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  • Pizza Patron Corporate Office Headquarters

Pizza Patron Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Pizza Patron Corporate Office Headquarters

10999 Petal Street
Suite 200
Dallas, TX  75238
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-613-8000

  • (Grand Plaza South of Fort Worth) Manager Sergio Lopez and front cashier who worked on 9/26/19 at 6:43pm. The front cashier is not well trained on taking any calls or carryout orders placed with Pizza Patron's actual coupons. I called in to place an order and was asked to bring coupon in, meaning the order could not be placed until we came and visit the store. I mentioned the coupon code placed on ad and she said, "I need to have the coupon in store!" Well we still wanted the order placed, so she tells me the time frame 15min when order will be ready for pickup. I come by to pay and apply my coupon code. We waited, all other customers were picking up orders and I asked her, where are my pizzas?!? When all in behold she said, I had just barely put in the order and needed the coupon code! So, here I am waiting for the pizzas now and the manager comes never again never apologized and said it’s only five minutes to make the pizza. I tell him, well where is the pizza, I’ve been waiting here too long! If everything could have been avoided due to language, I told him, I speak English and Spanish. Unacceptable, this place is ridiculous…never apologized nor did any complimentary of anything! I should have known better to place my order somewhere else i.e. Domino’s or Pizza Hut…heck next time I know where to place my order with coupon and even didn’t care by this experience to go my way out to visiting Marco’s Pizza!!!

  • Never coming back to pizza patron Came in at 9:10pm employi said that there wasent no more pizza left they even gave me the adress to dominos pizza 2 time thies happens on mesa AZ …

  • THE CASHIER KEEPS ONE OR TWO DOLLARS FROM EVERY CUSTOMER'S CHANGE. This is happening at the Pizza Patron near the intersection Buckner and Lake June. I thought it had been an accident when she failed to give me a dollar in my change, but then I confirmed my suspicions when I went with my brother and she kept two dollars from his change. I haven't noticed her name, but she's a bit heavy and she's dark with blonde hair.

  • I work for a company that always places orders at the san antonio , TX location off Austin Hwy. Numerous times our order has been wrong. We order these pizzas for events the co. Throws. Just today our order was missing a large amount of pizzas. I cannot believe the numerous mistakes this location has made. I am not talking about an order of 3. I am talking about each order that is made is a total of 20 pizzas. I really would like to see something done. There are plenty of places around the corner we may order from.

  • I found the vulgar use of your pizza named "La Chingona" to be distasteful and offensive! I won't be purchasing pizza from you anymore. I will also tell others not to purchase pizzas from a company that resorts to using profanity to name their products!

  • My pizza was cold and manger had a vergy bad adittude with me his name was juan ortiz and pizza patrion on samuel

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