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Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

Electronic Arts Inc.
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-628-1500
Fax Number: n/a
EA Customer Service Number: 1-866-543-5435
Pogo Games Customer Service: Online Help Only

  • Your Scrabble dictionary leaves much to be desired. It includes words not included in conventional dictionaries, yet also rejects words included in conventional dictionaries. Therefore is is within a range of bias that makes it unfair except for those willingly conditioned within your system. And, as where you control the delegation of the letters to the opponents within the game itself, it is difficult to determine whether or not there is any par standing between stronger and weaker players, or that "luck of the draw" is initiated on behalf of a certain class that actually pays for your service, which I don't. Perhaps, I'm just a sore loser, yet I beat your computer 9 out of 10 times. I wonder if your "so called players are actually human!"

  • Something is wrong with your Adobe Flash player. I down load the update and when going to play the games it states need to up date with an oops. Go into my systems and it states my computer is updated. This has happened many times. How can I discontinue the games and get my money back?

  • I have an disgruntled employee harassing me each time I play Payday Freecell, I reported Him 5 years ago for being me to me when He was working Majong Gardens; He was moved to Payday Freecell right after that; I was told by Him that I could not play where He worked for trying to make Him lose His job. I like the game and go play there sometimes and He harasses me until I either fight with Him or leave. This has been going on like I said 5 years; His bosses don't make Him quit bothering me because they cant; He is running the game and every sec He can He messes my game up so I have to start over;; I think this person works 7 days a week about 12 to 20 hours a day; I have tried playing in the middle of the night when I couldn't Sleep and HE would be right there.I was moving from room to room to keep Him from getting to me before I could fiish the game and He didn't like me doing so!!NOW!!HE has a thing on me that tells Him every place I go play:: IS this legal to follow me to each game and how do I get them to remove it?? I want Him fired but their not going to punish HIM for anything;;He is their SLAVE!!He may be an illegal that cant work just anyplace;; HOW DO I KEEP HIM FROM FOLLOWING ME and Harassing me; I do not want to stop playing the game forever!!and I would like to keep playing on Pogo.com even tho it is an awful place since EA took it over!!

  • Why do you let a lot of your employees cheat us customers?I just played about 10 Monopoly Games with Bots and the game tech gave the Bots all the good properties and didn't make them pay for landing on the 200 tax and for some houses put on their properties altho I did not get my go money 4 times for having to stop on Tax for 200.00. I love this game but I was taught not tp Lie,Cheat or steal and are you approving the cheating your emplotees do. When I tell them they treat me worse; My renewal for 6years is soon and I am not sure if iy is worth playing on your site, I have removed my Credit Card; all employees cheat when playing the BOTS and it is not right!! I have complained before but it does no good;;Thank You for the fun I have had playing on the honest games;;

  • I have been SO OVERCHARGED FOR GEMS which I DID NOT WANT OR ORDER. Been on the phone for 7 days straight, explaining what happened and every time I am told the billing dept will be in touch either by email or phone. Ive cancelled my subscription, I know Pogo will NEVER RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM. In the meantime I am out over $200.00. What a scam, been a member for over 10 years. Can stick their website and electronic arts where the sun don't shine.

  • how come you guys have got so gad dam slow what the hell and always wanting to make moor money charging for games I already pay a yearly fee now you want moor I may just drop the whole thing and say f it

  • I need to discuss a problem I have with an employee of Pogo/Electronic Arts. Pogo has weekly challenges and those of us who love games and challenges enjoy these weekly challenges. However, the employee who devised the latest challenge in Monopoly Slots for Christmas week should be questioned as to the wisdom of his/her choice which is to land on Community Chest twice during the week. Sounds easy, right? Well, these are the problems of the challenge: 1)There is no automatic spins for the slot game 2)Your piece does not move unless 2 die (dice) come up which is very seldom. 3) On top of that you have to have the exact dice to land on Community Chest. 4) You have to do that twice. I would love the mastermind of this challenge to do it himself/herself and see how long this takes. Mathematical geniuses should come up with the probability of accomplishing this goal. There are so many complaints, and the sorry part is that there are those who have completed EVERY badge since Pogo started this, and now they will not be able to accomplish it, because it is so very difficult and long. I am one of those players. This employee should be asked what he/she was thinking.

  • Does it help to comment here? Having tech support call you doesn't. I have had same issues loading games for 6 months now. Today the tech said I needed to use a browser called Opera. I downloaded it and I still am having trouble loading many games. I would think if you are paying to play, you should be able to play. So if this is read & you can offer assistance I would appreciate it. Thank you Pogo ID is MBelinda, You should be able to access info that will allow contacting me with a fix.

    • You actually got to speak to someone in support??? Pogo/Electronic Arts is so intentionally well hidden that it is impossible to get through to anyone for any kind of support. I have been having an issues WITH TWO GAMES only for some time and cannot get any Pogo/Electronic Arts employee to offer any assistance. Since I can play all Pogo games EXCEPT for my two favorites I play daily, it is obvious to me that someone has placed a block on these two games for some unknown reason. I assume it was someone at Pogo since they will not admit to or address my problem. This is a VERY SHADY AND DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Redwood City, CA where their corporate office is located. Pogo/Electronic Arts CANNOT LAWFULLY KEEP DEDUCTING THEIR MONTHLY FEE WHEN THEY REFUSE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE THEY ADVERTISE. IF YOU HAVE NOT BECOME A MEMBER OF THIS WEBSITE STAY AWAY AND KEEP YOUR MONEY.

  • pogo wont let me in my account that I pay for….do they want more money…thats no prtoblem for me but they cant have it if they wont give me my password…. and say my e-mail address is wrong or 2 accounts…I guess they dont want my money anymore…this one guy i spoke with 2 weeks ago in evening time was very rude and hateful…so I know at 60 hes holding my account from pogo…I cant get back in the game and buy more gems …updates my account ,nothing…all they have to do is send my password to Sonaysmawhawha@suddenlink.net?????? since they have me blocked (he) from my yahoo account to check for password..I cant get in so heres the one in my account if not since its been 3 weeks of lost of badges,tokens and gems…I will have my account close out through Attorney General and all info wiped out and never go back to hateful mean people(boys) in pogo offices. All they have to do is send me my password at that e-mail.I have been a member since 07..24hundred badges and 104,million tokens and still lots of gems in my account…Bacon 27b and they cant say they dont have this info…as when it runs out they deactive it,so if they do this they have to check your account on record and they know this..IM 60 not blonde,dumb or stupid! Please have them send me my password at that e-mail.

  • I just wrote a long comment. Please repair pogo bridge. Make it that only members can play rated games. You could charge a reasonable monthly membership fee – perhaps $20 per month and only members could play the rated games.The ratings system has been broken for over a month. Surely this is not a complicated game to repair since there is no animation or sound. By only members being able to play rated games you would get a lot more paying members and it would be profitable for you to keep pogo bridge working.
    Please pay attention to us. We do care and thank you for all the years you have provided this game for us. Sincerely appreciate your attention.

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