Plenti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Plenti Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Official Address:
200 Vesey Street
World Financial Center
New York, NY 10285 USA
Email: Online Only
Corporate Phone Number: 212-640-5130
Fax Number: 1-212-640-0404
Customer Service Number: 212-640-0404

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  • This morning I went to go have a cigarette and accidentally closed the door all the way I had no shoes on and left my key inside. So im already not looking forward to asking for a new key or some assistance in getting in my room I walk down to the first floor then I go in an there's this grouchy lady with the middle of her head shaved like where a mowhawk would be she has it shaved so a mowhawk reversed was huffing and puffing then I apologized and told her my situation she literally gave the worst customer service I ever experienced if she didn't want her job I know many who will and treat ppl with a little sincerity this was completely uncalled for. I mean it's not my fault she is hideous

  • In reference to the waffle house in Macclenny fl,my husband and i were in there and we was waiting on a table waited30 minutes people coming in after us was being seated. The waitress who went by the name kk took our order all of the employees were complaining the hole time.kk never came to check if we needed anything altough we finally got our food.while waiting we observed another waitress putting house silverware in to go orders, and saying oh well we don't have anything else.we use to look forward to going there after work but the last couple of times it has been horrible.

  • My son bought me one of your computers for my birthday. I have used computers majority of my life. Adam Smith from your company contacted me regarding a virus was on my new computer and for $200 he could remove it. I informed him that if a virus was on my computer "he put it on my computer to make me pay him $200. I informed my son and he removed the virus. Mr. Adam Smith just contacted me again regarding virus after I had informed him NEVER to contact me again. If a virus is on my computer he is putting it on my computer. I do not want this person to ever contact me again. If my computer has any virus, he is putting them on my computer so he can have a job. I have not worked in years and it hurts that someone from a major company is trying extort money from someone who is trying to find a job as a nurse.

  • why is corporate headquarters so HARD TO GET A HOLD OF. does anyone know of the Lord & Taylor's contact tel number? NY number had recording to call another number, which i did but believe it goes to fax. I have tried numerous times different numbers but end up connecting to charge card companies, what the heck is going on here?????!!!!!

  • ok so I am an applebee employee and I would like to know why applebees wont hire persons to clean the restaurant ? we as server have to do everything , sometimes we are at applebees hours after our last table leaves cleaning tables floors and moving furniture around …we are servers not housekeepers.i just think its unfair for servers to serve and clean for less than the minimum wedge

  • My husband and I have stopped in several Beef O'Brady's to eat in Georgia and Florida and have always gotten a great meal. We built a new home 4 years ago a couple of miles north of the Middleburg, Florida area in a large new subdivision. This area is growing since a Toll Road that is coming off of 1-10 and one day will connect to 1-95. By first of next year, the road will be completed from 1-10 to Blanding Blvd (highway 21). We have a large St. Vincent Hospital, Medical buildings, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart plus builders are building many new homes everywhere and of course we have signs up and news of large Hotels, etc. to be coming in the near future. This area is in need of a good restaurant other than fast food. There are a few local restaurants that aren't worth going into. So please consider our fast growing area. Thank you so very much!!!

  • The CEO or cfo, should take a ride or a plain to the pennsauken nj location. Where they have the employee working with no ac for two days on a heat wave, their business phone disconnected..and not enough employee. Working at a given shift.. what you protray on under cover boss is not what is happening in reality on your locations​…

  • Yes my name is Adam Ariaz I've been working with labor ready since 1987 or 4.20 an hour on and off. Never had a problem or been taken off work status before. A manager at 1209 in Gilbert, As. Text a job three times the same text. No cross street info. I said please stop so many texts n where's it at. She did it again. I said f word man where's it at and push your button. And she banned me saying I'm not going be able to work in tell I talk to a manager. And this is not the first time she's done that. Please figure this out for me because I'm planning on leave this state cause things like that here to California. Please note that some people don't have a car or gas to get very far. And 30 mile long city is tuff enough to work with people as it is. Never had a problem with any one ever here from Washington through every state to Kansas city, MO., Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona. San Diego, Oregon., Utah. Wyoming, Colorado, new mexico. Idaho. I think that about it been other state not sure if I work thru labor ready. Please help only way I've been able to make money so far thank you

  • Is it ok for other employees to threaten you and then keep their jobs? Managers were aware of the problem and kept her there. How is this ok?? How is it ok for the bully to keep their job and the bullied to be told to calm down and stay quite! This is wrong and unacceptable!!!! I suffered will she has been rewarded and demanded that she be kept on the schedule and demands that she works on her days off! Yet I'm the one who was done wrong!

  • Hello, Our gym in Camp Hill, Pa is newer & they said they are doing a makeover on it soon. I don't think it is LA Fitness corp that is the problem, it is the people they have working for them. I would suggest hiring regional directors and visit their stores every few months of put cameras on them. They sit around a lot. They make one guy clean everything and then he has to help them at the counter. The management at this gym is poor. If the cleaning guy isn't there the garbage cans overflow with waste. Thousands of members and little dinky garbage cans, geez and the manager just sits up front and does nothing. These kids you give manager titles to do not see anything. You really should hire a manager that has management skills, pay them well and get of these kids. I know they are cheap to higher but they are ruining your business brand. Here is an example of the wonderful management skills, 6 months ago, my girlfriend lost her job and had to quit the club. I said I would pay for her and she said no, I will wait to get another job. History on her and I, we joined the club after it opened many years ago, we paid our initiation, heck, she even spent a lot of money last year for training. Well, I got my price reduced to $19.99 after many years. My girlfriend is back on her feet and goes to talk to manager on duty on May 13th, 2017 and he says, sorry, your going to have to pay for initiation again, $400 and then we will give you a lower rate. She explained everything to him, but, he said, sorry, there is no way I can do anything for you. I was kind of surprised on how inconsiderate the conversation went. If you are managing a facility, having all the background given to you, why wouldn't a manager say, "let me ask my boss to see if there is anything we can do for you". To me, he was cocky and arrogant and overheard him speaking later at what a jerk I was. I have a lot of friends at your gym and I explained what was said and some of them told me they do not like this person either. I never really complain to much when it takes 4 weeks to change a light bulb or 2 weeks to clean the mold off the shower walls or months before they call the repair guy to come and fix the machines, etc, etc….no wonder why you have to close the store in Harrisburg. I just wonder if anyone from your corporate office evens cares. Well, you know how to get a hold of me if you want to keep a member.

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