rude like oh you have another coupon.. umm really!!?? I'll just have to order online and pay that shipping fee for now on.

  • I have been dealing with the two stand alone pagodas in my area since they opened up a number of years ago. All the managers and associates are the best I have ever dealt with.

  • As a former employee i can tell you this is the worst place to work. They re tagg items that are NOT gold and say they are. They don't train anyone to pierce ears ( Providence Place Mall,Rhode Island). On my first day, no prior training, they told me to pierce a 6 month old baby and of it came out bad the parent could bring the baby back again tomorrow. They don't care about the customers or anything but themselves and taking your money! You'll never end up seeing a refund and the majority of Pagoda's have rude employees. They are literally trained to be rude and ignore people that dont look wealthy enough to shop there.

  • I received a St. Michael charm from the Birchwood Mall in Port Huron MI as a Christmas gift. The quality of the charm wasn't something I cared for so I wanted to return it and buy something elsewhere. I had the receipt showing that it was bought and showed how much was paid for it. The girl working told me that the charm was never paid for so she couldn't give me a refund. She was very rude when I asked her why she was rude she said that she felt I was being rude to her. I explained I was confused how I would have a receipt for the product and that she was embarrassing me in front of other customers. She called her manager and she was told to tell me I could keep the charm but no refund would be issued because their money was short for the amount of the charm. The girl also told me that the girl that sold the charm was fired for being short on money that day. I explained that I didn't understand how this was my problem and she said its my problem because the charm wasn't paid for even having the receipt it didn't matter. I asked for the district managers name and number and she told me they can't give that information out.
    I'll never deal with this company again.

  • No where in their policy does it state they won't refund certain "body jewelry" even less than 24 hours after purchase. I read the WHOLE policy online and the associate in store did not mention it to me even after seeing I was hesitant of buying because I was not sure it was big enough. They suck, overall the worst company ever. Never buying anything there again. Oh and their piercing services are horrendous, they never heal right. 2 years after my cartilage piercing its still getting infected. Oh well, my fault for shopping at piercing pagoda.

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