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  • Popeyes Corporate Office Phone Number and Address

Popeyes Corporate Office Phone Number and Address

How to Contact Popeyes Corporate Office and Find Phone Number and Headquarters HQ Address for Popeyes

Popeyes Corporate Address and Head Office:

5555 Glenridge Connector Suite 300

Atlanta, GA 30342 USA

Popeye’s Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-459-4450

Fax Number: 1-404-459-4450

Customer Service Number: 1-404-459-4450

Website: Popeyes

Popeyes Chicken’s competition includes Chic-Fil-A, PDQ, Zaxbys, KFC, Bojangles, Raising Canes, Church’s Chicken, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonalds.

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  • Popeyes on Buena Vista road in Columbus,Georgia is very shady. The general manager, Kiersten Mitchell, steals her employees money and does not tell them when there are deductions. There are other managers that actually counts it and say that the money is correct before she gets to it. They don’t count the money either because they claim the system will say if it’s correct or not. They took $125 from one of their employees check without telling her, and they just started to give us the information to see our paystubs on Certipay. She also makes her employees cry by bringing up their personal business in the store multiple times in front of everyone. They have children that work there and don’t they follow the labor laws in Georgia, which states children 16 and under have to get a work permit to work and get no more than 18 hours a week. The manager is also rude to customers and yell at employees for no reason or when she has personal things going on by taking it out on employees. The general manager also does her own surveys for her store to get good reviews because they have so many bad ones! There needs to be something done about this store and the general manager that works there.

  • So far I have had 3 deliveries from the Popeyes on Lynnhaven road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. So far all of them have been missing items or had wrong items in the order. This last order I tried to use a different location to order from but the Lynnhaven location got the order. Once again missing item from the order. Called the store and again no help there. The other disappointing thing was the chicken. Each piece looked like it had been cooked to long. Not tender or tasty, crust was more like a very hard coating. Plus the chicken breasts had less meat on them than a chicken leg from a local grocery store. Will not be ordering a delivery from Popeyes again. As a handicap person I do a lot of food delivery and have enjoyed Popeyes chicken from other locations, This one needs to have all new employees and management as well as a course in how to treat customers.

  • Hello I visited yoyr popeyes on 951 US Hwy 67 Florissant Mo 63031. Phone numver 314-837-8379. General Mamager Chris Nava. I went through drive thru on Friday 04/01/2022 Got my hold order incorrect. The restaurant is not close to where I live at. I called no answer on phone. My total was $15.36. The fiod was discussing not fresh and got wrong order. I want a total refund. If I do not hear back I will be taking matters futher. My name Norma. I can be reached at 314-412-2022. Thank You

  • There needs to be a serious visit to the Staten Island Forest avenue location. The manager has ignored requests from well a qualified and experienced employee who are looking to move up in the company. To see a High School student who only work 3 days of the week suddenly receives a promotion and has no management experience, really opened up my eyes.I honestly feel disrespected. Ever since I've been working there I have received nothing but great feedback from customers, one even said to me in front of everyone including the manager that they love the service I provide and that I should be running the store. I treat people and the food I serve with care respect and kindness, even when I have a difficult customer I remain calm kind and very thorough and before they leave their attitude has changed. It has gotten to the point that Customers have requested that I complete their orders.The delivery workers are impressed with my service and they are smiling when I am there because they know that they won't have to come back because something was missing.

    Now since I have been working there I've been told that I need to hurry up with the customers.Now I'm noticing that the new employees are being trained to do exactly what I do, directly in front of me.

  • When did you start putting cajun seasoning in the mash potatoes? I ordered red beans and rice (I have never seen a bean) and received the mash potatoes that are awful. I placed the order online and arrived and the store was closed at 8pm because of the lack of power. Wendy's, Arby and Taco Bell were serving and they are within walking distance. Do not go to the store on Fowler in Ft. Myers FL, as you can smell the garbage and store while going through the drive thru. The letter to the corporate office was returned. I guess I will be using the airfryer.

  • Post Falls, Idaho. Thought we'd drive 2 hours one way to try your chicken. Boy were we in for a surprise. Terrible Service and we left when we were put off for over 30 minutes. Of course, we left and will never return to such an ugly company…

  • Are your employees in Lubbock really that stupid that they can't get my order right or are they skimming. Because I always am missing parts of my order

  • One of our favorite fast foods used to be the Popeyes in Poinciana, FL (1046 Cypress Pkwy) I always preferred the chicken sandwich to other restaurants. When we ate this evening, there were several employees hanging out in the back. The dining area was filthy. We heard employees drop the F bomb at least three times. We waited about 3 minutes before the server finally waited on us. She was standing in the back talking with other employees. She did not greet us, just hung over the register waiting for our order. When the order came, it wasn't correct and the sandwich was not very hot with only one skimpy pickle.
    When we finished, I asked to speak to the manager. She walked up very slowly with her hands in her pockets. I told her about the swearing and how dirty the dining area was. She stood there saying nothing. I just left. Very disappointing.

  • I live in Palm Desert, ca. I am complaining about the Popeyes at 78395 Varner Rd. About 7:55pm we got in line to order a classic chicken sandwich. After waiting more than 10 mins. we were able to leave the line via the other restaurants drive and park and go into the establishment. On entering the Popeyes, I noticed several individuals sitting at tables and a couple of others near the cash register. After waiting patiently for about 8 minuets I asked the others is anyone was taking orders. The couple, said they were waiting and the young man in front of me, walked out disgusted. I saw workers but nobody was taking orders. Finally a young lady, Marisol, brought out an order to someone that was waiting at a table. At that point, I said is anyone taking orders? She stated that they were really busy, but she would take mine. I ordered a classic chicken sandwich and gave her my name. I also told her I had waited in the takeout line for over 10 minutes and asked what the problem was. She said they were just busy. Then she left the cash register.
    After about 5 minutes another lady, possibly a manager came out to call for pick up on an order. Another man at a table came up and asked if he could have his order, which was sitting there. Then she asked for my order. I told I had already given it and was just waiting for it. She asked my name and then after looking at the TV monitor stated, you are way down the line, it will be a while. I explained that I had waiting outside and the line never moved and what was the problem. THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A FAST FOOD TAKE OUT!!!!! She said well they were busy. Then the girl that took my order came up from the back with several Classic Chickens and this person asked if she had one for Jacky. She did, I took the sandwich and left.
    This is not a way to run a business. It has been slow befpre, but nothing like this. If you are unable to handle both the drive thru and the walk in, then I suggest you close one or the other. It was utter confusion in this place, like individuals walking around and not knowing what to do. I also suggest you check out this location and find people who are willing to work, know how to work, and give good customer service. This certainly is not one of them.

  • I would like to know why when I call the number on the website it's says call can not be complete check your number. Well I will get to the point, my husband and I went to Popeye in Natchitoches, La and pulled up to the speaker and a voice came on in a ride way and said down for maintenance, my husband tried to ask the person how long they were going to be down but before he could finish his question that rude voice came back on and repeated the statement down for maintenance two more time and then add this statement what don't you get. So we left and drive next door to Wendy, have to understand that Wendys is next door to popeyes, by the time we drove over to Wendys about two minutes we saw that popeyes was selling chicken again. We will not be going to that popeyes again. The people there are so rude. When we tried to ask why they told us that they were doing maintenance they keep saying it wants them it was some one else. I bet know one from the cooperate office will call about this complaint.

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