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  • Priority Club Rewards Corporate Office Headquarters

Priority Club Rewards Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Priority Club Rewards Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-800-725-8232
Customer Service Number: 1-888-211-9874
TDD: 1-800-334-5194
Email: PriorityClub@ihg.com

  • I have been staying with you chain for years an our company was asked by your commercial account person for our buss. We agreed then went I got sick with a heart Attack I called to let your office know because I had thousands of points an your staff was understanding an said that I would not loss these points , I called today an found out from your staff that they took the thousands of point I had built up because I was to sick to travel an stay at your chain , johnnylwhite55@gmail.com

  • To whom it may concern, My heart is troubled by certain individuals of one of your establishments,It is an apolling situation and completely opposite of what holiday inn has been built on.The very company that has recently celebrated 60years of being in business.This is not a little matter,it was a matter of life and death.I cried today for a young lady, an employee who almot lost her life to a brain annurysm.She was employed at holiday inn living in company housing.she has been in the hospital for 21 days.her check was 59 dollars the one before that was 89 dollars.my question is how much money does your co need?why the greed?each mobile home located in williston nd rooms are 400 month deposit 500. In which i know personally deposits are notreturned as they should be.how can youre co.hav a general manager that is selfish and without compasion.How can youre cmpany claim to be there for service to customers paying 250 dollars a knight?There are several leaders at the wlliston location that are unqualified and irresponsible.They in my opinion would be a total disapointement if it were my hotel.Im mainly trying to bring it to youre attention so an invstigation can take place of all the emplyees and comp[any housing tenants,before irreputable damage to youre company and youre name.I personally hav beenemployed with best western and holiday inn and i respectfully loved the company and your hotel in williston nd is a bad mrk on the name.Disgrace.i pray to see some sort of an effort to take care othis situation.im thinkng about goin to th labor board for the wrongs due to me from ur compay.i also will make sure that i tell as many people as i can about ur bogus hotel money trip.thank u.u can resond in email to scissors_sherri@yahoo.com

  • We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Walnut Creek, California on Sept 13,2012, checked out Sept 14, 2012. Will NEVER stay another night in one of Holiday Inn Express's establishments. My husband fell in the shower because of a lack of a bath mat. The tub had no non slip finish. The hotel said they were not required to have that type of finish and also informed us that the CUSTOMER had to REQUEST a bath mat for the tub. No medical attention was required but my husband but he has some very bad bruises. He fell on his hip. Fortunately for him (79 yrs old) he did not break his hip. I asked for the corporate offices address and they said they did not know it. I asked to speak to the facilities manager and of course he was in a meeting. His name was suppose to be "Steve at ext #307". We are going to speak with an attorney to see if any action can be taken to correct this lack of attention to room safety and little concern when something does happen. We will tell as many friends as we can about the incident and advice them NOT to stay with Holiday Inn Express. No concern for customer safety AT ALL from the management!!!!! From the list of complaints on this site it does appear that we are not the only ones with problems at Holiday Inn Express. A customer would expect much more attention to detail and safety by management for the prices they charge for overnight stays. A report was given to management prior to departing the establishment. If corporate offices is even concerned about this incident We would be surprised. They could contact the installation and get our information. Doubt we will hear from anyone. Our room number the night of the stay was #140.

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