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  • Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

Electronic Arts Inc.
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-628-1500
Fax Number: n/a
EA Customer Service Number: 1-866-543-5435
Pogo Games Customer Service: Online Help Only

  • Bridge has become a real joke. It has been broken for 5 weeks. For the last few years cheaters and harassers are overwhelming all the bridge games and creating chaos. Although as players we are trying to police it it is impossible without EA actually banning them. Now with the extra glitch of no ratings the cheaters have found new ways to cheat making the total situation unpleasant and totally unbearable,. More cheaters have evolved and people are becoming threatened and stressed. The few honest people that have not quit are holding on hope that bridge will be fixed but once it is fixed –what will you do about the cheaters??? Is this really how you want this game to be??? Can you have someone that is in charge of Pogo Bridge in California call me please! My current case #18797949 was but in 2 days ago with a promise of a return call with in 30 minutes. After waiting 4 hors I called again adn again and all the advisers merely sent me in a circle. I realize that is their job but without question— an immediate fix and apologies from EA for the inexplicable delay and the total lack of communication with its customers are an absolute must!!!!! Announcements in Bridge room lobbies about the progress/intentions of EA for the Pogo Bridge game would not only be considerate but appropriate for a company of your status. PLEASE send me an email to confirm and explain ASAP.

  • I went from Window's XP- Yahoo was fine. I had to go to Window's 7 and the screen changed to big too SMALL. We adjusted everything and it changed everthing else. I hated all the e-mails from POGO and it seems they didn't correct the PROBLEM! Yes I did all the help e-mails and still NO REPLY!

  • You really need a suggestion box!!! Since I've been playing Words with Friends on Facebook…I don't even want to play pogo scrabble…The size of the board and letters really make a difference…I love Words with Friends on Facebook!!!!! Maybe you could make the board and letters a little larger!!!!!!!!

  • OK = I'm adding to this blog — EA customer support is a JOKE! I use a macbook pro and recently have issues with JAVA. Most of the games I've played no longer work. I've contacted their support a few times, followed all their instructions both written and verbal to no avail. I've played here only 3 years and would probably have continued if I could get help. The next to the last call was escalated and told I would receive help within 3 days. I called back on the 4th day — wasn't getting anywhere with the foreigner on the other end of the line. I hung up then got an email saying my case had been closed. NO RESOLUTION!!!! This is what we get for $40/year??? I'm done! If anyone of any importance should read this, I'd appreciate a response — 1thess5161718@comcast.net NOT my Google account because I rarely look there.

  • I won a jackpot on Pogo in Word Whomp I won it on May 3rd 2013 (aawandaj) I filled out the paper work at that moment I won. The Jackpot was for $2000.00 I have not gotten my prize yet can anyone tell me why? I have played Pogo for years and I would hope they would not do me wrong by not sending me my prize. When I won a prize in Monoply slots they sent the prize to me. Why not now?


  • Pogo/EA "support" is an absolute waste. If you are lucky enough to find a link to E-mail them, here is a typical response: "We appreciate you as a customer, here is your case number, we will close it in 4 days." The games freeze, the Pogo pages cause Internet Explorer to stop working. It has been over three months since the problems on Pogo surfaced. I went to other game sites and did not experience any issues. Customer service for membership, whether free or pay, is obviously not a priority of Pogo/EA.

  • ok, we pay for a service, yet when that service doesn't work, there is no one to answer our questions…the only communication that can be done is when pogo bills our card and that seems kind of onesided to me…

    then you call the corporate number above, at our cost, are put on hold for 5 minutes, then told there are no operators available and to call back later?????…..

    ea is a joke…ask the experts?….that's a joke…i want some answers or maybe if not to me they answer them from an attorney?….

    • I have been trying to get help on a problem that has existed since last July. They dont care. Their help site sends you to forums. Trying to reach a human is impossible. At least when it was just pogo before EA bought them out you could get answers.

  • Ive always enjoyed Pogo until the last few weeks!!! What is going on? Suddenly, no tokens are being calculated with the last 8 winnings of No Limit Texas Holdem!!! Come on and deal with your issues POGO because I am getting no help through your obviously, low rated customer service!!! the next time i sign up for annual membership to a game site it WILL NOT BE YOURS!!! Every person I have talked to complains about the customer service problems with POGO….Im, at the least, turning this in to the BBB and letting them know about it and i will never be so moronic to EVER REGISTER with you again!!!

    • It is now February and the problem has not been fixed and I cant get a contact to talk to. Totally terrible help web site.

  • Does anyone have issues with a box coming up in rainy day spider solitaire, with a key hole like a lock, covering the lower right hand corner ? Cannot find any phone number, contact help. I am not getting all my score or token's either. The only way I can get it to dis-appear is to back up with the arrow and click it to back up and then new game appears. I am getting very disgusted. Is this a SCAM program ? I have played for a very long time, now why this ? Can any-one give me their contact for help/ or a way to rid that off my game? This has been the last week. HELP!!!! Thank you for any help I can recieve. Much appreciated.

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