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Pogo Games Corporate Office Headquarters

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  2. I have been a member of the POGO Community and love their games and challenges. Out of the clear blue sky, half the games I am accustomed to playing no longer work. Your Customer Support Team is totally useless. They know less than I do how to address the problem. I paid a Computer Tech ($150) and even he could not remedy the problem. He spoke to your incompetent customer support team which we found to be of NO HOPE. I will cancel my membership if you do not respond to me with an answer. No more try this or try that. Stay on the phone, call me back, communicate. If not, count me out as a customer. Obviously reading what others had to say, I am not alone. I keep getting messages that my computer is not recognizing required programs. I can play 1/2 of your games. The popular ones I like are not operating. Your response would be appreciated before I cancel as I do enjoy the POGO tradition. My email is Comish94@aol.com. I look forward to your call. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Your "Customer Service" department is not the answer. Been there for the past 3 weeks. No progress. Give me someone who has knowledge on how to fix my issues.

  3. I have contacted your lousy customer service/technical support several times for the issue I am having. I am playing your "game of the month" Jet Set Solitaire. The challenge is to complete 20 freaking airport levels. I am at airport level 23 and can not go onto level 24 nor can I reset my stats. I have tried on 3 desktops, 5 laptops and 5 different browsers. The issue is NOT my computer. I am beyond frustrated. I want a resolution TODAY.

  4. I am a POGO game player. I have been having problems with games freezing in the midst of play. According to POGO's scan: BROWSER is OK; OPERATING SYSTEM IS OK; FLASH is OK; RESOLUTION is OK. Only message says JAVA NOT INSTALLED OF DISABLED. I DO HAVE JAVA Installed. Control Panel shows one JAVA only. I tried to UNINSTALL it but no success. I also tried to download again but was told they detected CHROME browser. I ALSO DELETED CHROME. I use FIREFOX as my browser. HELP!!!!

  5. First Im grateful for free scrabble on pogo n the other free games but there is always a problem with scrabble just last week i had a problem n this for 3 weeks have another problem.. Please fix it I was thinking about upgradeing but their r always problems so no im not upgrading .. Pogo games go all through the process then at the very end of tring to get on it says game will start soon but never does………………… very fustrating

  6. What is going on with club pogo? I can't get on to any games what so ever. My subscription is not up until November. Finally got hold of someone on June 28th when he called me back. He said that there was a problem after they did some maintinence on the sight and have patience and everything will be fixed. Well how much do you have to have? It is now July 1st and still nothing fixed. This company can not be reached by anyone. The listed phone numbers are no longer working and the web site they say to go to can not be found. They had no problem taking my money each year. E/A Games, GET THIS PROBLEM FIXED!!!!!!!

  7. Your Scrabble dictionary leaves much to be desired. It includes words not included in conventional dictionaries, yet also rejects words included in conventional dictionaries. Therefore is is within a range of bias that makes it unfair except for those willingly conditioned within your system. And, as where you control the delegation of the letters to the opponents within the game itself, it is difficult to determine whether or not there is any par standing between stronger and weaker players, or that "luck of the draw" is initiated on behalf of a certain class that actually pays for your service, which I don't. Perhaps, I'm just a sore loser, yet I beat your computer 9 out of 10 times. I wonder if your "so called players are actually human!"

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