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  • Planet Beach Corporate Office Headquarters

Planet Beach Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Planet Beach Corporate Office Headquarters

5145 Taravella Road
Marrero, LA  70072
Corporate Phone Number: 1-504-361-5550


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  1. Planet Beach in Metairie is a JOKE!! Overcharging after cancelled membership! Called for over a week before I finally was able to talk to a manager and she told me I was still going to be charged an additional month even though I cancelled 4 months ago!!

  2. I have been with Planet Beach on Severn for years. I called to Cancel my membership in November and the manager assured me it was indeed canceled. Here we are in March and I noticed a $65.50 charge to my account. I called on a Monday and the girl told me a manager would called be back. I called 3 days in a row and still no answer. Finally Thursday I called again the girl said the manager left a note for me, not a call… a flippin note! Said I was still going to be charged one more month before it actually cancelled even though I shouldn't have been charged in the first place. So I googled Corporate office and of course you can't speak to ANYONE!! I don't think it's right to keep charging people 4 months after they cancelled then be told I still have to pay an additional month!!!! For what possible reason??????????????? I'm so pissed off right now and cannot get over how a company like this has not been sued yet. DO NOT sign up at Planet Beach, they will screw you over!!

  3. Planet beach Metairie is overcharging and still charging after I cancelled a membership .Owner told me it's the price of a happy meal the first time they overcharged me and if I needed it that bad he would take it out his pocket and give it to me .Very rude then charged me after cancelled membership two months later

  4. DO NOT JOIN PLANET BEACH IN METAIRIE!!!! Unless you want HIGH PRESSURE SALES, being LIED to, having them make it as HARD AS POSSIBLE to cancel a membership when you realize they didn't tell you about all of the EXTRA charges you will get posted to your acct. for their services THEY ARE THEIVES AND LIARS!!

  5. I recently purchased a membership to the Planet Beach in Destrehan. I have been tanning for many years and have been to tanning salons/spas all over the country. I have never been so disgusted by a salon/spa as I have here. The rooms are dirt, the door frames and doors around the handles of the rooms are black from years of fingerprints never being cleaned. There is lotion splattered on the walls and dried from never being cleaned. There are no towels in the rooms… Only paper towels-if you're lucky the roll is not empty. Every time I walk in to tan, the girl who looks like she just rolled out of bed has to clean the bed-instead of them being cleaned after the last person left. The last time she didn't even wipe the cleaner off the bed all the way and I had to wipe it down before I laid in it. The beds are old and dirty and some of them are broken and close so far you have to hold it open to keep it from being an inch from your face. There are no baseboards around the rooms… It looks as though they were ripped off and never replaced. There is dust on everything from the ceilings to the floor. Thick dust along the vents and the things hanging from the ceiling that looks as if it hasn't ever been cleaned. The linen basket- is alqays overflowing with dirty towels depitw none being in the available in the rooms. I would never have a spa experience nor want to be serviced by the employee that rolled out of bed.
    This "Spa" absolutely does not hold itself to the standards of Planet Beach as stated in the Franchise agreement and should be made to comply or close. i.e. 11.8.       Compliance with Standards and Specifications. The Spa shall at all times emulate the image intended for the System including, without limitation, its high standards of quality, cleanliness, convenience and courteous services. You must maintain the Spa in the highest condition of cleanliness and good repair. You shall comply with all of Planet Beach's standards and specifications for, among other things, inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment and Spa appearance, as they are disclosed to you in the Operations Manual or otherwise in writing. You shall purchase and place or erect, at your expense, all signs and interior and exterior graphics and only such signs and interior and exterior graphics as Planet Beach may from time to time prescribe for use by System franchisees. However, architectural refurbishment will not be required more than once every 4 years.

    It is a sad example of what a Planet Beach Spa should be. After several times tanning in hopes of just catching them on an off cleaning day or in hopes that it was just one room that was so disgusting. I will never return to this Planet Beach. I will accept the loss of $54 for membership. I do hope they are made to clean up their so called "Spa". I believe someone from the corporate office should visit this location to see for themselves how disgusting it truly is.

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