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  • Plenty of Fish Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Plenty of Fish Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Plenty of Fish (Plentyoffish.com) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

PO Box 841

C/O plentyoffish.com

Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5


Corporate Phone Number: not available

Fax Number: not available

Email Address: not available

Website: POF.com

Plenty of Fish is famous for its free dating site, plentyoffish.com. The website is one of the largest dating websites in the world. The site is owned by internet entrepreneur, Markus Frind.

Plenty of Fish’s does not offer a toll-free customer service number. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.


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  1. Site says for single not married but yet there are a lot of guys, mine one of them, that are married looking to cheat. Not cool.

  2. I had someone hack my profile and is using it as their own. Photos were changed out and what she changed in in the bio is something I would NEVER write. Tried contact POF with no avail. Anyone out there get any satisfaction? What a mess!!!!! This person has my personal info and I don't need it out there! Far from Happy!!!

  3. Yes, same as above. I have tried numerous times over the years to create a NORMAL profile with different email addresses (trying to get away from them deleting me) but failed every time. What are they doing? Oh, we have too many guys, let's delete new guys????? I have no idea. Their "no response, no reasons" it irrational.

  4. March 2015
    Within a few days of my registration with POF , my profile was removed for no apparent reason. My email requesting an explanation was not answered. From what I see by these great number of negative comments from previous users, I believe that POF has lost its way and that it is not seriously allocating resources to look after its customers. I just hope that they will have the decency to eliminate my personal information.

  5. POF does nothing about user who use someone else's photos as their own they just let some guy ruin another man life this guy used has been using my photos my wife didnt believe me when I told her it wasnt me after I reported it and nothing was done she left me today took the kids and left because POF doesnt do anything when you report people for being fake they are a big corporation why should they care whos lives get ruined as long as they make a buck or two so a big THANK YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE POF

  6. I have been hacked aws well by my ex loggin in with my details he stole out my diary,he replyed to folk as me it was horrendious slander , abuse ,Inearly had a break down ,I could not get hold of any pof staff at all ,no replys no nothing I even got police envolved,this site does not give a damb,no help no surrport,,utter disgrace

  7. My x-girlfrend hacked my POF account after I dumped her and started abusing people I cant get back on to the site .. 🙁 good to see shes still on there.

    Working 28 days away and 7 off make it hard for me to find another love in my life .

    COME on Please help all the people out here POF its a fantastic site 🙂

  8. My username was Gudsworth can you allow me to use site as you've deleted my account for no reason this morning ,i've been polite and stuck to the rules throughout.This was done 22/04/14.

  9. I am being harrassed by a user, and I have reported him at least 20 times – and I can't get POF to delete his profile – "easygoingwithhumor" is a predator…. I don't know why you all are getting deleted when I can't get a STALKER off of the website.

    1. Well he should have been honest and polite,they've deleted my account with no reason or contacted me why,shocking service

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