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QFC Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact QFC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
10116 Northeast 8th Street
Bellevue, WA  98004 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-425- 455-3761

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-576-4377


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  1. I'm here at the QFC on mercer in lower queen Anne, I guess is what it is. I come here very often considering its the closest grocery store to me. I had a 50$ winning stratch lottery ticket which I scanned on the kiosk. I planned on purchasing more tickets so I added the funds, once I did the screen went red and told me to seek assistance. That's where everything became a nightmare. Once someone got a manager over to the machine, he basically told me to take a picture and call the number on the kiosk. That's all he could do to help me. If I didn't know any better I would just go along with this but since I know there are things that can be done I basically know he is being lazy and or really shouldn't be a manager cause he doesn't know how to solve simple issues a store manager needs to. I call the number on the machine to find out what I already knew , that it can't help me either. So I'm just supposed to be perfectly fine with my 50 bucks being stolen I guess. Very angry and disgruntled customer !!!!!!

  2. QFC Kirkland Uptown for a “flagship” store really has serious dairy/seafood quality issues. It’s like the food is “Old” egg white watery seafood mushy appears old thawed out labeled “Fresh”. We have lived in Kirkland 20 yrs always purchased our groceries at QFC Kirkland Parkplace. This new store isn’t even close to the old store’s experience.

    Brenda White

  3. NEW Healthcare Guidelines for all your customers:
    * NEVER use your index/pointer finger to key in your 4 digit credit card pin number. Use your KNUCKLE. If it doesn't fit in the machine, use your RING finger.
    * NEVER shake hands. To acknowledge someone, do as the Japanese do – BOW.
    * NEVER go without gloves, especially if you travel by bus. Wash gloves frequently.
    * Use gloved hand to open doors. If you don't have gloves, use the palm of your hand.
    * Pushing open doors, use your forearm/elbow instead of hands.
    * Follow other common guidelines such as keeping a distance from others, and washing hands frequently.
    These NEW guidelines work – so PLEASE pass them on to all those on your email list. Help make it an avalanche of caring and common sense.

    Nickolas Vassili

  4. Wow. What a mess at your West Seattle pharmacy…

    Let's start out with HEY, ANSWER YOUR PHONE! Went to vm twice. Told on the phone they were not sure my coupon was good until they scanned it. Who does that?

    Well, prescription coupon was NOT transferable. They said it was not an active transfer, though I just bought at other store a few weeks ago.

    Gal was not nice or helpful. Parking is a nightmare. I HATE THIS PLACE AND WILL NEVER GO BACK!

  5. Yesterday morning at approx. 7:50 at the Belfair QFC, I had stopped to get some breakfast food. I did my shopping and proceeded to check out, the order was under twenty dollars. I hand my checker a one hundred dollar bill and he gave me change for a twenty, when I asked wasn't that a hundred he closed the drawer and said no it was a twenty. I went home and couldn't quit thinking about the incident. The more I thought about it the more I knew I was right! I returned to the store and asked to speak to a manager, as the manager arrived at the customer desk and I started to tell my story, the checker spotted me and told me he had my money. He said he was tried and it was a old hundred and was glad I came back. The manager looked very confused but I took my money and left. My problem is If the checker knew he had made a mistake before I came back, why wasn't the manager notified? Why did I have to make the twenty mile round trip to fix this situation, what would have happened if I had not gone back? I used my advantage card they had my information, I'm very disappointed in the whole thing and your store!

  6. I have been going to the QFC at Park Place, Kirkland since 1994 and still go while the construction is going on. I was sad to learn today that most of the management from the current store are not being transferred to the new store when it is completed ! The employees in this store are great and the reason many people return to it ! Robert in the fresh fish area is great and helpful to everyone. It is an injustice to them if they have to apply for a position in the new store when they have endured this small store for so long !

  7. I am a QFC/Murray's assistant cheese monger, I have been working the cheese lead position for one month (due to the previous lead having been fired), I do not want the lead position (due to the pay not equaling the amount of stress), however I am upset because I am not being compensated for doing 2 jobs at the same time. I have shouldered all the responsibilites of the the lead position, along with all my regular job responsibilites. I feel it would be fair to temporarily receive lead pay until a lead is hired. I feel QFC is taking advantage of me by expecting me to maintain the high standards and sales of the Murray's kiosk, but keeping me at my lower pay. I work very hard, trying to keep the Murray's afloat. I am a loyal worker who doesn't cause problems.
    Thank you,

    1. Brenda, next time just go to management. It is just ignorant as hell to post inside employee stuff here. File that under WHOOPS.

  8. The Normandy Park QFC is a mess. Inside and out. Inside with its lack of friendliness workers and outside with trash and broken carts in the back. QFC needs to clean up its act!

  9. Is the QFC on Broadway in Everett scheduled to close in 2019? Just got word that Starbucks is leaving the store…. is it a sign of things to come?

  10. The deli at the Dravus QFC has got to be the worse deli ever! You ask for a half of a sandwich they give you a whole AND charge you for the whole after it's their mistake. They are sooo slow it take our full lunch hour to retrieve a sandwich. I have shopped at other QFCs and have never had this service.

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