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Portrait Innovations Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Portrait Innovation Corporate Office Headquarters

2016 Ayrsley Town Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28273
Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-499-9300

  • location: Crestview Hills, KY Town Center.
    We were the only cutomer in the store, had a 12:20 appointment, The employee made us wait 10 minutes (with a 2 year old and 5 year old) as he was on his lunch hour. Although, he continued to train anotehr employee. The photographer did not work well to get the 2 year old entertained for a good picture. At the end, I spent $95 on pictures and they were horrible, the pics with the colored background was to dark, the pics with the white background were blurry and it was obvious. I have better pics of them from the pics i took at home prior to leaving for the appointment. I went back to complain but was told I'm only a valued cutomer if i spent a minium of $150. I will not be back and i will not reecommend this company to anyone.

  • My most horrible experience and why I'll be telling everyone about it…I had family photos done a couple of years ago…bought the special and a couple of extra sheets, and the cd with all the photos from our session on it high res. I paid like $50.00 for the disk. When this coupon came, I called "corporate" and asked if I could use the 20% off coupon on the disk. I was assured I could and was reminded to "please let everyone know about your experience via social media"….so I made my appointment. Asked all my kids and grands to dress up nicely so we could have family portraits made like before. The place was pretty packed, but we didn't mind waiting past our appt time. The photographer, Bianca, got some very good shots. Once our session was over and we looked at photos, there were several, several that we liked, but there was glasses glare (4 of us in the photo were wearing glasses) or minor things like a big strand of hair over a face, etc. So my husband asked if they could fix that, and we were told they had no way to do that. I do, so I shrugged and said I could fix. THEN came the hit…despite what I'd been told on the phone when I spoke to "corporate" about being able to use the coupon on the disk, I was told that the minimum I'd need to spend to get the disk was $300+…..um, excuse me?? I might could understand if they could touch up all the photos I wanted, but when 80% need touch up and you can't, why would I spend anything on photos that can't be touched up? That's just throwing away money. I'm attaching the ONE pose we went with, and even then, there's still glass glare on two of us…I am so frustrated and upset I could cry. I will NEVER get my husband back in this store because I was so upset…I look at the photos on the disk from last time–all 70+ of them–I even showed them the disk to see their logo to know I wasn't lying, it was theirs. But then they told me they delete all the photos upon checkout. So I bought the package and then I was told I could talk to the manager. But the photos had already been deleted, so what was the point? I was so upset I had to leave the store while they printed the pictures–my daughters waited. "I'd planned to have my daughters' senior pictures made, and other photos coming up, but now I'll go elsewhere. A place that will either touchup photos (hello, even schools do that now) or let you buy the cd without the crazy "it has to be with a package costing $300+" Yeah, I'm sure to let all my followers on social media know…I mean, "corporate" asked me to do that, right?! So upset and disappointed. Little Rock AR studio

  • We went in for an appointment 12/27/2016 at your Crestview Hills location. We went in initially just for the cheaper $29.99 package seeing as we're all young parents and weren't wanting to spend a ton, but wanted our kids pictures together. Upon arriving and speaking our intentions we were gone off on by an employee named Colton. It was out of no where and took us completely off guard. He went on a big rant about how rude and criminal that was to come in with 15 kids and say we were just going to do a smaller package deal. How that's like going to a restaurant and telling them we're going to order the most expensive steak meal but refuse to tip, and went on and on on this huge rant. We haven't gone to a studio often and we're not very familiar with your studio and how it works. The package was also advertised on the website like it was normal and not a big deal. He threw a fit and was very rude and unprofessional. It was completely uncalled for. If it was a problem he could have nicely explained it and the process and we would have been happy to talk about it and work out what was best. Instead of just going off on us. I hardly complain about anyone and we're generally patient happy people. Which we even continued to be after this encounter. We luckily got a different photographer, who ended up doing an amazing job and was super nice. I unfortunately forget his name. We liked the pictures so much we did end up buying more and spent quite a bit of money. Luckily we didn't take our 15 people and leave because we were ready to after our initial contact with Colton at the front check-in desk. And now we are hesitant to return to this studio, and probably never will. It's a shame because you have some good people working there, that are being majorly dampened by a very rude and unprofessional employee. It's the worst customer experience we had ever experienced anywhere. Even upon leaving he was rude to our photographer and sounded like very unprofessional on the phone with customers too. For the well being of your business, I would definitely recommend looking into him. Thank you for your time.

  • It's funny that there are so many ugly and disappointing comments on this blog. By funny, I mean disturbing. I will also be writing a hard copy letter to corporate and cc the Mt Pleasant location.
    We were scheduled to have photos taken at that location, this past weekend. It was Christmas Eve day so we did expect it to be somewhat busy. Our appointment was at 2:50. When we got there; the place was packed with no available seats and no one at the front desk. Everyone seemed to be running around with their heads cut off. We were told that there would be a 30 minute wait before we can take our photos. Thankfully, we only has to wait 10 minutes before two seats became available so the elderly in our party could sit. After our 30 minutes, we were told it be an additional 30 minutes. That's an hour. We suspected that this was not the truth; for there were too many remaining families waiting before us. After that 30, we were told they really didn't know how long it would be. During the duration of the sitting and waiting; no one…I mean NO ONE came over to check on us, give us hope or even extend an apology. It wasn't until we waited 2 hours when my mom and i went to use the bathroom that we decided to leave. After having the NERVE to have people waiting for hours; the bathroom was out of order. At that point we decided to leave. Again, still no apology. They just let us walk out of the door. This place has poor communication and horrible customer service. All of that could have been avoided by one simple phone call or email. You collect all of that information and don't even use it. After reading these other comments, being a poor operated company seems to be your policy. It wasn't just the Mt Pleasant location. I see no responses either. Shameful.

  • I made an appointment for a Christmas photo at your 2394 W. Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City location. I am a 74 yr old disabled grandmother living on a fixed income. When I walked in for my appointment, the lady at the desk took one look at me and said they do not take Christmas photos of individuals. I was wearing Christmas clothes but she told me I did not qualify for the $19.99 Christmas special and that packages started at $99. She said that the fine print on the Christmas discount coupon said no single adults. You are missing a big market for grandparents, many of whom are single. I see you have no specials for grandparents. Why not? You have specials for just about every other category.

  • Had a disappointing experience this past week with Portrait Innovations. Had a group of 10 people. The photographer told us when we chose the background we wanted that she should be able to get the whole group in the photo. When we looked at our printed photos the large group one was totally off center and when framed would have cut off our granddaughters arm. Another shot of 6 adults was the same way. I took them back and they had to be photoshopped to make it look okay. The photo of our infant grandson couldn't even be photoshopped to be centered because of how it was taken. Quality for the price you pay is ridiculous. Way overpriced. Wish I had gone another route. And don't advertise that you can handle any size group!

  • Worst experience ever! Waited over an hour with a baby. Got some pictures then sent to wait again for 20 plus minutes for more pictures. When my husband wento to ask what was going on here was ignored by the front desk. Another woman'should photos were cropped so much they cut out part of her children. We left when we got no response from management and after 45 minutes they called me asking if I wanted to finish my pictures, no apology or anything. Their scheduling is a joke and their management was rude. I will never recommend to anyone!

  • I went to the Saugus Mass store today. My time was @ 12:30pm until 1:15pm. Also, I paid $1.00 each for a card and the promotion card it says .40 each card. Also, I didn't get pics with the other (white) background. No far at all.

  • Our family went to the Portrait Innovations in Columbus Ohio. An hour and a half after our appointment time we were called for our photos to be taken. At this point we now have 3 toddlers who have had to remain still and wait for too long, which I can't blame them because as an adult I was out of patience. We get pictures and of course the kids don't want to cooperate, again they had to sit still for over an hour and a half. When we were finally called, we asked why it was so late to which they said "it just takes longer for some sessions." We get a select few photos taken. There was a couple there that had over 200 photos taken. After our experience I opted to call the manager since one of the kids were cut out of the picture and some others were dark. While speaking with them she said she would fix some of the photos, but wouldn't fix the darkness on all of them. I asked why we only had 40 pictures taken (which include closed eyes, kids moving, etc) her response was that it depends how busy they were. All the other families had more photos taken, and had them taken in both rooms. We were only in the one. So it was ok for our appointment to be an hour and a half late so that the couple could have 200+ photos taken, but they couldn't take the time for us to have more to chose from.

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