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  1. NOT TRUE ON DELIVERIES—I ordered on 04/27/2021 for delivery on 05/07/2021 (for Mothers Day)—never happened—They offered to re-delivery on the 15th or after at no cost (after Mothers Day–you got to be kidding)—REMEMBER these were for Mothers Day ordered well far in advance. ProFlowers did give me a refund (by the way I got wilted flowers for her birthday in April–no refund. I have been using ProFlowers since early 199? (90s) and I guess like most big companies they have gotten worse plus the selection has gotten worse. BEWARE. I am now going to my local forest for FRESH flowers. So long

  2. Greetings I order Flower from ProFlowers. they sent the Birthday flowers on the wrong date. Promise me they was going rectify, well that never happen. Customers Sucks……..

  3. This company is horrible and a nightmare to deal with. I contacted them 8 times due to flowers NOT being delivered on Valentine's day, even though I paid for guaranteed delivery. Customer service is a joke. You can't understand them, they refuse to transfer me to a supervisor or tell me the name of the florist. They kept transferring me to different departmentts. I will never use this company again and DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, ITS A SCAM HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I SPENT $166 FOR NOTHING.

  4. I ordered flowers for my wife for valentines day. The flowers that you sent were not the ones I ordered. Just go ahead and send any, ugly old thing. Don't worry you will never see my money again. Proflowers, I hardly think so.

  5. I could complete my order online so I tried calling Proflowers customer service. I got a bad connection 3 times. The first call was all static and a guy that couldn't speak loud enough, the second call was static and a woman that just kept saying "yes, okay" then asked me to repeat myself, the third call was a bad connection and an Indian guy that was having problems with English. Sorry Proflowers, I had to purchase locally this time. Great job when the order goes thru online, but customer service in the Philippines is just awful. Maybe upgrade the communications.

  6. I am completely disappointed in Proflowers and will not be using you again. Since 2003 I have been sending flowers to my far-flung family and friends for Christmas. It's become a treasured part of our Christmas tradition and everyone loved them. Until this year! I don't know what happened, but the problems started when you couldn't access my credit card even though there was nothing wrong with it. I did not even find out about this problem until it was almost too late. But I switched to a different credit card and all ten deliveries were made. They were shipped all over the country — California, Virginia, Connecticut, New York. They were all disappointing. The flowers were dead or dying. The arrangements were paltry and cheap looking. The flowers did not even last for two days.
    I can only assume that you've made some changes internally which were reflected in my disappointment this year. I suggest you take a good look at what those might have been. As for me, I'll be looking for a new partner for next Christmas.
    Kathleen McLaughlin

  7. OMGosh… NEVER again! I orderED flowers next day delivery to a hospital for someone who had just lost a baby. It took 3 phone calls over a period of 7 hours to try and confirm delivery because even though they indicate on their website they email when your order has been delivered…THEY DON'T!!! I also asked to speak to a supervisor and spent 20 minutes on hold after having to raise my voice because every time I asked to speak to a supervisor the service rep just acted as though she didn't hear me…BS!!! SO HERE'S THE SCOOP…YOU CALL AND PRESS #1 TO PLACE AN ORDER AND YOU WILL GET A PERSON ON THE LINE TO TAKE YOUR ORDER WHO CLEARLY IS AMERICAN, SPEAKING PERFECT ENGLISH… AFTER YOU'VE EXECUTED YOUR ORDER AND YOU FOLLOW UP BY PRESSING #2 FOR INFO ON AN ORDER ALREADY PLACED YOU GET LADIES LIKELY LOCATED IN THE PHILIPPINES WHOSE PASSIVE (AGGRESSIVE) VOCAL STYLE MAKES YOU WANT TO REACH THROUGH THE PHONE AND WRING THEIR NECKS… GOOD-BYE PROFLOWERS HOPE YOU LIKED THE $90… LAST YOU'LL EVER GET FROM MOI!

  8. I will never order through Pro Flowers again. I ordered a plant for a Memorial Service that was never delivered. I ordered in advance so there is no reason that the plant was not delivered. I believe that if I had not tracked it, I would have never seen my money or the plant. There is no way to rectify this as there will not be another Memorial Service for this person. Very poor business practices, I don't know how you stay in business.

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